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France wrestles England dramatically: Kane misses a penalty and becomes a tragic figure


France wrestles England dramatically: Kane misses a penalty and becomes a tragic figure Created: 2022-12-11, 06:05 By: Antonio Jose Riether England's Harry Kane misses a penalty against France in the World Cup Quarterfinals. © Mike Egerton/Imago France grabs the last semi-final ticket. In the only all-European quarter-final, the defending champions beat England. The live ticker to read. World

France wrestles England dramatically: Kane misses a penalty and becomes a tragic figure

Created: 2022-12-11, 06:05

By: Antonio Jose Riether

England's Harry Kane misses a penalty against France in the World Cup Quarterfinals.

© Mike Egerton/Imago

France grabs the last semi-final ticket.

In the only all-European quarter-final, the defending champions beat England.

The live ticker to read.

  • World Cup 2022, quarter-finals: England - France 1: 2 (0: 1)

  • In the last


    at the World Cup in Qatar, defending champions



  • England's Harry Kane missed a penalty just before the end and missed the equaliser.

  • Now France meets the Moroccans, who threw Portugal out of the tournament.


That's it!

France narrowly prevailed against strong English and meets the Moroccan national team in the semi-finals.

After a good quarter of an hour, Aurélien Tchouaméni gave the defending champions the lead, and ten minutes after the restart, Harry Kane equalized with a penalty kick.

However, the English were unable to counter the renewed French lead by Olivier Giruod.

Harry Kane missed a penalty just before the end and missed the chance to equalize.

Thus, the Three Lions are eliminated dramatically.

World Cup 2022: England - France 1: 2 (0: 1)

England line-up: Pickford - Walker, Stones (90+ 8 Grealish), Maguire, Shaw - Rice, Henderson (Sterling 79), Bellingham - Saka (Mount 79), Kane, Foden (Rashford 85)

Lineup France: Lloris - Kounde, Varane, Upamecano, T. Hernández - Tchouaméni - Rabiot, Griezmann - Dembélé (79th Coman), Giroud, Mbappé

Goals: 0-1 Tchouaméni (17') 1-1 Kane (54'/FE) 1-2 Giroud (78')

90th minute + 11:

Rashford tries it directly, but the 25-year-old doesn't hit more than the side netting.

90th minute + 10:

Maguire gets a free kick two meters from the penalty area, the last chance for England.

90 minutes + 8:

Due to the interruption, there is still some time for England.

Southgate tags in again, bringing in Grealish for Stones.

90 minutes + 7:

The French are only defending.

England are now trying the crowbar, resulting in a lot of long balls.

Now there is another interruption due to injury, Giroud had climbed onto Stones' slippers.

England vs France: Three Lions running out of time

90 minutes + 4:

The corner brings nothing.

England is now throwing everything forward, the French are now taking their time.

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My space

90 minutes + 2:

Shaw brings a cross that Lloris fends off to a corner without need.

90 minutes:

There are eight minutes on top …

88 minutes:

What a final phase!

Can England still equalize here or will Didier Deschamps' side take the lead over time?

84 minutes:

But what is Kane doing?!

The Tottenham striker takes his second penalty and puts the ball well over the bar!

81 minutes: Another penalty for England!

The substitute mount is clumsily run around by Theo Hernandez.

Referee Wilton Pereira Sampaio awards a penalty after a VAR check.

England vs France: Giroud misses a big chance and then takes the lead

78 minutes: GOOOAAAL!

Barely a minute after Giroud's missed big chance, the attacker scores!

After a cross from the left by Griezmann, the Milan professional climbs the highest, beats Maguire in the air and scores.

Unlucky for England, because Maguire deflects the ball slightly.

77 minutes:

Now France with the hundred percent!

Dembélé brings the ball in the middle, where Giroud takes the Ballm directly from a few meters.

But Pickford parried!

75 minutes:

Upamecano goes into a somewhat impetuous duel again, this time with Bellingham, who jumps up and protests loudly.

But it wasn't a clear foul, apparently the video assistant also thinks so.

73 minutes:

One great opportunity follows the next!

Shaw plays the ball sharply in front of the box, where Saka comes running and misses the 2:1.

That should have been the lead.

71 minutes:

Harry Maguire misses the lead for England!

After a free-kick cross, the Manchester defender climbs up and puts the ball just inches from the left post.

The English got a lot more from the second half.

England vs France: Intense quarter-finals with many chances

67 minutes:

It goes back and forth, the two national teams deliver a remarkable exchange of blows.

But where there is planing, there are chips.

Both Saka and Giroud are injured on the ground, the otherwise very fluid game is briefly interrupted.

63 minutes:

England again, Kane again.

The Tottenham striker tests Lloris but again the keeper prevails.

61 minutes:

The energetic Saka dribbles in front of the French penalty area, but his low shot lacks the necessary power.

Lloris still has to grab twice before defusing the attempt.

58 minutes:

France shakes briefly after the equalizer and then plays forward again.

Rabiot first tries a low shot, which Pickford only saves in the follow-up, then Mbappé plays a dangerous pass into the backcourt, but cannot find a teammate.

Everything is still possible for both teams.

England vs France: Tchouameni concedes a penalty - Kane converts coldly


Harry Kane steps up and converts cold against his Tottenham colleague Lloris!

The striker chases the ball uncompromisingly high into the left corner, there is probably no better way to take a penalty.

53 minutes: Penalty for England!

Again it is Saka who moves into the penalty area - and is put down by Tchouaméni.

A penalty kick is awarded immediately.

51 minutes:

Saka goes through on the right, but his pass in the middle doesn't find anyone.

Henderson's margin doesn't bring anything either.

48 minutes:

Dembélé is shown a yellow card for a tackle from behind against Bellingham.

Shortly thereafter, it is Bellingham, who deducts a volley from the second row.

Lloris has to stretch again and clears the corner again, which is worth seeing, which could have been the equalizer with another goalkeeper.

The French keeper has had a strong game so far.

46 minutes:

Both teams go into the second round unchanged.

World Cup quarter-finals live today: France leads, England presses for the equalizer


After a short break after a foul on Theo Hernandez, it's off to the catacombs.

England dominated the game in the first 45 minutes and created a few chances, although France are currently 1-0 up in this World Cup quarter-finals.

Tchouaméni gave the Équipe Tricolore the lead after 17 minutes with a powerful long-range shot.

45th minute + 3:

The French keep the ball well in their own ranks in the last few minutes, they absolutely want to take this lead into half-time.

45th minute:

Four minutes are replayed.

43 minutes:

Antoine Griezmann sees the first yellow card of the game.

France keeps the English at a distance at this stage of the game.

England vs France live today: Kylian Mbappé suddenly appears in the penalty area

40 minutes:

Now the French out of nowhere.

After a short free kick by Griezman, Mbappé gets the ball passed to the back.

Despite a good position in the penalty area, the 23-year-old couldn't really get a shot and chased the ball a few meters over Pickford's box.

37 minutes:

The French are now trying to get back into the game.

But England still hardly allows anything, the Équipe Tricolore does not come into the attack third.

33 minutes:

The French continue to be put under pressure after just over half an hour.

The English do well offensively, but the French defense often works well.

If a bit too rough, the duel lead is quite hard.

30 minutes:

Gareth Southgate's team tries again: after 29 minutes, Kane simply pulls from the discant, Lloris has to stretch a lot, fishes the ball out of the right corner and clears the corner.

World Cup quarter-finals live today: England in attack mode, but France leads

27 minutes:

bad luck for England!

Referee Wilton Pereira Sampaio doesn't see the scene, allowing Upamecano's action to go through.

He should have looked at that.

26 minutes:

Not much comes from France after the 1-0, instead England continues to play forward.

Kane tanks into the box and is put down on the line by Upamecano.

Now the scene is checked for a penalty!

23 minutes:

The English react well to being behind and have a great chance.

Kane appears on the right in front of Lloris, but is denied by his teammate.

Even the margin does not find its way into the goal.

21 minutes:

England try a free-kick, but Lloris has no problem with Luke Shaw's attempt.

World Cup quarter-finals: France takes the lead against England

18 minutes: GOOOAAAL!

The focus is on France's many stars in attack, but a defensive midfielder provides the first goal.

Aurélien Tchouaméni gets his chance after a pass to the backcourt, briefly accepts the ball and violently chases it from the second row into the lower left corner.

A strong goal from the Real Madrid star.

16 minutes:

Rabiot dribbles through the middle, but the midfielder misses a pass.

Walker closes the pass to Mbappé, in the end Rabiot crosses to Dembélé, who misses the pass.

13 minutes:

The first good chance of the game!

Dembélé drives the ball forward on the right and finds Giroud in the middle, the striker heading the slightly low cross but the ball goes straight to Pickford.

11 minutes:

Bellingham grabs the ball from Griezmann on the outer goal line, resulting in the first corner of the game.

This comes dangerously into the penalty area, but the Three Lions clarify the situation.

9 minutes:

The English have so far calmly defended the first offensive efforts of the French, but the French have not let anything get in the way in the first few minutes.

England vs France: Who will prevail in the last World Cup Quarterfinals?

6 minutes:

Kounde knocks Foden off his feet and there is a free-kick from a good position.

However, Maguire is offside on the cross.

3 minutes:

The English press early and the French have some space on the left.

But Mbappé's way to the middle is initially blocked.

Signs against racism: The English players get on their knees before kick-off.

© Jewel Samad/AFP

1 minute:

And off we go at Al Bayt Stadium.

The French take the kick-off, but before that the English get on their knees for a moment, taking a stand against racism and discrimination.


Update, 7:54 p.m .:

The actors enter the field, and the first moments of goosebumps follow when the two national anthems sound.

A few moments until kick-off.

Update, 7:44 p.m .:

The time will soon come, the fourth quarter-finals are imminent.

Can the English national team slow down the two fast wingers of Frenchmen Ousmane Dembélé and Kylian Mbappé today?

The Équipe Tricolore will also have a lot to do defensively, especially after Harry Kane scored his first goal in the round of 16.

England vs France: Brazilians referee last World Cup Quarterfinals

Update, 7.30 p.m .:

Half an hour until referee Wilton Pereira Sampaio from Brazil whistles the game.

The 40-year-old has already officiated the two preliminary round matches between Senegal and the Netherlands as well as the duel between Poland and Saudi Arabia and the round of 16 between the Netherlands and the USA.

Update, 7:07 p.m .:

A little less than an hour until kick-off at al-Bayt Stadium in northern Qatar.

France defeated Poland 3-1 in the round of 16, while England easily defeated Senegal 3-0.

Now the two big soccer nations see each other in the quarter-finals.

England vs France: starting line-ups there - is the Mbappé series breaking today?

Update, 6.50 p.m .:

Now the lists are there.

As expected, France enter the game with a dreaded attacking line-up consisting of Ousmane Dembélé, Kylian Mbappé and the newly minted French record goalscorer Olivier Giroud.

England's Buyako Saka, Harry Kane and Phil Foden are expected to score.

Particular attention will be paid to defender Kyle Walker today, who will try to stop Mbappé.

With Kylian Mbappé and Harry Kane, two top strikers also meet.

© Xinhua/AFLOSPORT/imago

Update, 6:39 p.m .:

The lineups of the English and French teams will be announced in a few minutes.

Defending champions France will probably go into the game with Kylian Mbappé, whenever the 23-year-old was in the starting eleven at a World Cup game, the Équipe Tricolore also won.

The English could end the series today.

England vs France live today: Who meets the fright of favorites Morocco

Update from December 10, 6 p.m.:

The Moroccan national team caused a real sensation early on Saturday evening.

In the quarter-finals, the North Africans narrowly beat Portugal and Cristiano Ronaldo as Morocco now meet the winners of England-France.

First report from December 10:

al-Khour – The fourth and final quarter-finals of the Qatar World Cup will see a showdown between two major European football nations.

England versus France - that already sounds like football delicacies, because both teams have absolute top stars.

However, the French have a trump card in Kylian Mbappé, even if the English have already announced that they want to stop the striker.

World Cup quarter-finals live today: Will Mbappé's World Cup series break against England?

According to the statistics of the French attacker Kylian Mbappé, nothing can go wrong.

Because the Équipe Tricolore also won all nine World Cup games in which the 23-year-old was in the starting XI.

The Paris Saint-Germain star will also play against England from the start.

Mbappé has already scored five goals and two assists in the current tournament in Qatar, and further goals could follow in the quarter-finals.

But of course the Three Lions want to prevent that.

Kyle Walker, who will probably be Mbappé's direct opponent on Saturday night, said he would "not roll out the red carpet" for the goalscorer.

The Manchester City defender insisted it was his job to "stop him", adding: "I've played against him many times.

I will show him respect, but not too much.”

These are the most beautiful fan pictures from the 2022 World Cup in Qatar

View photo gallery

World Cup: England vs France live today – both captains know each other very well

Things might get a bit odd when it comes to choosing a pitch when England captain Harry Kane and France captain Hugo Lloris face each other.

Both have played together in the English Premier League at Tottenham Hotspur for nine years and know each other's style of play very well.

Only one of Tottenham's two players will emerge victorious on Saturday night.

The winning team will meet the winner of the third quarter-final between Morocco and Portugal in the semifinals next Wednesday.


Source: merkur

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