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Youngster Tom Berger shoots Werder Bremen to win the friendly against Meppen - Ole Werner is "overall satisfied"


Youngster Tom Berger shoots Werder Bremen to win the friendly against Meppen - Ole Werner is "overall satisfied" Created: 12/16/2022, 7:11 p.m By: Malte Bürger, Marius Winkelmann Tom Berger scored the golden goal in SV Werder Bremen's friendly win over SV Meppen. © nordphoto / gumzmedia Bremen – SV Werder Bremen won the friendly against SV Meppen on Thursday 1-0 (0-0) – and that without the pr

Youngster Tom Berger shoots Werder Bremen to win the friendly against Meppen - Ole Werner is "overall satisfied"

Created: 12/16/2022, 7:11 p.m

By: Malte Bürger, Marius Winkelmann

Tom Berger scored the golden goal in SV Werder Bremen's friendly win over SV Meppen.

© nordphoto / gumzmedia

Bremen – SV Werder Bremen won the friendly against SV Meppen on Thursday 1-0 (0-0) – and that without the probably injured keeper Jiri Pavlenka.

The game report of the DeichStube.

Of course it was just a simple

test match


But the duel with the third division

team SV Meppen

was somehow much more.

After all, it's been more than four weeks since

SV Werder Bremen

was challenged in the Bundesliga.

Since then there has been a lot of vacation time, but lately there has also been intensive training again.

But the rhythm of the game, which is so important, just fell by the wayside.

Consequently, the game against the Emsländer in 11th place was a welcome alternative.

But it didn't get too rich in goals behind closed doors, and the action often came to a standstill in freezing cold temperatures.

In the end it was 1:0 (0:0).

“It was important that we move intensively under competitive conditions today.

We did that overall.

The intensity was reasonable in both halves,” said

Werder Bremen


Ole Werner

after the game.

"In this phase it was simply important that every player is on the road for 45 minutes under competitive conditions.

One or the other will certainly have been in the game with a little tired legs.

Overall I am satisfied.”

Werder Bremen have to do without the injured Jiri Pavlenka in the friendly against SV Meppen - and also longer?

The encounter hadn't even started when there was already bad news.


Jiri Pavlenka

, who was supposed to be in the starting XI, suddenly knelt on the ground while warming up and grabbed his back.

A little later, the Czech, who had repeatedly complained about complaints in this area throughout his career, was driven towards the dressing room in a golf cart.

Substitute keeper Michael Zetterer thus moved into the starting line-up.

It didn't go too eventfully after the kick-off.

First test player Marek Janssen had a half-chance for the guests (13th), then Niklas Schmidt fell for

Werder Bremen

, who played in Christmas tree jerseys,

with a nice flick on (17th).

In the meantime there was always idle time, but in the final sprint of the first round there was still a lot going on in the two penalty areas.

Eren Dinkci

missed the Bremen 1-0 when he failed at the goalkeeper (32nd), shortly afterwards SVM player David Vogt hit the crossbar (36th).

The last opportunity before the break belonged to Green and White again, when the Meppener deflected a cross from Mitchell Weiser in the direction of their own goal, but the ball landed on the aluminum post (42').

Werder Bremen beat SV Meppen in the friendly thanks to U23 player Tom Berger

In the second half, coach

Ole Werner

changed almost the entire staff, only Michael Zetterer and Oliver Burke received a contract.

In the absence of Marvin Ducksch, who was ill, it was

Leonardo Bittencourt

who set the tone.

However, the 28-year-old only hit the crossbar with a flicked shot (52').

"In the second half we managed a bit more to turn the intensity into determination," said Werner.

Other highlights were still in short supply afterwards.

Until the 82nd minute.

Then Nicolai Rapp hit a wide ball beautifully at Bittencourt, who hit the under-23 player

Tom Berger with a hoe, which is worth seeing

took off.

The 21-year-old stayed calm and pushed in to take the lead.

Shortly thereafter, Berger almost made it 2-0, but then just missed the goal (90').

The last game appearance of the year ended with a sense of achievement for

Werder Bremen



Werder Bremen:

Zetterer – Weiser (46. Rosenboom), Pieper (46. Strong), Groß (46. Salifou), Chiarodia (46. Friedl), Buchanan (46. Jung), Gruev (46. Rapp), Stage (46 . Schmid), Schmidt (46. Bittencourt), Dinkci (46. Berger), Burke

Continue reading the live ticker:

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Werder Bremen narrowly beats SV Meppen thanks to U23 player Tom Berger




3.46 p.m .:

Shortly thereafter it’s time to end work!

SV Werder wins narrowly, but deserves 1-0 (0-0) against SV Meppen.

Tom Berger scored the winning goal after a nice combination in the 82nd minute.

89 minutes:

Berger misses the brace and the decision!

His degree still caresses the post.

87 minutes:

A tricky duel between Salifou and Faßbender, but referee Lukas Benen from Nordhorn does not whistle.

There is no penalty - much to the displeasure of Meppen coach Stefan Krämer.

85 minutes:

Burke pulls out another corner.

Bittencourt grabs the ball again. The corner lands on Rapp, who shoots well over the target.

83 minutes:

Particularly nice: Berger rewarded himself with the goal for his courageous performance!

Werder Bremen against SV Meppen – test match in the live ticker: Tom Berger shoots Werder in front

82 minutes: Tooor for Werder!

It's finally here!

Rapp's diagonal ball guides Bittencourt into Berger's run with his hoe - and the 21-year-old stays cool in front of Meppen's keeper Domaschke and executes an ice-cold right into the short corner.

80 minutes:

It's getting tight with our goal announcement.

In round number two, Werder no longer played so purposefully forward.

Meppen does almost nothing in the second section.

78 minutes:

Corner for Werder.

Rosenboom's header is again not placed precisely enough.

74 minutes:

Lucky for Werder that Meppens Feigenspan cannot get past Zetterer, who is far in front of the goal.

In turn, Burke's Pass fails to find the detached Berger.

70 minutes:

Bittencourt is placed in midfield, but the whistle is not given.

Then Meppens Pourie comes to an end, but clearly warps.

67 minutes:

Friedl's corner lands right in the arms of the Meppen keeper.

Berger cleans up the subsequent counterattack again, who is the last man to clean out the back.

66 minutes:

Berger sets the next exclamation mark here with a dance worth seeing.

Unfortunately, it just doesn't work with the degree.

64 minutes:

Burke charges through from the right, but the cross is defused just before Jung is ready to shoot.

62 minutes:

After a dribble by substitute U23 player Tom Berger, the ball lands at Schmid.

But his shot sails in the direction of Osterdeich.

58 minutes:

Bittencourt gets the next corner for Werder.

He steps up himself and crosses to Rosenboom, but his attempt at a header gets stuck.

No danger.

55 minutes:

In round number two, Dikeni Salifou, Niklas Stark and Marco Friedl form the SVW back three.

Nicolai Rapp is six.

Romano Schmid and Leo Bittencourt are in eighth.

52 minutes:

The conspicuous Bittencourt hits the bar with a flick from the penalty area, of course!

49 minutes:

After a successful clearing action, Lasse Rosenboom slips on the frozen tartan track and lands on his ass - ouch!

Werder Bremen vs. SV Meppen in the live ticker: The second half of the friendly is underway

46 minutes:

Let's continue!

Werder diligently made changes at the break: there are nine changes in total.

Newcomers are Lasse Rosenboom, Dikeni Salifou, Niklas Stark, Marco Friedl, Anthony Jung, Romano Schmid, Nicolai Rapp, Leo Bittencourt and Tom Berger.

Only Oliver Burke and Michael Zetterer from the starting eleven remain on the pitch.

2:48 p.m .:

And shortly after that it’s halftime!

Werder and SV Meppen go into the break goalless, which is a pretty bad joke given the number of top-class scoring opportunities at both sides.

We commit ourselves: Goals will be scored here in the second half!

See you soon.

44 minutes:

Weiser fouls Risch dangerously close to the Bremen penalty area.

Free kick from 17 meters!

Hemlein steps up and fails with his tight and slightly deflected shot at the well-reacting Zetterer.

42 minutes:

Next big chance for Werder: First Burke's attempt from a tight angle rushes wide of the goal, then Weiser's cross is deflected to the crossbar.

It's hard to believe it's still 0-0!

40 minutes:

Werder have a lot more of the game here, but still allow Meppen to come dangerously in front of the Bremen goal again and again.

36 minutes:

Werder are lucky twice on the other side!

David Vogt initially fails completely freestanding against Zetterer's shoulder and the crossbar.

Seconds later, Vogt shoots again, blinded by the sun, Zetterer lets the actually harmless shot bounce off forward and is lucky that he is just able to defuse the follow-up shot.

Werder Bremen against SV Meppen in the live ticker: Eren Dinkci and Oliver Burke miss great chances

34 minutes:

A super chip cross from Stage perfectly into Burke's run, but his header sails over the wood.

32 minutes:

Weiser now plays a nice pass to Dinkci, who appears completely free in front of Meppen's keeper Matthis Harsman, but doesn't get the ball chipped past him.

That should have been the lead!

30 minutes:

Because not much is happening in the game right now, we have the opportunity to express our sadness about the lack of spectators in 11th place.

Nobody really needs ghost games.

26 minutes:

Groß lost the ball unnecessarily, leading to a corner for Meppen, but which Zetterer was sure of.

23 minutes:

Werder combine well at times, but sometimes fail to find the goal more consistently.

21 minutes:

Weiser now starts an irresistible solo run, runs past half of Meppen's back and then misses the shot.

That would have been a nice goal!

19 minutes:

Although Ailton isn't actually on the pitch, it's noticeable here that both teams run offside quite often...

17 minutes:

Werder's first big chance: Stage passes to Burke, who puts it down for Schmidt, but his shot goes inches wide of the far post.


15 minutes:

Ole Werner does not seem to be really satisfied.

In any case, the Werder coach can be heard loudly almost all the time.

13 minutes:

Gruev loses an important duel in the center, then the Meppen team quickly switch.

Right winger Hemlein serves Janssen, who just misses the goal.

That was the biggest chance of the game so far!

8 minutes:

The visitors' first approach to the goal: Max Dombrowka sends try striker Marek Janssen straight on, who stays cool in front of Zetterer and nets.

However, he was also clearly offside - the goal correctly does not count.

6 minutes:

The Bremen back three are made up of Amos Pieper, Christian Groß and Fabio Chiarodia.

Ilia Gruev is the only six, Jens Stage and Niklas Schmidt play on the eight.

Lee Buchanan defends on the left, Mitch Weiser plays on the right.

The dual leadership is provided by Eren Dinkci and Oliver Burke.

4 minutes:

Werder constricts Meppen deep in their own half.

So far, however, there has not been a real goal.

Werder Bremen against SV Meppen in the live ticker: Jiri Pavlenka injured while warming up

2nd minute

: Werder starts in green and white from left to right.

And then there's the first minor excitement: Christian Groß, called up today as a central defender, sends Oliver Burke, who appears free in front of the Meppen goal - but was probably a step offside.

2:02 p.m .: Now both teams are in 11th place!

The ball rolls!

Let's go Werder!

2:01 p.m .:

But enough bad news for now – it starts here any moment!

Finally Werder again!

1:57 p.m .:

Speaking of goalkeepers: Werder is just tweeting at this moment that Jiri Pavlenka injured himself while warming up.

The keeper is driven into the dressing room with the golf cart.

It doesn't look so good at first - hopefully nothing worse!

Zetterer will play for Pavlenka.

1:55 p.m .:

Goalkeeper Luca Plogmann is one of those who was between the posts at both clubs.

In the meantime, however, the 22-year-old is under contract with the Dutch first division club Go Ahead Eagles.

Greetings go out!

1.50 p.m .:

Back to Werder: The Green-Whites are missing Marvin Ducksch, who has been ill for a few days, as well as Felix Agu and Manuel Mbom, who are still in rehabilitation training after their injuries and will only start full team training again at the beginning of January must.

The world championship drivers Niclas Füllkrug and Milos Veljkovic are also on vacation.

Niklas Schmidt is back in the starting XI after recovering from a cold. 

1.45 p.m .:

SV Meppen

is testing a striker today: Marek Janssen (until summer at SV Atlas Delmenhorst) from the

regional league team Blau-Weiß Lohne wants to recommend himself for a contract with the third division team.

Werder Bremen against SV Meppen in the live ticker: the line-ups are there


p.m .:

SV Meppen

has a genuine Bremen player in its ranks in Ole Käuper.

The 25-year-old celebrated his Bundesliga debut at Werder in December 2017, almost five years ago to the day, but then did not play with the pros.

After loan spells at Erzgebirge Aue, Carl Zeiss Jena and the Slovakian first division club FC Nitra, he returned to the Weser last summer.

Both parties agreed to an early termination of the contract.

1.40 p.m .:

And so the third division team from Emsland starts: Harsman, Risch, Puttkammer, Ballmert (C), Kraulich, Dombrowka, Käuper, Vogt, Hemlein, Kleinsorge and Janssen (test players).

1:38 p.m .: Sitting

on the bench: Zetterer, Jung, Stark, Salifou, Friedl, Bittencourt, Schmid, Rapp, Rosenboom and Berger.

1.35 p.m .: A little late: Here is the list!

This is how Werder Bremen started the friendly against SV Meppen: Pavlenka - Weiser, Pieper, Groß, Chiarodia, Buchanan - Gruev, Stage, Schmidt - Dinkci, Burke.

SV Werder Bremen

in the live



SV Meppen

: The

test match without fans kicks off at 2 p.m. on “11th place” in Bremen, the

live ticker

starts here at around 1 p.m. with the starting XI line-up of SV Werder.

All goals, news and information from the

test match

against the third division team are available here


in the


live ticker .

Werder Bremen in the friendly against SV Meppen - the preliminary report:

Werder Bremen coach Ole Werner sees the friendly against SV Meppen as an endurance unit


Thursday (2 p.m. in the

DeichStube live ticker ),

SV Werder Bremen

will play a


against third -division side

SV Meppen


The preliminary report of the



Bremen – Just under a week before the start of the second winter vacation, the players of

SV Werder Bremen

have one last

test game

(2 p.m. in the

DeichStube live ticker

) in the calendar year 2022 against

SV Meppen

on Thursday.

The Bundesliga team actually wanted to use the duel with the penultimate table in the 3rd division to present themselves to their fans in Emsland again shortly before Christmas.

But nothing will come of it because the turf heating in Meppen's Hänsch Arena is currently not working.

Therefore, the test has now been moved to 11th place in Bremen - but without a spectator, which inevitably raises the question of the sporting significance of the meeting.

Werder Bremen test match against SV Meppen in the live ticker: "A training session under endurance aspects"

"It's incredibly important that we prepare well for the second half of the season.

There are also



That's why it's important for us that we approach the game with concentration," says

Werder Bremen

's head of professional football Clemens Fritz about the last friendly of the year against

SV Meppen


And Werder's head coach

Ole Werner

emphasizes: "For us against Meppen it's about getting the processes that we played last year back on the pitch.

In addition, it is a training session from an endurance perspective for us.

We've been working very hard physically in the last few days.

That's how it should be in the units this week and especially in the

test match

move on.

Those are the two things we want to see in the game.” 

In terms of personnel, Werner has to do without Benjamin Goller.

The winger moved to 1. FC Nürnberg last week.

The national players Niclas Füllkrug and Milos Veljkovic are still on vacation and are therefore not an option.

In addition, attacker Marvin Ducksch (cold) and the returnees Felix Agu and Manuel Mbom (both advanced training) will not be available again.

The U23 players Tim-Justin Dietrich, Tom Berger and Lasse Rosenboom should fill out the

SV Werder Bremen

squad .

Werder Bremen against SV Meppen – test match in the live ticker: “It is important that we approach it with concentration”


SV Meppen

, things are even worse when it comes to the footballing staff: At the start of the week, only 15 field players were on the training ground for the Emslanders, including ex-Bremer Ole Käuper (a Bundesliga game for Werder) and training guest Timmy Thiele, who played for Werders until 2011 U23 ran up.

A whopping 15 players, on the other hand, were absent sick or injured.

The team of coaches led by head coach Stefan Krämer and his assistant Benjamin Duray also got it recently.

Both had a positive corona test in the previous week and had to be quarantined.

Now the coaches of

SV Meppen

hope to be able to stand on the sidelines again

for the



Werder Bremen .

The duel between

Werder Bremen


SV Meppen

last happened four years ago.

Back then, Bremen won 5-2 in Cloppenburg.

The goals were scored twice by Claudio Pizarro, Yuya Osako, Josh Sargent and former U23 player Pascal Hackethal.

Achimer Deniz Undav, who is now under contract with Brighton & Hove Albion in the English Premier League, scored twice for Meppen.


Source: merkur

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