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How do we proceed from here? Returning to the football routine after the World Cup will be more difficult than ever - voila! sport


How should Messi find renewed interest in the French league? How can Kane and Neymar overcome the disappointments? After the wonderful tournament in Qatar, how will football fans manage to get back to normal?

The overtime issue is a good example.

For a month at the World Cup we got used to seeing a new method that prevents wasting time.

It is true that it is difficult to change the habits of footballers, who have been taught dirty tactics all their lives, so that even in Qatar we saw them delaying substitutions, throwing balls, lying down and writhing on the grass, etc. - but little by little it got into their heads: there is no point in wasting time, it doesn't work.

There is someone sitting with a stopwatch watching over them.

It won't do us any good to lie down on the grass, we'd better get up.

There is no point in crawling out in the spare, these seconds are counted, the addition will simply be longer.

As the games went by, the fan also gained confidence: the matter is under control.

There is nothing to be upset about a player who pretends to be injured.

That time will return.

There was a pleasant feeling, of victory over a sick evil.

Then Israeli football returned.

From Argentina to Shafaram.

Israeli football is back (Photo: Maor Alxalsi)

Where the Toto Cup games are on, and time is running out again, broken footballers make jokes to the referee.

The State Cup is back, the "exciting and authentic enterprise", "ours", with games between the quarter-finals and semi-finals of the World Cup, and once again players throw the ball aside, pretend to be injured, disrupt the flow, try to steal the game.

It may be that the referees in the local leagues have not yet received precise instructions on constitutional changes, and it is possible that in the future the time calculation method will also reach us, but at the moment it is a symbolic matter, which illustrates the feelings of the football fans: here is something good, and here is something bad.

Too bad it's coming back.

It is always difficult to return from the World Cup to domestic leagues, but the transition is never that quick.

There is never a mix like this year, a real overlap, with games at the same time, worlds colliding.

There is always an easy summer break for recovery, and usually two dry weeks are enough for the average fan to reset himself and start missing.

But the Winter World Cup causes an unusual phenomenon, and so one day the fan is watching the game from a magnificent football hall, and the next day he is on the field in Shafaram, shooting with one camera from the height of the grass, and wondering how he is supposed to continue following the events in this matter, to continue as if nothing happened, as if it were a natural transition, we returned from a suite Five stars to our dilapidated shack, and should take comfort in it because it is "home".

How the hell is he supposed to be excited about the Paris Saint-Germain games now?

Messi (Photo: Reuters)

a hole in the heart

Neymar (Photo: Reuters)

But who are we, what are we, compared to the footballers themselves.

Even before the World Cup, the coaches warned that it would be difficult for the players to return to normal and recover from the tournament - physically and mentally - and now, a second before the perfect final of the World Cup, just before the leagues resume, you can really feel the gaps.

It's not just Leo Messi, for example, who is hard to imagine showing interest or motivation in the Paris Saint-Germain games in the coming months after the dramatic drop in tension that is about to happen to him at the end of the World Cup, whether he wins or not.

These are not only the players of the world champion who will be crowned, who are about to be thrown from the top of the world back to a routine that will suddenly seem banal and pointless to them.

Everyone who was in Qatar will be required for a period of adaptation and recovery.

Imagine, for example, the players of the Moroccan national team, who were for a month in the peak moment of their lives.

Another game, another victory, another historic moment, and the dream goes on and on, and gets stronger and stronger, an entire country behind them, the whole Arab world by their side, the king goes out in their right to celebrate in the streets. For Ange and her survival battles at the bottom, as if the magic headquarters had Cinderella for one night, and at midnight the carriage turned back into a pumpkin.

Will be hated again.

Maguire (Photo: Reuters)

There are of course the disappointed, like the German national team players of course, who will have to pick themselves up from the humiliation.

Maybe some of them will be happy to return to a framework that will make them forget the failure, but for a long time they will step onto the field with a sense of shame, knowing that the whole world has seen them in their worst state.

The players of the Brazilian team, for example, will carry this disgrace for a long time to come, and not only Rodrigo and Marquinhos who missed the penalties and are certainly still shaken, all of them are disappointed, all with a hole in their hearts, all of them dreamed of this tournament for years, nurtured expectations, felt it happen , and took a hit.

They live knowing that they broke the heart of an entire nation.

After the Qatari heat, they will have to return to the European winter, to that frozen pitch in Stoke.

The addictive atmosphere of the World Cup is over, the days have passed when in every training session, in every press conference, in every moment a footballer is surrounded by the media.

The celebration is over, when every cook or goal, every brilliant move, everything watched by millions of eyes, takes on special importance.

Jude Bellingham felt that the whole world was talking about him.

Even Cristiano, who is used to morbid coverage, will miss the hundreds of photographers who documented him on the bench.

Jawad Al Yamik almost scored a stunning overhead kick in the World Cup semi-final, now he'll be back waving the Palestine flag after games and no one will care.

If the screams of the broadcasters sounded exaggerated to some of us in the World Cup, how will they sound to us about a sensational goal by Kiryat Shmona? (Photo: Barney Ardov)

it'll be hard.

Especially for those for whom the national team is a lifeline.

Joao Felix will have to go back to being a disappointment at Atletico.

Antoine Griezmann will be back to normal.

Harry Maguire will again be the joke of England, again everyone will ambush him for every mistake.

Only Luka Modric will continue to run non-stop, rescue and deliver.

And of course, us.

We will bow our heads, and welcome the return of our heroes.

The national teams and the wonderful journey in Qatar will give way to headlines in favor of quotes from Kobi Yarofa and Menachem Koretsky in press conferences before a game or in an absorbing interview after it.

The stadiums full of passionate Argentina fans will be replaced by the depressing sounds of the 11th Stadium, which always include curses from the stands and worthless tactical rants from coaches. Once again reports about the formations and lineups for unimportant games, again dealing with refereeing scandals and anonymous quotes from the heads of the union, and if the screams of the broadcasters were heard by some of us Exaggerated in the World Cup, how will they be received following a sensational goal by Hapoel Hadera?

We won't often complain, the Premier League is our life, the "bread and butter".

You can't live forever on top of Olympus.

Just give me a minute to get used to you again.

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