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Argentina is world champion: Messi has to lift the World Cup trophy in the Qatar cape


Argentina is world champion: Messi has to lift the World Cup trophy in the Qatar cape Created: 2022-12-19 04:47 By: Florian Schimak The 2022 World Cup final was coming up: Argentina against France fought for the golden trophy. Lionel Messi is crowned world champion. Argentina 7-5 France on pens (3-3, 2-2, 2-2, 2-0) Argentina wins World Cup in incredible final ! Three Mbappé goals are not enoug

Argentina is world champion: Messi has to lift the World Cup trophy in the Qatar cape

Created: 2022-12-19 04:47

By: Florian Schimak

The 2022 World Cup final was coming up: Argentina against France fought for the golden trophy.

Lionel Messi is crowned world champion.

  • Argentina 7-5 France on pens (3-3, 2-2, 2-2, 2-0)

  • Argentina wins

    World Cup

    in incredible final




    goals are not enough for France

  • Dramatic World Cup final!



    saves France on penalties

  • Mad Messi!

    Argentina takes the lead in extra time

Update from December 18, 8:20 p.m .:

Argentina is world champion, Lionel Messi is at the goal of his dreams.

Before the superstar lifted the World Cup trophy into the night sky, the Qatari Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani put a typical country cape on him.

Messi experienced the greatest moment of his career wearing a 'mosquito screen' as was mocked online immediately after the scene.

ARD expert Bastian Schweinsteiger did not like the action at all.

“You take away a big moment from the player.

I don't think Messi himself was happy either.

In my opinion, the action was unsuccessful.”

Lionel Messi at the goal of his dreams.

But he probably didn't expect that he would hold the World Cup trophy in the sky with this outfit.

© Matthias Koch / Imago

+++ Conclusion: football heart, what more do you want?!

In an incredibly dramatic World Cup final, in which Argentina were clearly superior until the 75th minute, France came back three times through Kylian Mbappé.

The Albiceleste then had the better nerves in the penalty shoot-out – and so Lionel Messi was crowned world champion.


Lionel Messi kisses the World Cup trophy: Argentina is World Champion 2022. © IMAGO / ITAR-TASS

Argentina 7-5 France on pens (3-3, 2-2, 2-2, 2-0)

Argentina: E. Martinez - Molina (from 91st Montiel), Romero, Otamendi, Tagliafico (from 120th Dybala) - de Paul (from 103rd Paredes), E. Fernandez - di Maria (from 64th Acuna), Mac Allister - Messi, Alvarez (from 103rd La. Martinez)

France: Lloris - Koundé (from 120th Disasi), Varane (from 113th Konaté), Upamecano, T. Hernandez (from 71st Camavinga) - Tchouameni - Griezmann (from 71st Coman), Rabiot (from 96th Fofana)- Dembele (from 41 Thuram), Giroud (from 41 Kolo Muani), Mbappé

Goals: 1-0 Messi (23', penalty kick), 2-0 Di Maria (36'), 2-1 Mbappé (80', penalty kick), 2-2 Mbappé (81'), 3-2 Messi (109') ), 118. Mbappé (118th, penalty kick)


Lionel Messi!

Argentina wins World Cup in incredible final!

Three Mbappé goals are not enough for France.

© IMAGO / Nordphoto

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4:2 - Montiel!

Argentina scores and is world champion 2022!

3:2 - Ok how cool can you be?

Eintracht star Kolo Muani hammers the ball into the goal.

But it doesn't help if Argentina scores now...

3-1 - Paredes scores and puts France under pressure!

The next shooter must hit ...

2:1 - Oh no!

France shoots!

Tchouameni puts that thing to the left of the goal!

2:1 - Dybala mumbles it in!

The attacker apparently has his pants full, shoots weakly in the middle, but Lloris jumps into a corner.

1:1 - France misses!

Is that bitter!

Bayern star Coman fails because of Martinez!

Lionel Messi and Argentina are world champions.

© IMAGO / Matthias Koch

1-1 - Messi!

The Argentine superstar also keeps his nerve and scores!

0:1 - Mbappé, the cool sock!

The superstar stays cool and transforms the first 911!

Argentina vs France Now Live: AMAZING DRAMA!

World Cup final goes to penalties

Penalty shootout: Who's keeping their nerve now?


120. + 3 minutes:

In added time there were three outstanding opportunities for both teams!

Penalty shootout now!

120 minutes:

There are three extra minutes here.

Then there's penalties!

Argentina vs France now live: Mbappé!



118 minutes: GOOOOOOOOOR!


Mbappé stays cool and equalizes 3:3!

What else is happening here?

117 minutes:

Penalty for France!

114 minutes:

Is there anything else for France?

Argentina vs France now live: MESSI!

Albiceleste back in the lead © IMAGO / Shutterstock

Argentina vs France now live: MESSI!

Albiceleste back in the lead

109 minutes: GOOOOOOOOOOOOR!


The Albiceleste combines excellently into the penalty area, then Messi is there and hits with the right!

The VAR checks and awards the hits!

108 minutes:

Messi with the first shot in the second half of extra time.

Lloris is down and makes a save.

The Albiceleste is on the trigger...

106 minutes:

It's a long way!

Phew, this is exciting...


105 minutes:

Again Martinez, who is suddenly through!

But Upamecano blocks the Inter-Star at the last moment.

That was it in the first round of overtime.

104 minutes:

The first half of extra time is coming to an end.

Argentina have a double chance through Lautaro Martinez and Montiel!

What is this football game?

Gripping, moving, captivating!

That's how we love this sport!

97 minutes:

In extra time, both teams act on an equal footing.

Argentina has recovered somewhat.

Who manages the lucky punch?

Or will the 2022 World Cup final go to penalties?

91 minutes:


The final of the 2022 World Cup goes into overtime.

Argentina vs France now live: Mbappé with a lightning brace!

Extra time in the World Cup final


90th + 8 minutes:

So, there is an extension!


90th + 7 minutes:


A sign of life from Argentina.

From the superstar, of course, who is looking for a finish in the penalty area.

But too central, Lloris stops!

90. + 4 minutes:

Argentina is swimming extremely here!

Coman asserts himself on the left wing and is then felled.

But Rabiot gets the bullet in front of his feet.

Martinez has his shot but in the follow-up.

Is France still turning the game around here?

90. + 2 minutes:

There are still eight minutes of stoppage time...

90 minutes:

Tricky scene in Argentina's penalty area.

Thuram goes down, referee Marciniak whistles.

But the Gladbach star sees yellow because of Schwalbe.

But the game has now completely turned around because Argentina have the game out of their hands.

It's a bit reminiscent of the quarter-finals against the Netherlands, where Messi and Co. conceded a 2-0 lead.

85 minutes:

An unbelievable football game here, because France and Argentina deliver an open exchange of blows here.


Argentina vs France now live: AMAZING!

Mbappé's lightning brace equalizes © IMAGO / Shutterstock

Argentina vs France now live: AMAZING!

Mbappé's lightning brace equalizes

82 minutes: GOOOOOOOOOOR!






Mbappe does it!

PSG stays cool and sinks the penalty kick in the bottom left corner to make it 1-2.

Now we have another game!

79 minutes: Out of nowhere!

Penalty France for Otamendi not having Kolu Muani in control and then fouling him in the box...

76 minutes:

Bayern star Coman is hit in the knee in a duel and runs a little out of round.

I hope it's nothing wild.

71 minutes:

Here we have Mbappé's first shot, which comes through nicely in the penalty area.

But the PSG star puts the ball too high, no danger.

Mbappe vs. Messi: World Cup final is pure excitement.

© IMAGO/Yukihito Taguchi

Argentina vs France now live: tower over Messi and Co.!

What is Mbappe doing?

68 minutes:

France come into play a little better in the last few minutes, but so far it's not really necessary.

So far there is absolutely nothing to see from superstar Mbappé.

Things are very different in Argentina, where Messi and Di Maria, who has since been substituted, excel.

60 minutes:

Again Messi and di Maria!

The left winger has too much space in the penalty area, then puts it across fantastically, in the middle Alvarez lets Messi through.

But the superstar misses the 3-0 because Rabiot is still bothering him.

56 minutes:

Rabiot tries to send a signal and overshoots the target a little.

The Juve star falls to Fernandez on the touchline.

Shortly thereafter, Mbappé is carried away to an unnecessary action.

Does that bring anything?

49 minutes:

And it goes on almost as it did in the first round.

Argentina has a good grip and is extremely secure with the ball, while France simply isn't present.

Therefore, de Paul also has the first chance.

46th minute:

Let's continue with the second half in the final of the 2022 World Cup. Will France come back here again?

Argentina vs France now live: Di Maria scores to make it 2-0 - Messi scores 1-0 © IMAGO / SNA

+++ Half-time conclusion: Argentina deserves a 2-0 lead against France.

In the first 35 minutes, the Équipe Tricolore were completely beside themselves, while the Albiceleste, led by Messi, were there immediately.

Especially the move with Di Maria paid off for the South Americans.

The Juve star got the penalty before the 1-0 and then scored the 2-0 himself. France coach Deschamps reacted before the break and replaced Giroud and Dembele.

Will that still happen in the second half?



45th + 7 minutes:

Break in the World Cup final!

45 minutes:

There's seven minutes on top.

Sure, Lloris also had to be treated for a few minutes.

41 minutes:

Double change before the break in France!

Kolo Muani and Thuram replace Dembele and Giroud.

That's an announcement from Deschamps.


Argentina vs France now live: Unbelievable!

Di Maria completes dream counterattack © IMAGO / Matthias Koch

Argentina vs France now live: Unbelievable!

Di Maria completes dream counterattack

36 minutes: GOOOOOOOR!


Argentina counters France, outstanding!

Upamecano wants to keep the ball in play and thus exposes the defense.

Messi frees Mac Allister, who crosses again in the penalty area, di Maria is completely blank at the second post and scores to make it 2-0 for the Albiceleste!

29 minutes:

The lead is more than deserved here because France are unusually nervous in the first half hour.

Argentina had significantly more of the game, while the defending champions are neither offensive nor defensive.

Messi and Di Maria, who are the most conspicuous players here so far, are completely different.

Argentina vs France now live: Gooor!

Messi takes the lead © IMAGO / Matthias Koch

Argentina vs France now live: Gooor!

Messi scores the lead

23 minutes: GOOOOOOOOR!

Messi doesn't let the chance slip, looks at Lloris and nonchalantly converts in the bottom right.

Argentina leads 1-0 in the World Cup final against France!

22 minutes: What is Dembele doing there?

The Barca star is simply outplayed by Di Maria and then fouls the Argentine in the penalty area.

Referee Marciniak points straight to the point!

17 minutes

: What's going on with France?

Theo Hernandez slips up again, de Paul switches quickly.

After a one-two with Messi, Di Maria gets the ball 16 meters from goal - but off to the third row!

That was his weak foot.

10 minutes:

Argentina again!

De Paul closes relatively unchallenged, Upamecano fends off for a corner.

This is also dangerous again, because the French can not clarify.

Then Lloris stays down after a collision and needs treatment.

A really hectic start here in the World Cup final!

5 minutes:

A nervous start from the French!

Hernandez plays a frantic pass into Messi's feet.

Shortly thereafter, Griezmann makes a strange bad pass.

Very unusual!

Mac Allister then finishes, but right into the arms of Lloris.

3 minutes:

First action for Argentina!

Messi plays de Paul in the penalty area, who lobs into the box, where Alvarez finishes, but no problem for Lloris.

The ManCity attacker was offside, so it wouldn't have counted anyway.

Argentina vs France now live: kick-off!

2022 World Cup final underway © IMAGO / Shutterstock

Argentina vs France now live: kick-off!

2022 World Cup final is underway

1st minute: kick-off!

The 2022 World Cup final has begun!

Update from December 18, 3:55 p.m .:

The stars march onto the field, the anthems sound.

It's about to start here at the Lusail Iconic Stadium!

Update from December 18, 3:39 p.m .: Can

Didier Deschamps win the title hat trick?

The coach of the Équipe Tricolore became world champion in 1998 as captain.

Four years ago at the 2018 World Cup in Russia, Deschamps was also on the sidelines.

He would be the first coach since Vittorio Pozzo in 1934 and 1938 to win the title with Italy.

Update from December 18, 3:36 p.m .:

It starts in just over 25 minutes!

Then the 2022 World Cup final will kick off.

We're already hot!

Update from December 18, 3:27 p.m .: By

the way, the referee of the game is Szymon Marciniak.

For Poland, the World Cup final is the first big game.

His career was almost over.

Due to a protracted illness, the continuation of his career as a football referee was in the balance.

"It's been a difficult time for me over the past year and a half," said the referee, who suffered from an accelerated heart rate (tachycardia).

"It's a difficult illness," said Marciniak, who wasn't even allowed to referee games in the meantime: "That's why I missed the European Championships last year."

Argentina vs France now live: kick-off!

2022 World Cup final underway © IMAGO / USA TODAY Network

Argentina vs France now live: Surprising line-up!

Di Maria begins

Update from December 18, 2:58 p.m .:

The Argentina lineup is also there – and there’s a big surprise there!

Angel Di Maria is actually in the starting XI.

The Juve star has been mostly injured in this tournament so far and was therefore hardly available.

Update from December 18, 2:52 p.m .:

France’s lineup is available!

Bayern star Dayot Uapemcano returns to the starting XI after his cold, which is why he missed the World Cup semi-final against Morocco (2-0).

Kingsley Coman and Benjamin Pavard, the other two from Munich, initially watch.

In addition, Adrien Rabiot starts again instead of Fofana.

The Juve star also missed the Morocco match due to a cold.

Updated December 18th.

2:28 p.m .:

Before the World Cup final even starts, things are already going haywire.

Apparently, France jerseys with three World Cup stars are in circulation.

Equipment supplier Nike has probably anticipated a little too boldly.

So far, the chest of the Équipe Tricolore has "only" been decorated with two stars.

France were world champions in 1998 and 2018.

Munich/Lusail – It's done!

The final of the 2022 World Cup between Argentina and France is coming up.

Lionel Messi vs Kylian Mbappé: who will be world champion?

For the 35-year-old Messi it would be the first world title.

In the 2014 final, La Pulga lost 1-0 to the DFB team after extra time.

Mbappé became world champion four years ago in Russia.

Can he repeat his triumph?

Karim Benzema (right) will not be watching the World Cup final between Argentina and France live in the stadium.

© NurPhoto / Imago

Argentina against France now live: trouble about the French star before the World Cup final

Before the World Cup final, world footballer Karim Benzema was supposed to travel to Qatar and be there at the Lusail Iconic Stadium.

But the Real Madrid star turned down an invitation from President Emmanuel Macron.

Christopher Nkunku and midfield stars Paul Pogba and N'golo Kanté will be there.

It is not yet known why Benzema will not be in the stadium.

Football World Cup: All world champions from 1930 to 2018

View photo gallery

Argentina vs France now live: all eyes on Lionel Messi

Meanwhile, all eyes on Argentina's side are on Messi.

The superstar, who has already scored five goals in this tournament and leads the World Cup scorers list together with PSG friend Mbappé, wants to finally crown his career with the World Cup title.

Messi had already announced ahead of the World Cup final that this would be his last World Cup game of his career.

He made his debut at the age of 18 at the 2006 World Cup in Germany.

His biggest success so far in the national team was winning the Copa America 2021.


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