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Messi crowns himself world champion: Argentina star has to celebrate world title with Qatar cape


Messi crowns himself world champion: Argentina star has to celebrate world title with Qatar cape Created: 2022-12-19 2:23 p.m By: Patrick Mayer Argentina gives up two leads against France and is still world champion in the end. Lionel Messi and Kylian Mbappé fight a giant duel. The World Cup final in the ticker to read. World Cup final: Argentina - France 7:5 on penalties (3:3) Qatar final: Wo

Messi crowns himself world champion: Argentina star has to celebrate world title with Qatar cape

Created: 2022-12-19 2:23 p.m

By: Patrick Mayer

Argentina gives up two leads against France and is still world champion in the end.

Lionel Messi and Kylian Mbappé fight a giant duel.

The World Cup final in the ticker to read.

  • World Cup final: Argentina - France 7:5 on penalties (3:3)

  • Qatar final: World Cup to be decided on penalties.

  • Lionel Messi against Kylian Mbappé: PSG stars deliver a giant duel.

  • The final of the World Cup

    can be read here in the ticker


Update from December 18, 8:40 p.m .:

The international press celebrates Argentina for winning the World Cup.

Lionel Messi is showered with praise from home.

An overview.

Argentina is world champion: Lionel Messi has to hold up the World Cup trophy in a Qatari cape

Update from December 18, 8:20 p.m .:

Argentina is world champion, Lionel Messi is at the goal of his dreams.

Before the superstar lifted the World Cup trophy into the night sky, the Qatari Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani put a typical country cape on him.

Messi experienced the greatest moment of his career wearing a 'screen', as was mocked online immediately after the scene.

ARD expert Bastian Schweinsteiger didn't like the action at all: "You take away a big moment from the player.

I don't think Messi himself was happy either.

In my opinion, the action was unsuccessful.”

Lionel Messi at the goal of his dreams.

But he probably didn't expect that he would hold the World Cup trophy in the sky with this outfit.

© Matthias Koch / Imago


Argentina is football world champion for the third time.

Led by superstar Lionel Messi, the South Americans beat France 4-2 (3-3, 2-2, 2-0) on penalties in a thrilling Qatar final this Sunday.

36 years after the great Diego Maradona won the title (1986), PSG star Messi crowned his career with his first World Cup title thanks to his own brace. 

The six-time world footballer Messi scored himself with a penalty kick (23rd minute) and also in extra time (109th).

The strong Ángel di María (36th) scored another goal before half-time.

Kylian Mbappé scored three times for France (80th, penalty kick/82nd/118th, penalty kick) and thus first forced extra time and then penalties.

The “Équipe Tricolore” performed in the first half, on the other hand, missed the historic chance to win the golden cup for the second time in a row after Brazil in 1962.

Argentina - France 7:5 on penalties (3:3)

Lineup Argentina:

E. Martinez - Molina (91st Montiel), Romero, Otamendi, Tagliafico (120+1 Dybala) - de Paul (103rd Paredes), E. Fernandez, di Maria (64th Acuna), Mac Allister (116th Pezzella  ) - Messi, Alvarez (103.Lautaro Martinez)

Lineup France:

Lloris - Koundé (120+1 Disasi), Varane (113th Konaté), Upamecano, Theo (71st Camavinga) - Tchouameni, Griezmann (71st Coman), Rabiot (100th Fofana) - Dembelé (41st Kolo Muani), Giroud (41. Thuram), Mbappe


1: 0 Messi (23rd / penalty kick), 2: 0 di Maria (36th), 2: 1 Mbappé (80th / penalty kick), 2: 2 Mbappé (82nd), 3: 2 Messi (108th), 3: 3 Mbappé (118./hand penalty)

Penalties shoot:

0-1 Mbappé, 1-1 Messi, Coman misses, 2-1 Otamendi, Tchouameni misses, 3-1 Paredes, 3-2 Kolo Muani, 4-2 Montiel

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Qatar final: World Cup to be decided on penalties

4th shooter Argentina: Montiel scores - Argentina is world champion!

4. France shooter: Kolo Muani works the ball in the middle.

He lets hope live.

3. Argentina shooter: Paredes hits the ball in the bottom left.

Clear advantage now for the South Americans.

3. France shooter: Tchouameni shoots the ball to the left of the goal.

My dear!

They show nerves.

2nd shooter Argentina: Otamendi shoots the ball in the middle.

Not a good shot - but Lloris goes in the corner.

5:4 for Argentina now.

2nd shooter France: Bayern's Coman fails at Martinez.

The Argentine goalie suspects the corner and fishes the ball out.

1st shooter Argentina: Messi starts directly - and nets after a delay.

1st shooter France: Mbappé puts the ball in again on the left.

It's the third penalty he hits today.

Martinez was still there.

Lionel Messi against Kylian Mbappé: PSG stars deliver a giant duel

120th minute + 3: End of overtime!

The World Cup final goes to penalties.

120 minutes + 2: Huge chance for France!

After a chip ball, Kolo Muani is through and fails in the one on one by a magnificent parrying goalie Martinez.

120 minutes + 1: Change in Argentina:

Dybala for Tagliafico.

120th minute + 1: Change in France:

Disasi is allowed to play for Koundé.

Because he's scheduled for the penalty shootout?

3: 3 from the penalty spot: Kylian Mbappe in the World Cup final.


Thriller in the World Cup final: France equalizes again against Argentina

118 minutes: Goooooorrr!!!

Argentina 3-3 France, scorer: Mbappé (penalty).

He's sitting!

Again, the PSG attacker hits the left corner.

He runs jubilantly towards the French fans.

And the whole crew after him.

This is really crazy!

117 minutes: Hand penalty for France.


After a high ball, Montiel is in the penalty area with his hand on the ball.

Very well seen by the team of referees around the Polish referee Szymon.

116 minutes: Change in Argentina: 

Pezzella comes on for Mac Allister.

114 minutes: Uhhhhh... Paredes falls Camavinga downright, only sees a yellow card for it.

113 minutes: Change in France:

Konaté comes on for Varane.

112 minutes: France is now high and throws everything forward.

That leaves room for counterattacks.

What a thriller!

Messi madness in Qatar: Argentina take the lead again against France

108 minutes: Goooooorrr!!!

Argentina 3-2 France, goalscorer: Messi.


He strikes again.

A wonderful attacking combination by the South Americans, who combine themselves technically cleanly.

Lautaro Martinez is served on the right and pulls hard.

Lloris saves up front where Messi is spot on and pokes the ball past the line.

A Frenchman knocks the ball out again, but only behind the line.

106 minutes: The second half of extra time continues!

One against all: Argentina's Lionel Messi (left) against France © IMAGO / ANP

Argentina vs. France in the live ticker: will the World Cup final be decided in extra time?

105th minute + 2: Pause in overtime.

105 minutes + 1: Dangerous!

Lautaro Martinez is through with a lot of speed, but is pushed aside by Bayern's Upamecano at the last moment.

It goes back and forth.

105 minutes: Boom!

Huge chance for Argentina!

Messi stages Lautaro Martinez, who gets his shot blocked in the box.

Montiel follows up with a scissors punch, but Varane puts his head down and distracts.

103 minutes: Argentina make a double substitution:

Lautaro Martinez replaces Alvarez in attack, Paredes is allowed to replace de Paul.

100 minutes: The Argentines looked a bit flat.

This leads to the question of why national coach Scaloni does not change again.

With Lautaro Martinez and Dybala there is still good offensive quality on the bench.

96th minute: France has more time in the game, Argentina acts much more passively than up to the 75th minute. Who can be crowned world champion today?

95 minutes: Change in France:

Monaco's Fofana comes on for Rabiot.

93 minutes: Acuna puts a sharp ball in front of the first post.

Argentina is back.

91 minutes: Change in Argentina:

Montiel comes on for Molina.

91 minutes: The World Cup final continues!

Argentina vs. France in the live ticker: World Cup final goes into extra time

90th minute + 9: Regular playing time is over!

The World Cup final goes into overtime.

90 minutes + 7: Messi!

The 35-year-old pulls away from the edge of the penalty area with a lot of steam.

Lloris has the fist up and parried.

90 minutes + 6: Kolo Muani marches again.

This time, however, the Frankfurter is expired, which brought so much life to the previously rigid French game.

90 minutes + 4: Mbappé!

Next speed attack by the French.

A shot by the attacker from 20 meters is deflected over the goal.

Now the Argentines are shaking.

88 minutes: Uhhhhhh... Thuram goes down in the Argentine penalty area.

The Gladbacher does not get a penalty - but a yellow card because of a swallow.

Brought France back in the World Cup final: Kylian Mbappe.

© Martin Rickett/PA Wire/dpa

Madness in the World Cup final: France equalizes against Argentina in 2 minutes

82 minutes: Goooooorrrr!!!

Argentina 2-2 France, goalscorer: Mbappé.


The French shoot this final in two minutes.

Coman holds his ground in a duel against Messi.

Rabiot shifts the page.

Dynamic one-two between Mbappé and Thuram.

The PSG star takes the ball directly with his right hand, half in the air.

Bouncers, treacherous for goalie Martinez!

The final is completely open again.

80 minutes: Goooooorrrr!!!

Argentina 2-1 France, scorer: Mbappé (penalty).

The Paris Saint-Germain superstar puts the ball in from the bottom left.

Now we have a final!

79 minutes: Penalty for France.

Long ball to Kolo Muani.

With his attack, the Frankfurter shakes off Otamendi, who pulls and pulls and finally runs into the heels of the fast attacker.

76th minute: Munich's Coman cannot set any accents either.

The French don't have a significant scoring opportunity in this final.

This will cause discussions at home.

71 minutes: Double change for France

: Bayern's Coman can play for Griezmann, Camavinga replaces Theo Hernández.

69 minutes: The Argentinian fans are already singing.

Again tens of thousands of them are in the stadium.

And the trend is clearly that they still have a lot to celebrate today.

64 minutes: A change for Argentina:

Acuna can play for di Maria, who goes down exhausted.

63 minutes: The Argentines counterattack: Alvarez plays across to Mac Allister.

But Lloris is there and intervenes.

Challenged against France: Lionel Messi and Argentina.

© Tom Weller/dpa

61 minutes: A fine play by the Argentines.

De Paul slips the ball through to Messi in the box, which Rabiot just manages to scrape off.

The punch is missing.

Can that bring the French back again?

Next chance for Argentina: Lloris clears against Alvarez - France without a chance

59 minutes: Lloris closes the corner against Alvarez.

The Manchester City striker didn't have enough power behind his shot.

56 minutes: France is now trying something more rustic.

But at the front there is so little that the world champion offers, who will only be reigning world champion for more than half an hour.

53 minutes: A corner kick from Lionel Messi is intercepted at the first post.

Nevertheless: Argentina are still on the trigger, looking for the decision in the Qatar final.

49 minutes: Griezmann does not get through.

The Argentines immediately retrieve the ball.

The superstar from Atlético Madrid also seems overwhelmed by the multi-legged South Americans who immediately stand on his feet when in possession of the ball.

47 minutes: The first dangerous ball in front of the French six-yard box.

Argentina picks up where it left off.

"La Albiceleste" seems very self-confident.

46 minutes: The final of the World Cup continues.

No changes on either side

Argentina - France in the live ticker: World champion is behind in the World Cup final

Cheering: Lionel Messi (below) and Argentina in the World Cup final.

© IMAGO / Shutterstock

45th minute + 7: Break in Lusail!

Argentina leads at halftime in the World Cup final.

45 minutes + 5: The positional play of the Argentines is remarkable.

They are extremely compact in the midfield, move in the collective.

There is no getting through at all for France.

45 minutes + 3: Argentina again and again.

That's just too little of France.

They don't get their outsides in at all.

Griezmann moves further forward.

45 minutes: Seven minutes of added time.

41 minutes: France make a double change: Deschamps takes down the weak Dembélé and the hapless Giroud early on.

Two Bundesliga professionals come for them: Frankfurt's Kolo Muani and Gladbach's Thuram.

France off the roll: Di Maria completes a super counterattack with the next goal

36 minutes: Goooooorrr!!!

Argentina 2-0 France, goalscorer: di Maria.

What a move.

The French are caught completely off guard.

Loss of ball behind the center line.

The Argentines switch at lightning speed.

Messi sends Mac Allister through the alley on his journey.

Di Maria sprints down the left and gets the ball in his foot at just the right moment.

The Juve star literally kicks the ball into the ground so that it bounces.

So he maneuvers the ball over Lloris, who makes himself very long.

33 minutes: Not much goes together in “L'Equipe Tricolore”.

Your game is sometimes hectic.

The Argentines are also constantly under pressure, especially from de Paul Mac Allister.

The lead has been fine so far.

30 minutes: Argentina, as expected, has a lot going on with Messi.

The 35-year-old old master plays very cool and calm, which is obviously good for his team.

27 minutes: France is now in front of the Argentine penalty area.

But a Chipp free kick to the six-yard space does not work.

Goal scorer in the World Cup final: Lionel Messi for Argentina.

© IMAGO/Matthias Koch

Lead in the World Cup final: Lionel Messi scores from the penalty spot for Argentina

23 minutes: Goooooorrr!!!

Argentina 1-0 France, goalscorer: Messi.

The lead for the South Americans!

The Superstar sends Lloris in the wrong corner, slotting the ball in the bottom right.

21 minutes: Penalty for Argentina.

The ex-Dortmunder Dembélé lets himself be overrun, sprints after Maria and runs into the heels of the attacker in the box.

It wasn't a bad foul, but it was avoidable.

17 minutes: Dangerous!

Hernández has the ball taken away.

France wobbles.

Argentina switch quickly, but di Maria carpenters the ball from twelve meters to the top tier.

14 minutes: Argentina is much better in the game.

The South Americans attack briskly, while "L'Equipe Tricolore" plays very cautiously and waits and sees.

Lloris can continue, by the way.

Atmospheric: the Argentinian fans in the World Cup final.

© IMAGO/Markus Ulmer

10 minutes: Lloris needs treatment after a collision.

Bayern's Upamecano literally pushed Romero into the goalkeeper.

Apparently he got a punch in the stomach.

8 minutes: France looks very nervous – surprising.

The reigning world champion makes a lot of technical mistakes in the early stages.

6 minutes: Uhhhhh... sloppy miss from Hernández right on Messi.

Argentina switches.

Mac Allister finally takes the ball and closes powerfully - keeper Lloris right in the arms.

3. Minute: The Argentinians reach rustically again.

De Paul just pushes Rabiot over.

The Argentine game is notorious for such little nifties.

1 minute: It starts with the World Cup final in Qatar!

Argentina - France in the live ticker: Angel di Maria moves into the starting eleven

Update vom 18. Dezember, 15.50 Uhr: Beide Fußball-Nationen wurde zweimal Weltmeister bislang. Argentinien holte den Pokal 1978 und 1986. Frankreich gewann ihn 1998 und 2018. Die Franzosen könnten damit nach Brasilien 1962 die erste Mannschaft sein, die den Titel verteidigt.

Update vom 18. Dezember, 15.40 Uhr: Überraschend steht Angel di Maria von Juventus Turin in der Anfangsformation. Der 34-Jährige wurde bei dieser WM 2022 immer wieder geschont. Im Viertelfinale gegen die Niederlande (6:5 n.E.) spielte er nur acht Minuten, im Achtelfinale gegen Australien (2:1) und im Halbfinale gegen Kroatien (3:0) stand er ohne Einsatz im Kader.

„Das Spiel wird sich verändern, dadurch, dass sich di Maria und Messi permanent suchen. Gegen Mexiko ging es nur über die beiden“, erklärt ARD-Experte Bastian Schweinsteiger kurz vor Spielbeginn.

Argentinien - Frankreich im Live-Ticker: WM 2022 mit deutlich schlechteren TV-Quoten

Update vom 18. Dezember, 15.25 Uhr: Das Interesse von Fernsehzuschauern an der Fußball-Weltmeisterschaft in Katar ist deutlich geringer gewesen als bei vorigen Turnieren. Der Intendant des Zweiten Deutschen Fernsehens (ZDF), Norbert Himmler, sagte der Deutschen Presse-Agentur vor dem Finale: „Das ist schon eine durchwachsene Bilanz für alle Beteiligten. Wir stellen eine etwa 30 bis 40 Prozent geringere Sehbeteiligung zu vergleichbaren Turnieren der letzten Jahre fest.“

Zu den Ursachen sagte Himmler: „Ich glaube, dass die Jahreszeit eine Rolle spielt. Es hat auch mit dem Austragungsort und mit der sportlichen Performance der deutschen Mannschaft zu tun.“ 

Mit Blick in die Zukunft ergänzte der Intendant des öffentlich-rechtlichen Senders in Mainz: „Die Austragungsorte der nächsten Turniere werden unproblematisch sein. Das ist schon absehbar. Ich gehe davon aus, dass wir in einer anderen Jahreszeit und in anderen Regionen auch wieder die große Begeisterung spüren werden.“ Die kommende Europameisterschaft 2024 findet in Deutschland statt, zwei Jahre später sind die USA, Kanada und Mexiko Gastgeber der nächsten WM.

Im Video: WM-Finale - Messi vs. Mbappé im Kampf um den Titel

Emmanuel Macron im WM-Stadion: Frankreichs Präsident lädt verletzte Spieler ein

Update vom 18. Dezember, 15.10 Uhr: Unter den Zuschauern im Stadion ist heute auch Emmanuel Macron. Der französische Staatspräsident ist mit verletzt ausgefallenen Nationalspielern auf die Arabische Halbinsel geflogen.

Der Leipziger Christopher Nkunku und die ebenfalls verletzten Paul Pogba sowie N‘Golo Kanté sollen laut der Sportzeitung L‘Équipe mit an Bord gewesen sein. Karim Benzema von Real Madrid habe die Einladung dagegen ausgeschlagen. Auch Lucas Hernández vom FC Bayern, der sich im ersten WM-Spiel einen Kreuzbandriss zugezogen hat, ist wohl nicht ins Emirat gereist.

Endspiel der Weltmeisterschaft: Bayerns Upaemcano steht in der französischen Startelf

Update vom 18. Dezember, 14.55 Uhr: Die Aufstellungen sind da: Upamecano darf in der Abwehrmitte von Beginn an ran. Coman und Pavard sitzen auf der Bank. Neben der „echten Neun“ Giroud stürmen Mbappé und Demmbelé.

Argentinien bringt im Angriff Lionel Messi und WM-Shootingstar Julian Alvarez. Überraschend beginnt auch Routinier di Maria, der im WM-Halbfinale gegen Marokko gar nicht zum Einsatz kam.

Argentinien - Frankreich im Live-Ticker: In Katar steht das WM-Finale an

Erstmeldung vom 18. Dezember: München/Lusail - Auch beim FC Bayern schauen sie heute genau hin bei der WM 2022. Denn: Bei der Weltmeisterschaft in Katar steht an diesem Sonntag (16 Uhr, MEZ) das WM-Finale zwischen Argentinien und Frankreich an.

The game was described in advance as a duel between the South American filigree technician Lionel Messi and the speed dribbler of "L'Équipe Tricolore", Kylian Mbappé.

But there will be 22 players on the pitch of the Lusail Iconic Stadium.

FC Bayern defender for France: Dayot Upamecano (right).

© IMAGO/Moritz Mueller

FC Bayern defensive star: Does Dayot Upamecano play from the start?

Auf französischer Seite wird sich die Frage stellen, ob Dayot Upamecano wieder in die Startelf rückt. Was auch freilich auch die Bayern interessieren dürfte, kassieren die Münchner schließlich fleißig Millionen für die Abstellung ihrer Stars für das Turnier in Katar, das für Olympia 2036 bereits die nächste Bewerbung um ein Sport-Großevent plant. Upamecano war erst im Emirat zum Stammspieler aufgestiegen und wurde von Nationalcoach Didier Deschamps nachhaltig gelobt.

But the 24-year-old central defender missed the World Cup semi-finals against Morocco (2-0) because of a cold.

Instead of him, the former Leipzig player Ibrahima Konaté from Liverpool played in the middle of the defence.

Kingsley Coman and Benjamin Pavard also sat on the bench for 90 minutes.

Can "Upa" play again from the start?

Which line-ups do both teams choose for the final?

Follow the World Cup final this afternoon from 4 p.m. (CET) here in the live ticker.


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