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The sad billionaire: about the cruelty towards Ronaldo and the move to Saudi Arabia - voila! sport


Go remember who Pele is, who Cristiano really is, what was here 10 years ago, it seems like an eternity. In mind there is only Qatar 22, Leo Messi and erasing history

Cristiano Ronaldo's signing in the ranks of Saudi Arabia's Al Nasser West (Reuters)

George Best was a unique genius and a well-known prankster.

On one of his days of debauchery, in a luxurious suite in a prestigious hotel, one of the hotel's employees entered his room and came across a spectacle that every man should be jealous of.

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw several half-naked young models, some lying on a sofa, next to a pile of empty alcohol bottles scattered on the floor, at the end of a wild party, which included sex and drinking and never-ending celebration.

Best opened the door for him, slightly wrapped, with a small towel that covers his shame.

The employee looked at him with disappointment and sorrow, looked down and told him "unbelievable Georgie, look what will become of you".

It is hard to imagine a more representative story for the love of football.

A man can make any man's dream come true, but from the point of view of the game lover it will be seen as a waste, a vanity, even an injustice.

Because with all due respect to a wild night that included a celebration and an orgy with models, it's a shame to waste time like that when you can score goals and march your team to the championship.

For the football fan, there is nothing higher in life.

"Look what will become of you, Georgie", isn't it a pity?

And now Cristiano Ronaldo is experiencing it first hand.

A person signs a fictional contract, will earn half a million euros a day, and for football fans this is humiliation, humiliation, shame and an object of ridicule.

Giving up the real thing, and again, injustice.

Look what will become of you.

Only adults are interested.

Pele (Photo: GettyImages)

The death of Pele was the big moment for the veteran sports journalists, those who grew up on the legend of Pele, remember well all the performances and stories about him and understand why he is called "The King".

For the adults these were a few short hours that allowed them to enjoy a mythical sports story, a turning point in football.

But the world got bored of it very quickly.

It's far away, in black and white, irrelevant.

No documentation.

On the phone of every father of a child in a group of children, there are more minutes of videos than the entire career of the legend of the game.

Who cares about the past, go remember.

There is no other time than here and now.

Suck and chew the moment until it becomes pointless.

Everything is swept away and raging, determined and out of proportion.

The World Cup final is over, and it is immediately announced that we have now seen the best game ever, and the best footballer ever.


The discussion is over.

Who is Pele compared to Leo Messi?

What is "the king" versus "God".

These are low days for Ronaldo.

Hard-working people, sellers in the market place in Ramat Gan, laugh at him, mock him, call him a loser and a mollusk, enjoy seeing him in his downfall.

These are the moments when everyone pulls out archive clips where he said that money doesn't interest him, who mocked Xavi who went to the Middle East, who said that he was chasing achievements and not money.

Everyone lives in the moment, takes advantage of the opportunity, shoots arrows.

You have been arrogant for years, pay the price.

Now is the right time to enter it.

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Served on behalf of Shachel

If Messi is the son of God, who replaces the footballer who was better than him for half of his career? (Photo: Reuters)

Ronaldo honestly earned the kills.

It was really a miserable year for him, full of personal, professional and image mistakes.

The World Cup was a never-ending sequence of difficult moments, in the eyes of the whole world.

The image of the hundreds of photographers during the anthems turning their backs to the field and the players of the lineup and focusing on the bench player was a symbol of his arrogance, sensationalism, and power.

The feeling is that he is wrong in his every move, everything feels wrong.

This week Georgina bought him a Rolls Royce for Christmas, she thought it would comfort him and make him happy, a little reminder to the world that he was successful.

This of course had the opposite effect.

Unlike the long days of his mighty career, he can't shut us up.

He has no possibility to calm the world, to make a typical "calma" movement with a gate, to remind what it is about, to give the receipts, something that would justify the arrogance, arrogance and narcissism.

He has always provided the game with a complex character that evokes a wide range of emotions.

But right now there is no duality, no balance, no counter.

Admiration has faded, the aura has dissipated, mostly aversion and antagonism remain.

Life is a never-ending feed, a sequence of events and chatter, go remember who is Pele, who is Ronaldo, what was here 10 years ago, it seems like an eternity, in mind there is only Qatar 22 and Messi.

The football discussions are shallower than ever.

Cruel, judgmental.

To defend Ronaldo today, you have to be Piers Morgan, a blind fan.

Because if Messi is truly the representative of God on earth, it is ridiculous today to mention that Ronaldo was better than him for a large part of his career.

There is no longer a counter.

What's left of Ronaldo? (Photo: surfers' photos, from Twitter)

The Saudis know what they are doing.

Those who were in the stadiums in Qatar felt the intensity around Cristiano.

The coach and Bruno Fernandez arrive at the stadium, and the questions are only about number 7. The players get on the field, and the cameras focus on those who are not playing. Every time Ronaldo receives the ball, everyone stands up, gets ready. There is a special buzz, hope, excitement. It is not clear if it is Worth 200 million euros a year, but what does the money matter, when it flows from the ground non-stop. At the

age of 37, Ronaldo moves to Saudi Arabia, and he is pitiable. There is no past, the legacy is destroyed, the memories are dimmed, just an image of a star next to a Saudi sheikh. Not easy to get to To the status where a footballer signs the biggest contract in professional sports, and people think he's poor.

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