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Four Hills Tournament: Granerud towers over the New Year's competition - DSV-Adler misses the podium


Four Hills Tournament: Granerud towers over the New Year's competition - DSV-Adler misses the podium Created: 01/02/2023 10:35 am By: Antonio Jose Riether Cheers in Garmisch-Partenkirchen: Halvor Egner Granerud also won the second act of the Four Hills Tournament. © Thomas Bachun/imago Second act of the Four Hills Tournament: The DSV-Adler could not prevail in Garmisch-Partenkirchen either. Th

Four Hills Tournament: Granerud towers over the New Year's competition - DSV-Adler misses the podium

Created: 01/02/2023 10:35 am

By: Antonio Jose Riether

Cheers in Garmisch-Partenkirchen: Halvor Egner Granerud also won the second act of the Four Hills Tournament.

© Thomas Bachun/imago

Second act of the Four Hills Tournament: The DSV-Adler could not prevail in Garmisch-Partenkirchen either.

The live ticker for the New Year's jump to read.

  • Winter sports: Second jumping at the Four Hills Tournament

  • Like at the start in Oberstdorf, the German ski jumpers missed the podium.

  • Seven Germans were in the final, Andreas Wellinger was eighth as the best DSV eagle.

  • Halvor Egner Granerud prevailed again and took the day's win.

Four Hills Tournament, Garmisch-Partenkirchen: final ranking

ski jumper


1. Granerud (Norway)


2. Lanisek (Slovenia)

- 6.4

3. Dawid Kubacki (Poland)

- 9.3

8. Wellinger

- 30.6

Granerud (Norway):

The best man on the tour so far also wins the day in Garmisch-Partenkirchen with 142 meters.

As in Oberstdorf, the 26-year-old Norwegian, who can now be celebrated on the podium together with Anze Lanisek and Dawid Kubacki, was convincing.

Lanisek (Slovenia):

Anze Lanisek also shows a good jump and a flawless landing, with 137 meters he lands ahead of Kubacki!

Kubacki (Poland):

Very strong!

World Cup leader Dawid Kubacki has jumped 138.5 meters and is the new leader.

How do Lanisek and Granerud answer?

Zyla (Poland):

With 134.5 meters he takes third place for the time being, but there are still three jumpers to follow.

Four Hills Tournament: Wellinger missed the podium as the best German

Andreas Wellinger:

The best German so far, Andreas Wellinger, cannot top the many Austrian records in the second round, he only gets 133 meters.

So there will be no German on the podium.

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Ski jumping: Four Hills Tournament madness - Geiger and Wellinger trump in Granerud victory


Fancy a voyage of discovery?

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Fettner (Austria):

Manuel Fettner is the next Austrian to show a strong jump.

With 138 meters he takes the lead, but he is still annoyed.

He knows that it is still the turn of the big competitors.

Hoerl (Austria):

The Austrians have a run today, Hoerl shows the second longest jump in this final round: he has 138.5 meters.

Four Hills Tournament: Karl Geiger disappointed in Garmisch-Partenkirchen

Stoch (Poland): Poland

's Kamil Stoch jumps 134.5 meters and is second for the time being.

Tschofenig (Austria):

The next Austrian to establish himself at the front.

With 136 meters, Tschofenig is currently in second place behind Hayböck.

Karl Geiger:

The man from Oberstdorf heralds the last ten jumpers.

He cannot surpass his first jump, with 131 meters he also has to leave the outrun with a crunch.

For Geiger, winning the tour can be difficult again this year.

Leitner (Austria):

With 135.5, Aschenwald's compatriot flies to second place in the interim ranking.

Aschenwald (Austria):

The next Austrian Philipp Aschenwald comes only 124 meters away, he leaves the outlet disappointed.

Four Hills Tournament: Michael Hayböck with 140 meter jump

Wasek (Poland):

With 126 meters, he cannot catch up with the leading group.

Hayböck (Austria):

Great jump by the Austrian, who jumped past all previous finalists with 140 meters and took the lead.

Johansson (Norway):

Strong attempt from 133 meters, but not enough to overtake the leader.

Kos (Slovenia):

Lovro Kos is the new leader after a remarkable 135.5 meter jump and slips past his teammate Zajc.

Four Hills Tournament: Stephan Leyhe cannot overtake Timi Zajc

Stephan Leyhe:

The next German is Leyhe, but with his 130 meters he can't get past compatriot Raimund or the leader Zajc.

Deschwanden (Switzerland):

The Swiss lands after just 126.5 meters and cannot be satisfied with that.

Zajc (Slovenia):

After a 134-meter jump, Timi Zajc is in first place ahead of Raimund thanks to his performance in the first round.

Four Hills Tournament: Raimund celebrates a strong second round

Philipp Raimund:

The next German shows a satisfactory jump of 135 meters.

Strong performance by Raimund, who cheers loudly when announcing his points.

Forfang (Norway):

The Norwegians are in a good mood today, including Forfang, who is in third place thanks to a 130.5 meter jump and good posture grades.

Stefan Kraft (Austria):

Kraft also flies 131 meters and can be satisfied.

Kobayashi (Japan):

Last year's overall winner shows a good jump, taking the lead with 131 meters.

Sundal (Norway):

The 21-year-old only goes 122 meters, he would have needed a few more meters to oust Constantin Schmid.

Koudelka (Czech Republic):

The Czech does not show a good second jump, more than 117 meters are not possible.

Four Hills Tournament: Paschke, Schmid and Hoffmann lined up below

Pius Paschke:

The next German is only 127.5 meters away and can't celebrate.

Palosaari (Finland):

The young Finn's jump is good, it's 125.5 meters in the end.

D. Prevc (Slovenia):

In the second round, Peter Prevc's brother only jumped 125 meters.

Constantin Schmid:

The second German comes up straight away, Schmid finished 29th in the first round.

The Bad Aibilinger jumps a strong 133 meters.

Felix Hoffmann:

The first German in the final jumps 128 meters, not a bad attempt!

And on we go with the final round!

That's it for the first round.

Halvor Egner Granerud was ahead with 140 meters and 148.5 points, Anze Lanisek is second, while Dawid Kubacki is currently third.

The best German in the first round was Andreas Wellinger with 137 meters, Karl Geiger is currently in tenth place.

A total of seven Germans are in the final, but Markus Eisenbichler is outside.

Four Hills Tournament, 1st round in Garmisch-Partenkirchen

1. Granerud (Norway)



2. Lanisek (Slovenia)



3. Kubacki (Poland)



4. Zyla (Poland)



5. Wellinger



10. violinist



17. Leyhe



20. Raymond



26. Pashke



29. Smith



30. Hoffman



Dean (USA) vs Kubacki (Poland):

USA's Decker Dean goes 112.5 meters, but Dawid Kubacki, who finished first in the qualification, easily beats him with 136 meters.

Luca Roth vs Lanisak (Slovenia):

The last German in the first round is Luca Roth, who jumps 113 meters.

But the Slovenian Anze Lanisek can surpass him with the longest jump so far: with 140.5 meters he almost even overtakes Granerud.

Prevc (Slovenia) vs Zajc (Slovenia):

Domen Prevc has to admit defeat to his compatriot Timi Sajc.

Four Hills Tournament: Granerud jumps 140 meters in the first round

Aalto (Finland) vs Zyla (Poland):

The runner-up from Oberstdorf Piotr Zyla shows a remarkable jump of 135.5 meters and cheers loudly after reaching the final.

Sato (Japan) vs Fettner (Austria):

Keiichi Sato only jumps 110 meters, Manuel Fettner is third with 136 meters in the first round behind Andreas Wellinger.

Stefan Hula (Poland) vs Granerud (Norway):


Halvor Egner Granerud builds on his performance from Oberstdorf and jumps 140 meters.

With this outstanding jump he is at the top, Stefan Hula has no chance in this duel.

Cecon (Italy) vs Stoch (Poland):

Kamil Stoch 135 meters ahead of Italian Roberto Cecon.

Four Hills Tournament: Norwegian Lindvik disqualified because of a suit

Prevc (Slovenia) vs Tschofenig (Austria):

Peter Prevc, the overall winner from 2016, only jumps 118 meters, Daniel Tschofenig shows a strong jump of 131 meters.

Philipp Raimund vs Jelar (Slovenia):

Raimund saves himself against Ziga Jelar, 125.5 meters are enough against the Slovenian's 118 meters.

Constantin Schmid vs Insam (Italy):

Schmid prevails with a 121-meter attempt against Alex Insam and is the next German in the final round.

Update, 2:37 p.m .:

The German Stephan Leyhe is the winner despite his narrow defeat in the duel against Marius Lindvik, because the Norwegian was disqualified due to a suit that was too big.

This also shifts the lucky loser table.

Kraft (Austria) vs Sografski (Bulgaria):

Stefan Kraft reaches 122.5 meters and can easily surpass Wladimir Sografski's 103 meters.

Four Hills Tournament: Pius Paschke prevails against Markus Eisenbichler

Hayboeck (Austria) vs Maltsev (Estonia):

Austria's Michael Hayboeck can surpass Maltsev's 120 meter jump by eight and a half meters and is through.

Wasek (Poland) vs Forfang (Norway):

The Pole prevails with a 130-meter jump and is in the final round.

Pius Paschke vs Markus Eisenbichler:

The German-German duel ends with Paschke reaching the final.

This jumps 124.5 meters, Eisenbichler cannot answer correctly and only gets 124 meters.

The Siegsdorfer does not land well and does not get as far as his compatriot Paschke, for the lucky loser it will not be enough for him.

Stephan Leyhe vs Lindvik (Norway):

Marius Lindvik jumped 130.5 meters, but the North Hesse Leyhe just couldn't push through the top-class jumper with a 128-meter jump.

Now the German has to hope for a second chance as a lucky loser.

Four Hills Tournament: Wellinger sets the previous record with 137 meters

Koudelka (Czech Republic) vs (Johansson):

The Norwegian Johansson wins the duel, 129.5 meters are enough against Roman Koudelka.

Deschwanden (Switzerland) vs Aigro (Estonia):

The Swiss Gregor Deschwanden is also in the final, despite his turbulent 127.5 meter flight.

Kos (Slovenia) vs Vassiliev (Kazakhstan):

Slovenia's Lovro Kos is through but has to lower his expectations after a 127m jump.

Aschenwald (Austria) vs Andreas Wellinger:

Wellinger cheers immediately after his strong landing, the Olympic champion responds to Philipp Aschenwald's 128-meter jump with a 137-meter attempt.

Sundal (Norway) vs Palosaari (Finland):

Norwegian talent Kristoffer Eriksen Sundal prevails over even younger Finn Vilho Palosaari.

Karl Geiger vs Nikaido (Japan):

The best German Karl Geiger jumps 131.5 meters, while Ren Nikaido shows his worst jump so far in the Four Hills Tournament.

The man from Oberstdorf is now further and temporarily takes second place behind Hoerl.

Four Hills Tournament live today: Martin Hamann flies out against Hoerl

Martin Hamann vs Hoerl (Austrian):

Jan Hoerl already shows his class in the first round and is also in the final, Hamann is the first German who has to hope for the lucky loser.

Felix Hoffmann vs Nakamura (Japan):

Hoffmann is the first German in the final!

The Japanese Naoki Nakamura does not get as far as the 25-year-old, who did not show a particularly good jump with 121 meters.

Kobayashi (Japan) vs Fannemel (Norway):

Last year's overall winner Ryoyu Kobayashi shows a mediocre jump, but the Norwegian Anders Fannemel cannot trump him.

Sato (Japan) vs. Leitner (Austria):

The Austrian Clemens Leitner wins the first duel of this first round, he jumps significantly further than the Japanese Sato.

And off we go with the second act of the Four Hills Tournament!

Update, 1:57 p.m .:

The tension is rising in Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

In a few minutes the first round on the big Olympic ski jump will begin, in front of thousands of spectators the ski jumpers have to keep a cool head in the knockout duels.

Update, 1:40 p.m .:

Twenty minutes until the start of the first round of the second jump of the Four Hills Tournament in Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

Four Hills Tournament live today: German-German duel in the first round

Update, 1:16 p.m .:

As with the qualification on Saturday, the temperatures on the day of the competition in Garmisch-Partenkirchen are again unusually high.

At 13 degrees, the athletes will jump off the hill today.

The first round starts at 2 p.m.

Update, 12:59 p.m .:

One hour left until the New Year’s jump on the large Olympic hill in Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

A total of ten German ski jumpers will take part in the first round at 2 p.m., and the pairings have also been fixed since the qualification on Saturday.

There is also a German-German duel between Markus Eisenbichler and Pius Paschke.

Four Hills Tournament: Ten DSV eagles in the 1st round

Update, 12.20 p.m .:

There were already surprising results in the qualification for the New Year’s jump on Saturday.

Pole Dawid Kubacki jumped to first place, Oberstdorf winner Halvor Egner Granerud ended up in sixth place.

Karl Geiger, who was fourth in the first competition, disappointed with 30th place. The best German was Philipp Raimund, who was ninth, Constantin Schmid landed directly behind him.

The results from Saturday result in the

following pairings

for the ten qualified DSV jumpers :

Philipp Raimund (Oberstdorf/9th)

Ziga Jelar (Slovenia/42nd)

Constantin Schmid (Oberaudorf/10th)

Alex Insam (Italy/41st)

Markus Eisenbichler (Siegsdorf/14th)

Pius Paschke (Kiefersfelden/37.)

Stephan Leyhe (Willingen/15th)

Marius Lindvik (Norway/36th)

Andreas Wellinger (Ruhpolding/19th)

Philipp Aschenwald (Austria/32nd)

Felix Hoffmann (Goldlauter Heidersbach/28.)

Naoki Nakamura (Japan/23rd)

Martin Hamann (Aue/29.)

Jan Hörl (Austria/22nd)

Karl Geiger (Oberstdorf/30.)

Ren Nikaido (Japan/21st)

Luca Roth (Messtetten/49th)

Anze Lanisek (Slovenia/2nd)

Four Hills Tournament: Second Act on New Year's Day in Garmisch-Partenkirchen

Preliminary report


Garmisch-Partenkirchen – The 71st Four Hills Tournament started last Thursday with a dampener for the German ski jumpers.

At the traditional opening event on the Schattenbergschanze in Oberstdorf, Karl Geiger finished fourth as the best DSV athlete, Andreas Wellinger was sixth.

Surprisingly little came from the other German athletes.

Four Hills Tournament

December 29, 2022 to January 6, 2023

Ort: Oberstdorf, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Innsbruck, Bischofshofen
Rekordsieger: Janne Ahonen (5)
Titelverteidiger: Ryōyū Kobayashi

Vierschanzentournee: DSV-Adler enttäuschten beim Auftakt - Eisenbichler nur auf Platz 33

Auf Platz 14 beendete Philipp Raimund den ersten von vier Stopps der Tournee, Stephan Leyhe wurde zwanzigster. Auch der Bronzemedaillengewinner von Peking Markus Eisenbichler enttäuschte mit Platz 33, sein Kollege Constantin Schmid landete vier Plätze vor ihm auf Rang 29. Pius Paschke belegte als letzter Deutscher Platz 41 von 50.

Beim zweiten Springen am Neujahrstag in Garmisch-Partenkirchen hoffen die DSV-Adler nun darauf, ihren Heimvorteil ein letztes Mal zu nutzen. Beim ersten Springen durfte noch das norwegische Team jubeln, da sich Halvor Egner Granerud mit großem Abstand vor den beiden Polen Piotr Zyla und Dawid Kubacki durchgesetzt hatte. Granerud, der nach seinem Sieg in Oberstdorf gegen die Jury wetterte, will beim zweiten Pflichttermin der Tournee seine Führung ausbauen.

Vierschanzentournee: Temperaturen sorgen für gemischte Gefühle - „13 Grad ist schon komisch“

During the qualification for the New Year's competition on Saturday, which Kubacki won, it was quite warm at 13 degrees.

However, it is questionable whether the high temperatures in Garmisch are beneficial.

"It was freezing cold in Beijing, but basically I prefer it cold because: We are winter sports enthusiasts," said Karl Geiger, the best German jumper so far.

"Ten degrees less would be nice, because New Year's Eve with 13 degrees is strange," agreed Andreas Wellinger, Olympic champion from 2018.

Geiger's roommate Eisenbichler, on the other hand, did not complain, but saw the positives in the good weather.

"I think it's cool.

The fans don't freeze, we don't freeze.

What do you like more?” says the man from Siegsdorf.

Double-digit temperatures with sunshine are also predicted for Sunday.


Source: merkur

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