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His time: the importance of Dean David for Maccabi Haifa - voila! sport


The most underrated striker in Israel once again took Azili's place in Money Time, and proved that he deserves a place in the national team as well. Amikam sums up the first season game

Summary of Maccabi Haifa's victory 0:2 over Hapoel Beer Sheva (Sport1)

Barak Bacher a man.

He stands at the end of the game and says unequivocally: "The worst team won."

With talk you don't go to the grocery store, with points you do.

Is Barak lucky?

After 5 championships and a sixth on the way, it would be a bit of an exaggeration to say.

Bachar creates dynasties, reaches the top group and places iron foundations in it.

His choice of players is better than the others, the choice of the 11 is better, the maximum utilization of the games - certainly the important ones - is impressive.

Vladan Ivić and Eliniv Barda are good coaches, but in these sections they are less good than Bakr.

The coaches table this season doesn't lie either.

If Dor Micah puts the cross from Ansa's interception under the crossbar and not in the crossbar, and if Shafi Sulimianov kicks the penalty properly, it could be - not sure - that Hapoel Beer Sheva's advantage on the field would have been reflected in the result, but the selection of the players who decide games is also important .

Breda chose players who would run and press and drive and deliver.

Be'er Sheva has 4 amazing morale in the team: Micah, Sulimianov, Gordana and Sfori.

He chose to come up with three.

He kept the firepower on the bench.

In the end it is the balance that counts.

On the field in the decisive first half were Gordana, Micha, Shamir, Ansa and Gib Yehezkel who together scored 9 goals in their 143 games in the last two years, a goal every 16 games.

From the bench came - too late - Spori (what does a player like him do on the bench?) Yousfi, Hatuel, Hamed and Shechter, who have 34 goals together in 158 games in the last two years, a goal every 4.5 games.

You win a game with numbers (Maccabi Tel Aviv kicked 31 shots on Kiryat Shmona's goal on Saturday and scored only one), not only with good ability and a great game, that's what Bacher meant.

The coaches table doesn't lie either.

Barak Bacher (Photo: Maor Alxalsi)

Omar Atzil is having a great season.

Leave the pair against Juventus, he already has 10 goals and 7 assists, a better average than last season which he finished with 20 and 10, and still, not only is he no longer first in the league, he was not involved in almost the two important victories of Haifa this season, Against Maccabi Tel Aviv and Hapoel Be'er Sheva, who differentiate between the teams at the top of the table.

Dean David was

Two doubles in both games, the most memorable with the heel against Maccabi Tel Aviv, but goals from all the variety of goals that a striker is supposed to score.

Bring Frendzy Piero and find Dean David.

This is probably the most underrated striker in Israel.

Talk about his misses, but he already has 7 goals and he also has a goal in the Champions League one on one with Wojciech Szczesny.

It is impossible to underestimate a player who gives numbers and more in money time games, without detracting from Atzili's influence.

If you quantify the total qualities, and think further, Dean David is the first choice for the number 9 shirt of the Israel national team at the beginning of the Euro 2024 qualifying campaign, with all due respect to Sean Weissman, Thai Bribo and the nice friends who play abroad. "Who is Maccabi Haifa playing against," he Exactly the same sentence we heard this week after Pele's death, "He didn't play in Europe". The numbers speak for themselves. Here was a striker who played in China and opened nets in the national team, here is a striker who wins season games in Israel, and should start in the national team.

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The numbers speak.

Dean David (Photo: Maor Alxalsi)

Maccabi Haifa leads by 6 points over Maccabi Tel Aviv and 7 over Hapoel Beer Sheva.

A team that won 14 games out of 16, had an 88 percent success rate and didn't lose to any of its biggest rivals - beating them in 3 out of 4 games in the regular season - is racing to the championship.

In terms of perpetuating ability, this is similar to Barak Bacher's second championship in Hapoel Beer Sheva and Vladan Ivitch's first championship in Israel.

At this rate, to paraphrase Maccabi Netanya in 1983, this is Haifa and 13 more, this is Beitar in its first championship season: never-ending hunger, a feeling that everything is going to work out, that everything will work out, that luck is with you, that the crowd is with you (even when he boycotts for 8 minutes). Even more impressive than the victories themselves, from this rally.

People say to themselves now: what is 6 points, what is 7, their two losses and you are there.

But how much can you lose to Raina and Hapoel Yerushalayim?

The rivals are also losing points, and at a greater rate.

There needs to be an earthquake, a shift of tectonic plates, for us to see another champion here.

Leave to see another champion - to see a championship fight.

Haifa is bigger than the rest of the league by several numbers.

In yesterday's game, Roy Mishfati, Abdulai Sek, Rami Gershon, Mavis Chibuta, Nikita Rukavica and Raz Meir were on the field.

These are not the players on which a season is built, and some of them really do not constitute a significant bench, and still it was enough.

Without Josh Cohen (did you miss him?), without Sundgren, without Batovskina, without Neta Levi 81 minutes, without Haziza 68 minutes.

Did we say earthquake?

Is there something more serious than that for something to change here?

Already turning a page.

Neta Lavi (Photo: Maor Alxalsi)

And yet, we are at the opening of the January transfer window.

Haifa remembers the first time they were promoted to the Champions League and the price they paid in that January window - the transfer of Yacobu Igbini to the Premier League.

The impressive Haifa of that season lost a significant advantage in the table and the championship to Maccabi Tel Aviv.

Bacher chose yesterday not to go up with Neta Lavi who is probably leaving for Japan.

This is a significant choice, certainly in such a crucial game that could have turned Haifa's season around, and he won the game.

To say: this is the team you currently have to run with.

To say: we are not Maccabi Tel Aviv that puts on the lines a person who is on the suitcases in preparation for leaving for the big money of confiscated Russia, we are already turning a page.

Haifa has recovered from Palanich's departure and it seems already strengthened by Lavi's departure as well - and both are crucial players in Bakr's formation - so if it succeeds in finding the balance between Ali Muhammad and Muhammad Abu Fani, or finding an Israeli brilliance outside or inside the staff itself (say, the shift of defensive player or attack to a back link position), she will manage this departure better than Igbeni's departure.

I don't know what Hapoel Beer Sheva has left to do this season.

It doesn't look like it can take a championship, it flew away from the cup, and the place in Europe next season is pretty much guaranteed.

It may be that she needs to thin out the squad, save some money, and think about next season, where she will definitely be able to challenge for the title, or just enjoy football, who knows what will happen next.

Hapoel Beer Sheva will remember the 2022/3 season as an excellent season, in which the team played at a very high level, with a very diligent coach, but their competition was impossible.

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