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Werder Bremen against Real Murcia in the live ticker: final whistle! Werder wins 2-0


Werder Bremen against Real Murcia in the live ticker: final whistle! Werder wins 2-0 Created: 01/04/2023Updated: 01/04/2023 2:22 PM By: Fynn Walenziak, Daniel Cottäus Christian Groß (on the ball) and SV Werder Bremen won the friendly against Real Murcia 2-0. © gumzmedia SV Werder Bremen is playing a friendly against Spanish third division side Real Murcia. Follow the game in the live ticker of

Werder Bremen against Real Murcia in the live ticker: final whistle!

Werder wins 2-0

Created: 01/04/2023Updated: 01/04/2023 2:22 PM

By: Fynn Walenziak, Daniel Cottäus

Christian Groß (on the ball) and SV Werder Bremen won the friendly against Real Murcia 2-0.

© gumzmedia

SV Werder Bremen is playing a friendly against Spanish third division side Real Murcia.

Follow the game in the live ticker of the DeichStube!

Current score: Werder Bremen 2:0 Real Murcia.




And then it's over!

The referee blows his whistle on time and Werder wins the first game of 2023 2-0 (2-0) against Real Murcia!

The scorers were Niklas Schmidt and Tom Berger.

Both goals were played very well and make you want more!

We'll get back to you live from Murcia on Sunday, because that's when Werder meets FC St. Gallen in the second and last friendly in the training camp!

Werder Bremen versus Real Murcia in the DeichStube live ticker: SVW wins the first test match 2-0

90 minutes

: The last minute of the game is running.

There really isn't much reason for a lavish stoppage time.

87 minutes

: The game is almost over and everything looks like a work win for Werder Bremen.

Murcia doesn't do much anymore and avoids the big risk.

84 minutes

: Another conclusion for Murcia.

But the shot from almost 20 meters goes well past Pavlenka's box.

81 minutes

: The most conspicuous man in the second round at Werder sees the yellow card.

Romano Schmid pulls his team-mate's jersey and is warned.

79 minutes

: Almost the goal in the comeback!

A Buchanan cross has the Spanish goalkeeper struggling and Mbom artfully gets the ball on target.

The goalkeeper then holds it.

77 minutes

: Good free-kick position for Werder!

The ball is 23 meters centrally in front of the goal.

A matter for Marvin Ducksch.

The ball flies over the wall, but unfortunately also over the box.

Too bad.

73 minutes

: Both teams continue to come to less compelling degrees.

Mbom gets stuck in the penalty area and the ball spins out.

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Werder Bremen against Real Murcia in the DeichStube live ticker: Manuel Mbom celebrates a big comeback

70 minutes

: Marvin Ducksch gets a yellow card for a foul and now Jean-Manuel Mbom is on the pitch.

Welcome back!

68 minutes

: It's about to happen.

Manuel Mbom is getting ready to come on as a substitute and will most likely come on for Niklas Schmidt.

67 minutes

: Real Murcia are now taking more and more control.

You can tell that the team is further in their preparation than Werder.

Because the Spanish third division team is already challenged in a competitive game at the weekend.

61st minute

: Real Murcia's first good opportunity in the second half.

But Pavlenka can easily fend off the unplaced header.

60th minute

: Werder's game forward looks a bit more vertical, but the decisive last pass hasn't arrived yet, which is why the really big chances haven't materialized so far.

56 minutes

: The second half is a bit more torn than the first.

Werder still shows the more dangerous approaches.

Werder Bremen against Real Murcia in the DeichStube live ticker: The second half is running – SVW wants the third goal

53 minutes

: Almost 3-0 for Werder!

Romano Schmid drives the ball over half the field and plays out to Marvin Ducksch on the left, but he has a bad first contact and can't really get the ball on goal.

There was more in it.

50 minutes

: Tactically, nothing has changed.

Only Niklas Schmidt remained on the field and received the first yellow card after a foul in the second round!

46 minutes:

The second half is running, Werder has completely changed.

The new line-up is: Pavlenka - Schröder, Pieper, Chiarodia - Rosenboom, Schmid, Gruev, Schmidt, Buchanan - Ducksch, Burke.

1:27 p.m .:

All in all, the break is okay here.

Werder presented themselves ice cold in front of the goal and actually used the only two chances.

Real Murcia are extremely motivated, even over-motivated in some situations.

The referee's performance was also not well received, especially by Bremen, as some duel situations were rated "interesting".

In the second half we see a new starting XI, probably with the returnee Mbom, who can finally play again.

45 minutes +1: But this brings nothing and then it's halftime!

Werder Bremen deservedly lead 2-0 against Real Murcia!

Niklas Schmidt and Tom Berger were the two goal scorers for SVW.

With a completely new line-up, it's on to the Pinatar Arena in about 15 minutes!

Werder Bremen against Real Murcia in the DeichStube live ticker: Niklas Schmidt and Tom Berger get the half-time lead with great goals

45 minutes

: There is a minute of overtime and another corner for Real Murcia...

45 minutes

: Good news, Niclas Füllkrug can continue after a short treatment.

43 minutes

: The Spaniards are a bit over-motivated here.

Next hard foul in midfield on Niclas Füllkrug, resulting in Real Murcia's second yellow card.

Hope nothing worse happened!

41 minutes

: Real Murcia wants to connect before the break!

Again they put SV Werder Bremen under pressure early on.

With a bit of luck, however, Zetterer and Groß can free themselves.

40th minute

: Mitchell Weiser invites the Spaniards and puts the ball on for Real Murcia in his own penalty area.

But the third division cannot use this chance and chases the ball over the housing.

39 minutes

: Ole Werner is also anything but satisfied with the referee's assessment of the duel, which can be clearly heard over the external microphones.

37 minutes

: The next conclusion for Murcia.

But Zetterer can easily hold the shot from a good 15 meters.

36 minutes

: The Werder players are increasingly coming into conflict with the referee, as a large number of 50:50 decisions are being made for Murcia.

The “guests” get another free kick, but it also doesn’t bring anything.

34th Minute

: Real Murcia changes for the first time.

The Spanish third division team surprisingly changes the goalkeeper.

Galledo replaces Joao.

31st minute

: The free kick is taken straight to the goal.

Well, it's more of an attempt, because the ball goes a good three meters over Michael Zetterer's box.

30 minutes

: Free kick for Real Murcia half right in front of the penalty area!

Leo Bittencourt sees the second yellow card of the day for the foul and the subsequent complaint.

Werder Bremen against Real Murcia in the DeichStube live ticker: Tom Berger increases for SVW

28 minutes

: Werder continues immediately and demands a penalty!

But after Füllkrug falls, the referee's whistle remains silent.

26 minutes: TOOOOOR for Werder!

A great hit!

Jung shifted the game brilliantly into the penalty area to Mitchell Weiser, who put the ball directly to Tom Berger at the penalty spot.

He has no problems and pushes the ball in.


20 minutes

: First yellow card in the game!

Zeidane from Real Murcia goes into a duel against Niklas Stark unnecessarily hard and promptly concedes the yellow card.

16 minutes

: Dikeni Salifou saves in dire need after Real Murcia combined into the Bremen penalty area.

However, the SVW can easily defend the corner that is due.

Werder Bremen against Real Murcia in the DeichStube live ticker: Niklas Schmidt with a dream goal to make it 1-0

15 minutes

: The game is briefly interrupted because a Real Murcia player is down after a tough tackle but is able to continue after a short treatment.

11 minutes: GOOOOOOO for Werder!

And what a beauty!

The ball comes over the left in the middle to Niklas Schmidt, who doesn't have to be asked twice and welds the ball into the far corner from 20 meters.

No chance for the Spanish goalkeeper!

9 minutes

: The first good chance for Werder!

A long ball reaches Bittencourt on the left of the penalty area, but the cross is neither fish nor meat and rushes well past the far post.

Filling jug can no longer intervene.

6 minutes

: The first good opportunity for Murcia.

The third division combines through the left and brings the ball sharply into the middle.

There the striker Miku comes to an end, but doesn't catch the ball properly and Zetterer has the ball in the follow-up.

5 minutes

: So far there is relatively little going on on the pitch.

Werder tried early pressing, but so far without countable success.

2nd minute

: Now we also have the official confirmation: Ole Werner will send two different teams into the respective halves.

1st minute

: And now the ball is rolling. Real Murcia kicks off.

Werder Bremen's captain today is Leonardo Bittencourt, as Marco Friedl and Milos Veljkovic are out.

Werder Bremen against Real Murcia in the DeichStube live ticker: the game is on!

12:29 p.m

.: Here come the teams.

It's about to start any minute now.

Werder plays in the salmon-colored success jerseys.

12:26 p.m

.: The conditions could hardly be better.

The grass even competes with that in the Weser Stadium.

12:23 p.m

.: It starts here in a few minutes.

The stadium fills up very slowly, so we don't expect a sold-out hut here.

So far, about 20 to 30 percent of the places are occupied.

12:13 p.m

.: Real Murcia’s best-known player is the man with number 14. Pedro Leon has enormous experience in the first division and has made 346 appearances in “La Liga”.

For the time being, the 36-year-old is only sitting on the bench.

In 2014 there was even a rumor about a Werder move, but that rumor stayed the same.

11:58 a.m

.: The view of the substitute bench at Werder is pleasing, because there is a certain Jean-Manuel Mbom sitting there for the first time since April, who was out for a long time with a ruptured Achilles tendon.

So there is a high probability of an emotional comeback!

Werder Bremen against Real Murcia in the DeichStube live ticker: Niclas Füllkrug is in the starting XI


a.m.: Jens Stage, Eren, Dinkci, Milos Veljkovic and Marco Friedl will

not be used for

Werder Bremen today.

Stage and Dinkci train individually, Friedl and Veljkovic stayed at the hotel and are slightly stressed there.

11:48 a.m

.: The Spanish third division team goes into the test match with this line-up: Joao - Jaime, Manu, Pina, Aguza, Julio, Lopez, Loren, Aranau, Zeidane, Miku.

11:40 a.m

.: Ole Werner relies on a mix of potential and experience against Murcia.

With Salifou, Dietrich and Berger, three players are joining the team who have not yet had any Bundesliga experience.

In addition, it is not unlikely that Werder will change properly at the break and the pros will only be used for 45 minutes.

11:32 a.m

.: And there is the line-up.

Werder Bremen started the test match against Real Murcia with this team:

Zetterer - Salifou, Stark, Dietrich - Weiser, Schmidt, Groß, Bittencourt, Jung - Füllkrug, Berger.


a.m.: Welcome to the DeichStube live ticker.

In about an hour,

Werder Bremen

will meet Real Murcia in the Pinatar Arena in the first friendly of 2023 at the training camp.

We're still waiting for the SVW to line up, but it should be arriving any moment.

The first

test match

 of the winter preparations is coming up: 

SV Werder Bremen will play against the Spanish third division club

Real Murcia

 on Wednesday


Kick-off in the Pinatar Arena is at 12.30 p.m., the live


starts here at around 11.30 a.m. with the

starting eleven

- line-

ups of

both teams.

All goals, news and information about the preparatory game can be found here


in the


ticker !

Werder Bremen vs Real Murcia - the preliminary report:

Werder Bremen before a friendly against the “blank slate” Real Murcia

Murcia - It's a little paradoxical, because on the one hand they are looking forward to their first football game of the year at

SV Werder Bremen

- on the other hand they had imagined it very differently.

Because the originally planned opponent, FC St. Pauli, canceled the


in Murcia, Spain, the Spanish third division team

Real Murcia

is now stepping in as an opponent and will challenge Bremen on Wednesday from 12.30 p.m. in the

DeichStube live ticker

in the Pinatar Arena.

"Murcia is a blank slate for us," said

Werder Bremen

's head coach

Ole Werner

, whose analysts struggled to gather detailed information about the team from the university town in south-east Spain in such a short time.

Basically, the Bremen coach focuses on the performance of his own team anyway. 

Werder Bremen friendly against Real Murcia - Ole Werner: "A blank slate for us"

"For us it will be about having good clarity in our own ball possession and creating chances to score," announces

Ole Werner

, who worked with his team on precisely these issues during the first two days of the winter training camp.

It is planned that "virtually all players" will be used for 45 minutes.

It is questionable whether this also applies to Marco Friedl, Milos Veljkovic and Eren Dinkci.

The trio were suspended at

Werder Bremen

on Tuesday due to a slight infection, and it is possible that they will continue to be rested against

Real Murcia


Incidentally, both clubs are meeting for the first time, but there have been cross-links between them in the past.

In Andreas Reinke (2003) and Daniel Jensen (2004), Werder Bremen have already signed two professionals from the Spanish club, which last played in the 2007/2008 season in the first division and then crashed from the



Last season,

Real Murcia

rose from the fourth division back to the third division, where the team is currently third in the table.


Source: merkur

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