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Women's football in Erding in 1970: "Men only came to laugh"


Women's football in Erding in 1970: "Men only came to laugh" Created: 01/07/2023 12:54 p.m By: Wolfgang Krzizok Founding team: The team from 1972 with (from left) Anni Werner, Renate Gutbrod, Cilly Bauer, Resi Hamberger, Renate Graf, Monika Schulz, Margarete Neighbor, Roswitha Hellmeier, Angelika Ritter, Frieda Spitzer and Maria Reiser. © Kressierer A good 50 years ago, TSV Erding founded the

Women's football in Erding in 1970: "Men only came to laugh"

Created: 01/07/2023 12:54 p.m

By: Wolfgang Krzizok

Founding team: The team from 1972 with (from left) Anni Werner, Renate Gutbrod, Cilly Bauer, Resi Hamberger, Renate Graf, Monika Schulz, Margarete Neighbor, Roswitha Hellmeier, Angelika Ritter, Frieda Spitzer and Maria Reiser.

© Kressierer

A good 50 years ago, TSV Erding founded the first women's soccer team in the district.

And they still meet regularly to chat.

Erding – Women had to overcome many prejudices and resistance in society before they were officially allowed to play football.

It was only 50 years ago that the German Football Association (DFB) allowed games to be played in Germany (see box).

At that time, the first women's team in the district was formed under the umbrella of TSV Erding, which, however, only existed for almost 15 years.

However, the women from the very beginning still meet regularly and remember their active days.

"There were a lot of girls who had played football before, but there were no regular games and no club in the district that offered women's football," remembers Luise Scherer (née Brendel).

FC Bayern Munich, on the other hand, already had a team.

"When I was 16, I always took the train to training at first, later I rode with Monika Schmidt, my uncle always drove her." Schmidt became a Bayern legend, scored 378 goals in 520 games and won in 1976 the German championship.

The head of football at TSV Erding, Günter Krzizok, finally took the initiative and launched a women's team on March 1, 1971 in the next room of Hotel Schmidbauer on Zollnerstraße.

"There will certainly be laughter at the first public appearance, since it is something new in our room," Krzizok is quoted as saying in the Erdinger Anzeiger, and he asks the women "not to be discouraged by the first sore muscles".

TSV chairman Georg Harrer assures future female soccer players that their sport will be taken just as seriously as other sports.

He asks the young women "not to hit each other on the thighs" during training, and he also points out that men "have no business" during training, which will initially take place in the gym of the boys' secondary school.

At first there aren't very many young women who get in touch, it's a rather motley bunch.

"I came from Fraunberg at the time and didn't know anyone at all," says Scherer.

"At work I didn't say too much that I'm now playing football in the team, there might have been stupid comments."

Promoted to the highest women's league in 1975 (back, from left): Karin Dangl, Elisabeth Tremmel, Luise Brendel, Roswitha Hellmeier, Angelika Ritter, Inge Franzl, Maria Tremmel, (front, from left) Maria Reiser, Maria "Fränzi" Kania, Erika Kristmann , Siegrid Murgas.

© Private

Reinforcements are sought via an appeal in the Erdinger Anzeiger - and also through personal contact.

"Günter Krzizok said that I absolutely had to take part, and I was already in the team," recalls Cilly Wenzel, the daughter of the TSV club host at the time, Hans Bauer ("Ebnerbräu"), with a laugh.

The appeal in the newspaper brings a lot of growth, among other things, the pastry player Resi Hamberger joins TSV Erding with a group of friends.

The first coach is Toni Thalhammer, later Hans Nachtmann and Günther Sandner take over the fortunes, Nachtmann remains coach until 1980. "Alfred Besl always helped," the former soccer players remember, "as well as Max Lienert".

In the spring of 1972 the first friendlies started.

The first game in the club's history at Eintracht Freising is lost 0:14.

"We scored a goal, but that was offside," remembers Wenzel.

More than 600 spectators want to see the team at the first home game.

"We were smiled at as soon as we walked in," says Scherer.

"And some of the men had just come to laugh at us, but we didn't care."

In autumn 1972, the first participation in the round of points follows.

“Back then there were only two leagues,” says Scherer.

Erdinger opponents include Freising, Moosburg, Landshut, Waldkraiburg and Oberhaindlfing.

Because the squad is not that big, TSV often has to deal with personnel problems, but comes second in the first season.

In the second year, TSV celebrates the championship with 27:1 points and 50:4 goals.

"Most of the time we were just eleven players," says Scherer.

"That's why we decided not to go up."

In 1974/75, TSV Erding became champions again, didn't concede a single goal during the whole season and is now promoted to the Upper Bavarian women's league - at that time the highest league.

The team does well and finishes fifth.

Indoor tournaments are also played, including in the Rudi-Sedlmayer-Halle in Munich.

"We won 2-1 against FC Bayern, that was an absolute highlight," remembers Angelika Burger (née Ritter) and adds with a laugh: "Ooh, they were grumpy."

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Outdoors, however, Bayern cannot be beaten.

Maria Estermann (née Tremmel) remembers one game quite well.

The regular striker was a temporary goalkeeper at the time, there were penalties for FC Bayern.

"Conny Doll took the ball and I knew she had a brutally hard shot," says Estermann.

"So I said to her, 'If you hit it, it'll rattle' - and then she pushed the ball."

What the Erdinger football women particularly enjoyed back then: “There was a lot of celebration,” says Karin Treffler (née Hellmeier), who was the youngest in the team at the time.

Among other things, there were already lavish cabin parties at that time, with music – which at that time still came from the cassette recorder.

The November birthday parties were legendary, "because with Roswitha Hellmeier, Maria Tremmel, Geli Ritter and me, we had four scorpions in the team, who sometimes put out the sting," says Scherer with a smile.

The young women are spoiled above all by Maria Geißler, whose husband Raimund is a groundskeeper, and who live in the little house in the area of ​​the municipal stadium.

"She did everything for us," say the women in unison, "and she also took care of us."

From the front door you have a clear view down to the cabins and you can see when someone comes out of the shower.

Young boys would often try to catch a glimpse, "but Maria drove them all away - she could also be quite grumpy," says Scherer with a laugh.

"We were in good hands with Maria in every respect," adds Wenzel.

Regular meetings (from left): Luise Scherer Luise (née Brendel), Cilly Wenzel (née Bauer), Maria Estermann (née Tremmel), Roswitha Hellmeier, Karin Treffler (née Hellmeier), Anita Manz (née Weber), Angelika Burger (née Ritter), Marlene Weiss (née Weber), Maria Kaiser (née Reiser).

© Wolfgang Krzizok

The women also remember the trips they took together.

On the one hand there are skiing trips, on the other hand the regular autumn trips to the Bavarian Forest.

"We always played tournaments on hard courts," says Scherer.

“We scraped our shins, calves and thighs – but it sucked.” The TSV women are now accepted as soccer players and a very friendly relationship develops with the Erdinger soccer men.

"Two-thirds of the team regularly took part in our excursions - including the board members," enthuses Geli Burger.

"It was a real fan club."

In 1978 the TSV club house was built at the swimming pool, "and we were needed there as women too – for cleaning," says Scherer with a wink.

TSV chairman Harrer sent the footballers into the basement.

"We had to scrape the mortar from the windows and then clean everything - but we got a snack for it".

In terms of sport, things are still going quite well for the Erdinger soccer team at this time. In 1982, TSV is still playing in the top league, coaches are now Gerd Burger and Estermann's brother Martin Tremmel.

But the decline had been announced a few years earlier.

In 1975, FC Forstern founded a women's soccer team, led by Resi Hamberger and her husband Helmut, and a handful of players moved from Erding to Forstern.

A little later there is also a girls' team at FC.

And also in other places in the district, such as in Wartenberg, where the ex-Erdingerin Resi Blumoser takes the initiative, and in Grünbach, women's and girls' teams are being set up.

"The TSV missed out on the girls' team back then," regrets Scherer.

So no offspring can be raised.

Some Erdinger players are getting pregnant, the women from the very beginning are gradually giving up, “Änn Hofsäß, our mood cannon, has moved away”, and so the squad is getting thinner and thinner.

As a result, coaches Gerd Burger and Tremmel have fewer and fewer players in training.

It finally came to an end in the mid-1980s.

The team is no longer reported to play, and women's football at TSV Erding is history - to this day.

When the former TSV kickers think back to that time, they all agree: “We are very proud that we were there at the beginning.

That's a nice feeling."

Source: merkur

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