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German biathlon disappointment on the Pokljuka: catching up as the only bright spot


German biathlon disappointment on the Pokljuka: catching up as the only bright spot Created: 2023-01-08 06:23 By: Marcus Giebel In biathlon, the World Cup on Pokljuka is coming up this weekend. How are the DSV athletes doing in Slovenia? Here you can read the pursuit races in the ticker. Biathlon World Cup 2022/2023: Pokljuka is the first stop in the new year Pursuit race on Saturday: women an

German biathlon disappointment on the Pokljuka: catching up as the only bright spot

Created: 2023-01-08 06:23

By: Marcus Giebel

In biathlon, the World Cup on Pokljuka is coming up this weekend.

How are the DSV athletes doing in Slovenia?

Here you can read the pursuit races in the ticker.

  • Biathlon World Cup 2022/2023: Pokljuka is the first stop in the new year

  • Pursuit race on Saturday: women and men are challenged

  • Herrmann-Wick misses the podium: The DSV flagship finishes seventh when Öberg wins

  • Kühn's race to catch up: As the second-best German in 12th place directly behind Doll - J. Boe dominates

Biathlon in the live ticker: Pursuit of the men on the Pokljuka - stood at the finish

1. Johannes Thingnes Boe (NOR)

31:43.2 minutes (0-1-1-0)

2. Quentin Fillon Maillet (FRA)

+ 1:05 (0-0-0-1)

3. Tarjei Boe (NOR)

+ 1:07 (0-0-0-1)

4. Sturla Laegreid (NOR)

+ 1:18 (0-0-2-0)


11. Benedikt Doll (GER)

+ 2:20 (2-0-0-1)

12. Johannes Kuehn (GER)

+ 2:26 (0-0-0-0)

+++ Kühn is the only ray of hope, making up places as the only DSV athlete and delivering the best time of all starters in this pursuit race.

+++ While Kühn delivered the outstanding race from a German perspective, Strelow fell back to 51st place and Horn to 54th place.

+++ Doll is eleventh best German, Kühn takes twelfth place after a strong race and has gained 32 places.

Rees finishes 15th.

+++ Fillon Maillet takes second place ahead of Tarjei Boe.

Laegreid then had to let it be demolished.

Six Norwegians end up in the top 10.

In a league of his own: Johannes Thingnes Boe also won the pursuit with ease after the sprint.


Biathlon in the live ticker: Clear victory for Johannes Boe - no DSV athlete in the top 10

+++ Johannes Boe is on target.

This was another show of force.

Hats off!

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+++ There is a three-way battle between Fillon Maillet, Tarjei Boe and Laegreid for second place.

Giacomel fell behind in the last shooting.

+++ The conclusion for the top German duo fails - Rees shoots two tickets, Doll misses the target once.

On the other hand, Kühn hits everything again.

+++ Behind them, Fillon Maillet misses two shots, while Giacomel and Tarjei Boe each miss once.

+++ This is the final decision!

Johannes Boe drops all discs and goes on the lap of honor.

+++ Rees improves to sixth place, Doll is tenth.

But both run in a large group.

Biathlon in the live ticker: Kühn enters the top 20

+++ Kühn remains flawless again and is already 18th - ten places behind Rees and six behind Doll.

+++ Rees hits all five targets, Doll follows suit.


+++ Laegreid leaves two discs and slips out of the podium.

Because the pursuers remain error-free.

+++ Even in the third shooting, Johannes Boe only has four out of five targets.

But he's clearly ahead.

+++ Kühn is now 23rd and four places ahead of Strelow.

+++ Doll scores five times and comes back in twelfth place.

Strelow and Kühn don't leave a single disc behind either.

+++ Bitter!

With Rees, the last disc stops.

+++ Laegreid and Tarjei Boe hit everything.

+++ Johannes Boe extends his lead on the second round and then misses a disc.

Nevertheless, he goes into the third round with a large margin.

Biathlon in the live ticker: Rees falls back on the first shooting

+++ Strelow and Kühn hit five targets each.

+++ Johannes Boe remains flawless.

On the other hand, Doll shoots twice and falls further back.

After all: Rees hits all discs.

+++ Doll falls back to seventh place by the first split, Rees loses one position.

+++ The race has started.

Johannes Boe is on the way.

+++ Johannes Thingnes Boe is already more than a minute ahead of Doll and in the sprint himself has 48 seconds ahead of second - his brother Tarjei.

+++ With Benedikt Doll, even a German sniffs the podium place, ahead of him are only three Norwegians.

However, the gap to the very front is considerable.

+++ It's the men's turn soon.

There were also five DSV athletes.

Biathlon in the live ticker: pursuit of the women on the Pokljuka - stood at the finish line

1. Elvira Oberg (SWE)

29:41.6 minutes (0-0-0-0)

2. Dorothea Wierer (ITA)

+ 0:18 (0-0-1-0)

3. Julia Simon (FRA)

+ 0:22 (0-1-1-0)

4. Paulina Batovska (SVK)

+ 0:31 (0-0-1-1)



7. Denise Herrmann-Wick (GER)

+ 0:37 (0-1-1-0)

26.Vanessa Voigt (GER)

+ 2:48 (0-0-1-1)

+++ Hettich-Walz, on the other hand, made a decent leap and ended the pursuit in 33rd place.

+++ Voigt ends up in 26th place, so he also loses places compared to the sprint.

+++ Herrmann-Wick has to pull Persson in the end and finishes seventh.

+++ Öberg gets the victory thanks to a strong shooting performance - her sixth in her career.

Second is Wierer ahead of Simon.

+++ Herrmann-Wick improves to sixth place by the first split time on the lap.

Maybe fourth place is still possible.

Happy winner: Elvira Öberg won the Pokljuka pursuit in a superior manner.

© IMAGO / GEPA pictures

Biathlon in the live ticker: Öberg does not leave any of the 20 targets

+++ Voigt makes a mistake, Hettich-Walz even misses two targets.

+++ Great!

Herrmann-Wick remains flawless and starts the final lap in eighth place.

+++ Öberg hits all the targets again and rushes towards victory.

Behind them only Wierer remains clean.

+++ Öberg has already gained a good lead, but things are getting tight behind them.

Herrmann-Wick has already made up two places.

+++ Hettich-Walz remains without mistakes and is already 28.

+++ Voigt misses one of the five targets and returns to the track in 22nd place.

+++ Herrmann-Wick cannot use the mistakes of the competitors and also leaves a disc.

She finds herself in eleventh place.

+++ Of the top 3, only Öberg remains flawless.

+++ At the top, Batovska closes in on Öberg, with Wierer following in her slipstream.

Biathlon in the live ticker: Herrmann-Wick falls behind - Voigt error-free

+++ Hettich-Walz also clears all five discs.

+++ Strong!

Voigt remains without mistakes again.

+++ Herrmann-Wick has to go into the penalty loop once.

It falls back two places to seventh place.

+++ Simon leaves a disc standing, Öberg pulls away with it.

+++ Herrmann-Wick is now fifth after the first shooting.

+++ Voigt didn't miss a single target either and worked his way up to 19th place.

Hettich-Walz shoots a mistake.

+++ Öberg and Simon remain flawless, Wierer and Batovska are also catching up.

And Herrmann-Wick also shoots zero errors.

+++ Herrmann-Wick gained four seconds on the first kilometer on Öberg.

+++ Elvira Öberg is on the track, the pursuit race is running.

Biathlon in the live ticker: Weidel has to cancel the start

+++ Anna Weidel does not start in the pursuit race, leaving only three German women.

Overall, only 55 instead of 60 athletes take part in the race.

+++ 20 shots must be fired per athlete in this race - ten lying down and ten standing up.

+++ In the sprint, Herrmann-Wick was the only starter to make it into the top 10 with two shooting errors. The first three, on the other hand, all remained flawless.

+++ Denise Herrmann-Wick is 36 seconds behind first place, but the podium is only 17 seconds away.

+++ The pursuit race starts here at 11.30 a.m.

So four German women are at the start.

Biathlon World Cup on the Pokljuka: women's pursuit race - was before the start

Munich – The first World Cup of 2023 takes the biathletes to the Slovenian plateau of Pokljuka, where the women's and men's pursuit races will take place this Saturday.

It is the fourth stop of the season, which will culminate in the World Championships in Oberhof (February 6th to 19th).

Denise Herrmann-Wick in the Hochfilzen sprint provided the only German victory so far this season.

The relays, on the other hand, have so far impressed with three podium finishes in four races.

Is on the Pokljuka in the hunt for the podium: Denise Herrmann-Wick convinced in the sprint race.

© IMAGO / Eibner Europe

Biathlon World Cup on the Pokljuka: Herrmann-Wick and Doll as the best DSV athletes in the pursuit races

Herrmann-Wick is also the great hope in Slovenia from the DSV point of view.

She starts the ten-kilometer, four-shooting race 36 seconds behind sprint winner Elvira Öberg of Sweden.

Vanessa Voigt in 23rd place (1:15 minutes behind) and Anna Weidel in 26th place (1:24 minutes) are much further behind at the start.

Janina Hettich-Walz is also there, but is 2:01 minutes behind in 45th place.

Franziska Preuss and Vanessa Hinz had decided not to take part because they were ill.

For the men, where dominator Johannes Thingnes Boe will open the pursuit race after his sixth individual win of the season, the DSV has two hot irons in the fire: Benedikt Doll is fourth, 1:03 behind, but is only seven seconds behind a podium finish, and Roman Rees is just another 15 seconds down in eighth place.

Also there are Philipp Horn (29th place, 2:18 minutes behind), Justus Strelow (42nd place, 2:41 minutes) and Johannes Kühn (44th place, 2:44 minutes).


Source: merkur

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