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Bayern youngsters convince in the test against Salzburg, but the defense falls asleep too often


Bayern youngsters convince in the test against Salzburg, but the defense falls asleep too often Created: 01/14/2023 05:01 By: Stefan Schmid Julian Nagelsmann cannot be completely satisfied with his team's performance. © IMAGO/Frank Hoermann / SVEN SIMON Bayern and Salzburg split 4:4 in a game well worth seeing. Two simple mistakes spoil the German record champions' dress rehearsal. FC Bayern

Bayern youngsters convince in the test against Salzburg, but the defense falls asleep too often

Created: 01/14/2023 05:01

By: Stefan Schmid

Julian Nagelsmann cannot be completely satisfied with his team's performance.

© IMAGO/Frank Hoermann / SVEN SIMON

Bayern and Salzburg split 4:4 in a game well worth seeing.

Two simple mistakes spoil the German record champions' dress rehearsal.

  • FC Bayern - RB Salzburg: 4: 4 (1: 1)

  • After the FCB tour, the cold shower follows: Okafor counters Tel

  • Bayern jokers score twice: Compensation shortly after nine changes

  • This live ticker is continuously updated.

+++ Conclusion: A game in which only the first half can actually be properly evaluated leaves a few question marks unanswered.

Bayern dominate for a long stretch of the first half, but let themselves be countered stupidly and are not completely convincing, especially on the defensive.

The second half was a feast for the eyes for fans of many goals, but hardly allows any conclusions due to the different changeover times.

However, the Bayern youngsters were able to advertise themselves properly.


FC Bayern: Ulreich (Schenk 63) - Stanisic (Buchmann 63), Pavard (Wanner 63), Upamecano (Kabadayi 63), Davies (Blind 63) - Kimmich - Gnabry (Zvonarek 63), Gravenberch (63 . Ibrahimovic), Musiala (63. Sabitzer), Sané (63. Coman) - Müller (63. Tel)

RB Salzburg: Köhn - Van der Brempt (Dedic 46), Onguene (Kjærgaard 46), Pavlovic (Gourna-Douath 46), Bernardo (Ibertsberger 46) - Sucic (Sole 46), Seiwald (Baidoo 46) , Hofer (46th Amankwah) - Kameri (46th Okafor) - Koita, Sesko (46th Adamu)

Goals: 1-0 Sané (9th), 1-1 Koita (16th), 1-2 Konaté (50th), 1-3 Okafor (54th), 2-3 Ibrahimovic (69th), 3-3 Coman (71'), 4-3 Tel (87'), 4-4 Okafor (89')

90. + 2 minutes: Final whistle!

Felix Brych ends the game.

90.+2 minutes:

Köhn saves Salzburg in the last second of the game!

Wanner brings a sugar cross to the free Kabadayi in front of the goal.

His powerful header actually seems untenable, but somehow Köhn saves the ball with a great reflex.

After that it's over.

After the FCB tour comes the cold shower

89 minutes: Goal for RB Salzburg!

Again, the Bayern defense falls asleep in a deep ball between the defenders.

From their own half, Salzburg hits the ball up high, where Okafor simply takes off and two FCB defenders can only provide escort protection.

Okafor then remains ice cold in front of Schenk and pushes in to equalize.

87 minutes: TOOR for Bayern!

Tel scores the opening goal for FC Bayern and the way he does it is just fun.

A deep pass from Coman finds the young Frenchman in the Salzburg penalty area, where, under pressure from two opponents, he holds the ball with his back to the goal and completes the turn into the short corner.

Mathys Tel celebrates his goal to make it 4:3.

© IMAGO/Frank Hoermann / SVEN SIMON

86 minutes:

What the Bayern youngsters show here deserves the greatest respect.

Ibrahimovic, who can be found everywhere on the field, can be singled out again among the all convincing youngster hopes.

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84 minutes:

Sabitzer with a big chance!

The Austrian is staged by Coman, but his shot from a tight angle can be parried by Köhn.

The goalkeeper is now the best man in the Mozart city.

82 minutes:

Almost the new Bayern lead.

Tel is staged by a quick throw-in from Kabadayi in the opponent's sixteen.

In the end, the Frenchman fails at the Salzburg keeper, who, although on the post, initially cannot hold the ball.

78th minute:

Salzburg tries to master Bayern's superiority with increased gruffness.

But Brych takes a generous line, which means that FCB's displeasure with the referee's performance is constantly increasing.

76 minutes:

With fresh forces at Bayern, the balance of power seems to be restored.

Salzburg hardly makes an appearance and it only seems a matter of time before the home side take the lead here.

Bayern jokers strike twice within two minutes

71 minutes: TOOR for Bayern!

Tel drives the ball forward at great speed on the right side and is unstoppable.

He then still has the eye on the baseline and sees Coman as one of the two reds among many whites.

Coman pulls straight away and hits the corner flat against the direction of Köhn's run.

The old superiority returned with new forces at FCB © IMAGO/Bernd Feil/MiS

69 minutes: TOOR for Bayern!

The youngsters show themselves from their best side here.

Buchmann gets the ball on the center line and has an eye for Ibrahimovic, who turns and shoots with the ball 25 meters from the goal.

He lets the ball slip cleanly over the slipper so that it keeps turning to the left and finally hits the connection.

65 minutes:

And the change is worth it almost immediately.

Coman enters the penalty area from the left and serves Ibrahimovic.

His powerful shot, deflected by Köhn, only hits the crossbar.

The corner that follows brings nothing.

63 minutes:

Now there are ten changes at Bayern.

Only Kimmich remains on the field.

60th minute:

Exactly on the 60th minute, the FCB reservists get ready for the change.

It seems as if Julian Nagelsmann will exhaust his entire quota of changes in one fell swoop.

Double strike Salzburg to 1:3

54 minutes: Goal for Salzburg!

A Pavard header saves a completely misplaced 30 meters in front of the goal in the middle, where Salzburg can claim the ball again.

In the end it is Okafor, who is not tackled properly, lifts his head and converts to 1: 3 in the top left, unstoppable for Ulreich.

50 minutes: Goal for Salzburg!

A corner from the left lands on the crossbar, from where the ball bounces to an RB player who only fails to finish with Ulreich.

The ball bounces in front of Konaté's legs, who can finally complete it to make it 1:2.

49 minutes:

For the first time, the Salzburg penalty area is dangerous again, but in the end a pass is too imprecise and the ball spins out of the goal.

46 minutes:

Salzburg made a complete substitution during the break, except for the goalkeeper.

Bayern, on the other hand, go unchanged in the second half.

You will probably see the first change at FCB from the 60th minute.

46 minutes:

The ball is running again.

It continues with halftime two.

+++ 1st half: The spectators on the FCB campus see an attractive game in which Bayern are clearly the better team.

It becomes dangerous again and again, especially when switching situations from within your own half.

The left side with Davies and Gnabry stands out a bit, but the middle with Gravenberch and the right side with Sané don't fall off at all either.

The only drop of bitterness in the first 45 minutes is the 1:1, which is particularly annoying due to the failed offside trap.

But even so, Salzburg is not entirely without chances, which rely primarily on their fast strikers.


Again and again Serge Gnabry sets accents against Salzburg on the left.

© IMAGO/Bernd Feil/MiS

45 minutes: Break!

An unusual sight for viewers of the World Cup in Qatar: referee Brych whistles to the second at the break.

40 minutes:

Now Musiala dribbling in midfield, working past two opponents and finally falling.

Although the DFB kicker was probably hit in the ankle, Brych's whistle remains silent, which prompts Musiala, who has been put down for the second time, to complain loudly to the referee.

38 minutes:

Now it goes to the right, where Musiala dribbles into the penalty area and then keeps track of things and throws it onto Sané, who is lurking in the backcourt.

However, his attempt fails and rushes a few meters over the box in the manner of a field goal.

Gnabry and Davies accelerate on the left

37 minutes:

Gnabry and Davies really step on the gas here on the left!

In the opponent's half, the two combine freely until it's Davies who pulls in the middle and dares the shot with a weak right foot.

The central shot is no problem for RB keeper Köhn.

34 minutes:

Another shot from the left into the Salzburg penalty area.

This time it's Gnabry, who works his way to the baseline ten meters from the goal.

After a double step-over, he looks for a player in the middle, but doesn't find anyone and so the opportunity fizzles out.

31 minutes:

After an FCB corner, Salzburg does not get the ball cleared.

Finally, it is Gnabry who frees Musiala on the left, who then marches to the five-corner and tries it himself.

However, the ball misses its target and rushes past the long corner into the goal.

Gravenberch takes over the more offensive part

29 minutes:

Kimmich keeps picking up the ball from Ulreich from behind and otherwise mimics the only six.

Gravenberch, on the other hand, is a bit more offensive and repeatedly carries the ball into the dangerous zone.

Gravenberch drives the ball forward.

© IMAGO/kolbert-press/Ulrich Gamel

25 minutes:

Now another good chance for Bayern.

In handball style, the Munich team play tightly around the Salzburg penalty area.

In the end it is Sané again who is looking for a shot, but the shot to the far corner outside the penalty area can be blocked by Köhn for a corner.

This brings nothing for FCB.

23 minutes:

Bayern are trying to get more control of the game again, but the greatest danger now comes from transition situations.

Salzburg, on the other hand, can always set accents, but without coming to any conclusions.

16 minutes: TOR for RB Salzburg!

The guests equalized through Koita, who had no problems finishing free in front of Ulreich.

The Salzburger is sent from his own half, who also has a free run due to the failed offside trap of the FCB defensive.

Ulreich is not at fault as Koita can choose the corner.

12 minutes:

Bayern are now really putting pressure on.

Although this time more Salzburg defenders in their own penalty area, Kimmich still comes to the end with a red.

Köhn can still fend off the sharp shot on the right corner.

Leroy Sané stays cold and perfect in the corner

9 minutes: TOOOR for FCB!!!

Suddenly Bayern have a lot of space in midfield and Gravenberch knows how to use it.

The midfielder drives the ball forward and serves the free-standing Sané on the right in the box.

He raises his head and finishes ice cold at the top left.

Leroy Sané scored 1-0 against Salzburg.

© IMAGO/kolbert-press/Ulrich Gamel

7 minutes:

Gnabry is the focus again, this time he is staged himself.

But behind the header after a butter-soft cross from Kimmich there is not enough pressure and there is no danger.

6 minutes:

FCB's first goal approach.

Davies does it quickly and puts it on Gnabry on the left, but his cross fails completely.

The cross lands behind the goal.

5th minute:

The home side obviously find it difficult to raise their dominant game at the beginning.

This is also due to Salzburg's usual offensive pressing, who already started to attack at Upamecano.

1st minute:

While FC Bayern is trying to take control of the game, the first cheers can be heard from the ranks.

And with them it becomes clear that Sven Ulreich enjoys the full support of the FCB fans.

"Ulle for Germany", the songs that are probably not meant to be taken seriously.

1st minute: kick-off!

Referee Felix Brych clears the game!

Salihamidžić: Choupo-Moting and de Ligt fit again soon - Mané at the earliest "early February"

Update from January 13, 5:55 p.m .:

In the case of de Ligt and Choupo-Moting, Salihamidžić can allay fears that they could be out longer.

Both would be rested today, but can join the squad again against Leipzig.

With regard to Sadio Mané's return, the sports director still has to put off the fans.

The earliest the Senegalese could appear again for FCB is "early February".

Update from January 13, 5:50 p.m .:

Before kick-off, FCB sports director Hasan Salihamidžić also draws a positive conclusion from the training camp in Doha.

He agrees with his coach's assessment and has special praise for the youngsters who were there.

"We're proud that we have such good guys with us," said Salihamidžić.

Update from January 13, 5:45 p.m .:

It starts in 15 minutes on the FCB campus, how will FC Bayern do against the Austrian champions?

Due to the current discussions about a possible new signing in the goalkeeper position as a replacement for the injured Manuel Neuer, a special focus should be on the performance of Sven Ulreich today.

Update from January 13, 5:25 p.m .:

A tangible surprise has also crept into the starting XI for the guests from Salzburg.

Midfield talent Raphael Hofer is given the confidence against the German record champions by coach Matthias Jaissle.

The 19-year-old has not played in a single competitive game for RB Salzburg and usually plays for the RB farm team FC Liefering in Austria's second division.

FC Bayern vs. RB Salzburg: Nagelsmann prefers Pavard to Blind

Update from January 13, 5:15 p.m .:

Benjamin Pavard’s lineup can be described as somewhat surprising.

The Frenchman is considered a safe exit in the summer due to his desire to change.

In addition, with newcomer Daley Blind, there is a player in the FC Bayern squad who can be used as variably as Pavard.

Newcomer Daley Blind initially sits on the bench against RB Salzburg.

© IMAGO/Hussein Ibrahim/MiS

Update from January 13, 5 p.m.:

FC Bayern has announced its line-up for the friendly against RB Salzburg.

As expected, Sven Ulreich guards the record champions' goal while Stanisic, Pavard, Upamecano and Davies form the defensive line in front of him.

However, it is not entirely clear how Kimmich, Gravenberch and Musiala will divide up the midfield center.

There is also another retirement with Eric Maxim Choupo-Moting, who complains of being unwell.

First report from January 13:

Munich – After the winter or World Cup break, FC Bayern will open the 16th matchday of the Bundesliga against RB Leipzig in seven days.

But before that, Julian Nagelsmann's team will face one last endurance test.

The opponent on the FC Bayern campus is, of all people, the Leipzig sister club RB Salzburg.

Appropriate for a dress rehearsal, the best possible formation for the record champions should appear.

FC Bayern against RB Salzburg today in the live ticker: Completion of the winter preparations

With the game against Salzburg coached by Matthias Jaissle, the preparation for the rest of the round is over.

Only yesterday at 6:44 p.m. did the FCB team land at the airport just outside Munich, which spent its training camp in Doha from January 6th to 12th.

This is where the FCB players did their last laps in the training camp before returning to Munich.

© IMAGO/Hussein Ibrahim/MiS

Coach Julian Nagelsmann was delighted with his team's progress in the training camp and even spoke of the "best" training camp.

So now the last test is just around the corner, which fans can not only follow here in the live ticker, but can also watch it in moving images from the comfort of their own home.

More detailed information can be found here.

FC Bayern against RB Salzburg in the live ticker: de Ligt is missing injured

It is in the nature of a football dress rehearsal that the best team possible should be sent onto the pitch.

However, the Munich hospital is well filled and Julian Nagelsmann has to do without a few players.

Well-known absences are the already injured or battered players Manuel Neuer, Sadio Mané, Lucas Hernández, Bouna Sarr and Noussair Mazraoui, who is suffering from the consequences of a corona infection.

Who earns how much?

Salary table of FC Bayern Munich

View photo gallery

There is also Matthijs de Ligt, who, according to Nagelsmann, is not expected to be down for a long time.

However, the Dutchman is out of the question for the game against Mozartstadt.

He should recover and ideally be ready for the game against Leipzig again.

FCB new signing Blind will definitely play in the test against Salzburg

While de Ligt, a defensive player, is out, winter newcomer Daley Blind is another all-rounder making his first appearance in defence.

The Munich team announced this on their website in the run-up to the game.

Daley Blind can prove himself in a Bayern jersey for the first time.

© IMAGO/Hussein Ibrahim/MiS

In goal, on the other hand, Sven Ulreich will most likely be between the posts, who still cannot be sure what his role will be for the rest of the season.

It is considered certain that Bayern want to be active on the transfer market, but no goalkeeper has yet been presented.

In the exclusive tz interview, Hasan Salihamidžić also spoke about the difficulties in finding a goalkeeper.

Source: merkur

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