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DSV ski jumpers are back: Eisenbichler and Geiger manage to liberate themselves


DSV ski jumpers are back: Eisenbichler and Geiger manage to liberate themselves Created: 01/15/2023, 08:45 By: Patrick Mayer In good spirits in Zakopane: DSV eagle Markus Eisenbichler from Bad Reichenhall. © Grzegorz Momot/PAP/dpa In Zakopane, Poland, the German ski jumpers are catching up with the world's best with excellent distances. Nobody jumps further than Markus Eisenbichler from Bad Re

DSV ski jumpers are back: Eisenbichler and Geiger manage to liberate themselves

Created: 01/15/2023, 08:45

By: Patrick Mayer

In good spirits in Zakopane: DSV eagle Markus Eisenbichler from Bad Reichenhall.

© Grzegorz Momot/PAP/dpa

In Zakopane, Poland, the German ski jumpers are catching up with the world's best with excellent distances.

Nobody jumps further than Markus Eisenbichler from Bad Reichenhall.

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    , Poland: Austria wins ahead of Poland and Germany.

  • Markus Eisenbichler

    with the top distance: Nobody jumps further than the DSV-Adler from Bad Reichenhall.

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The German ski jumpers showed increasing form in the first team competition of the season with third place.

Markus Eisenbichler, team debutant Philipp Raimund, Karl Geiger and Andreas Wellinger confidently flew onto the podium in Zakopane one week after the disappointing Four Hills Tournament with 1144.4 points.

Victory went to Austria (1151.5) just ahead of hosts Poland (1150.5).

Daniel Tschofenig, Michael Hayböck, Manuel Fettner and Stefan Kraft ensured that Olympic champion Austria had a successful dress rehearsal for the World Championships in team jumping.

Behind Germany, Olympic silver medalist Slovenia (1117.7) followed in fourth place with a clear gap.

Final result: ski jumping in Zakopane, Poland - Austria wins ahead of Poland and Germany

1. Austria

2. Poland

3. Germany

4. Slovenia

5. Norway

6. Finland

7. United States

8. Czech Republic

5.35 p.m .: Surprise!

Kubacki breaks it down the jump.

The World Cup leader only lands at 127.5 meters.

But because he had a lot of tailwind, there are bonus points.

Kraft has even bigger problems with 123 meters.

Nevertheless, Austria wins this team competition with a one-point lead over Poland and Germany.

5:32 p.m .: This is the podium!

Andreas Wellinger from Chiemgau lands at 131.5 meters.

This leaves the DSV-Adler in front of Slovenia and the Norwegians.

5.30 p.m .: Tournament winner Granerud is the last Norwegian to leave the table.

132 meters is decent, but that won't be enough to push Germany off the podium.

The same goes for the Slovenians - for Lanisek it is only 129 meters.

Team jumping from Zakopane live: 2nd round, 7/8 jumpers - Allgäu Karl Geiger screams his joy

5.25 p.m .: Germany is on Poland!

Wasek does not come off the ski jump well - and only at 127.5 meters.

Now there are only four meters between the two teams before the last jumper.

It is 130.5 meters for the Austrian Fettner.

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5:23 p.m .: Huge cheers from the Allgäu violinist!

The man from Oberstdorf lands technically clean at 138 meters.

This means that Germany holds third place.

Or is there more?

5:22 p.m .: However, Zajc can claim the position in front of Norway for Slovenians.

He makes it to 131 meters in Zakopane.

5.20 p.m .: It is Forfang’s turn for the fifth-placed Norwegians.

The Scandinavian clenches his fist after a respectable 135 meters.

Team competition from Zakopane live: 2nd round, 6/8 jumpers - victory is within reach for Austria

5.15 p.m .: Michael Hayboeck flies to 138 meters.

Austria is working towards victory step by step in Zakopane.

5.13 p.m .: The young Philipp Raimund for Germany.

131.5 meters for the Swabian, who has a shaky landing.

Still, the range is really good.

Poland advances 134 meters through Zyla.

5:11 p.m .: The Norwegian Sundal reaches 130.5 meters.

This means that the Scandinavians should remain well behind the German team while putting pressure on Slovenia.

For the Slovenians, Prevc brings a strong 135.5 meters up the slope.

5.09 p.m .: We have now reached the second jumper in the second round.

Finland defends sixth place ahead of the Czech Republic and the USA.

Team jumping from Zakopane live: 2nd round, 5/8 jumpers - Markus Eisenbichler with the top distance

5.05 p.m .: Kamil Stoch for Poland.

The former tournament winner only lands at 128 meters.

With that, Germany gains points on the local heroes.


Austria is now leading, the DSV team remains third with six meters behind the home side.

It's looking good with a prospect of a podium finish.

5.03 p.m .: Eisenbichler, the bad guy from Bad Reichenhall!


The Upper Bavarian flies at 140 meters.

It is by far the widest distance today.

Brutal, "Eisi" is back in business!

The Allgäu violinist cheers along frantically on the hill.

5:02 p.m .: The Slovenian Kos manages a passable 132 meters with a wind force of 91.6 km/h.

Can Germany keep the jumpers at a distance from the Adriatic coast?

The Norwegian Lindvik only touches down at 122.5 meters.

That's good for the DSV-Adler.

4:59 p.m .: The Czech Republic, Finland and the USA are the first.

But they will have nothing to do with the first of a total of eight places.

Romania was eliminated after the first round.

4.55 p.m .: We continue in Zakopane with the second round!

Four jumpers jump again per country.

Team competition from Zakopane live: 1st round, 4/8 jumpers - Germany is third at the break

4:37 p.m .: Austria’s power only succeeds 130 meters.

The Poles are leading after the first round - and Germany is still within striking distance.

That was the first round in Zakopane.

4:36 p.m .: World Cup leader Kubacki jumps towards his cheering compatriots.

And takes the lead with a technically brilliant telemark.

4.35 p.m .: Tournament winner Granerud lands at 136 meters.

This means that Norway also remains behind Germany, despite a good jump.

That's probably third place after the first round.

4:34 p.m .: The Slovenian Lanisek flies high over the slope.

135 meters for the second in the World Cup, who makes up for the gap to the Germans.

Nevertheless, the DSV-Adler are still almost ten meters ahead of the Slovenians.

4:32 p.m .: Andreas Wellinger only climbs 125.5 meters on the slope.

That was the weakest German jump so far.

The man from Chiemgau in Upper Bavaria does not look satisfied.

Team jumping from Zakopane live: 1st round, 3/8 jumpers - Allgäu violinist with a giant sentence

4:25 p.m .: Pawel Wasek only comes to 126 meters – and remains ten meters behind Geiger.

This puts Germany up to 1.6 points behind Poland.

That's not even a meter.

Austria takes the lead through Manuel Fettner.

4:23 p.m .: It’s Karl Geiger’s turn.

"Very good!" Says ARD expert Sven Hannawald.

The jumper from the Allgäu comes to an excellent 136 meters.

This is again the lead for Germany, the team stays ahead of Slovenia.

Team jumping from Zakopane live: 1st round, 2/8 jumpers - Raimund brings DSV-Adler forward

4:19 p.m .: 136.5 meters for the Austrian Michael Hayboeck.

His team is still 1.5 points behind the home side.

4:17 p.m .: Poland is in a really good mood at home.

Piotr Zyla lands at 134 meters and puts the approximately 25,000 fans at the hill into great euphoria.

4.15 p.m .: Peter Prevc for Slovenia: He cannot make up for Raimund’s jump, which is why the DSV-Adler remain in the lead.

4:13 p.m .: With Philipp Raimund, the second German goes off the ski jump.

The 22-year-old Swabian also impressed in Zakopane and put Germany back in the lead with 127.5 meters.

Team jumping from Zakopane in the live ticker: 1st round, 1/8 jumper - Markus Eisenbichler convinced

4.10 p.m .: Tschofenig for Austria: The winner of the qualification manages the longest jump with 137 meters.

But because the grades are not quite as good, the Poles remain in the lead.

Germany is fourth after the first group.

4:08 p.m .: Respect!

Kamil Stoch jumps 134 meters at home in Zakopane.

This puts the Poles in the lead.

4:06 p.m .: Markus Eisenbichler was the first German to jump.

A good jump at 131 meters.

The Slovenian Kos landed with 123.5 meters well behind the man from Bad Reichenhall.

Very good!

4:03 p.m .: In Poland, the first jumpers go off the take-off table.

It was just the turn of the first jumper in the USA.

4:02 p.m.: The competition in Zakopane has started!

Winter sports cult: the ski jump in Zakopane.

Here Andreas Wellinger goes from the ski jump.

© Michal Dyjuk/AP/dpa

Update from January 14, 3:58 p.m .: National

coach Stefan Horngacher is in focus after bad results.

Before the team competition in Zakopane, the Tyrolean made a statement on ARD.

“We analyzed a few things and pushed them in training on the hill.

We are on a good way.

That was shown by Andi Wellinger, who was fourth yesterday,” said the Austrian and commented on the goals in Poland: “If we finish in the top 3 in Zakopane, get on the podium, I would be very, very happy.

In individual jumping we should at least finish in the top 10 with two people.” Horngacher demanded: “We have to keep calm now and work on the things that we have analyzed.”

Team jumping from Zakopane in the live ticker: Halvor Egner Granerud is the dominator in the World Cup

Update from January 14, 3:40 p.m .:

The Norwegian Halvor Egner Granerud has been the dominator of the Ski Jumping World Cup in recent weeks – including a tour win.

His role model is a German.

"Ever since Sven Hannawald I've been obsessed with ski jumping," said the 26-year-old after his victory in Bischofshofen.

The Scandinavian has already won four World Cups this season.

Norway, Poland, Austria, Slovenia, Germany - these nations will probably make up the podium among themselves today.

While the once strong Finns and Japanese continue to search for their form and a winning knight.

Team jumping from Zakopane in the live ticker: national ski jumping coach Stefan Horngacher under pressure

Update from January 14, 3:05 p.m .:

National coach Stefan Horngacher is under pressure after disappointing results at the Four Hills Tournament in Zakopane.

The Austrian must deliver results.

The relationship of trust with the team was "absolutely" intact, said Horngacher after the most recent competition in Bischofshofen: "They know that we're not the worst coaches and that we're talking nonsense".

The 53-year-old from Tyrol has been Germany's national coach since April 2019.

Cult in the Ski Jumping World Cup: the ski jump “Wielka Krokiew” in Zakopane, Poland.

© IMAGO / Newspix

Team jumping from Zakopane in the live ticker: Ski jumping hill Wielka Krokiew is a cult in the World Cup

Update from January 14, 2:30 p.m.:

The Wielka Krokiew ski jump is a real highlight on the international World Cup calendar.

It is a natural ski jump that was built in the 1920s on the northern slope of the mountain of the same name and is surrounded by dense trees.

The arena in front of it has room for up to 25,000 fans, which should also create a great atmosphere today.

After all, the Polish team around Kubacki, Piotr Zyla (5th place in the World Cup) and Kamil Stoch (9th) is one of the favorites at the ski jumping home game in the West Tatra Mountains.

Team jumping from Zakopane in the live ticker: Pole Dawid Kubacki leads the overall World Cup

Update from January 14, 2:10 p.m .:

Let’s take a look at the overall ski jumping World Cup.

Poland's David Kubacki clearly leads the standings after his victory in the show jumping competition in Innsbruck.

He ranks ahead of the Slovenian Anze Lanisek and the winner of the Four Hills Tournament, Halvor Egner Granerud (Norway).

The best German is currently Karl Geiger in eighth place, Andreas Wellinger is twelfth before the individual competition in Zakopane.

Placement Overall World Cup:



1. David Kubacki



2. Anze Lanisek



3. Halvor Egner Granerud






8. Karl Geiger



12. Andreas Wellinger



18. Pius Paschke



22. Markus Eisenbichler



23. Constantine Schmid



29.Stephan Leyhe



30. Philip Raimund



First report from January 14th:

Munich/Zakopane – The Four Hills Tournament was ultimately a big disappointment for the ski jumpers of the German Ski Association (DSV).

How will things continue for the DSV-Adler in the further course of the season?

The turning point comes already in the team competition of Zakopane.

Ski jumping live: Andreas Wellinger and Markus Eisenbichler improved - DSV-Adler with improving form

This Saturday, the second team competition (4 p.m.) of the current winter is on the program.

Namely in Zakopane, the Polish cult winter sports resort not far from the border with Slovakia.

At the end of the World Cup weekend, the 50 jumpers will compete in the individual competition on Sunday.

After all: The German ski jumpers have shown themselves to be significantly improved after the disappointing Four Hills Tournament in the qualification for the individual jumping.

Two-time Olympic champion Andreas Wellinger (Ruhpolding) took fourth place on Friday after a strong jump of 135.5 m (142.2 points).

The Austrian Daniel Tschofenig secured victory in the qualification (138.5 m/149.1).

In the video: Granerud wins the Four Hills Tournament - DSV-Adler weak

In addition to Wellinger, the other five German jumpers also made it into the competition.

Karl Geiger (Oberstdorf) as tenth and Markus Eisenbichler (Siegsdorf) as 14th jumped into the top 15. Stephan Leyhe (Willingen) as 18th, tour surprise Philipp Raimund (Oberstdorf/19th) and Constantin Schmid (Oberaudorf/31st .) qualified confidently.

The Norwegian Tournament winner Halvor Egner Granerud, who is also the leader in the overall World Cup, had to settle for eleventh place.

Team jumping from Zakopane in the live ticker: How do the German ski jumpers perform in Poland?

So this Saturday the teams of the respective nations will face each other.

Germany is traditionally strong in team jumping.

At the Olympic Winter Games, the DSV-Adler took bronze behind Austria and Slovenia.

And today?

Follow the Zakopane team competition from 4 p.m. here in the live ticker.


Source: merkur

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