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The league for jobs: the coaches in Israel cracked the system - voila! sport


Get fired, come back, find a new team, go home. Premier League coaches break records of misery, and if you want to know exactly how it goes in the bedrooms, ask Drapich

One of the wonders of Israeli football: Assaf Niemani did not win with Hapoel Hadera for 10 consecutive games, so Menachem Koretsky, who did not win with Kiryat Shmona for 14 consecutive games, was called to replace Niemani in Hadera.

This unique patent is signed by the businessmen and trainers.

After four consecutive losses in five games and entanglement at the bottom, Kobi Yarofa was fired from coaching Hapoel Tel Aviv.

He did not need much time to recover from the slap he received from the Nisanov brothers, and immediately made his way to Sakhnin (where he had not yet been), to replace Haim Silves, the coach who accumulated six losses in 13 games, and a streak of six games without a win.

Sylves, like Merova, took the firing from Sakhnin hard, but very quickly the Nisanov brothers (who if not them) put the smile back on his face.

Sylves got a promotion.

What is a promotion?

From the hanging rope of Abu Younes to the hanging rope of the Nisanov brothers.

Now medicine in Sakhnin and Sylves in Hapoel Tel Aviv.

At least for now.

Now medicine in Sakhnin and Sylves in Hapoel Tel Aviv.

At least for now (Photo: Danny Maron)

Could it be that there is coordination between the team owners regarding the wording of the parting message they issue to the media?

In all the announcements that the groups (mainly those with the short fuse on the trigger) publish, they write: "We parted by mutual consent, we wish (Kobe Yarofa/Lahaim Sylves/Sharon Mimer/Yakov Koretsky) much success in the future".

It's amazing how quickly their good wishes work.

For the most part, by the way, there is no connection between the level of loathing, disgust and the murky atmosphere between the parties, and the very exciting (and so transparent) announcement.

It was announced that Maccabi Bnei Raina expects Sharon Mimer to resign.

Mimer is interviewed and broadcasts to the whole world that he is not a puppet.

His statement basically means that there are puppet coaches in the Premier League.

Who said there is no brotherhood?

If Mimer is fired from Bnei Reina, he may be the record number of fired coaches in recent years.

He was fired from Maccabi Petah Tikva, fired from Hapoel Haifa, fired from Hapoel Hadera, fired from Bnei Sakhnin and these days he is fighting for his survival in Bnei Rayna.

There is a situation where the owner of Benny Raina walks around with a dismissal letter in his pocket.

He just wants to give Mimer the honor of getting up and walking alone (perhaps to save money).

When have you met a coach who just throws up his hands and goes home?

When have you seen a coach decide to make a shock before his owner shocks him?

Is it rare?

what a question.

Menachem Koretsky, for example, recently decided to resign from Kiryat Shmona.

In light of the failure, he raised his hands.

Could it be that Hapoel Hadera's offer was already in his pocket?

No way.

Do you think that in Israeli football the club owners turn to a coach who is under contract?

Forget it, it never happened.

Could it be a "coincidence"?

Everything can be.

And we did not forget Assaf Niemani's announcement, just before Koretsky's official appointment, about his resignation.

He also "raised his hands".

All of a sudden like that.

Just a coincidence that he resigned and returned to her room?

Everything can be (Photo: Shlomi Gabbai)

Forget all the embarrassing and delusional events that take place in Israeli football regarding the appointments/fires of coaches.

Nir Berkovic opened a huge gap, one that will be difficult, maybe actually a gap that will be impossible to close.

Berkovich is a story.

If Mimer is racing towards the title of the most fired coaches (of the last few years), Berkovic can undoubtedly be honored with the title of the strangest coach (in behavior, not on the professional side).

His rollercoaster is rare by any standard.

At Maccabi Ahi Nazareth he resigned after fifteen games, at Bnei Yehuda he was fired after four games, at Umm El Fahem he resigned after only one day.

At the beginning of the season, he surprised everyone when he left Nes Ziona, which he promoted to the Premier League, and signed with Hapoel Hadera, from which he decided to resign after only five days.

And why did he resign?

To return to the miracle of Ziona.

What kind of memory does the man need to remember in such a short period of time so many codes of the attached vehicles that he replaced with every transition/escape.

And Berkovich's train continues to gallop between mountains and heights without any stops.

After the mutual hugs and superlatives of the coach with the heads of Nes Ziona, just before the New Year's Eve celebrations, Berkovic unexpectedly (or not) decided to leave Nes Ziona to continue traveling on the roller coaster and go up to Kiryat Shmona.

A visit (for a while) to Izzy Shirtsky.

how strange

This is the same Shiretzky who started the Jura non-stop on Alona Barkat and Barak Becher, after Barkat turned to the coach who was under contract with him.

If you sympathized or were moved by all the statements of the coaches about the ongoing damage to the status of the coach, then Berkovich's explanation for the move to Kiryat Shmona only illustrates the abyss into which the coaches have deteriorated.

"I received an offer that I couldn't refuse. In Nes Ziona they didn't want me enough."

Who will you believe?

The train continues to run.

Nir Berkovich (Photo: Maor Alxalsi)

Sloboden Drapić has also taken a few hits in recent years.

The winning and popular duo Drapich-Barda suffered blow after blow, after each of them decided to go their own way (maybe you should think about a merger).

Drapich left Kiryat Shmona with a big scar, but fulfilled a dream and was appointed coach of Hapoel Tel Aviv.

He quickly realized what pit he had fallen into.

To his credit, he discovered the bluff of the appointment of the coaches in the Premier League and shared it with all of us.

A moment after he was appointed coach of Hapoel Tel Aviv, the sympathetic coach said: "I closed the contract in five minutes."

Drapich knew very well where he was going, he knew who he was coming to work with, but he had a good reason why he signed with Hapoel: "I was tired of sitting at home, I wanted to look for a job."

what an excuse

Well, after all, Hapoel Tel Aviv has not been a big club for a long time, and for coaches who hold a free/monthly ticket to the amusement park, why not grab another work arrangement for a short time?

But with all due respect to the fired coaches and the firing businessmen, in the first place in the ranking are the Nisanov brothers and Kobi Yarepa (Berkovic will forgive us).

Three times they appointed him the coach of Hapoel Tel Aviv, and three times they also fired him.

A rare event even in the league for jobs.

He can be understood.

Drapich (photo: Maor Alxalsi)

Hapoel Tel Aviv, Kiryat Shmona and Bnei Sakhnin have changed coaches non-stop in recent years.

Did something good happen to them?

is nothing.

Did they learn something?

I wish

No one even shows signs of trying to draw conclusions.

Sometimes it seems that there are team owners who fell in love with the exciting status of a press conference with the new coach.

This is how it looks.

According to all the happenings in front of the camera and the authors of the scenes, all these events look like a holiday for them.

One day it is a holiday for the coach, and another day it is the holiday of the sacrifice (for that coach).

Have you seen, or heard, about a professional and serious discussion that took place in one of the teams before dismissals and especially before the decision on the appointment of the new coach?

It turns out not.

Have you ever come across a reality where the club leaders conducted a compatibility test of the candidates for their team?

also not.

And maybe some kind of analysis around the personality of the designated coach?

You have gone too far.

In every company, even the smallest, each candidate is asked to present a resume, go through diagnostic tests and fit the job.

A job interview, CV and suitability test have long been an integral part of the process of hiring a new employee.

Appointing coaches in the Premier League (not to mention the National League), has long since become a sad joke.

It seems that those who are considered a hit, the hottest commodity on the market, are precisely those who have been fired from the most teams, those who have failed, and it is desirable that their failure is still fresh.

The appointment of a coach has long since been made according to the ability, skills, personality, goals of the club, or the state of the team.

Once upon a time, a coach who failed and was fired, not to mention the one who relegated a team, was going to be a commentator on television, with the assumption that it would take him time to get back on track.

In recent years, fired coaches reject the option of the commentator, because they know that the red phone will come quickly.

Sometimes it is even much faster than the trainers want.

Mimar may be the record number of fired coaches in recent years (Photo: Maor Alxalsi)

In recent years, the test for receiving an employment contract in the Premier League is simple: a rich resume of consecutive losses (as many as possible is fine), a list of teams from which the coach has been fired in recent years (preferably the last few months and the best is a coach who has not yet officially separated from his players after being fired).

Drapich testified that it took him and Hapoel Tel Aviv five minutes to sign a contract.

That's why it took them a few weeks to say goodbye.

In the distant past, the fans were very dominant in the process of firing the coaches.

In recent years, it seems that the team owners have become the biggest catalyst in the firing of coaches, it often seems that they even ignore the wishes of the fans and include everything in their considerations - except football.

If in the past the coaches liked to flood the issue of 'the status of the coach', today everyone knows that they, and only they, are responsible for their low status.

And where is the coaches' organization?

First there will be coaches, then we will ask where the coaches' organization is.

Trainer to trainer Zeev.

in first place in the ranking.

The Nisanov brothers (Photo: Liron Moldovan)

And a final word: last season Arsenal's management was under an unprecedented attack.

Everyone demanded they fire the young and inexperienced coach Mikel Arteta.

There was not one person who supported him staying at Arsenal - not the fans, not the commentators, not the media.

There were even some players waiting for a shock.

Any other club (and not only ours) would have fired him at the very beginning.

Be defensive and issue a message like the experts at Wolfson about parting in good spirits and best wishes for the end further down the road.

No one believed in Arteta, no one really thought there was anything in him.

According to reports in England, more than once Arteta wanted to get up and leave.

Fortunately for Arteta (and Arsenal), the club's owner saw none of the rain.


He ignored everyone, rejected all pressures, despised all commentators and ignored the yellow headlines of the London papers.

The Arsenal owner, like everyone else, saw Arsenal fade, crumble, degrade and crash throughout the season, but he recognized the potential in Arteta.

the way

He saw things that none of the major experts in the industry saw.

And see it's a wonder, Arsenal this season, with the same Arteta, on the way to the English championship (I hope).

With the same coach on the lines, Arsenal plays the most beautiful football in England.

The most creative, the most brilliant, and she is also the most impressive.

Suddenly everyone sees a coach's fingerprint.

You see a trained, winning, hungry and insanely talented team.

They suddenly discovered that Arteta knows how to build a balanced team, how to choose suitable players, and how to make adjustments in the case of transfers.

And thanks to whom is all this happening?

Thanks to whom a talented and worthy coach was discovered in the English league, and especially thanks to whom we have a fascinating season in England and a club that may win the championship after many years?

Thanks to the owner of Arsenal.

Everything begins and ends with faith.

The owner believed in the coach, gave him peace and a free hand, and did not leak to the media that he expected the coach to draw conclusions.

Not many years ago, many marked Sylves, Mimer, Drapich and others as the next thing for coaches in Israeli football.

There were those who even marked Yarva and Koretzky as coaches with a bright future.

A few years passed, and they all crashed one by one.

Everyone bought a ticket to the amusement park and spins non-stop on the carousel.

Sometimes we enjoy, sometimes we get excited, sometimes we suffer and cry.

It's not that there aren't talented coaches among them.

They simply became a game tool in the hands of the businessmen, and they are paying the price for the own goals they scored for themselves.

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