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dream goals! Stage and Ducksch make Werder cheer in Stuttgart


Big points! After Wolfsburg, SV Werder Bremen also beat VfB Stuttgart - the DeichStube match report on the 2-0 (0-0) away win of the green-whites.

Big points!

After Wolfsburg, SV Werder Bremen also beat VfB Stuttgart - the DeichStube match report on the 2-0 (0-0) away win of the green-whites.

Stuttgart - What big points in the fight for relegation!

SV Werder Bremen

deservedly won 2-0 (0-0) at VfB Stuttgart on Sunday and thus extended the lead over the relegation place, which the Swabians occupy, to a proud eleven points


And with 27 points, the newly promoted team occupies a remarkable eighth place after 19 matchdays.

Jens Stage

(59') and

Marvin Ducksch

(77') put Werder on the road to victory in Stuttgart for the first time in ten years with their dream goals.

On which the Bremen team can stay in the home game against Borussia Dortmund next week.

The team has the necessary form for this.

Ole Werner reacted as expected to Mitchell Weiser's failure (suspended) and called on Leonardo Bittencourt as a right-hand rail player.

"He was the last player in the squad who ever played it," said the Werder coach with a smug undertone.

Finally, he also had to do without the Weiser alternatives Felix Agu and Manuel Mbom due to injuries.

Changing the system was not an issue.

"It just makes more sense to stick to our pattern," stressed Werner, who otherwise trusted the formation from the 2-1 win against VfL Wolfsburg.

Werder Bremen misses the start against VfB Stuttgart, but then finds its way in better and better

However, the tried and tested did not work at first.

Werder Bremen

seemed almost as sleepy as in the 7-1 swatter in Cologne.

First Niklas Stark made a mistake in the build-up game, then keeper

Jiri Pavlenka again

, who stepped over the ball after a back pass.

But Stuttgart's Chris Führich (6th) and Serhou Guirassy (9th) were unable to capitalize on these mistakes.

There was a need to speak at the Bremen bench, Werner summoned several players at once.

That helped.

Werder now acted more consistently – and finally also more offensively.

Niklas Schmidt

put Bittencourt in the limelight, but failed to save VfB keeper Florian Müller (15').

Ten minutes later, Schmidt could have scored himself, but acted too timidly in the penalty area after a ball passed through from the ball (25').

And another ten minutes later the ball was actually in the goal of

VfB Stuttgart


But referee Frank Willenborg didn't give the goal because Füllkrug had pushed opponent Hiroki Ito slightly but decisively before his perfect header after Jung's cross.

An understandable whistle.

Jens Stage gives SV Werder Bremen the lead against VfB Stuttgart with a dream goal

Werder Bremen

continued to press the button.

Schmidt stole the ball in midfield and ran alone towards the

VfB Stuttgart

goal – but too slowly.

He was caught and put down by Nikolas Nartey just outside the penalty area (40').

Or was the crucial foul inside?

After consultation with the video assistant, referee Willenborg decided on a free kick.


Marvin Ducksch

just missed the VfB case.

A Werder tour would have been absolutely deserved.

Although VfB became dangerous again shortly before the break with chances from Führich and Luca Pfeiffer.

After the change, both teams initially shied away from the risk.

It was better to play across or back than forward.

Until Pavlenka hit the ball far forward.

Ducksch and Füllkrug ensured that the ball bounced through to the penalty area – and there, Stuttgart's Konstantinos Mavropanos unluckily played the assist for

Jens Stage

, who made it 1-0 (59').

With luck, however, the ball slipped over his left instep and landed exactly in the corner.

It didn't matter to the Dane, he celebrated his first


goal with exuberance - just like his colleagues.

Werder Bremen beats VfB Stuttgart - thanks to two dream goals from Jens Stage and Marvin Ducksch

Now the team of ex-Werder professional Bruno Labbadia woke up, gave up his passivity and attacked wildly.

Werder Bremen's

defense was heavily challenged.

The strong Marco Friedl fouled Waldemar Anton and saw yellow for it.

Because it was his fifth warning of the season, the captain will have to watch against Dortmund next week.

Werner reacted and brought in Ilia Gruev for Schmidt (70').

But Werder not only defended, but also attacked – and how!

Füllkrug put the ball on Ducksch at the corner of the penalty area, who circled the ball in his typical way with his right foot into the far corner (77').


dream goal


Marvin Ducksch

almost freaked out after scoring his fourth goal of the season.

But that's not why the game was over for him shortly afterwards.

His coach wanted fresh energy on the pitch and brought in Eren Dinkci and Milos Veljkovic for Ducksch and Pieper (79').

Werder Bremen

coolly managed the advantage over

VfB Stuttgart


Werner was even able to make his Bundesliga debut possible for newcomer Dikeni Salifou.

And then this important victory was celebrated boisterously with the 4,500 fans who had traveled with them in the sold-out Mercedes-Benz Arena (48,000 spectators).


Continue with the live ticker:




Werder Bremen against VfB Stuttgart in the live ticker: it's over!

Marvin Ducksch and Jens Stage shoot Werder to victory

5:28 p.m .: Werder Bremen scored an important and confident 2-0 win in Stuttgart.

Stage and Ducksch scored the goals.

Those were two Sunday shots.

The Bremen jump to eighth place in the table.

The advantage over 16th place is now eleven points, which looks good for Werder.

With that we say goodbye to the live ticker.

The home game against Borussia Dortmund continues next weekend.

90.+5 min: And then it's over.

SV Werder wins 2-0 in Stuttgart.

90.+4 min:

Stage sees yellow because jersey is pulled.

Werder changes: Salifou and Buchanan come for Jung and Stage.

The last few seconds are running.

90.+3 min:

Nothing comes from Stuttgart anymore.

Werder will win the game.

90 min:

Werder jumps through the lead to eighth place.

If we look up, however, there are still seven points to sixth place in the Europa League.

There is SC Freiburg.

The gap to the conference league place is only two points.

The seventh Wolfsburg is still playing against FC Bayern.

89 min:

The game seems decided.

Stuttgart can no longer do it, Werder doesn't want to and doesn't have to.

86 min:

Werder blocks the rooms cleverly, VfB cannot get through.

But the Swabians don't make it particularly difficult for their guests.

84 min:

Eleven points ahead of the relegation place.

The Werderers don't have to talk about relegation battles for now.

Provided it stays with the win, six minutes are still regular.

83 min:

Now Stuttgart again.

Good free-kick position for the Swabians, almost 25 meters from a central position.

But Bremen's wall blocks the shot.

81 min:

It looks really good for Werder.

The Bremen team deservedly lead 2-0.

That should be enough for the important three points.

79 min:

Bremen changes twice.

Dinkci replaces Ducksch and Veljkovic replaces Pieper.


Dream goal by Ducksch.

Füllkrug puts the ball down on Ducksch.

He throws the ball with the inside from about 20 meters into the far corner.

A class goal.

Werder Bremen against VfB Stuttgart in the live ticker: dream goal by Marvin Ducksch – Werder extends the lead

75 min:

Stuttgart gets a free kick after a foul by Stage on the right flank.

Bittencourt sees yellow for complaining.

Bremen clear the free kick, Stuttgart remains safe.

73 min:

Werder pulls back a bit and lets VfB do it.

However, Bremen are present in the dangerous areas and allow little.

70 min:

Werder changes: Gruev comes for Schmidt.

Stuttgart is also changing.

Sosa comes for Nartey, Kastanaras for Führich.

69 min:

Now Marco Friedl sees yellow.

That was his fifth, he will miss next week against Dortmund.

68 min:

Werder can't get the ball away.

A shot by Nartey blocks Stage, next corner.

67 min

: Now comes Stuttgart.

The hosts are working their way up one corner at a time.

But Werder can clarify the situation.

65 min:

Amos Pieper sees the yellow card after a tactical foul.

His seventh yellow card.

64 min:

A lot more has to come from Stuttgart now.

That was nothing from the Swabians in the first 20 minutes of the second half.

63 min:

It's going for Werder.

As of now, the green-whites are eleven points ahead of the relegation zone.


Jens Stage scores for SV Werder.

Füllkrug leads the ball deep into the opposing half.

The ball comes to Stage on the left via a player from Stuttgart.

He aims with his left in the left corner.

Great goal!

Werder Bremen against VfB Stuttgart in the live ticker: Jens Stage puts Werder in the lead

57 min:

Both teams are finding it extremely difficult.

No shot on goal in the second half.

And it's been running for almost twelve minutes.

53 min:

Bremen have had the ball for a minute, but cannot get in front of the opposing goal.

Stuttgart lets Bremen do it.

51 min:

Werder is not yet offensive in these first minutes of the second round.

Bittencourt hits a ball into nowhere.

50 min:

Werder disturbs VfB early in the build-up game.

However, the people of Bremen do not take the last risk when starting.

48 min:

The first minutes of the second half belong to VfB.

Werder can clear a cross from the left.

46 min:

The second half is on.

Stuttgart changes once.

Gil Dias replaces Perea.

Werder remains unchanged.

4:18 p.m .: And then there is a break.

0-0 after 45 minutes.

Werder came in better and better after a weak initial phase and had the better chances.

Shortly before the break, however, Stuttgart also showed itself to be dangerous again in front of the Bremen goal.

Biggest excitement in the first half: the foul on Niklas Schmidt.

He was knocked off his feet centimeters before the sixteen line.

Or was that even in the penalty area and should have been a penalty?

Werder Bremen against VfB Stuttgart in the live ticker: 0-0 after 45 minutes

45 + 1 min:

Two good opportunities for Stuttgart.

First Führich fails because of Pavlenka.

After the corner, Pfeiffer heads just over.

45 min:

There are two minutes of stoppage time.

43 min:

Werder has long been on the trigger here.

A lead for Bremen would not be undeserved.

42 min: Ducksch does it and shoots the ball at the goalie corner.

The ball whizzes just past to the right.

41 min:

The free kick remains.

Good position.

40 min: Niklas Schmidt is now through, but is caught up by Stuttgart's defenders and then fouled just before the sixteen.

Or was he even in the sixteen?

The scene is checked.

38 min:

Niklas Schmidt sees the yellow card.

37 min:

VfB can also look ahead again.

Anton shoots the ball from almost 20 meters to the left.

35 min:

The ball is in the Stuttgart goal, but the goal doesn't count.

Füllkrug nodded the ball, but pushed opponent Ito beforehand.

Probably the right decision by referee Willenborg.

Werder Bremen vs. VfB Stuttgart in the live ticker: Header goal by Niclas Füllkrug does not count

34 min:

Werder comes over the right.

Ducksch heads the ball well past the right after a cross.

31 min:

Schmidt does it directly.

His shot is deflected to a corner.

These players the Bremen briefly out.

After a Ducksch cross, the next corner follows.

Werder is firmly in front.

The Swabians clarify the second corner.

30 min:

Bittencourt pulls a foul 25 meters from the goal.

Good free-kick position for Werder.

29 min:

There's not much going on on the pitch right now.

Both teams neutralize each other.

Werder now allows significantly less at the back than in the initial phase.

25 min:

Werder is playing well.

Füllkrug continues to the right on Schmidt.

He's just about to be pushed aside.

He could have put his body in there more cleverly.

23 min:

Bitter for VfB: Stuttgart striker Guirassy is on the ground in midfield.

He has to go, Luca Pfeiffer is coming for him.

21 min:

A shot by Schmidt is blocked by Endo.

Ducksch had submitted.

20 min:

Bremen is in the game, Werder now has more possession of the ball and is showing up more and more often in the Stuttgart half.

16 min: And Werder comes again.

Füllkrug chips the ball in the sixteen.

Haraguchi can just about clear in front of Jung.

He was already ready to shoot.

Werder Bremen against VfB Stuttgart in the live ticker: Leonardo Bittencourt missed the lead

15 min: Finally: The first big Werder chance.

Bittencourt finishes on the left.

Stuttgart's goalkeeper Müller makes a strong save


13 min:

Yellow card for Anton.

Stuttgart's defender holds on to Jung and is cautioned.

Correct decision by the referee.

12 min:

The first minutes clearly go to VfB here.

Werder is not in the game at all yet.

11 minutes:

Another foul by Groß.

Again he is late and fouls Guirassy.

8 min: Huge mistake by Pavlenka.

He fails to kick the ball away and fails to hit the ball.

Guirassy steals the ball.

Pavlenka makes up for his mistake with a save.

7 minutes:

Stuttgart is more active.

Werder have hardly had the ball so far.

6 min:

Big buck from Stark.

He puts the ball in Führich's foot, who shoots the ball over the goal from ten yards out.

Good chance

5 min:

Groß comes too late in midfield.

He tackles his opponent, but gets around the yellow card.

4. Min:

Werder waits for Stuttgart ball possession.

They only attack from the center line.

3 min:

First shot by the Swabians.

Guirassy checks Pavlenka from 16 meters.

He has the ball in the follow-up.

2 min:

Stuttgart starts early.

Pavlenka is forced to a long ball.

1. Min:

Bremen play salmon-colored from right to left.

Werder Bremen against VfB Stuttgart in the live ticker: The game is on

1. Min: The ball rolls.

3:28 p.m .:

And there they are.

Now let's go out on the square.

In a few moments, Willenborg will be blowing the whistle.

3:24 p.m .:

The players of both teams are now in the cabin.

We're about to go out on the lawn.

3:20 p.m .:

About 4,500 Werder fans have made the long journey to the south of the republic.

The distance between the two stadiums is 625 kilometers by car.

3:16 p.m .:

In less than a quarter of an hour it starts in the rainy Mercedes-Benz Arena.

Werder is the slight favorite due to the table situation.

3:15 p.m .:

Bremen striker Füllkrug has 13 goals this season after 18 games.

Only Ailton has achieved more in the past.

He once had 18 goals after 18 games.

3:13 p.m .:

Bremen’s newcomer Maximilian Philipp is not in the squad.

He has ankle problems.

Werder Bremen against VfB Stuttgart in the live ticker: Around 4500 Werder fans in Stuttgart

3.10 p.m .:

And Werner goes on to say: “The basic order remains unchanged.

Bittencourt takes on the role of Mitch Weiser.

We have to defend well as a team.” Incidentally, for Sandro Wagner, Weiser is “a national player”.

3:08 p.m .:

Now Ole Werner is in the interview.

"On the one hand, it's a shame.

But Burke's performance slipped a bit.

In Maximilian Philipp, we have gained an attacking, flexible player,” he says about the personnel changes a few days ago.

3:06 p.m .: By the

way, Werder is playing in salmon colors today.

The Bremen team got their last away win in these salmon colors.

That was at the victory in Hoffenheim.

Werder Bremen against VfB Stuttgart in the live ticker: continuous rain in the Mercedes-Benz Arena

3:03 p.m .:

Bruno Labbadia is in the on-field interview with Dazn.

Incidentally, there is constant rain in the former Gottlieb Daimler Stadium.

“Bremen is a well-established team.

They have found each other.

You can see clear processes there.

Getting used to the game is worth its weight in gold in the Bundesliga,” says the Stuttgart coach about the North Germans.

2:56 p.m .:

The game’s referee is Frank Willenborg from Osnabrück.

His assistants on the sidelines are Arne Aarnink and Sascha Thielert.

The fourth official is Benedikt Kempkes.

Christian Dingert and Frederick Assmuth are sitting in the video cellar.

2:53 p.m .:

Werder could have a slight advantage because VfB had to play during the week.

The Swabians won with two late goals on Tuesday in Paderborn.

Werder, on the other hand, was able to rest

2:51 p.m .:

Mitchell Weiser is out on the Bremen side today.

The right-back is one of the top performers in Ole Werner's system.

Bittencourt replaces him today.

Above all, the Bremen team is hoping for creativity from him when it comes to attacking.

2:48 p.m .:

Both teams met a total of 107 times.

Stuttgart won 38 duels, Werder 35. There were 34 draws.

We hope that Werder can claim their 36th victory today.

2:46 p.m .:

The last victory of SV Werder in Stuttgart was almost ten years ago.

In February 2013, Kevin De Bruyne scored in the 4-1 win

2:38 p.m

.: Today’s game is extremely important: Werder, who is tenth in the table, can increase their lead over 16th Stuttgart to eleven points with a win today.

You wouldn't have to deal with the relegation battle for the time being.

On the other hand, VfB, who will definitely remain 16th, can reduce the gap to Werder to five points.

2:36 p.m

.: Bredlow (backup goalkeeper), Sosa, Stenzel, Vagnoman, Zagadou, Egloff, Gil Dias, Kastanaras, Pfeiffer are sitting on the Stuttgart bench.

Werder Bremen against VfB Stuttgart in the live ticker: the line-ups are there

2.35 p.m .: Bruno Labbadia probably sends his team onto the pitch in the following formation: Müller – Anton, Mavropanos, Ito, Nartey – Karazor – Haraguchi, Endo – Perea, Guirassy, ​​Führich.

2:33 p.m .: Seated

on the Bremen bench: substitute goalkeeper Zetterer, Buchanan, Chiarodia, Veljkovic, Berger, Gruev, Salifou, Dinkci.

2.30 p.m .: And so Ole Werner sends his team into the race today: Pavlenka - Stark, Pieper, Friedl - Bittencourt, Groß, Jung - Stage, Schmidt - Ducksch, Füllkrug

2:22 p.m .:

In a few minutes we are already expecting the lineups of both teams.

2.20 p.m .: Welcome to the live ticker in the Deichstube.

Today Werder Bremen is fighting for three important points at VFB Stuttgart.

The people of Bremen have just explored the lawn in the Mercedes-Benz Arena.

Bremen – Follow

SV Werder Bremen


VfB Stuttgart

in the

live ticker


The kick-off in the

Mercedes-Benz Arena

is this Sunday at 3.30 p.m., the live


starts here at around 2.30 p.m. with the starting line-ups of both teams.

All goals, news and information about the






here in the


ticker .

Werder Bremen against VfB Stuttgart – the preliminary report:

Ole Werner's mathematics ahead of VfB Stuttgart: Werder Bremen doesn't need a calculator, just 16 points

SV Werder Bremen around coach Ole Werner has to play

VfB Stuttgart


Sunday (3.30 p.m. in the


- live



and will be without a few important players.

The preliminary report of the




– No, no – it really makes no sense to “look at the table and get out the calculator” before the 19th matchday, emphasizes

Ole Werner


Knowing full well that his

SV Werder Bremen

could increase the gap to the relegation zone in the Bundesliga from a good eight to a proud eleven points with a win on Sunday at VfB Stuttgart (3.30 p.m. in the DeichStube live ticker).

But this calculation comes to the coach much too early, "the season is only half over".

But even Ole Werner can't do without mathematics entirely, which he calculates in his head: "We need at least 16 points to stay in the league.

As long as there isn't a number four in front, we don't have to worry about anything else."

Werder Bremen against VfB Stuttgart in the live ticker: Ole Werner does not fear a drop in tension among his players

This is also the answer to whether

Werder Bremen

could be a little more relaxed after the win against VfL Wolfsburg and a secure tenth place in the no man's land in the table.

"I don't know how I could have gotten the idea to lose tension - oh no!

We just know that every week we are asked to give 100 percent.

Otherwise you are going in the wrong direction.

We're only halfway there,"

Ole Werner

makes unmistakably clear.

Things are going well for a promoted team, but that would really not mean a guarantee of staying up in the league.

Und schon gar nicht solle jemand auf die Idee kommen, den nächsten Gegner zu unterschätzen. Der VfB Stuttgart steht mit gerade einmal 16 Zählern auf Rang 15 – punktgleich mit dem VfL Bochum auf dem Relegationsplatz. Als Feuerwehrmann ist in der langen Winterpause ein gewisser Bruno Labbadia verpflichtet worden. Der ehemalige Profi von Werder Bremen hat schon so manchem Traditionsclub aus der Patsche geholfen. Bei seiner jüngsten Mission wartet er in der Liga allerdings noch auf einen Sieg. Der 1:2-Niederlage bei RB Leipzig folgten Unentschieden gegen Hoffenheim (2:2) und Mainz (1:1).

Schon gelesen? So könnte die Startelf-Aufstellung von Werder Bremen gegen den VfB Stuttgart aussehen!

Werder Bremen gegen den VfB Stuttgart im Liveticker: Ole Werner warnt vor „sehr kompaktem und sehr aggressivem“ Gegner

Da tat der 2:1-Erfolg unter der Woche im DFB-Pokal-Achtelfinale beim Zweitligisten SC Paderborn schon richtig gut. „Der VfB ist seit dem Winter sehr gut drauf. Für die Leistung, die sie gezeigt haben, haben sie zu wenig Punkte geholt“, urteilt Ole Werner. Wie genau sich die Schwaben unter Labbadia im Vergleich zu Vorgänger Pellegrino Matarazzo spielerisch verändert haben, mag der Coach des SV Werder Bremen zwar nicht so gerne beschreiben, erklärt den Gegner aber dennoch ausführlich: „Der VfB verteidigt sehr kompakt und sehr aggressiv. Im eigenen Ballbesitz versuchen sie, die Geschwindigkeit, die sie auf allen Positionen haben, in die Waagschale zu werfen. Sie wollen aus hektischen Spielphasen heraus gefährlich werden. Zuletzt waren sie auch bei Standards gefährlich.“

Werder Bremen muss also auf der Hut sein. Das gilt speziell auch für Konter. Da gehören die Bremer zu den anfälligsten Teams der Liga. Werner schiebt es allerdings auch auf die eigene Spielweise, die Ballbesitz und ein Herauskombinieren aus der eigenen Hälfte vorsieht. Da könnten gerade einem Aufsteiger folgenschwere Fehler unterlaufen. „Da haben wir uns aber weiterentwickelt“, betont Ole Werner und hofft auf eine Fortsetzung dieses Prozesses. Was ohne den gesperrten Mitchell Weiser freilich etwas schwieriger werden dürfte. Wer ihn auf der rechten Seite ersetzen soll, lässt der Coach bewusst offen, um dem Gegner ein kleines Rätsel zu bescheren.

Werder Bremen kann sich in Stuttgart auf bis zu 4500 mitgereiste Fans freuen

From Bremen's point of view, the Mercedes-Benz Arena should also offer a small surprise.

Because it will be rebuilt again - this time in time for the European Championship 2024. There is a new grandstand for 130 million euros.

"It's missing a bit of the stadium," Werner also knows: "But it's always very atmospheric there.

And the away block is full again.

So it should be loud.” Around 4,500 fans of

SV Werder Bremen

are expected in the sold-out arena – and according to

Ole Werner

, they can expect at least one thing, regardless of the table: “Stuttgart are in a good mood, we’re in a good mood – that can be a really good soccer game.” (kni)

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