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In his natural place: Yossi Aboksis returned to being a savior. It is good? It depends - voila! sport


After difficult years, Yossi Abouxis returned to being the coach who pulls water out of the rock. The problem is that this is probably his glass ceiling

Summary: Maccabi Tel Aviv - Bnei Sakhnin 1:1 (Sport1)

In the 10-11 gates in Bloomfield, Gad Amos is despised.

He is considered an enemy because of his waste of time, due to the fact that he knows how to raise the level of nerves with slow conduct bordering on provocative.

Three games in a row that Maccabi Tel Aviv fails to beat in Bloomfield precisely because of these things.

Rumblings of resentment and contempt were heard in the stadium even before the opening whistle.

The problem is that these whispers also pass to the players, who from the first moment become nervous and perform less well.

As in the derby, even before home games against Sakhnin, Maccabi Tel Aviv take into account that they will play much less time in net, but when this thought permeates them, the result is incompetence.

It can be said that Amos once again psychologically defeated Maccabi Tel Aviv yesterday.

I wish she could use that argument herself.

Her troubles are so much bigger than a janitor's.

Hated in the Bloomfield stands, but he is not the problem of Maccabi Tel Aviv.

Gad Amos (Photo: Ariel Shalom)

Mladan Karstaich was not, in my humble opinion, the right coach for Maccabi Tel Aviv.

He was sent bridle, also in the good sense of the definition.

He could wake up one morning and place Stipa Fritza as a stopper, Sharan Yeni Halutz and Daniel Peretz in the center of the link.

Of course, everything is on the standard of exaggeration (although regarding a break-in he brought up this theoretical possibility at one of the press conferences), but Maccabi Tel Aviv could not afford a grenade without Nasara in the position of coach, and therefore I believe that its choice of Voladan Ivić was correct.

So far, the worst part.

On the more optimistic side, Krstaich's lack of boundaries paid off more than once for Maccabi Tel Aviv.

Thus, for example, he decided to bring up Oskar Gloch for his debut in the league in the team - precisely against Maccabi Haifa.

If he doesn't, who knows when Gloch sees a pitch.

His team played fearless football.

It ended in a season without a title, but in games that gave hope for a continuation and in what looked like the laying of a long-term infrastructure.

At Maccabi Tel Aviv, caution sanctifies everything.

First we will let the player be in the squad, then he will go up for a few minutes, we will loan him, we will bring him back, we will bring someone to his slot, he will be benched, maybe we will give him minutes, maybe we will loan him again.

Krstaich made a quick cut, very uncharacteristic of the club, when he put Gloch straight into the central player's slot.

Did it pay off?

Well, Gluch turned out to be a superstar and Maccabi Tel Aviv received a suitable return for him.

On the other hand, when he went after the 0:3 against Maccabi Haifa, the hope also sank.

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Served on behalf of Shachel

Why not throw players into the water?

Karstaich and Gloch (Photo: Ariel Shalom)

A look at Maccabi Tel Aviv's bench yesterday brings up the following names: Or Yitzhak (goalkeeper), Yoris Van Overeem, Sharan Yeni, Avi Ricken, Eil Golsa, Yonatan Cohen, Ofir Davidzadeh, Maor Kandil and Dor Turgeman.

Cohen's comeback turns out to be one of the biggest flops of recent years, and none of the other players have a distinct offensive orientation.

We are left with the only actor who is like that - Turgeman.

I don't know what Turgeman's quality is and whether he is material for Maccabi Tel Aviv.

He may be a good player, he may not be as good.

He is certainly not Oscar Gloch, but there is no dispute about one thing: Dor Turgeman is the only striker sitting on the Maccabi Tel Aviv bench these days - and he still doesn't get a chance to come off the bench.

If he is not good, he should not be in the squad.

If he is good enough to be in the squad, he should play, especially in the conditions that have been created.

Aitor Karanka is hard to blame for the fiasco of the last few weeks.

Yes, three draw results in four league games must attract criticism, but the Spaniard gets a hundred days of grace and even more.

He inherited this squad and lost Gluch, who when he was present on the pitch allowed even Ivic to use Parfa Giagon or Gabby Knikowski as tie breakers.

Now he doesn't have that luxury.

But Kranka still doesn't know the club and doesn't feel comfortable being Krstaj.

Turgeman continued to sit on the bench and the replacements yesterday were Cohen, Golsa and Ricken, who replaced Cohen.

In fact, Cranka had five substitutions and he used only two of them.

This is what his team has to offer at the moment.

At the moment it is impossible to treat him as an offensive option.

Yonatan Cohen (Photo: Ariel Shalom)

If Beitar Jerusalem finishes in the top playoffs and Hapoel Be'er Sheva does not win the championship, Yossi Abouxis will most likely win the title of coach of the season. We have to remember how Beitar started the season, or rather how it almost didn't start it.

When she was able to pass the check, she suffered defeats from Maccabi Netanya and Hapoel Beer Sheva and a loss in the derby to Hapoel Jerusalem.

The road to nationalism then seemed shorter than ever.

Beitar was at the bottom and along with it was its coach. His status was lower than ever, it seemed that this would be his last stop on the way to complete decline and permanent membership in the merry-go-round of casual coaches of Sakhnin/Hadera/Kiryat Shmona, etc. Then Aboxis did Aboxis, resurrected Jordan Shua, got the most out of Nicolasco and effectively used Asperia's joy of play. Like this, suddenly, without warning, Beitar Jerusalem is flirting with the fourth place with a squad that mostly consists of inexperienced players and/or those who are suitable for the bottom of the Premier League.

This is Aboxis at his best, with the knife between his teeth, but language also lies his big problem: he proved that he knows how to get the maximum out of the minimum, but in the few but decent opportunities he had in top teams, he was unable to get the maximum out of the maximum.

He has established himself as a stable coach, but not one who can be trusted to lead a team with expectations.

It may be that he is fine with this status, only that he himself surely remembers from the not-too-distant past how fragile such a status is.

Right now he's enjoying himself, but he knows that with a small twist in the plot he'll have to fight to stay conscious again.

A position he likes.

Aboxis (Photo: Maor Alxalsi)

Another team flirting with the top is Maccabi Netanya, which managed to break free from a startling start to the season.

At the beginning of January, Inbal Menor wrote here that Netanya's season could end in the top playoffs or relegation.

At the moment, at least, the pendulum seems to be leaning towards the first option.

I believe that the release of Aden Kartsev helps Netanya.

Kartsev was subject to quite a few moods after the moral blow he suffered following the unsuccessful move with Dynamo Moscow, Maccabi Netanya will no longer have to depend on his caprices.

The main barometer now in the group is Patrick Tovmasi.

He had a bad start to the season, was absent due to various injuries, and when he played he mostly seemed to lack concentration and desire.

Against Hapoel Jerusalem it was Tovmasi at his best.

He kicked three times into the frame, one turned into a rebound that led to the goal advantage and the second to the goal that established the victory, and distributed three key passes.

He led with threats to the frame also in the victory over Nes Ziona and in the draw in Beer Sheva, in which he scored the first goal.

The 29-year-old Ghanaian was not a candidate to leave, but now, after the window has closed, he feels more committed than ever.

In the next cycle, he and Netanya meet the insecure Maccabi Tel Aviv.

Another victory, and Netanya can completely abandon the fears she was immersed in just less than a month ago.

The desire is back.

Tovmasi (photo: Barney Ardov)

The initiative of the league director and the Iggy association to come up with shirts with the pride symbol was met with a cold shoulder by most of Sakhnin's players and some foreigners throughout the league, and put her in a problematic position, mainly due to the fact that it revealed how homophobia, or at least the reluctance to accept the introduction, is still rooted in society Israeli and abroad.

And yet, the vast majority of the players wore the shirts and showed that the full part of the glass is greater than half.

What should the league management do to the players who refused to align with the initiative?

is nothing.

They have the right to object, whether due to ideology or due to social pressures.

The very fact that she chose such a brave step, and that many players cooperated with this initiative, is the real victory.

Everything else is just background noise.

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