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After Kimmich was sent off: FC Bayern wobbles in Wolfsburg – but saves the lead in the table


Despite the discussions about Manuel Neuer, FC Bayern wins at VfL Wolfsburg. After Joshua Kimmich is sent off, things get exciting again. The game in the ticker to read.

Despite the discussions about Manuel Neuer, FC Bayern wins at VfL Wolfsburg.

After Joshua Kimmich is sent off, things get exciting again.

The game in the ticker to read.

  • Bundesliga

    : VfL Wolfsburg - Bayern Munich 2: 4 (1: 3)

  • Joshua Kimmich flies

    off the field: record champions defend themselves against the "Wolves" outnumbered.

  • Interview


    Manuel Neuer

    polarized: World champion causes unrest in Munich with statements.

  • The

    Bayern game in Wolfsburg

    in the ticker to read.


FC Bayern has achieved its first victory in 2023 in the Bundesliga.

The Munich team won 4-2 (3-1) at VfL Wolfsburg on Sunday evening and took back the lead from Union Berlin (39) with 40 points.

Kingsley Coman with a double strike (9th minute / 14th), Thomas Müller (19th) and Jamal Musiala (73rd) scored the goals for the German record champions.

Jakub Kaminski (44th) and Mattias Svanberg (81st) were only able to shorten the lead for Lower Saxony despite a clear increase in chances in front of 30,000 spectators.

Bayern's midfield strategist Joshua Kimmich saw the yellow-red card after 54 minutes.

Bayern will meet VfL Bochum next Saturday (3.30 p.m., here in the live ticker) before the round of 16 first leg of the Champions League at Paris Saint-Germain on February 14 (9 p.m., here in the live ticker). .

VfL Wolfsburg - Bayern Munich 2: 4 (1: 3)

Lineup Wolfsburg:

Casteels - Lacroix (30th Kaminski), Bornauw, van de Ven - R. Baku, Arnold (74th Gerhardt), Paulo Otavio (67th Paredes), F. Nmecha, Svanberg - Wimmer (67th Marmoush), Wind (74th .L.Nmecha)

Lineup Bavaria:

Sommer - Cancelo (78th Blind), Pavard, de Ligt, Davies - Kimmich, Goretzka - Sané (60th Stanisic), Musiala (78th Wanner), Coman (55th Gnabry) - Müller (60th Tel)


0-1 Coman (9'), 0-2 Coman (14'), 0-3 Müller (19'), 1-3 Kaminski (44'), 1-4 Musiala (73'), 2-4 Svanberg ( 81.)

FC Bayern is top of the table again: Munich win in Wolfsburg

90 minutes + 6: The game is over!

FC Bayern wins in Wolfsburg and takes back the lead in the Bundesliga from Union Berlin.

90th minute + 3: Giant parade from summer!

Kept great!

A shot from Svanberg from 20 meters is treacherously deflected.

The Swiss keeper is already on his way to the other corner, but gets his left foot on the ball while lying down, which causes it to sail over the bar.

90 minutes + 2: Tel can provide some relief with a counter run.

Only: The young Frenchman runs offside.

Nevertheless: This takes time off the clock.

90 minutes: Five minutes of added time.

90 minutes: Wolfsburg finish from the second row.

But the shot gets stuck in the Bavarian bulwark.

The Munich are with almost all men around their own sixteen.

88 minutes: Wolfsburg runs unabated.

Bayern now want to bring the game over time.

The shots on goal are 17:9 for VfL!

85 minutes: The goal doesn't count!

Video evidence shows that something off the beaten track fouled Baku Goretzka.

That's why the goal doesn't count.

Well seen by referee Osmers and his team.

VfL Wolfsburg vs. FC Bayern live – "Wolves" goal does not count

84 minutes: Uhhhhhhhh .... the ball is in the Bayern goal after a powerful shot by Gerhardt.

But does the hit count?

The referee troubles the VAR.

81 minutes: Goal!

VfL Wolfsburg - FC Bayern 2: 4, goal scorer: Svanberg.

Is there still something for the "wolves"?

Striker Lucas Nmecha hangs up for the Swede, who this time is more consistent in finishing.

Munich still have to be careful.

78 minutes: Double substitution at Bayern:

Wanner, just 17, replaces Musiala, Dutchman Blind comes on for Cancelo.

74 minutes: Double substitution at Wolfsburg:

Gerhardt comes on for Arnold, L. Nmecha for Wind.

VfL Wolfsburg vs. FC Bayern live - fantastic Musiala solo

73 minutes: Goooooorrrrrr!!!

VfL Wolfsburg - FC Bayern 1: 4, scorer: Musiala.


The dribble artist takes heart and leaves six or seven Wolfsburg with a courageous solo.

That shows its extra class!

Dry he puts the ball in the bottom right corner.

None of the “wolves” have access to that because Musiala carries the ball with him like a ball magnet.

Is that the decision for Munich outnumbered?

67 minutes: Double change at Wolfsburg:

Ex-Bayern coach Kovac changes Marmoush for the attack.

The Austrian Wimmer goes down for him.

Paredes can prove himself for Paulo Otavio.

65 minutes: Munich defend compactly around their own box.

Bayern now have to show a whole new level of quality, while they're usually the ones who put the pressure on.

So far they have defended their goal superbly when outnumbered.

61 minutes: Baku with the chance.

The Wolfsburg heads the ball detached summer in the arms.

My dear, Bayern have to be careful now!

60 minutes: Double change at Bayern:

Stanisic can play for Sané, Tel replaces Müller up front.

58 minutes: Bayern are a man less deep and have to retire.

Wolfsburg runs, but can't find a gap.

This game is not yet decided - and the tension is almost palpable.

55 minutes: Change at Bayern:

Nagelsmann comes on for Coman Gnabry.

Joshua Kimmich flies off the field: record champions defend themselves against the "Wolves" outnumbered

54 minutes: Yellow and red card against Kimmich (Bayern).

Tactical foul play by the Swabian and that is the dismissal after his frustration foul in the first half.

The Munich are outnumbered - and the "wolves" on the trigger.

Now it becomes a game of patience.

52 minutes: Huge chance for VfL!

The "wolves" switch quickly.

The strong Baku comes rushing over the right and plays the ball sharply in front of the first post.

Svanberg has the right run, but doesn't get any pressure behind the ball. The Swede stumbles the ball over the bar.

That can, that maybe has to be the 2:3!

50 minutes: Good chance for Wolfsburg!

After a corner, van der Ven finishes off the far post.

He gets stuck in the Bavarian bulwark.

Finally, Musiala clarifies the scene.

48 minutes: Both teams return unchanged.

And Wolfsburg is putting pressure on.

Svanberg tries to chip a ball back from the baseline.

But Sommer was careful - and the ball.

46 minutes: The Munich game continues in the Volkswagen Arena.


Challenged with FC Bayern in Wolfsburg: Jamal Musiala (right).

© IMAGO / Kirchner Media

VfL Wolfsburg vs. FC Bayern live – “Wolves” shorten the break

45 minutes + 1: Break in Wolfsburg!

This game has not yet been decided for Bayern

44 minutes: Goal!

VfL Wolfsburg - FC Bayern 1: 3, scorer: Kaminski.

The connection for the Lower Saxony.

The "wolves" are still in the game.

Fine ball at the edge of the penalty area through the interface.

Bayern's offside trap doesn't snap shut, leaving the young Pole with only summer ahead of him.

Kaminski takes precise measurements and flicks the ball into the bottom right corner.

43 minutes: Musiala suddenly appears free in front of Casteels after a relay pass.

However, the FCB youngster hesitates and does not finish straight away.

He returns the ball to Coman, who puts the ball well wide of the left post of the goal.

40 minutes: The gait gets harder.

Otavio steps on the kick shoes with the Cancelo cleats.

He consequently sees the yellow card.

Rough fouls on both sides.

36 minutes: Good parade from summer!

Svanberg holds onto it from 20 meters.

But the Swiss goalie has his gloves up and defends to the side.

VfL Wolfsburg vs. FC Bayern live – yellow card against Joshua Kimmich

35 minutes: Bayern's Kimmich sees a yellow card for a revenge foul.

At the level of the center line.

Doesn't have to be.

30 minutes: Change at Wolfsburg:

Ex-Bayern coach Kovac takes Lacroix down and brings Kaminski.

The Croatian will probably give up the five-man chain defensively and take more risks.

But what else can he do with this score?

28 minutes: The chance for Wolfsburg!

However, Otavio negligently leaves them in the best shooting position in the Munich box.

He doesn't even put the ball on goal.

My dear ...

25 minutes: Bayern makes the game.

Wolfsburg is looking for a line but can't find it anymore.

Is that really clear for Munich?


Setting the course early: FC Bayern in Wolfsburg.

© IMAGO / Huebner

VfL Wolfsburg vs. FC Bayern live – Thomas Müller ups the ante

19 minutes: Goooooorrrrrr!!!

VfL Wolfsburg - FC Bayern 0: 3, goal scorer: Müller.

Every ball on the goal of the "Wolves" is also in it.

Is that efficient!

Kimmich kicks a free kick from the half field tightly into the box.

Müller crosses at exactly the right moment and puts the ball in the lower left corner with his head.

18 minutes: The Munich team appear very secure on the ball and avoid the “Wolves” pressing.

Clear dominance now of the German record champions.

Despite the new unrest in the club.

VfL Wolfsburg vs. FC Bayern live - double strike by Kingsley Coman

14 minutes: Goooooorrrrrr!!!

VfL Wolfsburg - FC Bayern 0: 2, goal scorer: Coman.

Nice hit!

Cancelo crosses the ball from the outside right to the other side.

The Frenchman is uncovered at the corner of the penalty area and takes the ball directly.

The vice world champion flicks the ball into the far corner.

13 minutes: Huge chance for Wolfsburg!

Wimmer hits a dangerous ball from the baseline in front of the first post.

It's Paulo Otavio's turn, but he hesitates to finish, so the ball goes past all the players.

There was a lot more in it for the Lower Saxony.

12 minutes: Wolfsburg attack.

But Sommer is there after a cross and continues to play the ball straight away for the transition game.


Precise cross: Kingsley Coman (centre) scores 1-0 for Bayern in Wolfsburg with a cross.

© IMAGO / kolbert-press

VfL Wolfsburg against FC Bayern live - Coman puts Munich in the lead

9 minutes: Goooooorrrrrr!!!

VfL Wolfsburg - FC Bayern 0: 1, goal scorer: Coman.

The early leadership for Munich!

Coman brings the ball to the six-yard box with a sharp cross ball.

Müller jumps past the ball and obviously unsettles keeper Casteels.

The goalie doesn't look good at all in this scene and lets the ball slip into the far corner.

9 minutes: FC Bayern now pushes Lower Saxony in front of their goal.

The possession of the ball is clearly in Munich.

6 minutes: Bayern gather in the early minutes.

Wolfsburg is high and compact.

The "Wolves" interfere early with their first pressing line.

The people of Munich obviously look at that first.

3 minutes: Dangerous!

Wolfsburg comes with a lot of momentum to Bayern's penalty area.

But wind and whimper can't get through.

The shot by the Dane Wind clearly misses the box.

1 minute: It starts in Wolfsburg!

Update from February 5, 5:25 p.m .:

Eddy about Manuel Neuer and unrest in Munich: Bayern have to get that out of their heads when they compete in Wolfsburg now.

Can you do that?

There will be answers in a few minutes.

VfL Wolfsburg vs. FC Bayern live – Nagelsmann spares Upamecano

Update from February 5, 5:15 p.m .:

Dayot Upamecano is being rested by trainer Julian Nagelsmann today.

The central defender had reached the World Cup final in Qatar with France and has many games under his belt.

“Upa is in Constance for treatment.

He just has his static adjusted again and his toe checked.

He has to get his strength back," Nagelsmann said on Friday.

According to 


information, Upamecano was with Dr.

Kurt Mosetter at Lake Constance, the founder of the so-called Myroflex therapy, an alternative medical treatment for functional disorders of the musculoskeletal system, in which specific pressure points are massaged to relieve tension.


FC Bayern defender: Dayot Upamecano (left).

© IMAGO / Thomas Frey

VfL Wolfsburg vs. FC Bayern live – Nagelsmann had no contact with Neuer

Update from February 5, 5:05 p.m .:

Julian Nagelsmann is on the microphone at DAZN.

The Bayern coach comments on the polarizing Neuer interview.

The 35-year-old from Upper Bavaria was asked whether he had been in contact with the world champion since Friday when the interview was published.

"No, not yet, no," says Nagelsmann and reports: "I had a good conversation with Manu before the interview, in which we discussed everything and I explained it to him." The interview "doesn't exactly help calm things down.

It is haunted by the gazettes and is of course a topic in football in Germany,” says the Bundesliga coach: “I would have chosen a different path.”

That doesn't help with the calm.

It haunts the gazettes and is of course a topic in football Germany.

Julian Nagelsmann at DAZN for the Neuer interview

VfL Wolfsburg vs. FC Bayern live – only ten wins from 18 games

Update from February 5, 4:55 p.m .:

Of course, in addition to Manuel Neuer, FCB trainer Julian Nagelsmann is also particularly in focus today.

Munich were able to free themselves from their earnings crisis during the week with a sovereign 4-0 (3-0) in the DFB Cup in Mainz.

But it is also true that Bayern have only won ten out of 18 games in the Bundesliga this season.

A total of seven times there was a draw and one game was lost.

You remember?

On the 7th day of the game, it's a 0-1 draw at FC Augsburg.

Wolfsburg, on the other hand, is considered a kind of favorite opponent of Bayern.

In the past there have been many a high-scoring win against the “Wolves”.

VfL Wolfsburg vs. FC Bayern live – Joao Cancelo back in the starting XI

Update from February 5, 4:35 p.m .: Loan

player Joao Cancelo plays for Bayern again in the second possible game.

The 28-year-old Portuguese celebrated a magnificent debut in Mainz.

With his agility and his move towards goal, he was one of the best players on the pitch.

Now he was able to complete training sessions with his new colleagues again.

Will the Portuguese international also become a factor in Wolfsburg?

VfL Wolfsburg against FC Bayern live – the Munich line-up is here

Update from February 5, 4:20 p.m .:

Bayern’s line-up is there: Coach Nagelsmann only puts winger Gnabry on the bench again.

Defender Upamecano is missing, Davies starts for the French vice world champion.

The Canadian is likely to move to the left wing, while newcomer Cancelo plays in the back four on the right.

Choupo-Moting is missing from the squad due to gastrointestinal problems.

Müller should therefore start in the storm.

After his return, Goretzka is back in the starting line-up.

FC Bayern line-up:

Sommer - Cancelo, Pavard, de Ligt, Davies - Kimmich, Goretzka - Sané, Musiala, Coman - Müller

VfL Wolfsburg vs. FC Bayern live – Munich under pressure in the Bundesliga

Update from February 5, 4:15 p.m .:

A look at the table reveals: FC Bayern is not only under pressure internally in the team because of dissatisfied players like Manuel Neuer and Benjamin Pavard.

Things are also getting much tougher in the Bundesliga.

Union Berlin passed Bayern Munich on Saturday after beating Mainz 05 2-1 (1-0), BVB drew level on points with an impressive 5-1 (1-1) against SC Freiburg (for the time being).

And the cup winners RB Leipzig are within striking distance.



goal difference:


1.Union Berlin




2. FC Bayern




3.Borussia Dortmund




4. RB Leipzig




5. Eintracht Frankfurt




6 SC Freiburg




VfL Wolfsburg vs. FC Bayern live – discussions about Manuel Neuer

Update from February 5, 3:55 p.m .:

Manuel Neuer’s interview hit FC Bayern at a “bad time”, said CEO Oliver Kahn in a first official statement.

“This blow hit me extremely.

For me it came out of nowhere.

For Tony too.

I didn't understand that at all.

It really blew me away," Neuer said in an interview with SZ about the expulsion of his confidante Toni Tapalovic: "It was a blow for me when I was already on the ground.

I felt like my heart was being ripped out, it was the craziest thing I've experienced in my career.

And I've really experienced a lot."

Manuel has put his personal interests ahead of the club's interests here.

FCB sports director Hasan Salihamidzic in the "Bild am Sonntag"

Sports director Hasan Salihamidzic has now reprimanded Bayern captain Neuer for the harshness of his statements and the interview that was apparently not announced to the club.

"The disappointment that he describes because of Tapas release, that also prevails with us," explained Salihamidzic in the

picture on Sunday

: "Manuel has put his personal interests here over the interests of the club." Is there an aftermath?

In the video: does Manuel Neuer still have a future at Bayern?

VfL Wolfsburg vs. FC Bayern live – Manuel Neuer the dominant topic

Update from February 5, 3:30 p.m .:

FC Bayern is playing at VfL Wolfsburg this Sunday evening.

But the polarizing interview by world champion Manuel Neuer is the dominant theme.

FCB icon Stefan Effenberg has now sharply criticized Neuer for his statements.

Neuer had to "think about whether it makes sense for him to fulfill his contract, which runs until 2024, after these allegations, or whether it might be better to leave the club," wrote the former national player in his column for

t- online


VfL Wolfsburg vs. FC Bayern live – new earthquake overshadows Bundesliga game

First report from February 5:

Munich/Wolfsburg – There is a lot of rumbling at FC Bayern: The interview with the injured goalkeeper Manuel Neuer, in which he sharply criticized coach Julian Nagelsmann and the Munich bosses for throwing out goalkeeping coach Toni Tapalovic, polarizes far beyond the Säbener street.

Bayern had only just caught up in terms of results with the 4-0 (3-0) in the DFB Cup round of 16 at Mainz 05.

But: In the Bundesliga, the result crisis after three 1-1 draws in a row is not yet over.

This Sunday evening (from 5.30 p.m.) the German record champions have to play at VfL Wolfsburg in Lower Saxony.


Always the same opinion?

World champion Manuel Neuer (left) and Bayern coach Julian Nagelsmann.

© IMAGO / Sven Simon

Manuel Neuer polarizes: world champion causes unrest in Munich with statements

„Große Enttäuschung“, habe er verspürt, erklärte Neuer in dem Interview mit Süddeutscher Zeitung und The Athletic zum Tapalovic-Rauswurf: „Das hat mit dem Menschlichen zu tun, dem Umgang mit einem verdienten Mitarbeiter: Wir wollen als Bayern München anders – eine Familie – sein. Und dann passiert etwas, das ich so hier noch nicht erlebt habe. Das ist für alle schade: für den Verein, für Tapa, für den Staff, für alle Torhüter und somit natürlich auch für mich.“

In den ganzen Jahren habe er „nie etwas Negatives von irgendeinem Trainer über Toni gehört. Fragen Sie Pep Guardiola und seine Crew, Carlo Ancelotti oder Niko Kovac“, meinte der 36-jährige Keeper weiter, der sich nach seinem Skiunfall und der dabei erlittenen Unterschenkelfraktur derzeit in der Reha heranarbeitet.

Everyone in our goalkeeper group was torn apart and people burst into tears.

Manuel Neuer on Tapalovic's expulsion in Munich

"Everyone in our goalkeeper group was torn apart, people burst into tears," said the international: "There was no reason I could understand.

Things have been said that I don't share.

But I haven't heard any arguments that rule out talking to each other and clarifying things.” His interview should also be a much-discussed topic in Wolfsburg.

VfL Wolfsburg against FC Bayern in the live ticker – Bundesliga on Sunday

Follow FC Bayern's Bundesliga away game at VfL Wolfsburg tonight from 5:30 p.m. here in the live ticker.


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