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Weak performance in Frankfurt: Werder Bremen without a chance deserves to lose against the SBU


SV Werder Bremen lost 0: 2 (0: 1) against Eintracht Frankfurt. Far too little came from the green-whites in attack and so the SVW remained without a goal for the second time in a row. The game report of the DeichStube.

SV Werder Bremen lost 0: 2 (0: 1) against Eintracht Frankfurt.

Far too little came from the green-whites in attack and so the SVW remained without a goal for the second time in a row.

The game report of the DeichStube.

Frankfurt – Bitter evening for

SV Werder Bremen


The weakened team of coach Ole Werner deservedly lost 0: 2 (0: 1) at Eintracht Frankfurt

after a largely weak performance on Saturday


The advantage over the relegation place, which VfL Bochum and thus Werder's next opponent has, is still a reassuring eight points.

With a further 27 points, the promoted team is in tenth place after 21 match days.

An own goal by captain Marco Friedl (7th) and a goal by Randal Kolo Muani (53rd) put Werder on the losing side in the sold-out Deutsche Bank Park in Frankfurt with 51,500 spectators.

Compared to the 2-0 defeat against BVB, coach Ole Werner was forced to change his line-up and made four personnel changes, three of them out of necessity.

Romano Schmid replaced Mitchell Weiser, who had an ankle injury, on the right flank.

In midfield, the SV Werder Bremen

coach opted

for Ilia Gruev, who replaced the sick Christian Groß as a six.

As expected, Niklas Schmidt also took over from Leonardo Bittencourt (fifth yellow card).

In defense, captain Marco Friedl returned to the back three after serving a yellow card suspension, but he didn't lose Milos Veljkovic from the first eleven, but Amos Pieper, who was last seeded, which was quite a small surprise.

Romano Schmid starts at Werder Bremen on the right side - Eintracht Frankfurt takes advantage of that

Werner justified the move Schmid instead of Pieper on the right lane at

Werder Bremen

on "Sky" with the fact that the Austrian is the last remaining player in the squad, "who has played the position before and he brings a certain forward motion Creativity and determination.” On the other hand, the Bremen coach didn’t want his team to field five trained central defenders in the back five, “because it doesn’t suit our way of playing football.” Defensively, it would be important for Bremen to do as much as possible quickly navigating the site to help each other defend.

But that was exactly what failed from the start, because

Eintracht Frankfurt

went to work briskly and apparently had their sights set on the right side of Bremen in particular.

After just three minutes, Frankfurt's Jesper Lindström Schmid and Co. had completely escaped on the right for the first time.

Friedl was able to clear his cross to Ansgar Knauff for a corner at the last second.

Four minutes later Werder Bremen

made good intentions

then finally for the bin: A long free-kick cross from Frankfurt's Philipp Max on the back post undermined the disoriented Anthony Jung.

Kristijan Jakic thanked him and put the ball back sharply to unlucky Marco Friedl, who couldn't avoid it anymore and stumbled the ball over the line early on to be 1-0 down.

Marco Friedl put Werder Bremen behind against Eintracht Frankfurt with an own goal

A little later things almost got worse


Werder Bremen when world champion Mario Götze was far too easy to get through to the starting Daichi Kamada against Bremen who had moved up a long way.

The Japanese, who was ready to take a shot, was blocked in the very last second by the approaching Jens Stage (11').

After about 15 minutes,

Werder Bremen

shook the initial shock out of their clothes at least a little and tried to control the ball and the game a little more themselves.

That was a little better, at least on the defensive, but this was mainly due to the fact that Eintracht did not always play forward at the highest tempo.

Werder Bremen versus Eintracht Frankfurt: No shot on goal in Bremen in the first half

In the first half, however, things only became dangerous in front of Bremen's goal: In the 27th minute, Frankfurt's left winger Max suddenly appeared free in front of the Werder Bremen goal after a long



Werder keeper Jiri Pavlenka had to risk a lot with a diving header to prevent things from getting worse (27').

A minute later, Stage then fatally lost the ball while moving forward: Max switched quickly and crossed to Knauff, whose header was safe prey for Pavlenka.

And at Werder?

Much piecemeal remained.

The few promising attempts to attack mostly fizzled out in the bud because the Bremen lines were all either far too imprecise or simply wrongly timed.

Coach Ole Werner's team didn't fire a single serious shot on goal at Frankfurt's goal in the first half.

Only a failed cross from Milos Veljkovic caused a hint of danger (45' + 2'), which was quite indicative of an overall weak performance before the break.

The good news: Despite a remarkable attack from Frankfurt via Max and Lindström (45 + 1), there was no further goal in the first round.

However, after a tactical foul on the lightning-fast Randal Kolo Muani, Niklas Stark picked up his fifth yellow card and is out

Werder Bremen

in the important home game against VfL Bochum (40th).

Werder Bremen vs. Eintracht Frankfurt: Randal Kolo-Muani increases right after half-time

After the change,

SV Werder Bremen

initially at least wanted to do better.

Alone: ​​it was no use.

Because again it was the people of Frankfurt who provided the cold shower.

The strong Max ran over the defensively overwhelmed Schmid, crossed to Kolo Muani with pinpoint accuracy, whose header Pavlenka parried well.

However, the rebound landed on the fast-shifting Knauff, who served Kolo Muani again.

And this time Frankfurt's top striker didn't have to be asked a second time and pushed in to make it 2-0 for Eintracht Frankfurt (53rd).

As a result, the game rippled a little and it lasted until the 65th minute before

Werder Bremen

actually fired the first shot on goal of the game (!).

Niclas Füllkrug, who had been completely in the air until then, had finally made it through to the baseline from the right. His back pass landed on Anthony Jung, whose shot was blocked by a player from Frankfurt.

Werner reacted to Bremen's collective harmlessness, bringing in Maximilian Philipp for the pale Stage and Lee Buchanan for Jung (68').

And at least: The fresh Buchanan fitted in with a dangerous cross, which, however, found no takers in the middle (69th).

But that should almost have been it with Bremen's goal threat.

The substitutions of Amos Pieper (73rd, for Stark) and Eren Dinkci (88th, for Schmid) could not change that.

And because the SGE also switched back to administration mode in view of the upcoming Champions League round of 16 first leg against SSC Napoli on Tuesday, not much happened.

Only Djibril Sow appeared twice with shots in front of Pavlenka, who made two good saves (77th and 86th).

In stoppage time (90+2) Füllkrug then scored again for what was supposed to be a goal, but was clearly offside.

It suited this overall bitter performance in Bremen

but was clearly on the sidelines.

It suited this overall bitter performance in Bremen

but was clearly on the sidelines.

It suited this overall bitter performance in Bremen

Eintracht Frankfurt



SV Werder Bremen:

Pavlenka – Schmid (Dinkci 85), Veljkovic, Stark (Pieper 73), Friedl, Jung (Buchanan 67), Gruev, Stage (Philipp 67), Schmidt, Ducksch, Füllkrug

Eintracht Frankfurt:

Trapp – Tuta, Jakic, Ndicka – Knauff, Kamada, Sow, Max (Lenz 73) – Lindström (Alidou 87), Götze (Alario 87) – Kolo Muani (Borre 67)

Continue with the last message:

Werder Bremen in the live ticker against Eintracht Frankfurt: Unimaginative Bremeners lose to hard-nosed Frankfurters

Werder Bremen in the live ticker against Eintracht Frankfurt: All goals, news and information - everything about the 21st matchday of the Bundesliga live in the live ticker of the DeichStube.

Final score: 2-0 for Frankfurt.




8:24 p.m .:

And now the game is over.

Werder were simply too unimaginative today and could hardly develop any offensive actions.

This was mainly due to Frankfurt's strong defence, who defended resolutely and were consistent in attack.

Eintracht didn't have to go to the limit, but Werder like that was enough today.

90 min + 1:

That could have been the goal!

Füllkrug didn't give keeper Trapp a chance and put the ball in the goal, but the Werder striker was clearly offside beforehand.

90 min:

Buchanan and Füllkrug fight for the header in the Frankfurt penalty area, the game device lands on the side.

There are four minutes of stoppage time.

88 min:

Dinkci plays outside of Frankfurt's penalty area to Ducksch, whose cross fails completely.

The ball sails past the Eintracht penalty area, again no goal action for Bremen.

86 min:

Dinkci is now in the game, Schmid has to leave the field for him.

Alario comes into play for Götze and Alidou for Lindström.

85 min:

A huge feat by Pavlenka, who parried twice from the shortest distance against Frankfurt!.

83 min:

Frankfurt is willing to make it 3-0, but ultimately Coach Glasner's players' passes lack accuracy.

But Eintracht always gets the second ball and doesn't give Werder a chance to push forward themselves.

81 min:

Werder tries at least, but of course that's not enough.

A long-hit ball lands directly in the hands of Eintracht goalkeeper Trapp.

Frankfurt have another chance to build up their game in an orderly manner from behind.

79 min:

Bremen again lost the ball at the level of the center circle.

The Frankfurters gratefully accept such invitations and are trying to score another goal.

77 min:

A shot from distance by Sow goes straight to Werder keeper Pavlenka.

He lets the ball bounce off, the game device ends up back at the Frankfurters, who want to follow up, but can't do it directly.

75 min:

The last 15 minutes have begun.

What else is in it for Werder?

Clear offensive actions are finally needed in order to possibly overturn the buck.

But Bremen is not a goal threat today.

73 min:

Max has to go down on the Frankfurt side.

He is replaced by Lenz.

73 min:

Now Stark has to go down too.

Pieper is new to the Werder defender.

70 min:

A corner kick from Frankfurt brings nothing, the ball lands in the hands of Pavlenka.

Werder Bremen in the live ticker against Eintracht Frankfurt: Maximilian Philipp new in the game

66 min:

Kolo Muani has to go on the Eintracht side, but Borré is new to the game.

New to Werder are Philipp for Stage and Buchanan for Jung.

65 min:

Stark remains lying after a duel with Kolo Muani with a pained face, but can then get up again.

62 min:

The Frankfurt defensive bulwark is still positioned in front of the penalty area and does not give Werder any gaps, sometimes dangerous in the direction of Keeper Trapp's goal.

Bremen can only pass the balls and at least gain some ball security.

But nothing more.

60 min:

An hour has passed and Werder still couldn't record a shot on the Eintracht goal.

Neither Ducksch nor Füllkrug are fed good balls or can get into good positions.

57 min:

After a corner, Werder wants to counterattack quickly in the form of Füllkrug, but the Bremen striker is knocked over by a shirt pull from Max.

The newcomer to Eintracht receives a yellow card for this.

54 min:

Can Werder find an answer to the 0-2 deficit?

As in the first half, Bremen scored another early goal.

Werder Bremen in the live ticker against Eintracht Frankfurt: Randal Kolo Muani extends the Frankfurt lead

52 minutes: Goal for Frankfurt.

Kolo Muani makes it 2-0.

After a cross from Max, Knauff is the focus.

Pavlenka parried his header, but the ball bounced back in front of Knauff's feet.

He plays the leather to Kolo Muani, who only has to push in.

49 min:

What was that?!

Jung hits the long ball, but his cross fails completely, finds no buyer and ends up on the side.

47 min:

Now there is the first corner kick for Werder.

However, the corner brings nothing, Frankfurt can clear the ball directly.

46 min: And now referee Dankert whistles for the second half!

There is no change.

Werder Bremen in the live ticker against Eintracht Frankfurt: Pause deficit due to Marco Friedl's own goal

7:18 p.m .: And now it’s a break!

Maybe that will help Werder to clear their heads.

The Bremen team hardly takes place offensively.

So far, Frankfurt has been able to rely on Friedl's own goal and occasional pin pricks up front, but above all on a strong defensive performance.

45 min +2:

Lindström breaks through on the left and places his heel on the advancing Max.

He plays the ball back to Lindström, who takes the ball briefly and then shoots over the goal.

45 min:

Werder just doesn't know where to put the ball.

Offensive actions do not come about, but this is also due to the defensive network of Frankfurt, which lets almost nothing burn.

42 min:

Stark hits a long ball from his own half at the level of the center circle.

But far too unplaced, the game device ends up with the Frankfurters.

39 min:

In a duel with Kolo Muani, Stark brings down the Eintracht striker.

There is the fifth yellow card for that - and Stark will miss next week against Bochum.

The resulting free kick for Frankfurt brings nothing.

38 min:

Kolo Muani's corner kick finds its buyer in Ndicka.

But his header strays over the goal of Werder keeper Pavlenka.

37 min:

Again there is a free kick for Eintracht.

However, Max plays the ball directly to his three teammates in front of him, who seem visibly surprised.

Bremen couldn't get the ball out of the penalty area, Eintracht got a corner kick.

34 min:

Just under ten minutes until half-time and Werder still can't score a single shot on goal.

All offensive efforts are not compelling enough or are already nipped in the bud by the Frankfurters.

32 min:

Gruev gets the free kick for Werder.

Ducksch is allowed to shoot, but the ball lands directly with Frankfurt.

Goal risk looks different of course.

Werder Bremen in the live ticker against Eintracht Frankfurt: Early deficit, but Bremen are now better in the game

30 minutes:

Pieper warms up at Werder.

Presumably because Stark had previously collided with Pavlenka.

28 min:

Stage loses the ball as it moves forward, Max switches quickly and crosses the ball into the Bremen penalty area.

Knauff finds his ball, but his header is not placed enough and does not pose a challenge for Pavlenka.

27 min:

Long ball from Frankfurt to Max, who rushes towards Pavlenka's goal.

The Werder keeper gets the ball in front of Frankfurt, punches it away and clears away teammate Stark.

25 min:

Werder still lacks a clear game idea.

The Frankfurters are increasingly determining what is happening in the center circle, and they also dare to venture into half of Bremen.

So far that's enough.

22nd min:

Kolo Muani makes the Bremen defenders look old and refuels on the outside lane near the Bremen penalty area.

At the last moment, however, the ball is cleared and Werder scores a goal kick.

19 min:

And what about Werder's offensive efforts?

Schmid hits a cross that lands right in the arms of Eintracht keeper Trapp.

18 min:

Frankfurt tries to extend the lead.

Long balls into the Bremen penalty area, however, find no buyers, meanwhile the Bremen defense has arrived in the game.

16 min:

At least Werder was able to calm things down a bit in the end.

So far, however, Bremen have not come up with their own offensive actions.

11 min:

What's going on with Werder?

Instead of reacting to the deficit, Frankfurt is invited to score goals.

Kamada runs alone to Pavlenka, but clearly warps.

9 min:

How does Werder react to the early deficit?

The stabbing in his own penalty area led to a goal, now a quick answer is needed.

Werder Bremen in the live ticker against Eintracht Frankfurt: Marco Friedl hits his own goal

7 minutes: Goal for Frankfurt.

After a free kick by Max, the ball comes into the Bremen penalty area.

Jakic plays the ball in the middle at the second post.

Friedl wants to clarify before the Frankfurters and becomes an unlucky raven.

The ball rolls into Pavlenka's goal.

6 min:

Werder is still trying to build up the game in an orderly manner, Frankfurt is trying to exert pressure.

A clear goal chance is still missing on both sides.

4. Min:

That could have been something for Frankfurt.

Lindström runs up the flank and plays the ball into Werder's penalty area, but is able to clear Bremen's defence.

2. Min:

Slow approach in midfield, both teams want to gain security first.

1. Min: And now referee Bastian Dankert releases the ball!

Werder Bremen in the live ticker against Eintracht Frankfurt: The ball rolls!

6:22 p.m .:

Everything is set for a hopefully high-quality and exciting game.

Maybe even Tim-Justin Dietrich can get involved later.

The 20-year-old from Werder's second team is in the squad for the first time in the Bundesliga.

6:17 p.m .:

The clash between Werder and Frankfurt is of course also the direct showdown between Niclas Füllkrug and Randal Kolo Muani. With his 13 goals, Bremen still leads the top scorer list in the 1st Bundesliga, Frankfurt is the top scorer throughout League.

In addition to his nine goals, there are also 13 assists.

6:13 p.m .:

"We must not make the same mistakes as in the first leg," emphasizes Werner.

One would have learned from the 3: 4 against Frankfurt at the end of August 2022.

Werder can then prove that on the pitch in just under 15 minutes.

Werder Bremen in the live ticker against Eintracht Frankfurt: Werder coach Ole Werner calls for “good team cohesion”

6:11 p.m .:

“We only look at ourselves,” said Werder coach Ole Werner in a Sky interview.

You still need 12-13 points to stay up in the league.

For the game against Frankfurt, Werner expects "good team spirit" and hopes Romano Schmid will also give him important impetus on the flank.

6:09 p.m .:

The team of Werder coach Ole Werner wants to tear down Glasner’s personal series against Bremen today.

Glasner was able to win his last four players as a coach in the 1st Bundesliga against Werder.

6:06 p.m .:

Glasner hopes for advantages against Werder’s three-man chain and speaks of his team’s speed.

Above all, Vice World Champion Kolo Muani emphasizes Frankfurt's coach.

Glasner finds praise for Werder's life insurance company with built-in goal guarantee, Niclas Füllkrug.

The respect is there, but not fear.

6:03 p.m .:

And now Eintracht coach Glasner is interviewed by Sky.

"If things go the way we did in the first leg, we would of course be satisfied," says the Frankfurt coach, referring to the 4-3 win in the first half of the season.

At that time, the offensive quartet Götze, Kolo Muani, Lindström and Kamada were in the starting eleven together for the first time.

Werder wants to do better today and nip Frankfurt's offensive urge in the bud if possible.

6:00 p.m .:

Sure, Werder should be warned about all the offensive power of Eintracht anyway.

But one player in the Frankfurt squad particularly likes to score against Bremen.

We're talking about 2014 world champion Mario Götze.

Götze has scored seven goals against Werder in the 1st Bundesliga so far.

Only against HSV did he score as often in the upper house of football.

5:55 p.m .:

Frankfurt’s overall record in the football upper house against Werder is negative.

At the same time, however, Eintracht has not celebrated more victories against any other team in the 1st Bundesliga than against Bremen.

Werder, on the other hand, has only won against one other team more often in the top tier of German football than against Frankfurt: namely against Schalke.

There were even 46 wins against the miners.

5:50 p.m .:

Werder and Frankfurt have met 103 times in the 1st Bundesliga so far.

From Bremen's point of view there were 43 wins, 23 draws and 37 defeats.

The goal difference also falls in favor of Werder, namely 163:154.

5.45 p.m .:

Referee Bastian Dankert will referee the game today.

He is assisted by Marcel Unger and Frederick Assmuth.

The video assistant is Pascal Müller, VAR assistant is Henrik Bramlage.

Werder Bremen in the live ticker against Eintracht Frankfurt: The line-ups are there

5:39 p.m .:

At Eintracht from Frankfurt, the following players have to watch the game from the reserve bench first: Ramaj (ET), Buta, Chandler, Hasebe, Lenz, Smolcic, Alario, Alidou, Borré.

5:33 p.m .:

The following kickers have to sit on the Werder bench for the time being: Zetterer (ET), Pieper, Buchanan, Chiarodia, Philipp, Salifou, Dinkci, Berger, Dietrich.

Agu, Groß, Bittencourt, Mbom and Weiser are missing.

5:31 p.m .: In Frankfurt, the following players are in the starting eleven: Trapp – Tuta, Jakic, Ndicka – Knauff, Kamada, Sow, Max – Lindström, Götze – Kolo Muani.

5:28 p.m .: And this is how Werder plays today: Pavlenka – Schmid, Stark, Veljkovic – Friedl, Jung, Gruev – Schmidt, Stage, Ducksch, Füllkrug.


Werder Bremen

 in the 

live ticker


Eintracht Frankfurt

: The kick-off in the SGE's Deutsche Bank Park is this Saturday at 6.30 p.m., the

 live ticker

 starts here at around 5.30 p.m. with the starting 

XI line-ups

 of both teams.

All goals, news and information will be available here - today everything is live in the live ticker of the 



The preliminary report:

Speed ​​as a danger: Werder Bremen coach Ole Werner warns against Eintracht Frankfurt


Werder Bremen

is visiting

Eintracht Frankfurt

on the 21st match day of the Bundesliga (Saturday, 6:30 p.m. in the

DeichStube live ticker


Werder coach Ole Werner warns in particular about the speed of the SGE - the preliminary report of the DeichStube.

Bremen – One currently leads the scorer list in the Bundesliga with nine goals and 13 assists, while the other determines the beat and rhythm in his team’s game, which he has undoubtedly raised to a new level in terms of football this season.

So it's no wonder that before

Werder Bremen's away game at Eintracht Frankfurt

(Saturday, 6.30 p.m. in the

live ticker

of the


) two of the opponent's pros are in focus:

Randal Kolo Muani

and Mario Götze.

A lot will depend on how well Bremen manages to narrow the circles of the French center forward and the German world champion of 2014.

Of course, this is also Werder's head coach

Ole Werner

aware - but the 34-year-old also knows that there is a lot of power and speed on his team.

Werder Bremen vs. Eintracht Frankfurt in the live ticker: Ole Werner warns of Randal Kolo Muani's speed

"There's a lot more than that," says

Ole Werner

about top performers from

Eintracht Frankfurt

and rattles off the names Lindström, Kamada, Rode and Sow.

Conclusion: "It's a team with very high quality, which now has a lot of top players." Europe-wide, the


is one of the best teams for Werner in the current season.

The reigning Europa League winner is currently in the round of 16 of the Champions League, receiving SSC Naples in the first leg on Tuesday evening.

As a chance for

Werder Bremen

sieht Werner das glanzvolle Duell in der Königsklasse nicht. „Ich glaube nicht, dass das Neapel-Spiel einen Einfluss haben wird“, betont er. Auch Eintracht-Coach Oliver Glasner versichert: „Natürlich beschäftigen wir uns im Trainerteam schon seit Wochen mit Neapel. Aber mit der Mannschaft haben wir in dieser Woche nur über Bremen gesprochen.“ Zumal Frankfurt nach der jüngsten 0:3-Pleite beim 1. FC Köln, der ersten im laufenden Kalenderjahr, durchaus etwas geradezurücken hat.

Auch interessant: So sehen Fans das Bundesliga-Spiel Werder Bremen gegen Eintracht Frankfurt live im TV und im Livestream!

Sieben Mal in Serie hatten die Hessen seit Anfang November zuvor nicht verloren, hatten in diesem Zeitraum stolze 15 Punkte eingesammelt und sich in der Spitzengruppe der Tabelle festgesetzt. „Die Mannschaft ist defensiv sehr gut organisiert, hat ein gutes Umschaltspiel und ist sehr variabel in eigenem Ballbesitz“, lobt Ole Werner, der sich nach dem 3:4 im Hinspiel vom hohen Tempo des Gegners beeindruckt zeigte. „Da haben wir in gewissen Situationen Grenzen aufgezeigt bekommen“, erinnert sich der Trainer des SV Werder Bremen. „Unsere Aufgabe in Frankfurt wird es jetzt sein, diese Geschwindigkeit als Gemeinschaft zu verteidigen. Das ist der Schlüssel, um erfolgreich sein zu können.“ Ein weiterer könnte die Frankfurter Schwäche bei gegnerischen Standards sein. Allein sieben Gegentore kassierte die SGE nach Eckbällen, was der schlechteste Wert in der Liga ist. Dazu kommen vier Gegentreffer nach Freistößen sowie je einer nach einem direkten Freistoß und einem Einwurf. „Es ist sicherlich ein Thema, das man vorbereitet“, sagt Werner, „das tun wir aber vor jedem Spiel“.

Werder Bremen im Live-Ticker gegen Eintracht Frankfurt: Zurück in die Erfolgsspur?

One thing is clear: After the defeat against Dortmund (0:2),

Werder Bremen

want to get back on the road to success immediately against Eintracht Frankfurt.

The necessary self-confidence is there and justified: "We've already shown that we can hurt almost any team in this league if we put 100 percent on the pitch," emphasizes Ole Werner, who sold out


Frankfurt Stadium, floodlights, evening game - just looking forward to "a great away game".


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