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Both initial phases overslept: Werder Bremen loses at FC Augsburg


SV Werder Bremen lost the Bundesliga game at FC Augsburg 1-2 (1-1). The Bremen team conceded their fifth defeat in the last six away games. The game report of the DeichStube.

SV Werder Bremen lost the Bundesliga game at FC Augsburg 1-2 (1-1).

The Bremen team conceded their fifth defeat in the last six away games.

The game report of the DeichStube.

Augsburg – With an away win at

FC Augsburg

, SV Werder Bremen

could have taken

another big step towards

staying up in

the Bundesliga

, but nothing came of it on Saturday afternoon


After an overall poor performance against an opponent who was anything but overpowering, the team of head coach Ole Werner suffered a 1:2 (1:1) defeat.

Especially at the beginning of the two halves, the guests had presented themselves extremely sleepy, offensively too often lacked the penetrating power.

With 30 points still on the account, Werder still has a reassuring eleven point lead over the relegation place. 

Compared to the 3-0 win against VfL Bochum, Ole Werner had to make a change to his starting eleven: Ilia Gruev replaced the ailing Milos Veljkovic in the team against FC Augsburg


sorted himself into defensive midfield.

Christian Groß, on the other hand,

played as a midfielder at

Werder Bremen in the past few weeks, and represented Veljkovic in the middle of the back three.

Mitchell Weiser (on the bench) and Niklas Stark (suspended against Bochum, now ill) were still missing from Bremen's starting line-up, which was under pressure shortly after the kick-off.

Marco Friedl misjudges, Dion Beljo remains cold as ice: Werder Bremen falls behind against FC Augsburg early on

Werder Bremen

goalkeeper Jiri Pavlenka let a cross from


Ruben Vargas slip through his hands and was very lucky that Dion Beljo was too surprised at the far post to be able to finish in a controlled manner (2').

It was a scene that marked the start of a highly entertaining first half - with two goals in total and numerous errors by both sides.

Just a few seconds after Beljo's chance, Niclas Füllkrug almost gave Werder the lead, but his shot towards the long corner failed at FCA goalkeeper Rafal Gikiewicz, who provoked the Bremen pros and fans in the 1-0 first leg with provocations palm tree had brought (3.).

It continued with this rhythm: After five minutes,

Dion Beljo

had the next good chance and this time he took it.

Marco Friedl, captain of

SV Werder Bremen

, completely misjudged a long ball, canceled the offside and gave his opponent far too much space - 1-0 for FC


With this result, coach Enrico Maassen's team had won their last three home games.

But this time it shouldn't give her any security.

On the contrary.

After Renato Veiga played the ball straight into Niklas Schmidt's feet in his own penalty area, the Bremen player should have equalized, but he aimed wide of the far post.

Incidentally, much to the annoyance of teammate Marvin Ducksch, who would have been very happy about a simple cross pass directly in front of Gikiewicz (10th).

After the cold shower against FC Augsburg, Jens Stage immediately equalized for Werder Bremen

After all: Bremen had now arrived in the game, took more and more control of the pitch in this phase and rewarded themselves with a quick equalizer.

After Gikiewicz and FCA captain Jeffrey Gouweleeuw made a serious misunderstanding in the 16th minute and let Leonardo Bittencourt's cross through,

Jens Stage

easily headed in at the far post to make it 1-1.

As a result, the guests could have done better against faulty Augsburgers, but did not act compellingly enough in the last third.

Shortly before the break , Werder Bremen

made a move

then with their own dropouts on the defensive life difficult.

After a mistake co-produced by Amos Pieper and Groß in his own penalty area, Pavlenka had to save against Demirovic (38').

A little later, the goalkeeper shot the

FC Augsburg

striker , whereupon the ball bounced towards the empty goal before Pavlenka intercepted it (42'). 

The second half then began basically like the first: with sleepy Bremeners.

Exactly 30 seconds after the restart, Arne Maier made it 2-1 for

FC Augsburg

(46') after a pass from Demirovic.

The goal was preceded by a long ball, with which the guests were once again not up to par (46th).

So it stays the same: dropouts and uncertainties right after the restart run through the Bremen season.

FC Augsburg's early goal in the second half shocked Werder Bremen for a long time

After falling behind again, the guests needed some time to get a little more structure back into their game.

This was quite successful, but it did not bring to light any compelling offensive actions.

Coach Ole Werner

reacted after 68 minutes

and brought in fresh staff: Mitchell Weiser celebrated his comeback after an ankle injury and came on for the ailing Bittencourt, Romano Schmid replaced Stage.

With the addition of the offensive powers Maximilian Philipp (for Ducksch) and Eren Dinkci (for Anthony Jung), Werner even put everything on one card after 79 minutes, wanting the impending defeat against a by no means outstanding FC


definitely turn away.

Shortly thereafter, Niklas Schmidt had a chance with a long-range shot after a pass from Ilia Gruev - Gikiewicz defused his attempt from around 20 meters in the follow-up (82').

Werder Bremen

then called for a penalty in added time

after Mitchell Weiser collided with Maximilian Bauer.

Referee Felix Zwayer allowed the game to continue and blew the whistle after 94 minutes.


SV Werder Bremen:

 Pavlenka - Pieper, Groß, Friedl - Bittencourt (68. Weiser), Gruev, Jung (79. Dinkci) - Schmidt, Stage (68. Schmid) - Füllkrug, Ducksch (79. Philipp)

Read the game in the live ticker:

Werder Bremen in the live ticker against FC Augsburg: it's over!

Werder narrowly loses in Augsburg




5:25 p.m .: This is a very annoying defeat from Bremen’s point of view, who had various chances to take the lead, especially in the first half.

In the second half, Werder then slept through the start again, fell behind early on and subsequently found no remedy against deep and cleverly defending hosts.

5:24 p.m .: It’s over!

Werder loses 1-2 at FC Augsburg!

90. +3 min:

Now Weiser Demirovic fouls and Zwayer whistles.

The Bremer Bank then sees a yellow card because of a complaint that was too loud.

90. +2 min:

Weiser dribbles energetically into the penalty area, but probably lets himself fall too theatrically.

90 min:

 The last minute of regular time is running.

Can Werder somehow still make the lucky punch?

There are four minutes of stoppage time.

89 min:

 In the penalty area it's over for Bremen.

Pieper's long-range shot is okay, but again not a serious threat to Gikiewicz.

87 min:

Corner for Werder, which ends up at Dinkci via detours.

But he gets stuck in the crowd with his shot attempt.

The Bremen fans tirelessly cheer on their team loudly.

85 min:

Philipp tries it from a distance, but that's too harmless to seriously embarrass Gikiewicz.

84 min:

Yeboah catches Pavlenka on the head with the toe of the shoe.

It hurts, but it goes on immediately.

82 min:

Nice pass from Gruev to Schmidt.

He pulls from a distance, Gikiewicz has the ball in the follow-up.

80 min:

Next double change at Werder: Eren Dinkci and Maximilian Philipp come into the game for Jung and Ducksch.

What's up?!

79 min:

And then Bremen make it into the penalty area with a good attack, but Füllkrug completely misses the shot.

78 min:

Werder now have much more possession of the ball, but Bremen are no longer able to create clear chances against Augsburg, who are defending deep in the 5-2-3 system.

76 min:

Ducksch tries again with a direct acceptance.

But the ball flies far next to the Augsburg housing.

75 min:

Finally another degree for Werder!

Schmidt releases Ducksch, whose concealed shot with the left rolls clearly past the right post.

72 min:

Bremen have to be careful not to concede the third goal.

Berisha can't complete a promising counterattack because Baumgartlinger's pass is a bit too imprecise.

After that, Yeboah comes into play for Beljo.

70 min:

Werder is now trying to structure - but Schmid inserts himself in the center with a bad hacking pass.

68 min:

Double change at Werder – Schmid and Weiser come for goal scorer Stage and Bittencourt.

FCA also make two substitutions - Iago and Berisha come on for Pedersen and Vargas.

65 min:

The Bremen player continues to limp.

64 min:


Bittencourt unhappily buckles after a foul by Pedersen and has to be treated.

The Augsburg native also sees the yellow card quite rightly.

61st Min:

And the next clear yellow card for Groß, who comes much too late in the duel against Demirovic and clears it accordingly.

Werder Bremen in the live ticker against FC Augsburg: Now there are many yellow cards

60 min:

That was overdue!

Bittencourt picks up his yellow card after his umpteenth foul.

58 min:

Tricky scene in the Augsburg penalty area.

Gruev tips the ball past Beljo, who is somehow still on it, but also hits Gruev's foot.

There is a throw-in for Werder – the VAR does not intervene either.

Perhaps there could have been a penalty for Bremen...

56 min:

Bittencourt is cleared rustically by Pedersen.

However, the following free kick from Ducksch was far too long and does not pose any danger.

55 min:

Unlike Bremen, the hosts changed again during the break - Julian Baumgartlinger came on for Niklas Dorsch.

54 min:

Werder is now far too open at the back.

Jung can just clear a dangerous counterattack by FCA to a corner.

Werder can clarify this by joining forces.

51 min:

Is that annoying!

This is by no means the first time this season that Werder completely missed the start after half-time.

Bremen have to chase a deficit again.

49 min:

Gouweleeuw tries it from a distance, but Pavlenka deflects the ball over the crossbar.

The following corner brings nothing.

48 min:

Schmidt suddenly appears completely free in the penalty area, but hesitates for far too long with the conclusion.

There was significantly more dirn.

47 min:

Is that sleepy!

Werder falls asleep completely and falls behind again early on.

Vargas puts a long ball on Demirovic, who puts it across to Maier and stays cool in front of Pavlenka - 1: 2 from Bremen's point of view.

46 min: Niclas Füllkrug can continue!

And there's another cold shower for Werder!

2: 1 for Augsburg!

Werder Bremen in the live ticker against FC Augsburg: The second half is on

46 min: The ball rolls again – the second half is on!

16.34 min:

Stats bite: Stage's equalizer was Werder's ninth header of the current season.

This makes Bremen one of the best in the league!

4:32 p.m .:

Can Niclas Füllkrug continue?

We'll find out soon...

4.30 p.m.:

Finally a moment to take a deep breath!

A bit of valerian tea is poured here first and then it can continue straight away.

4:26 p.m .:

The injured Augsburg Elvis Rexhbecaj is at the Sky microphone at halftime.

He says clearly: "Due to the fact that there are a lot of mistakes on both sides, both teams have numerous chances.

But both teams are stepping on the gas, the atmosphere is great.

That makes you want to start the second half.” We can agree with that!

4:17 p.m .:

And then it’s halftime!

With 1:1 it goes into the cabins.

Werder didn't let themselves be unsettled by Beljo's early deficit and quickly equalized.

After a carelessness in Augsburg, Jens Stage switched the fastest and nodded off to make it 1-1.

In a very entertaining game, Werder in particular had numerous opportunities to take the lead, but all of them were missed.

But Augsburg also occasionally come dangerously in front of Pavlenka's goal, often favored by blatant individual mistakes by Bremen.

45. +1 min:

The filling jug lies injured on the ground and frantically waves to the medical staff.

He's holding his stomach.

That doesn't look good at first.

The striker is treated.

45 min:

Augsburg takes a free kick quickly.

A cross lands at Vargas via detours.

His header from an acute angle rushes just past the Bremen goal.


44 min:

Now Ilia Gruev tries it from 25 meters away.

His shot from a central position rushed a meter wide of the goal.

Werder Bremen in the live ticker against FC Augsburg: usurious opportunities on both sides!

43 min:

Pavlenka hesitates with the ball at his foot for far too long.

His tee shot is from Demirovic and almost lands in the goal.

Pavlenka is just able to prevent the impact.

42 min:

Füllkrug refuels through the left side of the Augsburg penalty area and is free in front of Gikiewicz, but his shot with the Pieke is just blocked.

40 min:

The next direct countermove leads to an Augsburg degree by Vargas, which Pavlenka can fend off again.

39 min:

Bad pass from Amos Pieper, which Groß only gets with his toe.

The ball lands on Ermedin Demirovic, who runs towards goal alone.

Pavlenka parried his shot.

In direct return, Bittencourt plays a pass from the right into the back room, but it lacks the final sharpness.

Ducksch lets the ball through for Schmidt, but an Augsburger can clarify.

36 min:

Werder's pressing has worked really well so far today.

The Augsburgers hardly ever get into dangerous switching actions.

34 min:

First change of the game: The yellow-red endangered Veiga has to go down.

Maximilian Bauer comes into the game for him.

33 min:

After a Ducksch free kick, Stage comes to an end again, but his conclusion is cleared for a corner.

31 min:

After a long time, the hosts finish again - but Vargas clearly warps.

30 min:

Great ball conquest by Niklas Schmidt, then Ilia Gruev is cleared by Gouweleeuw.

Free kick for Werder!

The Ducksch flank that follows sails over friend and foe alike and lands in the arms of Gikiewicz.

29 min:

Next big chance for Werder!

After a fine one-two and an air hole from Gumny, Ducksch is suddenly free in front of Gikiewicz, but then makes a hook that puts Gumny in the draw again - corner!

However, it brings nothing.

28 min:

Renato Veiga sees the first yellow card of the game after preventing Bittencourt from executing a quick throw-in.

27 min:

Now Werder captain Friedl is there too – and clears resolutely against the busy Vargas!

24 min:

Ahhh, Ducksch completes a nice header extension from Füllkrug much too hastily.

With a little more patience, this could have resulted in a promising majority situation.

20 minutes:

Christian Groß fouls Ruben Vargas.

Then there is a small tussle between Bittencourt and Demirovic.

But there are no tickets.

Werder Bremen in the live ticker against FC Augsburg: Jens Stage quickly compensates for the early deficit

18 min:

It is important that Werder quickly equalizes here.

Bremen didn't let themselves be thrown off course by the early deficit, but instead played happily forward.

17 min: That was a nice attack that equalized!

First a nice one-two between Gruev and Stage in midfield.

Then the ball lands at Ducksch, who shifts the action to the right.

Gikiewicz and Gouweleeuw, who have been so strong so far, are completely at odds with Bittencourt's actually harmless cross.

The beneficiary is Stage, who only needs to nod off.

16 minutes: Goooooooor for Werder!

The compensation by Jens Stage!

14 min:

So far there has been a lot going on here.

It goes back and forth.

Werder already had two big things, but so far only the hosts, who scored a goal from their only real chance, have been ice cold.

10 min:

Catastrophic bad pass from central defender Veiga in his own penalty area - directly into the feet of Niklas Schmidt, who can choose the corner - or even has to put it across to Ducksch, who is better placed.

But Schmidt tries it himself. However, his shot is not in the right place and is defused by Gikiewicz.

That should have been the balance!

7. Min:

To make matters worse, the Werder captain had previously canceled the offside in the wide ball …

Werder Bremen in the live ticker against FC Augsburg: cold shower by Dion Beljo!

6. Min:

And that's how it went - a long shot from the Augsburg half lands on Beljo, for whom Friedl leaves far too much space.

The Augsburg striker then finishes perfectly with a sharp low shot into the far corner - 0:1 from Bremen's point of view!

Pieper and Pavlenka can only watch the ball afterwards.

5 minutes: Goal for Augsburg!

3. Min:

Werder answers promptly - and almost takes the lead!

A Bittencourt cross reaches Füllkrug rather accidentally, whose low shot directs Gikiewicz around the post to the corner.


Danger in the Bremen penalty area: Vargas tanks himself through a cross on the left, Pavlenka lets the ball slide through unorthodoxly and is lucky that Beljo misses the ball at the far post.

2. Min:

Special attention is required today.

It plays red (FCA) against pink (Werder).

Werder Bremen in the live ticker against FC Augsburg: kick-off – the game is on

1. Min:


The game is on!

3:28 p.m .:

Now the players come out onto the lawn!

It's done, let's go!

3:22 p.m .:

Curious: “Lifelong Green and White” is currently running in the Augsburg WWK Arena, which was sold out with 30,660 spectators.

Someone wants to reassure Bremen... The 3,500 Werder fans who traveled should be happy.

3:20 p.m .:

Werder coach Ole Werner pays tribute to the opponent: “They have increased again after the winter – also thanks to many newcomers.

We know what's coming, it's going to be very uncomfortable.” Despite the absences, his team is still well staffed.

3:19 p.m .:

Augsburg coach Enrico Maaßen speaks on the Sky microphone of a “big challenge” against “a very good Werder team” today.

He emphasizes: "We need an excellent team performance to take something with us here today."

3:13 p.m .:

 There are also some direct duels in the fight for relegation on the program in other places in the Bundesliga today: Bochum welcomes Schalke at the bottom at 3:30 p.m., Mainz plays at the same time against the troubled Hoffenheim team.

3:09 p.m .:

 Referee of today’s game is Felix Zwayer.

He will be assisted by Marco Achmüller and René Rohde, fourth official is Martin Petersen.

Daniel Siebert sits in the Cologne basement as video referee (VAR), Jan Seidel is VAR assistant.

Werder Bremen in the live ticker against FC Augsburg: Referee Felix Zwayer directs the game

3:04 p.m .:

Well, who has already read our show-off knowledge today?

Not yet?


Here's a little statistical treat: Leo Bittencourt is celebrating his 222nd Bundesliga appearance today.

The 29-year-old also meets FC Augsburg for the tenth time.

He has yet to score a goal against FCA.

Today wouldn't be a bad time...

2:58 p.m .:

In the Bundesliga table, the Augsburgers are in 13th place with 24 points. Coach Enrico Maaßen’s team failed to move further from the relegation zone in the 2-0 defeat at Hertha BSC.

Werder, in ninth place in the table, has a six-point lead over FCA and eleven points over the relegation zone.

2:53 p.m .:

Werder, on the other hand, recently sold less strongly away from home.

After Bremen remained unbeaten in the first five away games of this Bundesliga season (three wins, two draws), since then they have lost four in five away games.

2:51 p.m .:

Watch out, Werder: Augsburg won all three Bundesliga home games in 2023 – all 1-0.

The Fuggerstadt team last managed a longer home win series in autumn 2014 (five at the time, club record).

They have never conceded more than three home games in a row in their Bundesliga history.

2.45 p.m .:

 Some players are also missing from the opponent from Augsburg: Andre Hahn has to pass because of cartilage damage, Elvis Rexhbecaj (torn muscle fiber in the calf), Fredrik Jensen (ankle), Tobias Strobl (torn cruciate ligament) and Felix Uduokhai (muscle injury) can only watch .

Augsburg striker Mergim Berisha struggled with muscle problems during the week and is only on the bench.

2.40 p.m .:

 Weiser is sitting on the Bremer bench after surviving the outer ligament injury.

Just like Romano Schmid, whose fitness level is not yet at a top level after his injury.

2:39 p.m .:

The Fuggerstadt squad is completed as follows: Koubek, Berisha, Baumgartlinger, Caligiuri, Iago, Bauer, Mbuku, Yeboah, Cardona.

2:37 p.m .:

 This is Werders Bank – with some U23 players: Zetterer – Chiarodia, Dietrich – Berger, Weiser, Schmid – Philipp, Dinkci.

2:34 p.m .: And this is how FC Augsburg plays: Gikiewicz – Gumny, Gouweleeuw, Veiga, Pedersen – Maier, Engels, Dorsch, Vargas – Demirovic, Beljo.

Werder Bremen in the live ticker against FC Augsburg: the starting XI line-ups are here!

2:32 p.m .:

That’s bitter!

In addition to Niklas Stark and Lee Buchanan, central defender Milos Veljkovic is also absent due to illness.

Felix Agu (patellar tendon), Manuel Mbom and Dikeni Salifou (both calf problems) are still missing.

Coach Ole Werner only changes one position in his starting eleven compared to the Bochum game: Christian Groß moves into the center of defense for the sick Stark, Ilia Gruev should take over his sixth position.

2.30 p.m .: And there is the Werder line-up: Pavlenka – Pieper, Groß, Friedl – Bittencourt, Gruev, Jung – Stage, Schmidt – Ducksch, Füllkrug

14.15 Uhr: Moin aus der DeichStube! In gut einer Stunde geht es in der WWK-Arena los, Werder ist zu Gast beim FC Augsburg! Hier wird es schon in wenigen Minuten aufregend, dann dürften nämlich die mit Spannung erwarteten Aufstellungen eintrudeln!

Der SV Werder Bremen im Live-Ticker gegen den FC Augsburg: Anpfiff in der WWK-Arena ist am heutigen Samstag um 15.30 Uhr, der Liveticker startet hier gegen 14.30 Uhr mit den Startelf-Aufstellungen beider Mannschaften. Alle Tore, News und Infos gibt es dann hier - heute alles live im Live-Ticker der DeichStube.

Zum Vorbericht:

„Wollen weiter sein als im Hinspiel“: Gegen den FC Augsburg tat sich Werder Bremen häufig schwer - klappt es diesmal besser?

Bremen – Eine gewisse Note Pragmatismus kann ja manchmal nicht schaden, wenn knifflige Herausforderungen anstehen. So wie jetzt, wenn der SV Werder Bremen zum Tabellen-13. FC Augsburg reist (Samstag, 15.30 Uhr im DeichStube-Liveticker). Die Süddeutschen waren zuletzt nämlich ziemlich heimstark, haben die vergangenen drei Partien vor eigenem Publikum allesamt mit 1:0 gewonnen. Wie also knackt man am besten solch ein Team? „Indem wir mehr Tore schießen als die letzten Gegner und möglichst eins weniger kassieren“, meint Werders Trainer Ole Werner und lächelt.

Was simpel klingelt, ist logischerweise alles andere als das. „Augsburg ist von der ganzen Intensität eine Mannschaft, die unbequem ist, unangenehm spielt – ähnlich wie zuletzt Bochum vom Ansatz her“, hat Ole Werner beobachtet, wenngleich der Trainer des SV Werder Bremen auf eine andere Grundordnung oder eine höhere Qualität in der Breite des Kaders verweist. „Für uns wird es darum gehen, läuferisch und im Zweikampfverhalten sowie bei Standardsituationen defensiv sehr aufmerksam zu sein“, fordert der 34-Jährige. „Darüber hinaus geht es darum, gegen eine Mannschaft, die sehr aggressiv presst und die viel versucht, dich in direkte Zweikämpfe zu verwickeln, Räume zu öffnen und diese gezielt zu bespielen.“ Und nach der 0:1-Niederlage aus dem ersten Vergleich mit dem FC Augsburg hegt Werner ganz besonders einen Wunsch: „Wir wollen weiter sein als im Hinspiel.“

Werder Bremen gegen den FC Augsburg im Liveticker: Bremer verloren drei der letzten vier Duelle

Damals hatte die spielerische Klasse mitunter gefehlt, am Ende entwickelte sich eine ebenso hektische wie hitzige Partie, die in einem verschossenen Elfmeter von Marvin Ducksch samt späterem Stress mit FC-Augsburg-Torhüter Rafal Gikiewicz gipfelte. Alles Schnee von gestern, wenn es nachWerner geht. „Was uns für ein Spiel erwartet, das wissen wir. Dass es emotional werden kann. Dass es auch viel um Zweikämpfe geht. Das ist alles keine Überraschung“, unterstreicht der Trainer des SV Werder Bremen. „Es geht ums nächste Fußballspiel und da konzentrieren wir uns auf die Dinge, die wir gut machen müssen.“ 

So könnte die Startelf-Aufstellung des SV Werder Bremen gegen den FC Augsburg aussehen!

Der Blick in die Vergangenheit interessiert den Übungsleiter da eher wenig. Dabei ist er durchaus bemerkenswert. Die Augsburger gehen vielleicht nicht unbedingt als Angstgegner des SV Werder Bremen durch, aber zumindest ist es einer der unangenehmeren Sorte. In der Bundesliga-Historie haben die Bremer zwar elf von 25 Begegnungen mit dem FC Augsburg gewonnen und zudem drei Unentschieden eingefahren – aber eben auch elf Niederlagen kassiert. Von den vergangenen vier Partien gingen gleich drei Mal die Punkte komplett in die Fuggerstadt.

So sehen Fans das Bundesliga-Spiel zwischen Werder Bremen und dem FC Augsburg live im TV und im Livestream!

Werder Bremen im Live-Ticker gegen den FC Augsburg: 3500 Bremer Fans unterstützen die Grün-Weißen

„Deswegen fahre ich aber weder mit einem besseren oder schlechteren Gefühl dahin als an andere Orte in der Bundesliga“, erklärt Ole Werner und erhält Unterstützung von Clemens Fritz, Werders Leiter Profifußball, der Parallelen zu seiner eigenen Spielerkarriere zieht: „Es gibt schon Stadien, wo man immer gerne hingefahren ist, mit denen man etwas Positives verbindet. Das hängt wahrscheinlich auch mit Erfolgserlebnissen zusammen“, meint der 42-Jährige. „Aber es ist umgekehrt nicht so, dass es Stadien gibt, wo ich ungern hinfahre, weil ich denke: Nee, da will ich nicht spielen.“ Zumal es in der ausverkauften WWK-Arena auch wieder eine unüberhörbare bremische Komponente geben dürfte. Nach Vereinsangaben sind 3500 Fans des SV Werder Bremen

on site to spur on their crew.

And to make sure they score at least one more goal than

FC Augsburg


Very pragmatic.


Source: merkur

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