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Salihamidzic seethes with anger after bankruptcy: "Not what Bayern Munich means"


FC Bayern Munich lost 2-1 at Bayer Leverkusen on matchday 25 of the Bundesliga. We have the votes for the game.

FC Bayern Munich lost 2-1 at Bayer Leverkusen on matchday 25 of the Bundesliga.

We have the votes for the game.

  • Nagelsmann

    on the reasons for the


    : "Some players with zero percent quota"

  • Salihamidzic: "Not what Bayern Munich means"

  • ' Prime example '

    of collaboration between

    referee and VAR

Leverkusen/Munich – FC Bayern lost the game against Bayer Leverkusen 1:2.

This puts the German record champions in second place after the 25th matchday.

The Munich team could not keep up the performance from the Schützenfest in Augsburg and lost by conceding two goals from the penalty spot.

Bayer Leverkusen vs. FC Bayern: Dortmund now in front of Bayern

With a furious 6-1 win against 1. FC Köln on Saturday evening, Borussia Dortmund took over the top of the table and stayed there.

FCB could have straightened out the balance of power with a win in Leverkusen, but they didn't succeed.

What does FCB coach Julian Nagelsmann say about the bitter defeat?

What does Rudi Völler say about the decisions made by DFB coach Hansi Flick?

We summarize the voices for the game Bayern against Leverkusen on the microphones of DAZN.

Hasan Salihamidzic (FC Bayern director of sport) after the game over ...

… the defeat:

“That wasn’t what Bayern Munich means.

We missed everything.

We let ourselves be overrun by a team that was still playing on Thursday.”

... his current emotional state:

"I don't know what these feelings are called."

... the lack of attitude:

"I have rarely experienced so little drive, so little mentality, so little duel, so little assertiveness.

This team is so good when they have a mentality from the start and go 100 percent.

And she's not as good when she's playing like she is today.

When she is lazy and thinks that she can do anything with the playful quality.

She just can't."


Was very angry after Bayern's defeat in Leverkusen: Hasan Salihamidzic.

© Tom Weller/dpa

Julian Nagelsmann (FC Bayern coach) after the game over…

… the two penalties for Leverkusen:

“I saw relatively quickly that both are penalties.

They definitely weren’t swallows.”

… the defeat against Bayer Leverkusen:


Except for the last ten minutes, we were the worse team.

We did a lot on our own: a lot of pressing by ourselves, a lot of free walking by ourselves.

There was little power on the field from us.

We deserved to lose.”

… the reasons for the defeat:

“Today we were pretty sluggish overall.

We won very few duels up front, but also defensively.

We have a few players with a zero percentage quota, so of course it will be difficult, away from home anyway.

And for the fact that we didn't do much defensive work collectively, we were very weak in our own game presentation.

We hardly had phases where we had three or four passes in a row.

We switched at some point, it also took far too long.

In the end we weren't good today and deserved to lose."

… João Cancelo's performance:

"After the change he was in the right ten, generally he should have defended higher.

The communication wasn’t quite right there.”

… the back three:

“In general, I’m a big fan of having good counter security when in possession of the ball.

Bayern were extremely prone to counterattacks for a long time, and we tried to prevent that.

Except for today's penalty, we didn't concede a goal this year.

We also switched relatively, in the tenth minute to a back four.

That was certainly not due to the order today.”

… the international break:

“The few players who are there are being trained and then we have to prepare for Saturday evening from Wednesday (April 1st against BVB, ed.).”

… the upcoming BVB game:

“We definitely have to win, otherwise it will be difficult to win the championship.”


Julian Nagelsmann was extremely dissatisfied with the performance of his team.

© IMAGO/Ralf Treese

Joshua Kimmich (FC Bayern player) after the game over…

… the defeat:

“In general, it wasn’t enough for us in very, very many areas today, but we still go into half-time 1-0.

Then we actually play a better second half, then lose it with two penalties, which is very annoying.

Nevertheless, you have to say that we simply didn't deserve to win today."

… the FCB offensive:

“At the end of the day it is difficult to create ten clear chances to score in every game.

As I said, we're going 1-0 up, so that'll have to be enough.

We still have two or three good chances in the second half.

Leverkusen didn't have that many chances to score either, so they had one or two good counter chances at the back.

As I said, if you're 1-0 up, you have to have the coolness to do it over time."

… the satisfaction at FC Bayern:

“I think because we make a lot of decisions in the two or three weeks after the international break.

We have Dortmund, Freiburg twice, then ManCity and then we'll see where we stand."

... whether the game was a positive warning:

"I don't see anything positive in our game today."


Joshua Kimmich is served by the defeat against Leverkusen.


Thomas Müller (FC Bayern player) after the game over…

… the defeat:

“First of all, you have to say that Leverkusen did very well today.

They were very toxic, they are usually a strong team, but today they were very uncomfortable, especially against the ball.

Unfortunately, we missed out on very little of what made us strong in the last few games.

Then still take the lead with a nice attack in the first half.

Overall, however, the defeat is deserved today.”

… the adjustments during the break:

“Basically, we made some defensive adjustments during half-time.

It took us a bit too long as a team to implement it.

Yes, the stadium was very loud, we didn't have a quiet minute to talk.

Irrespective of that: The people of Leverkusen were simply more poisonous today, more bilious.

What made us stand out in the last few games is what Leverkusen brought to the pitch today.”

… the penalties for Leverkusen:

“Everything was probably correct, wasn’t it?

Yes, of course, clear foul.

We don't need to discuss the referee's performance, we have other problems there."  

… FC Bayern’s positioning:

“Definitely in the Bundesliga where it shouldn’t be.

That was a very important game for us today, we knew that before the game.

But can't show during the 90 minutes today.

We have to ask ourselves a few questions.”

… the BVB game:

“A real hit in our own stadium, but of course we imagined the starting position to be different.

That's logic."

Tobias Stieler (referee) after the game over…

… the VAR decision on the two penalties:

“First of all, you have to say that today was a prime example of the perfect cooperation with the video assistants.

Today was very, very good.

This was my life saver today and also for the life saver game.

Both decisions - I was between two extremes - playing on was never an option for me.

In the first situation, I only see this fall, which was completely atypical, so I decided on Schwalbe, and in the second situation, when you see it from the behind-goal camera, Upamecano slips uncontrollably into the opponent.

Seen from there: Twice on the field next to it, twice many thanks to Cologne to the cellar.”

… the reaction of the teams:

“In the end you have to say: both teams were happy because the right decisions were made.

Thanks from the players of both teams, you don't hear that every day.

My referee soul is crying a bit, but the football world can be satisfied."

… the communication with Adli after the corrected decisions:

“We hugged each other.

Now he promised me the jersey, let's see if it goes down well."

Xabi Alonso (Bayer Leverkusen coach) after the game over…

… his feeling after the win:

“Yes, the feeling is incredible.

We played against one of the best teams in Europe so I'm very happy with this game with our quality and energy."

… the penalties for Leverkusen:

“I think the decisions were right.”

... the performance of his team:

"The equalizer was very important for us, but the energy was there and sometimes it's not just the legs, but also the head.

We played with top energy, it wasn't easy."

… the special role of Robert Andrich:

“We analyzed a lot.

We wanted a player who was flexible in defense and play.

Robert is incredible at understanding his position and I think he enjoyed his position today.”

Julian Nagelsmann (FC Bayern coach) before the game over...

... the CL-Los Manchester City:

"I already said at the PK that it's a demanding lot.

But that also applies from the city's point of view, they won't necessarily be happy about the strength of the opponent either.

If you go very far in the end, maybe make it to the final, maybe win the title, then don't tell anyone that Bayern were lucky in the draw.

I don't think there are any favorites in such a knockout game, that's a lot of form on the day, I said that before PSG.

There are two top teams, so it's the little things that count."

... Contact with Pep Guardiola:

"No, there was none."

... the line-up against Leverkusen:

"Very similar to the last few weeks, we try to play with a double lead.

That has been good for us in the last few weeks.

We always have a slightly different basic structure defensively than we do offensively.

It always depends a bit on what Leverkusen is doing.

We cannot predict it 100 percent.

It may also be a chain of three, but it could also be a chain of four.

Depending on that, we will adjust it offensively.”

... Jamal Musiala's bench:

"Jamal played a lot, was a bit muscular in training, and complained about back pain when he activated today.

He also has two games ahead of him with the DFB, in contrast to Leroy (Sané, ed. Red), so he has to be fit now.

It's just a stress issue."

The probability that it was a player is close to zero.

Julian Nagelsmann, about the mole in the club

... the mole in the club:

"Yes, if we don't find that mole, then there can be no consequences.

In general, it was bizarre that after the PK everyone talked about a player, I didn't even mention the word player.

That's how it's been interpreted.

I never said players, I always spoke of a person.

The probability that it was a player is close to zero.

It must have been one person alone in the room.

To the person who passed it on, this is more than borderline behavior.

Then I also think it has nothing to do with sport when I publish it as a journalist.

I can understand it to some degree, when I have it, that I'm keen to release it.

Nevertheless, you have to think about it a bit, you don't just damage the club in the Bundesliga,

but you also damage the club internationally.

Just think it's absurd to keep digging until I find someone who sends me something and then publish it.

For me, that is the completely wrong way and has nothing to do with sports journalism.


Before the game, Rudi Völler and Julian Nagelsmann gave their opinions on controversial topics.

© IMAGO / Treese and IMAGO/Mladen Lackovic

Xabi Alonso (Bayer Leverkusen coach) before the game over…

… the reunion with FC Bayern:

“The most important thing is on the pitch, the players.

Today we have a top-top game, it's always difficult for us after Europe, but we'll try and we want to play well.

After the game we have time for everything else.”

... the rumor that FCB wanted him as an assistant coach a few years ago:

"Yes, it happened a while ago, but now I'm happy here in Leverkusen.

It's a good experience and development opportunity in my job and that's all."

… his work since joining Leverkusen:

“We have more stability and better balance.

That is very important for every game in the Bundesliga and also in Europe.

The last few months have been good, we still have two more months ahead of us in the Bundesliga, we'll see in Europe."

… Bayer 04 Leverkusen's line-up:

“It's our fifth game in two weeks.

We had to change something, also for fresh legs.

The most important thing is: many players are in a good phase at the moment and they need the games.

And today against Bayern we need a perfect performance to have a chance.”

Rudi Völler (DFB sporting director) before the game about...

… the importance of Florian Wirtz for the DFB:

“He has now shown in the last few games after his serious knee injury what a wonderful footballer he is.

There's not only him, there's also Musiala, who is an amazing kicker, and Kai Havertz is also there.

German football is not so badly off in this position.”

… Jamal Musiala's place on the bench:

"He's been playing all the time for the past few weeks, but he didn't have an English week.

But of course, at Bayern you also have to please the players who may not have played that often.

Those who play for him now are still world class.”

If you don't try something now, then when?

Rudi Völler, about the DFB squad nomination

… Hansi Flick’s controversial DFB squad nomination:

“It’s a national coach’s right that you try something new after a World Cup that has certainly not been good.

If a few well-known names are missing that are normally there, they will normally come back.

This is now just a phase of preparation.

If you don't try something now, then when?

Just send a signal now, take young players along and give them an extra boost for the U21 European Championship in June.”

… the approach of DFB coach Hansi Flick:

“I can assure you again that Hansi Flick has spoken to everyone who is not there and almost all of them will come back in the next few months.

But we can't always discuss that we don't have young players, we also have to give them the chance to show themselves."

... Marc-André ter Stegen's ambitions as a regular DFB goalkeeper:

"It's totally legitimate that a top goalkeeper like ter Stegen naturally wants to become a regular player.

Of course, the captain is Manuel Neuer, who has a serious injury at the moment.

I spoke to him last week before the game against Paris: he's totally realistic, he knows exactly where he is, he also appreciates his opponents.

Of course he faces up to the competition, at the moment Ter Stegen is obviously ahead.”


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