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Is this what we deserve? About the farce surrounding the Israel Prize in the field of sports - voila! sport


A place where we celebrate Independence Day and honor past athletes in a state ceremony, the committee headed by Avi Nemani destroyed a beautiful moment

Watch and decide: what is the goal of the regular season (Sport1)

I'm trying to think about me, as a sports fan, how I would feel if I was informed that Eric Zeevi was selected this year to receive the Israel Sports Award.

I would be happy for him, no doubt.


Maybe at first he turns up his nose a little, wonders why he, remembers his failures, in the less pleasant moments, but in the end he blesses.

Well done Eric, you deserve it.

For the dedication, the successes on the mat, the Olympic medal, for being a role model, a pleasant person, a dedicated coach, a popular lecturer, a combination of mental strength and human tenderness, a symbol of beautiful Israeliness.

We love you Eric, we really do.


Thanks for everything.

And what would I feel if it were announced that Shelley Korzitz was chosen this year to receive the Israel Prize in Sports?

I would certainly be happy for her!

Probably at some point I would have turned up my nose a bit, wondering why her, after all, there are so many worthy candidates, and Korzitz did not disappoint so much in the Olympic Games, could it be a populist choice?

But I would very quickly free myself from the criticism and surrender to the respect and appreciation that Israeli sports chose to show towards the surfer, who not only achieved tremendous achievements in her career, but also always transmitted positive sporting energies, which mainly included courage and determination, great passion, great talent, and of course achievements, and especially when she is faced with The challenging health situation, no one deserves it!

There is also no doubt that I would have waited for the ceremony, watched with excitement the moment she would receive the award, and cheered.

God bless you Korzitz, what an exciting class, what a gesture!

Israeli sports do not miss opportunities to express respect and appreciation.

Zaevi (Photo: Ariel Shalom)

It was worth watching this whole exhausting ceremony just for her.

Korzitz (Photo: Niv Aharonson)

And let's say there were announcements that the winner of the Israel Prize in Sports is Anat Dragor, and the former basketball player is the one who will be honored on the 75th Independence Day of the State of Israel in the traditional state ceremony - who can revolt?

How can you refuse?

Why resist?

vice versa.

Gladly, you deserve it Anat.

Maybe at first I would turn up my nose a little, wondering why her, but I quickly come to my senses.

Nice choice.

Definitely deserved.

The adults among us remember how Dragor was the symbol of women's basketball in Israel, at a time when there were mostly Israeli female basketball players on the court, how she carried an entire branch on her shoulders, a complete team, how she stood out above them all, with talent and character, a source of pride, a reminder of the Israel of old.

Well done.

but no.

These were the three candidates, and the committee members did not reach an agreement.

This year the Israel Prize in Sports will not be awarded, because the regulations state that there must be unanimous agreement.

And at some point one or more committee members said "No friends, I'm not voting for this candidate, and as far as I'm concerned, let's blow up the business."

Someone out there stood on his/her hind legs, insisted on his/her nominee, and flatly refused to let another nominee win the award.

What, not worthy?

How can you resist?

Dreigor (photo: Maariv, Adi Avishi)

Where is the leadership?

Nemani (Photo: Danny Maron)

The irony is that it is clear to us that if they had put Xavi, Korzitz and Dreigor on this committee, none of them would have been so insistent.

All three would agree to give up, just let someone.

Too bad.

After all, it is not every year that the Israel Prize is awarded in the field of sports.

Here is an opportunity to express state appreciation for sports, a field that is so slandered.

None of the three candidates would think of saying "it or me, or nothing", because precisely by virtue of being great athletes, they have greatness.

Precisely after they retired and completed an excellent career, they have the ability to look from above, at the big picture, not with a narrow eye.

But the committee members proved stubborn.

The committee headed by Avi Namani, which also included Rotem Israel, Prof. Avi Moyal and Keren Leibovitz.

It is likely that in recent days they are embarrassed that their name was included in this farce, so petty.

It is possible that one of them is actually proud, that he did not give in and did not compromise and did not go against his faith, that is why they placed him on the committee, because of his knowledge and opinion, because from the point of view of that member of the committee, he actually behaved in a stately manner, out of respect for the award, and therefore did not award it For those who don't deserve it.

The problem is that sports fans really feel the failed process.

We imagine all the amateur behavior of all the parties.

the way in which the members of the committee were chosen in the first place.

The two lousy zoom calls, with the jarring, fragmented sound, on such an important subject.

The superficial discussions that can be held on this platform, with the four faces on the home computer, including an official representative who listens, maybe also takes things for the record.

In our imagination we hear the unprofessional zoom calls, with the jarring sound.

A big embarrassment for all committee members, including Rotem Israel (Photo: Nir Pekin)

Yes, there were two Zoom calls.

Only two.

No face-to-face meeting, at one table, to reach agreements.

In the first the names of the candidates were discussed, in the second they expressed stubbornness and reluctance, and that was it.

Notice to the media, this year there is no prize.

According to the reports, it was Nemani who insisted on Zavi (no one is surprised that Nemani failed to show leadership skills and behaved in a forceful and unfriendly manner), but it is not only his fault.

Someone there refused Zeevi's candidacy.

Particularly amusing was the trivia detail, according to which the last time committee members did not reach consensus on the identity of the winner of the Israel Prize was in the field of plastic arts in 2017.

The comparison is inevitable: here Israeli sports also appear as an esoteric, petty field, full of politics, with people who attribute too much self-importance to themselves.

But the bottom line is the proof.

These are not easy days for the divided country, which is torn from the inside, a period of verbal violence and negativity, a lot of social hostility, resistance and insistence and entrenchment of positions.

For one brief moment, the sport could have pulled itself out of this mire, and failed again, missing in front of an empty net.

And not because of a lack of talent, but because of everything around him.

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