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The stables were cleaned, the horses were dried: the summary of the defeat of the Israeli team in Switzerland - voila! sport


After a weak game bordering on confusion and a feeling that it is currently impossible to beat Andorra as well, Ron Amikam warns the team against losing the public's trust

An article about Murat and Khan Yakin (Sport1)

For a change, let's start with something optimistic.

Andorra's crazy draw in Pristina yesterday offset Israel's draw against Kosovo last night. That is, if we built on 3 points this week, Kosovo built on 4. Both she and Israel came out with minus 2 in planning. Romania, which built on 6, got 6 (by a fairly narrow goal difference), but it currently has an advantage over its two main rivals and will only meet Israel next season, which postpones the end for us.

Israel will meet Belarus in June in a neutral country and without a home crowd, and will host Andorra at home. If they improve dramatically , she is supposed to take 6 points - otherwise the Euro will surely go - and suddenly fifth place today will be 2-3 at the end of the next window. Everything will be determined next season. Until then, Yossi Benyon and Alon Hazan have a lot of work to do. First of all on themselves and then on the team. Right now, The Israeli national team is not able to beat San Marino either, not only Andorra.

Is this what we are capable of? (Photo: Reuters)

In summing up the two games, we can say: the stables were cleaned, but the horses were dried.

Alon Hazan said that he slept well the first night after Davor retired.

No one asked him how he slept after Azili retired, but I guess that's good too.

Both of them would make noise around the team and maybe drive away the crowd, but it's possible they would have brought 2 more points, and we haven't even talked about Saba, and Abu Fani and Din David, and one, yes, Eran Zahavi.

As the fans said after the draw against Kosovo: "Eran Zahavi shouldn't get a room by himself, he should get his own floor."

They may be exaggerating, but you can immediately say: we lost games like in Switzerland in the past, we conceded, we came out disappointed by easy goals, just like yesterday, but with Zahavi at least we fired back.

Israel's game yesterday was weak to the point of confusion.

Is this what we are capable of?

The pace, the movement, the transition, the accuracy, the responsibility, the closure, the command, the principles of the game.

You can continue to give basic concepts here, because Israel is not improving in any area in which it was not good, the situation is only getting worse.

Terrible closings of defenders - one who plays for Dynamo Moscow and one from Austria Vienna, they don't even play in Israel - delay in the departure of a brakeman.

The only reasonable defensive player is Portuguese at all, he did not receive his sports education here.

There are no defensive players in Israel.

They used to be.

Once a defender would become a brake or vice versa.

Today every winger without numbers is diverted to be a defender, and at the age of 25 you don't begin to get the basics of defense, not even at the age of 15.

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Terrible closures.

Leidner (Photo: GettyImages, Eurasia Sport Images)

Yossi Benyon traveled tens of thousands of kilometers in football, as a player in the national team and a collegian in prestigious teams.

There is no argument that when an Israeli professional manager is chosen, Yossi Benyon can quietly be chosen again.

Alon Hazan understands football at high levels.

knows how to analyze what should and should not be done in the game.

know what is allowed and what is not allowed.

He coached national teams, from the boys and up, stood hundreds of times for the national anthem before a game.

But you can't play football at these levels without players, you can't put the burden on two dribblers who have to dribble themselves 70 meters from the goal, on a brakeman without knees who has no brakeman next to him to help him, on two defenders who don't defend or worse: they don't know make a defense

It is impossible to make a decision to clean up the Arab-Jewish tensions, clean up the noise of the women's lobby, not invite those who make a neighborhood nor those who want a room by themselves, certainly if even today he is the best player in Israel.

It's impossible to make a decision to make the team quiet, because in the end you get an atmosphere of a cemetery.

The players yesterday were pale, there was no one there to lead them, to instill fighting spirit in them.

It is impossible to separate the team from what is happening in the streets, it may also have had an effect.

They say that even in military units there are arguments and conflicts that disrupt the activity, it permeates everywhere.

The national mood these days affects everything.

This is the stage where you have to show responsibility, not walk with your head against the wall.

In 1994, Eli Ohana retired from the national team, in 1995 a farewell match was held for him, in 1996, under pressure from the crowd and the media, Shlomo Sheraf relented and brought him back, and it paid off.

Even Nir Klinger took a championship when he brought Avi Nemani back to business, "Avi Nemani is the king", remember?

Sometimes you take brave, but unpopular decisions that generate more noise than the noise that was before the decision, so fix it.

If the team has no leaders and in fact does not have players at the level of competing for the Euros, not just participating in it - its captains need to do something: either use the best tools, or realize that they are losing the public's trust.

How much can you not use the best tools?

Alon Hazan (Photo: Reuters)

With most of these tools, the Israeli national team had a successful campaign last fall.

8 points out of 12, she must rank A in the League of Nations.

It cannot be denied, the entire build up of the current campaign was based on that campaign.

The public bought the change, now not.

You are only as good as your last game, and the team after the current window, is what the crowd sees and remembers.

This whole campaign is based on restoring the public's trust in the national team, but there is no national team, so there is no trust either.

It is impossible to separate the national team from what happens under it in the youth teams.

In recent weeks, the association said goodbye to Myla Hoos, the Dutch technical director of the age groups.

We have seen his work in the age groups in the last two years: the youth team reached the European Championship and won second place, the young team advanced to the European Championship.

It created hope for continuity, for a renaissance.

It was said that the association parted with him because he stayed too long abroad, some claimed that he received an offer from UEFA.

Yesterday the youth team crashed in a simple game and the boys team grabbed a triple in the first half in a decisive game and the young team advanced with half the team that plays in the national league.

Everything starts from the bottom, and when Israelis - who were founded in this mud - return to manage affairs, they immediately begin to feel the results, even if it is a coincidence.

The work patterns in Israeli football should be done by foreign experts, those who will receive much more money (so that they don't run away after a year) than all the Israeli professionals who help them and need to learn from them, but in Israeli football, which is full of intrigue, arranging jobs is more important than the work itself.

Shino Zoertz is an intelligent association chairman, who comes from football, who understands football, with the necessary initiative and assertiveness. He needs to put his hands in this tar barrel, and pull Israeli football out of it. He has no choice. He is sitting on this ticket.

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Everything starts from the bottom.

Shino Zoertz (Photo: Maor Alxalsi)

They will surely ask me, where did you come from?

Everything starts from the bottom, from the base.

We cultivate expectations based on a good month of a player abroad, not based on 50 footballers who play regularly in teams abroad.

There should be an option here to choose from 8 brakes, four for the squad, and not go on a mission with two brakes, without substitutes;

To raise defensive players, who will work with experts from abroad, who will teach them movement without the ball also in defense, how to put a body, when to make a glitch and when to block (did you see how in the first goal Vitor blocks his striker, and Dessa dreams of closing the second line player?); To teach players when to open a defense by dribbling (near the goal, not ours), when to go wide, how a striker pulls a brake and opens a corridor; what does a back link do in a passing attack. There are basic concepts here that we lack. Players go abroad and there the buyers find out that they received a

product fundamentally flawed.

Sometimes it ends in fiasco, sometimes they try to use what is available, and sometimes they change their position according to the few advantages that came with them.

The bottom line is bleak: what we see is a combination of several ills that drag on for years and are not treated: sports education, sports culture, learning the basics, dealing only professionally without background noise (agents, team owners, personal accounts), surrendering to team owners on essential questions ( Foreigners, number of teams, subsidiary teams).

And don't get confused, two victories in June over the home crowd, and even an increase to the Euro and general euphoria, will not solve the foundation problems.

Say "nonsense", let enjoy what is there.

I wish we could at least have fun.

What did we ask for, a little escapism?

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The following matches of the Israeli national team in the Euro qualifiers

16.6, Belarus - Israel

19.6, Israel - Andorra

9.9, Romania - Israel

12.9, Israel - Belarus

12.10, Israel - Switzerland

15.10, Kosovo - Israel

18.11, Israel - Romania

21.11, Andorra - Israel

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