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Max Verstappen slides to victory at Monaco Grand Prix - bitter rain race for Hulkenberg


Highlights: Max Verstappen wins the Monaco Grand Prix by an incredible 27 seconds. Fernando Alonso finishes second for the first time in the season. Nico Hulkenberg gets two 15-second penalties and finishes in 18th place. Charles Leclerc finishes in sixth place, after Russell (P5) and Sainz (P9) The last three rounds of the Formula 1 World Championship have begun. The race was stopped for two minutes after the onset of rain in the final laps.

Formula 1 made a guest appearance in Monaco on Sunday (28 May). Max Verstappen slipped to victory in the final laps after the onset of rain. You can read the ticker here.

  • Formula 1: Final result at the Monaco Grand Prix
  • Result: Verstappen wins, Hulkenberg ends up with 10-second penalty
  • And finally comes the rain: pure chaos on the track
  • Nico Hulkenberg: The first penalty comes after just five laps
  • You can read about the race here

Update from May 28, 2023, 17:50 p.m.: While Verstappen is being celebrated for his victory, teammate Perez is in a gloomy mood. Verstappen was able to further extend his lead in the drivers' standings and now stands at 144 points. While Perez (105P) was unable to score any points this time, Alonso (93P) is now getting closer and closer to him in the World Championship!

Final result at the Monaco Grand Prix

1. Verstappen2. Alonso3. Ocon4. Hamilton
5. Russell6. Leclerc7. Gasly8. Sainz
9. Norris10. Piastri11. Bottas12. de Vries
13. Zhou14. Albon15. Tsunoda16. Perez
17. Hulkenberg18. SargeantDNF MagnussenDNF Stroll

Monaco Formula 1: Verstappen wins the race and makes his teammate look old

78/78 laps: AND WITH THAT, THE MONACO GRAND PRIX IS OVER! Max Verstappen wins the Grand Prix by an incredible 27 seconds. For Fernando Alonso, it is the first second place in the season - before that he was only third. However, the day was disappointing for Hulkenberg, with a total of 15-second penalties and Perez probably also wants to forget the weekend in P17, even if he will finish ahead of Hulkenberg after the penalties! Leclerc was able to finish the race in his hometown, but only in a mediocre sixth place, after Russell (P5).

76/78 laps: The last three rounds have begun! Hulkenberg is the only driver who is still out with full wets and will probably remain so - because he didn't serve a penalty properly during the race earlier, he got another 10-second penalty on top! Magnussen has also entered the pits in the meantime and will not finish the race.

71/78 laps: Well, Tsunoda seems to have really big problems with his car. Just before a corner in sector three, he was standing in the emergency exit and passed on a rather unfriendly radio to his team. By the way, most of the track looks relatively dry again! Perez also just squeezes past Hulkenberg, but has to go straight into the pits and gets the intermediates.

68/78 laps: According to Perez, the track is getting dry again and faster! However, the drivers continue to slide back and forth quite a bit on the track. Yuki Tsunoda in particular seems to have big problems with his brakes! But what do the drivers do with the full-wet tyres when the track dries so quickly? It won't be boring in the last 10 laps here in Monaco.

Carols Sainz slips into the emergency exit with the rain and tries to get back on the track. © IMAGO/Andy Hone


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Monaco Grand Prix: pure chaos on the track - cars slide back and forth

63/78 laps: The situation on the track now requires the riders to concentrate as much as possible! According to Ferrari, the rain should stop in two to three minutes - but how quickly does the track dry then? And how difficult will it be if one part of the track is dry while another remains wet? In any case, the other drivers did not switch to the full wets.

60/78 laps: IT'S SO MESSY! Magnussen slid with the intermediates and then drove into the wall, but was just able to prevent a safety car. And a short time later, the next one was in the wall. Some have now switched to the full-wet tires, but not all of them go along. And George Russell gets a 5-second penalty for an incident with Perez!

57/78 laps: AND WE HAVE YELLOW IN THE SECOND SECTOR! SAINZ STOOD CROSSWISE ON HIS MEDIUM TIRES. Most riders now have to switch to intermediates. It's really funny and bad to see how much the cars slide on their normal ones on the track. OH NO, at Aston Martin there was a mistake in the garage - Alonso had to stop twice in quick succession because they had given medium tyres in the faulty that were supposed to be intermediates! AND STROLL IS OUT, he drove off his front wing and had to go into the pits.

54/78 laps: Now there is complete chaos on the track! Some of the drivers slide around on their tyres and change places with each other almost every second. The asphalt is still very warm, will the rain stay there at all? The drivers now have to decide whether to put on the rain tyres or not!

The rain brings chaos to the track - the drivers slide around. © IMAGO/Simon Galloway

Formula 1 in Monaco: The rain has started on the track - is the chaos coming now?

50/78 laps: According to Red Bull, the rain should slowly come onto the track! Shortly before the tunnel something comes down - the question is, how much will it be? Russell also announces on the radio that it's raining at Turn 3! Will it be really exciting in the last laps, in an otherwise rather boring Grand Prix?

45/78 laps: Verstappen's tyres are getting worse and worse - Alonso is now only eight seconds away from him. But the tyres last longer than predicted by Pirelli, because the pit stop with the mediums was supposed to take place after just 30 laps. Stroll is still hanging behind Magnussen, wearing off his tyres and can't get past him!

40/78 laps: So for Red Bull, the race is a complete contrast - Verstappen drives his laps lonely in P1 and Perez, meanwhile, is almost at the back of the field in P19! The fight between Magnussen and Stroll also comes in handy for Hulkenberg, at least as long as he doesn't get any flying parts! If Stroll has too much damage to the car and has to go in, that's a big advantage for the German.

35/78 laps: Ohoh, not a good pit stop for Ocon! It took more than four seconds. Oh, and there was also a small contact between Stroll and Perez where Perez came out with an advantage. If he doesn't relinquish his position on the track, there may be a penalty. AND A SHORT TIME LATER, PEREZ ALSO DRIVES UP MAGNUSSEN AND BREAKS HIS WING! HE COMES IN AND NEEDS A NEW FRONT WING.

30/78 laps: Verstappen now seems to have bigger problems with his tyres - especially at the front left! In the meantime, Alonso is getting a little closer to him again in P2, but is still far enough away. Nyck de Vries' tyres are also pretty worn, the field behind him is getting closer and closer and seems almost impatient!

Lance Stroll is hot on Kevin Magnussen's heels at the Monaco Grand Prix. © IMAGO/Andy Hone

Monaco Grand Prix: Will there still be rain coming down at today's race?

27/78 laps: By the way, the rain is still not ruled out for the entire race! Something can come down in 45 minutes, but according to Ferrari the risk is decreasing more and more, but according to McLaren, something can come in 15 minutes! It remains exciting. By the way, Perez has the fastest race lap at the moment, but the extra point would not be of any use to him so far, as he would have to be in the top 10 to get the point - but he is still in P16.

21/78 laps: Now Hülkenberg also passed Sargeant! First he smuggled past Zhou and then it was Sargeant's turn. The American is struggling a lot with his tyres and is now fortunately in the pits for a few new ones! Ferrari, meanwhile, has tried to trick the other teams with a fake pit stop.

19/78 laps: Nice overtaking manoeuvre by Magnussen! He tricked Logan Sargeant in the Williams a little and was able to pass in the corner. Shortly thereafter, Stroll and Perez joined in and overtook Sargeant as well! The American doesn't seem to be able to assert himself against the other drivers and cars.

16/78 laps: It almost looked like Alonso had a puncture at the back, but the team made him understand that everything looks good! But he lost more than a second in one lap. He is now five seconds behind Verstappen (P1). Unfortunately, Nico Hulkenberg is still doing his laps at the very back. He is just under two seconds behind Zhou in front. Sainz has received a warning for the collision with Ocon - so the yellow card, so to speak!

Carols Sainz chases Esteban Ocon at the 2023 Monaco Grand Prix. © IMAGO/Andy Hone

Formula 1 in Monaco: Sainz slams on Ocon - broken front wing

12/78 laps: SAINZ SLAMMED DIRECTLY INTO OCON AND HIS FRONT WING IS BROKEN. In doing so, he ensures the yellow flag in the first sector. Does he come in? That's the question now, actually he needs a new front wing, but he's still out! Doesn't look like he's going to pit anytime soon. Luckily nothing more happened and both riders can continue their race!

10/78 laps: So far, the race has been running without any major problems. Russell was also briefly investigated for an incident, but that's how it stayed - he wasn't punished. The gap between Alonso (P2) and Ocon (P3) is already unbelievably large after 10 laps! There are already more than ten seconds between the two drivers. On the other hand, Sainz (P4) is getting closer and closer to Ocon!

6/78 laps: Bitter for Hülkenberg: The German gets a 5-second penalty after just five laps! He will have to sit it out at his next pit stop and is currently only in P20! Let's hope for him that it remains the only one in this race. Verstappen now already has a two-second lead over Alonso.

Round 1/78: IT'S LIGHTS OUT AND AWAY WE GO IN MONACO! All very carefully, none of the drivers want to take a risk! Nico Hülkenberg has already been able to make up a few positions and has already finished in P14 - but he had to go straight back into the pits, what a pity! Otherwise, there are no major changes in the field. Verstappen already has a lead of more than a second over Alonso!

The start at the Monaco Grand Prix, 2023. © IMAGO/Andy Hone

Monaco is home to high society - actors, singers and models

Update as of May 28, 2023, 14:53 p.m.: Only 7 minutes left until the start of the race! Who can win the start? Verstappen or Alonso? And will the rain set in in Monaco after all?

Update from May 28, 2023, 14:34 p.m.: The race starts in 26 minutes! Incidentally, this is the first time at the Monaco Grand Prix that drivers do not have to start on the tyres on which they qualified. Of course, the weather also plays a big role and we can't rule out a bit of rain on the track! It remains exciting.

First reported on May 28, 2023, 14:15 p.m.: Of course, Monaco is also home to the crème de la crème of high society. This year, singer Kylie Minogue, model Alessandra Ambrosio, actor Liam Cunningham, footballer Neymar Jr., actor Tom Holland and many more stars will be there!

Tom Holland and Esteban Ocon at the Monaco Grand Prix. © IMAGO/Glenn Dunbar

Bitter: Mercedes' new underbody was immediately visible to everyone!

Monaco - For Mercedes, the weekend so far in Monaco has been pretty mixed. It is true that the racing team has undergone a lot of innovations on its cars that should actually bring the car further forward. However, if you look at the qualifying results of Lewis Hamilton (P5) and George Russell (P8), then it is questionable whether the new setup really seems to work.

What was also rather less advantageous for the entire team: Hamilton put the car in the barriers during the third free practice session, whereupon a crane had to recover the car and lift it off the track. The bad thing about it: All photographers had a perfect view of the underbody of the race car and that's exactly what was supposed to stay a little secret for the time being, not necessarily for the fans – but of course for the other teams!

Big surprise: everyone could see Mercedes' new underbody when recovering Hamilton's car! © IMAGO/FLORENT GOODEN

"Monaco curse" slammed again at Charles Leclerc

Charles Leclerc is simply out of luck at his home race. The "Monaco curse", as many fans call it on social media, has already hit after qualifying. Actually, Leclerc positioned himself solidly in third place. However, the FIA found that he had blocked Lando Norris in the McLaren on his fast lap in the tunnel! The result: three grid positions behind for Leclerc, so he only starts from P6.

This was particularly convenient for Esteban Ocon, who even had a real chance of pole position in the meantime! For the Frenchman, starting from P3 is the best result he has ever achieved with Alpine in qualifying. However, it remains to be seen whether he will be able to stay in front during the race and defend himself against Carlos Sainz and Lewis Hamilton.

He just has no luck at his home race: Charles Leclerc in Monaco © IMAGO/Alessio De Marco/LiveMedia/ipa

Fernando Alonso with a real chance of first place in Monaco

The sixth Formula 1 race of the 2023 season will take place in Monaco. On Saturday (27 May), the drivers had to prove themselves in qualifying. It was a pretty tough fight, especially between Max Verstappen and Fernando Alonso. Verstappen narrowly won pole, but Alonso is waiting in second place for his chance to position himself ahead of the Dutchman at the start. Also good for the Spaniard: Sergio Perez, the other Red Bull driver, put his car directly into the wall in Q1 and has to start from the back of the grid today!

For the only German driver, Nico Hülkenberg, qualifying in Monaco was rather sobering. He was just enough for 18th place on the grid, while teammate Magnussen finished 17th. Both drivers are of the opinion that the car was not possible this time - Haas team boss Guenther Steiner also sees it a little differently. It remains to be seen what else Hulkenberg can get out of the car in the race, overtaking is definitely not easy in Monaco! (lhe)

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