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Canada bulwark not to be overcome: Germany loses Ice Hockey World Cup final


Highlights: Canada beats Germany 2-1 in the final of the Ice Hockey World Championships. The result is Germany's first medal in 70 years. Germany beat USA in the semi-finals to reach the final. Canada beat the USA in overtime to win the gold medal. The final will be shown live on and on CNN Live. For more information on the Ice hockey World Championships, visit or

Canada scores to make it 4-2. © Pavel Golovkin/dpa

Germany misses the final sensation at the Ice Hockey World Championships: The DEB team has to admit defeat to strong Canadians in the final.

  • Ice Hockey World Cup Final: Germany – Canada | 2:5 (1:1, 1:1, 0:3)
  • The dream of the German world championship title has burst: The DEB team fails against Canada.
  • Canada ice-cold in the final third: Germany bites its teeth out
  • Peterka makes Germany rejoice – but Canada equalises
  • The World Cup final can be read in the live ticker.

Germany – Canada: Final standings

1st third2st third3st thirdTotal

Update, 21:43 p.m.: In the end, Germany deservedly failed in the World Cup final against strong Canadians, who offered an excellent performance, especially in defence, and performed a veritable bulwark against which the DEB team cut their teeth.

In the first two thirds, Germany held out brilliantly, in the last third Canada showed its class and was clearly better. Nevertheless, the silver medal is also historic! Nobody expected Harold Kreis's team to reach the final.

The German stars can rightly be celebrated for a great World Cup, once the first disappointment about today's defeat has been digested. Legend Moritz Müller is voted the best German player of the final - and with that we say goodbye to today's live ticker!

Ice Hockey World Cup: Germany loses final against Canada and misses out on World Cup title

60th minute: FINISHED! FROM! Canada is ice hockey world champion, Germany wins its first medal in 70 years!

58th minute: TOOOOR for Canada! The decision! Laughton destroys German dreams with an empty-netter. Germany threw everything into it again, a puck loss then seals the defeat. It's bitter!


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Ticker: Off! Germany fails because of Canada


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57th minute: Seider, Gawanke, Noebels – everyone starts, now Niederberger leaves the ice, Germany is already going all-in! Six outfield players on the ice.

56th minute: Canada now limits themselves to defence. Kahun succeeds again and again in fooling his first opponent - but then he gets stuck. The clock is ticking mercilessly. Can the DEB team still pull off the miracle?

54th minute: Germany need a goal – and fast! The DEB team tirelessly resists defeat and can even establish itself here and there in front. But the Canadian Fort Knox does not seem to be crackable.

Canada ice-cold in the final third: Germany bites its teeth out

53rd minute: TOOOOOOR for Canada! The favorite is freezing! The course could not be more bitter. Noebels has the puck in the best position, but misses the timely finish. Then the German team is countered at lightning speed. Toffoli knows no mercy and hammers the puck past Niederberger.

52nd minute: Again it's Peterka who starts a solo run and gets away with it by a hair's breadth. A trowel is in between. The last eight minutes, Germany further back.

51st minute: Next chance for Canada, the DEB team is off the puck too quickly. It lacks the fast switching situations. The Canadian backline is very stable.

48th minute: From a sober point of view, Canada is the much better team in the final third – but one goal and the thing is completely open again. Peterka competes courageously and cheers on his team for the last eleven minutes.

46th minute: The German team was also behind against the USA – and fought their way into overtime. This is exactly what Germany must now repeat. At the moment, Canada doesn't allow much.

45th minute: And Lucic hits the post! Luckily for the DEB team, which narrowly escapes the next blow to the neck. National coach Kreis makes a change.

44th minute: TOOOOOR for Canada! Bitter! The World Championship record winner takes the lead for the first time. Canada is outnumbered in front of the German goal and then it is again top scorer Blais who pushes the disc over the line from an acute angle.

44th minute: Canada play more aggressively, Germany now has to counter it. But there is little relief at the moment.

43rd minute: Canada puts Germany under pressure, the disc has to go the other way again. If the pressure becomes too great, it can be dangerous.

42nd minute: Both teams start cautiously, wanting to avoid mistakes. Germany tries combination play, Canada naturally more with physical intensity. Which way of playing leads to success?

Let's move on! Once again, mobilize all your forces, guys! The last third begins.

End! The second third is over. Everything is still open, Canada is once again compensating for a German lead. This tension is unbearable! Will the final be decided in the final third or will it go back into overtime? One thing is already certain: Germany is very close to becoming world champions for the first time in history.

39th minute: It's time for the final phase of the second period. Canada has gained a preponderance, is the DEB team faltering?

Ice Hockey World Championship Final: Second German lead won't last long again

37th minute: TOOOOR for Canada! And again, the German leadership does not last long, again the star ensemble equalizes! And in the power play. Bitter for Germany, but the pressure was simply too great. Crouse scores for the Canadians, the assist again came from cancer.

36th minute: Canada constricts the German team, but the DEB team defends their own goal sacrificially! Seider blocks, Niederberger holds with his catching hand and celebrates himself duly for it.

35th minute: Canada gets its first power play! Szuber has to go down for two minutes. Canada is playing the majority quickly, but Niederberger is already there twice. The German goalie is playing a very strong game again – and that's exactly what Germany needs to become world champions today!

32nd minute: TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOR for Germany! That didn't really hint at it! The DEB team takes the lead again, Daniel Fischbuch did it! His shot is deflected by a defender and rolls into the goal.

31st minute: Niederberger! Very strong save by the German goalie against the free-standing neighbours. Just before that, Kahun had a good opportunity for the DEB team. It's an even game.

30th minute: Canada manages to break the German rhythm better in the second period. The North Americans are now also becoming clearer in attack.

26th minute: The German defence has to work hard against the robust Canadians in defence. Many tough duels, but in the end the decisive thing is: Germany does not allow many finishes.

25th minute: Tuomie has space for a finish, but Canada's goalie remains stable and has the puck. Germany has so far been slightly superior in the second third. 7:1 shots on goal speak for themselves, but Canada remains dangerous.

24th minute: Canada has problems, Germany has good opportunities! At the last moment, the Canadians manage to get a trowel in between. Good move to the goal of the DEB team. Shortly thereafter, Canada is complete again.

22nd minute: Penalty for Canada! Second power play for Germany in this final. Stachowiak does it cleverly, Barron puts the stick between his legs.

21st minute: The second period is underway! If the German team stays as focused as they did in the first period, everything is possible here. Don't let up now!

20th minute: ... but then it's over! The first third is history. Germany is fully in the game! The Canadians quickly equalized Peterka's opening goal, but the DEB team then held out strongly.

20th minute: The Canadians roll in again and again, but Niederberger is on the spot with two strong saves. Germany must now survive this period of pressure. Another bully in front of Niederberger ...

18th minute: In terms of play, it's easy to play with, DEB team. Courageously and briskly, Harry Kreis's team plays forward. But it is also clear that Canada will not allow much, effectiveness is required.

18th minute: Heavy hit against Tiffels, but Seider doesn't put up with it! He responds directly with his own check.

17th minute: The Canadians are getting better! Above all, the physical intensity is increasing by the minute. Now it is up to the Germans to counter this.

11th minute: Germany currently has too little access in the neutral zone, again and again dangerous pucks slip through. Watch out, DEB team!

Ice Hockey World Cup Final: Peterka makes Germany cheer – but Canada equalises

10th minute: TOOOR for Canada! Sam Blais equalises – shortly after the Canadians are complete again. That's where the German defense slept. Krebs runs pretty much alone towards Niederberger, lays over to Blais, who finishes ice-cold.

8th minute: TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOR for Germany! The lead in the World Cup final! Insanity! It goes very quickly about Seider, who finds John-Jason Peterka. And the NHL star chases the puck from the far left into the top right corner! What a start. The goal is checked for offside, but finally given. Canada had the goal checked and now has to accept a two-minute penalty! Germany in the lead and in the majority.

JJ Peterka celebrates the opening goal. © JUSSI NUKARI/AFP

7th minute: Calm, patient start of the German team, even if Canada presses quite a bit in some moments. A lot of puck possession always gives the DEB team the peace and quiet they need.

4th minute: Jonas Müller pulls off, Canada goalie Montembeault grabs. Immediately afterwards a three-on-one situation for Germany, but Seider is stopped at the last second.

3rd minute: Germany starts concentrated and even dares two quick counterattacks. Peterka follows up well, but the Canadian bulwark doesn't let anything burn yet.

The finale is on! Will Germany become ice hockey world champions for the first time?

Update from May 28, 19:14 p.m.: In a few minutes it will start! Today, the German national ice hockey team can become world champions for the first time in its history. The Canadians are the big favorites – but so were the Americans. The sworn squad of national coach Harold Kreis can be trusted with anything.

The first World Championship medal in 70 years is already assured. A huge success that the DEB team can even top today and finally make itself immortal. Pack ma's!

First reported on 28 May:

Tampere – Harold Kreis is also a bit superstitious. "I'm wearing it for the seventh time," said the 64-year-old on Sunday morning with a view to the final in the evening (19.20 p.m. / TV information on the game can be found here) against record world champions Canada, "with the shirt we have always won."

After three defeats at the start of the tournament, the German team stormed into the final with six victories in a row and have already secured their first World Cup medal in 70 years. The seventh victory should now also bring the first world championship title in the history of German ice hockey. Kreis even does without a fresh outfit: "Today it's not ironed, today it's worn the way I took it off yesterday. Today I'm going into the game with the battle shirt on."

The German national ice hockey team is causing a stir at the World Cup. © Pavel Golovkin/dpa

Ice Hockey World Championship: Will Germany really be world champion?

He wants to give his team, which has no personnel problems, the following to say: "Have fun with the game, enjoy the moment." The otherwise cool-looking coach has also shown a different side in recent days, when his eyes became wet and his voice brittle after the victories in the knockout matches against Switzerland and the USA.

"I'd like to adopt all the boys, but that's not possible," said Kreis, "the commitment of this team doesn't leave you cold. You go along with it, see what the guys are doing, see the emotional and physical commitment they bring, that pulls you along."

Ice Hockey World Championships: Germany challenges favorite Canada in the final

However, he has not yet let himself be dragged into the "Holy Lake". After the 4-3 win after extra time against the USA, part of the team around captain Moritz Müller refreshed themselves again in the ten-degree cold Pyhäjärvi at the team hotel Rosendahl. "I haven't done that yet, I'm not going to start now," Kreis said with a laugh, but praised the regular 15-minute bath in the cold: "It connects. It's team building and regeneration at the same time."

The national coach also hopes that the historic success of his team will give ice hockey in Germany a boost. "I hope that we will not only win people for the sport in the short term, but also in the long term for ice hockey and the speed and dynamism of this sport," said Kreis: "We have honest athletes who go out there and play full of passion and fighting spirit, and hopefully we will upgrade ice hockey in Germany and internationally." (epp/SID)

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