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Penalty thriller: Sevilla FC wins Europa League against AS Roma – World champion scores at second attempt


Highlights: Sevilla FC beat AS Roma 4-1 on penalties in the Europa League final. World champion Montiel converted the decisive penalty. The score was 1-1 at the end of extra time. Roma coach José Mourinho lost a final for the first time in his sixth European Cup final, having triumphed in the Conference League last year. The Andalusians are the record title holder, winning the trophy for the seventh time. Sevilla will play in the Champions League final in 2023.

Sevilla FC has won the Europa League. © Sports Press Photo / Imago

Sevilla FC wins the Europa League final against AS Roma on penalties. The final from Budapest in the ticker to read.

  • Europa League final: Sevilla FC 1-1 (0-1) against AS Roma; 4:1 i.E.
  • Roma in luck: VAR concedes penalty kick
  • Equaliser shortly after the break: Sevilla celebrates thanks to own goal
  • First goal in Budapest: Dybala puts Roma ahead

+++ Sevilla FC are Europa League winners, the record title holder wins the trophy for the seventh time. The Andalusians beat AS Roma 4-1 on penalties in a thriller, the score was 1-1 at the end of extra time. World champion Montiel, who converted the decisive penalty, was initially denied by goalkeeper Rui Patricio, but was then allowed to compete again. The referee had recognised an offence by the goalkeeper, who probably did not have one foot on the goal line. Roma coach José Mourinho lost a final for the first time in his sixth European Cup final, having triumphed in the Conference League last year.

Sevilla FC – AS Roma 1:1 (0:1); 4:1 i.E.

Sevilla FC line-up:Bono - Jesus Navas (Montiel 95), Badé, Gudelj (Marcao 120+8), Alex Telles (Rekik 95) - Fernando (Jordan 120+9), Rakitic - Ocampos, Oliver Torres (Lamela 46), Bryan Gil (Suso 46) - En-Nesyri
AS Roma line-up:Rui Patricio - Mancini, Smalling, Ibanez - Celik (Zalewski 91), Cristante, Matic (Bove 120), Spinazzola (Llorente 106) - Pellegrini (El Shaarawy 106) - Dybala (Wijnaldum 68), Abraham (Belotti 75)
Goals:0-1 Dybala (35'), 1-1 Mancini (own goal, 55')

Sevilla scores: World champion Montiel converts at the second attempt. Sevilla FC are Europa League winners in 2023.

Sevilla forgives: Montiel fails to Rui Patricio. However, the penalty is replayed because Rui Patricio did not have one foot on the line.

Rome forgives: Ibanez fails to hit the post. Bono was probably still on it with his fingertips.

Sevilla scores: Rakitic converts in the bottom left corner to make it 4-2.

Rome forgive: Mancini, the own goal scorer, fails to get past Bono. It's bitter!

Sevilla scores: Lamela makes it 3-2.


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Rome scores: Cristante scores into the bottom left corner to make it 2-2.

Sevilla scores: Ocampos makes it 2-1, sends Patricio into the wrong corner.

+++ It is shot at the goal of the fans from Sevilla. Ocampos begins.

+++ Now it depends on the two goalkeepers: Bono for Sevilla and Rui Patricio for Roma. Is that a thrill!

FINAL WHISTLE: There are penalty shootouts.

120th minute +12: Awesome! Smalling's header hits the crossbar of Sevilla's goal again.

120th minute +10: Unnecessary foul by Lamela on Ibanez on the right side of the box. Sevilla can just about clear the flank.

120th minute +8: Gudelj drags himself off the pitch and is replaced by Marcao. In addition, Jordan comes in for Fernando.

120th minute +5: Now Sevilla's Gudelj has to be treated on his knee. The Europa League final could drag on into the next day.

120th minute +3: Promising free-kick situation for Roma. But Zalewski's cross from the right is cleared by Sevilla.

120th minute +2: Montiel breaks through in the Roman penalty area, but the pass does not come to the teammate. There was more to it.

120th minute: Matic is redeemed and replaced by Roman-born Bove. There are six minutes of second helping.

119th minute: Matic sits back on the ground and forces an interruption. The Andalusians are upset. Roma coach Mourinho instigated a pack formation shortly afterwards, but shortly afterwards tempers calmed down again.

117th minute: Matic is lying on the ground and needs treatment. The players are now walking on the gums. The heat in Budapest does the rest here.

115th minute: Roma now move the game further away from their own goal, but without creating any real chances. Five minutes left until the penalty shootout.

109th minute: Lamela is in a good position towards goal when Ibanez pushes him from behind. The referee blows the whistle for an offensive foul. Right decision. Lamela had extended her elbow and hit his opponent in the face. Ibanez will have to be treated on the field for a longer period of time.

106th minute: The second half of extra time is underway.

HALF-TIME EXTENSION: The strength of both teams is dwindling. Mourinho swears Roma back to the final spurt at half-time. If there is still a draw after extra time, the penalty shoot-out must decide the Europa League winner.

105th minute +1: Matic gives away an unnecessary corner. Sevilla's Rakitic, however, hits the cross far too long.

103rd minute: Sevilla dominates the action, but the Andalusians are no longer really compelling.

99th minute: The Romans make a more stable impression in defence in extra time. Coach José Mourinho probably made the right adjustments during the break.

95th minute: World Cup winner Montiel and ex-Hertha player Rekik come on for Sevilla captain Jesus Navas and Alex Telles.

93rd minute: The first cramps come. Alex Telles sits down on the ground after a long sprint and longs for his substitution.

91st minute: Extra time is underway.

FINAL WHISTLE: There is extra time in Budapest. The Europa League final between Sevilla FC and AS Roma is 1-1 after regular time. In the next 30 minutes or a penalty shootout, the decision must now be made as to who will succeed Eintracht Frankfurt.

90th minute +6: Suso tries from distance. Rui Patricio can only bounce off the sharp shot. That was tight.

90th minute +5: Sevilla are clearly better in the second half, but more than the equalizer has not been possible so far. Is there anything left to do before the possible extension?

90th minute +2: Suso breaks through on the right with a double pass and brings the cross. But Nesyri can't quite get over the ball with his head again.

90th minute: There are six minutes of extra time. Will one of the teams still put the lucky punch?

89th minute: There are now many indications of extra time. Sevilla, however, are still looking for a decision within the regular season.

86th minute: Ibanez throws his head into Suso's long-range shot. Both teams are fighting for their big dream.

83rd minute: Huge save by Bono, who holds against Belotti.

81st minute: Now the Romans call for penalties. But Fernando's arm is attached, but the arm twitches slightly to the side. No penalty.

80th minute: Sevilla stay on the ball and constrict Roma deep in their own half. Smalling has to resolutely clear two flanks.

Roma in luck: VAR concedes penalty kick

76th minute: Penalty, no penalty? Roma's Ibanez brings down Ocampos in the penalty area, but plays the ball quite easily. Referee Taylor immediately points to the point, but revises his decision after viewing the video images.

71st minute: Again, a dangerous Navas cross sails through the Roman penalty area. Sevilla are on the verge of turning the game around.

68th minute: Mourinho reacts and takes the scorer Paulo Dybala off the field. It gets more defensive, Georginio Wijnaldum comes into the game.

67th minute: Crazy scene in Sevilla's penalty area. After a Pellegrini free-kick, Bono reacts quickly to Abraham, after which a wild scramble ensues until the ball is cleared out of harm's way.

64th minute: Roma win the ball deep in the opponent's half, but Dybala gets out of step.

62nd minute: Roma get back on track. Dybala crosses into the penalty area after a blocked Pellegrini free-kick, where Smalling rises highest. But Sevilla keeper Bono easily intercepts the header.

59th minute: The Andalusians continue to press the accelerator pedal, one cross after the other rushes through the Roman penalty area. The Mourinho team now has to be extremely careful.

Ausgleich kurz nach der Pause: Sevilla jubelt dank Eigentor

55. Minute: TOOOOOOOOR für den FC Sevilla! 1:1. Eigentor. Jesus Navas flankt scharf vors Tor, mehrere Spieler verpassen den Ball, bis Mancini diesen im eigenen Tor unterbringt.

52. Minute: Sevilla kommt gut aus der Pause. Nach schöner Kombination bedient Lamela Alex Telles, der knapp über das Tor schießt.

50. Minute: Ocampos und Sevilla reklamieren Handspiel nach einer Flanke, nach kurzem Check geht es aber weiter.

46. Minute: Die zweite Halbzeit läuft. Sevilla wechselt zweimal: Für Bryan Gil und Oliver Torres kommen Suso und Lamela.

HALBZEIT: Die Roma führt zur Pause verdient mit 1:0 gegen den FC Sevilla dank des Treffers von Paulo Dybala. Kurz vor dem Seitenwechsel hat die Mourinho-Elf aber Glück, als der Ex-Schalker Ivan Rakitic nur den Pfosten trifft. Beide Teams schenken sich nichts, vor allem zu Beginn gab es viele harte Fouls.

Sevilla verpasst Ausgleich: Rakitic trifft nur den Pfosten

45. Minute +6: Sevilla im Pech, Roma im Glück! Rakitic nimmt einen Querpass direkt und nagelt das Leder an den Innenpfosten. Roms Torhüter Rui Patricio hat Glück, dass der Ball nicht an seinem Rücken abprallt.

45. Minute +4: Sevilla drängt noch vor der Pause auf den Ausgleich, doch die Roma präsentiert sich in der Defensive sattelfest.

44. Minute: Pellegrini sieht Gelb für eine dreiste Schwalbe. Der Italiener tunnelt Rakitik und lässt sich dann einfach fallen, Schiedsrichter Anthony Taylor fällt nicht darauf herein.

43. Minute: Beste Chance für Sevilla. En-Nesyri kann den Eckball von Rakitic nicht drücken und trifft über den Kasten.

40. Minute: Die Roma spielt mit der Führung im Rücken und angepeitscht von den zahlreich mitgereisten Tifosi wie aufgedreht. Sevilla hat hier ein Auswärtsspiel.

Erster Treffer in Budapest: Dybala bringt Rom in Führung

35th minute: TOOOOOOOR for AS Roma. The Romans win the ball in the opponent's half and Mancini sends straight Dybala steeply. The Argentinian doesn't hesitate for long and slides in to take the lead. José Mourinho has once again proven his golden touch, as Dybala was last in the starting line-up at the beginning of April due to injury. However, Mourinho did not want to do without the world champion today.

32nd minute: Abraham lies on the ground in the penalty area and holds his head. The VAR checks the scene for a potential penalty. Earlier, Gudelj had first played the ball against the Roma striker. No penalty.

30th minute: There is hardly any flow in the game due to the many interruptions. Roma had the only scoring chance of the game through Spinazzola.

25th minute: There was another crash. Smalling pushes En-Nesyri into his colleague Ibanez, who is hit in the head. A brutal finale so far.

22nd minute: Now Ocampos is holding his head after getting his elbow rammed into the neck by Rome's Matic. The Serb rightly sees the yellow cardboard.

17th minute: Telles and Celik also bang their heads against each other in an aerial duel. The Roma Turkish right-back also needs treatment, but is free to continue playing.

12th minute: The first big chance in this final – for Roma. After a great lateral shift to the right side, Dybala puts through for Celik. Spinazzola takes it directly, but fails because of Bono.

6th minute: Abraham tries artistically with his heel on the left side of the penalty area, but Dybala can't get to the high pass. The game is fiercely contested at the beginning, with both teams leaving little room to breathe in the build-up.

2nd minute: Right at the beginning it rattles. Roma defender Ibanez and Sevilla's Gudelj crash their heads together during a corner kick. Gudelj needs to be treated briefly.

1st minute: The Europa League final between Sevilla FC and AS Roma is underway.

Update from May 31, 20:59 p.m.: The players from Sevilla FC and AS Roma are ready. The atmosphere in Budapest is fantastic, you have the feeling that the whole of Rome has made a pilgrimage to the Hungarian capital. The ball is about to start rolling here.

Update from May 31, 20:57 p.m.: Sevilla FC's professional footballers have sent a message to injured goalkeeper Sergio Rico ahead of the Europa League final against AS Roma in Budapest on Wednesday. "Let's go Sergio, we're with you" was written in Spanish on the T-shirts that the players had put on before the warm-up.

The goalkeeper of the French top club Paris Saint-Germain was seriously injured in a riding accident in the south of Spain on Sunday. French media, citing a PSG spokesman, wrote that Rico was in serious condition. The 29-year-old was born in Seville, played for years in the youth of the Andalusians and played 170 competitive games for the club's professionals.

Update from May 31, 20:50 p.m.: The Puskas Arena is looking for Eintracht Frankfurt's successor tonight. The SBU beat Glasgow Rangers in a dramatic penalty shoot-out in the final. Incidentally, the final took place at the Estadio Ramón Sánchez Pizjuán, the home ground of Sevilla FC. Will the Blanquirrojos be able to triumph in Budapest today?

Update from May 31, 20:39 p.m.: A look at the paths of the two teams to the Europa League final. Sevilla FC failed in the group stage of the Champions League against Borussia Dortmund and Manchester City, who are in the final of the Champions League. After that, the Blanquirrojos eliminated well-known opponents: PSV Eindhoven (3-0 and 2-0), Fenerbahce Istanbul (2-0 and 0-1), Manchester United (2-2 and 3-0) and Juventus (1-1 and 2-1). Roma defeated RB Salzburg (0-1 and 2-0), Real Sociedad San Sebastian (2-0 and 0-0), Feyenoord Rotterdam (0-1 and 2-1, 4-1 aet) and Bayer Leverkusen (1-0 and 0-0) in the semi-finals.

Update from May 31, 20:30 p.m.: The players of both teams are already warming up on the pitch. The Puskas Arena in Budapest is already well filled. The atmosphere here really makes you want to watch this Europa League final between Sevilla FC and AS Roma. It starts in half an hour.

Update from May 31, 20:10 p.m.: In less than an hour, kick-off will take place at the Puskas Arena in Budapest. In the Europa League final, two teams face each other who know how to celebrate international titles. AS Roma won the Conference League last year. Sevilla are the record winners in the competition and have already won the UEFA Cup and Europa League six times. We are curious to see who will prevail today.

Line-ups there: Bayern flop at Sevilla on the bench

Update from May 31, 19:50 p.m.: The lineups of both teams are here! At Sevilla FC, Morocco's World Cup hero Bono is the goalkeeper in the Europa League. The 37-year-old captain Jesus Navas plays at right-back. In midfield, ex-Schalke player Ivan Rakitic pulls the strings. In attack, hopes rest mainly on Argentinian Lucas Ocampos and striker Youssef En-Nesyri. Former Bayern player Tanguy Nianzou, who made 2020 competitive appearances for Bayern between 2022 and 28, is initially on the bench after recovering from injury.

At AS Roma, superstar coach José Mourinho relies on a defensive three-man chain. In attack, the Portuguese relies on his captain Lorenzo Pellegrini, dribbling artist Paulo Dybala and striker Tammy Abraham.

Preliminary report: Budapest – The first major final of the season on the international stage is coming up: In the final of the Europa League, record winners FC Sevilla will face AS Roma, winners of last year's Europa Conference League. The winner can save a messed-up season and even qualify for the Champions League. Rome coach José Mourinho spits out big notes before the duel as usual, his counterpart is already dealing with fear.

Sevilla vs Roma in EL final: Winner qualifies for Champions League

"The DNA is motivation and joy, the desire for great moments. That's what I'm trying to convey to the boys," said the 60-year-old ahead of the showdown at Budapest's Puskas Arena. The DNA of the Portuguese in Rome? Destructive but successful defensive football. It wasn't just Bayer Leverkusen who felt the pain in the semi-finals (0-1, 0-0).

He is now "even better" as a coach due to his experience, his motivation is growing "every day," said the Roma star coach. He has been on the sidelines five times in a European final – and his team has won five times. "Better coach, better person, same DNA," Mourinho said ahead of the Europa League final against Sevilla on Wednesday (21 p.m., RTL) – in which he wants to further extend his flawless final record.

Europa League final: Sevilla vs Roma today in the live ticker – opponent "gets scared" of Mourinho

But there is a real chunk waiting for the Romans - because Sevilla FC is also very familiar with finals. The Andalusians have reached the final of Europe's second most important club competition six times and lifted the trophy six times – a record. However, coach Jose Luis Mendilibar has been warned against the insatiable tactician Mourinho.

"He's one of the greats. When you look at where he's been and what he's won, you get scared," said the 62-year-old, who wants to finish a mixed season with his team successfully. In the Spanish league, Sevilla is only in eleventh place, but in their favorite competition, the Andalusians eliminated the European heavyweights Manchester United and Juventus. "To win this trophy, after this year, would be something wonderful and unique, it would be one of the best days of my life," said attacker Oliver Torres.

Mourinho wants to overtake ex-Bayern coach: Roma coach ahead of record title

The only thing standing in the way is the in-form Roma (only one win from the last nine games) and record chaser Mourinho. Should the Portuguese triumph with the Romans, he would become the sole record holder among coaches with six international titles. "We don't need to talk about competence – it's enough to look at his successes," World Cup winner Paulo Dybala said of his coach in an interview with kicker.

So far, Mourinho shares the record with ex-Bayern coach Giovanni Trapattoni, who has also won five European titles. Just last year, Mourinho won the first edition of the Conference League with the Giallorossi – now "The Special One" wants to strike one floor higher. Follow the Europa League final between Sevilla and Rome on Wednesday, at 21 p.m., here in the live ticker. (ck/sid)

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