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Eintracht Frankfurt lose DFB-Pokal final to Leipzig


Highlights: RB Leipzig beat Eintracht Frankfurt 2-0 in the DFB Cup final. Nkunku and Szoboszlai scored the goals for the visitors. The game was delayed by a pyro show after the break. Leipzig are the 80th DFB-Pokal winners in history. The final took place at the Olympiastadion in Berlin. The match was played in front of a crowd of more than 80,000 people.

While Eintracht are on the ground, Leipzig are celebrating their DFB Cup victory. © IMAGO/Michael Weber IMAGEPOWER

Eintracht Frankfurt were able to keep the DFB Cup final open for a long time against RB Leipzig, but lost 0-2 in the end. The live ticker to read.

  • DFB-Pokalfinale: RB Leipzig vs. Eintracht Frankfurt 2:0 (0:0)
  • RB benefited from inaccurate SBU build-up: Szoboszlai made everything clear for Leipzig
  • SBU fans with choreo after break: Re-start delayed by pyro show
  • The live ticker of the DFB-Pokal final to read.

End of game: Leipzig are the 80th DFB-Pokal winners in history. The lawn ball athletes benefit from a few careless moments of Frankfurter Eintracht, who have kept their opponents in check for a long time, but have to be accused of too little offensive urge. All in all, the game had few big scoring chances to offer and lived for a long time from tension and intense tackling.

DFB-Pokalfinale: RB Leipzig vs. Eintracht Frankfurt 2:0 (0:0)

RB Leipzig line-up:Blaswich - Henrichs, Klostermann, Orban, Halstenberg - Szoboszlai (90+1 Kampl), Laimer, Haidara (77 Schlager), Olmo - Nkunku, Werner (61 Poulsen)
Eintracht Frankfurt line-up:Trapp - Tuta, Hasebe (Lenz 77), Ndicka - Buta (Dina Ebimbe 89), Sow, Rode (Lindström 69), Max (Borré 77) - Götze, Kamada - Kolo Muani
Goals:1-0 Nkunku (70'), 2-0 Szoboszlai (85')

90th minute + 5: That's right. Daniel Siebert blows the whistle and Leipzig celebrates winning the DFB Cup with a deafening whistle concert.

90th minute + 4: The last seconds are running and Leipzig now seems to be able to get the thing over time.

90th minute + 2: Kolo Muani follows up on Henrichs in the opponent's half and clears him. Yellow for the Frenchman.

90th minute + 1: Four minutes of injury time are indicated. Is there anything left for Eintracht?

88th minute: Now again the SBU, for which Kolo Muani runs a long ball and then tries it from a relatively awkward angle. Blaswich is able to fend off the rich, but unplaced shot.

Szoboszlai makes everything clear for Leipzig

85th minute: GOAL for Leipzig! Lenz wants to play forward via the left wing, but Henrichs grabs the pass and accelerates forward. After several stops in the Eintracht box, it was Nkunku who served Szoboszlai and finished into the far corner.


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83rd minute: The turnaround should now come for the SBU via the system changeover. At the back, a back four stabilizes, up front, the double striker Borré/Kolo Muani should provide the goal. So far, however, Eintracht is still struggling to somehow productively get into the opponent's half.

81st minute: With less than ten minutes left in regular time, Eintracht have slowly recovered from the shock. Is that enough to still get the draw?

77th minute: Both coaches change. At Leipzig, Schlager comes for Haidara. Glasner brings Lenz and Borré for Max and Hasebe. Eintracht now tends to have a back four.

76th minute: The lead inspires the lawn ball athletes, who now play loosely. Henrichs plays the double pass and is held by Götze before the reception. Yellow for the birthday boy or girl.

Nkunku gives Leipzig the lead with a double deflection.

70th minute: Goal for RB Leipzig! In the forward movement, Eintracht loses the ball and Leipzig does it quickly. Szoboszlai drives the ball forward, gets caught by Tuta with his first pass, but the ball falls at the feet of Dani Olmo. He serves Nkunku on the left side of the penalty area, who moves into the middle and whose finish is deflected twice, including by Ndicka, and then goes untenable for Trapp into the goal.

Nkunku turns away to celebrate after his goal. © IMAGO/Michael Taeger

69th minute: Oliver Glasner makes his first substitution: Lindström comes in for Rode.

64th minute: Kolo Muani, served by Buta, lays off on Götze in the sixteenth. He takes the ball volley out of the air and Blaswich checks, who stands correctly and can fend off the massive finish with his fists.

62nd minute: Nkunku is sent low with a long chip ball and goes down in the penalty area during a running duel with Hasebe. Referee Siebert rightly allows the game to continue. There was no real touch to be seen.

61st minute: The time has come: Timo Werner leaves the pitch and is replaced by Yussuf Poulsen.

59th minute: Kolo Muani is brilliantly set up with a pass from Götze. With a clear shot path, he wants to play it safe and serve the Kamada that has run along. A Leipziger intervenes and clarifies in dire need. Kolo Muani could have shot himself, if he didn't have to.

56th minute: Hardly anything happens here in terms of play. The few penalty area scenes consist of high and long balls that can be easily cleared on both sides. However, slight field superiority can still be attributed to Frankfurt.

55th minute: While the game has been going on for ten minutes, there is still a bang in the stands. The announcements of the stadium announcer to stop pyro and cannon strikes are not heard.

52nd minute: After a free kick, Götze dribbles strongly from the left side into the penalty area and serves Kamada, who commits an offensive foul in the follow-up.

47th minute: Hasebe comes too late in a duel with Werner, who gets a blow as a result. However, it still seems that the DFB striker will continue. The ensuing free kick has no consequences.

46th minute: The pyrotechnics have burned down and so it can now continue with the second half. There are no changes in terms of personnel – Werner is also still on the pitch.

Re-start delayed by pyro show

Pause: The teams enter the field and for this the SBU curve has prepared a choreo. In front of the block is a fence flag with the inscription "Football terror in the final". Behind it, the Eintracht fans ignite countless pyro torches. The kick-off will be delayed accordingly. By the way: Pyrotechnics can also be seen in the Leipzig fan block.

Frankfurt pyro show after the break. © IMAGO/Michael Weber IMAGEPOWER

Break conclusion: Eintracht Frankfurt has the action under control for long stretches of the game and hardly allows the lawn ball players to develop. Leipzig is always desperately looking for play stations in the offensive, but finds them extremely rarely. But if it happens quickly, it becomes dangerous. Eintracht itself waits for ball wins in order to switch quickly. This often succeeds, but hardly leads to any significant scoring chances.

45th minute: Then it's over. Referee Daniel Siebert blows his whistle just in time for the break.

44th minute: On the other hand, it is true that the SBU have not been able to record any clear finishes for themselves since the Kolo Muani chance.

42nd minute: Despite all the superiority of Eintracht, any inattention is severely punished. Via Laimer in the middle, it goes quickly and vertically into the top to Nkunku, in the end of which Hasebe just gets a toe. Lucky for Frankfurt.

40th minute: Laimer is sent to the right, has some space at the level of the penalty area and looks for a play station in the middle. As he raises his head, Rode comes rushing in and clarifies fairly with the straddle. The stadium rewarded the effort with frenetic applause.

Eintracht won't let Leipzig develop

35th minute: It seems as if the lawn ball athletes are literally longing for the half-time whistle here. Leipzig's defensive line pushes the ball back and forth without a plan and waits eagerly for an offensive play station. Frankfurt, on the other hand, stands defensively without a wobble and keeps pushing forward in a targeted manner. The perpetually whistling – when RB in possession of the ball – SBU appendix does the rest.

Kolo Muani keeps Leipzig's backline busy. © IMAGO/Roger Petzsche

30th minute: Eintracht clearly dominates the game, nothing to see of the favored Leipzigers. If the lawn ball athletes can make up a few meters in the SBU half, a Frankfurter comes splashing up, like Hasebe now, and steals the ball.

26th minute: Werner, who was even off the pitch in the meantime, is still on the pitch and seems to be continuing after an eternal back and forth between him and the bench.

24th minute: Götze takes the free kick and tries it flat towards the near post. Without success, because there are only Leipzigers who uncompromisingly hit the ball out of the danger zone.

23rd minute: Max sets up Kolo Muani on the left, who makes two Leipzig players look old and is finally brought down unfairly. There is a free kick from the left outside the penalty area for Eintracht.

21st minute: Henrichs, who tried to put the ball past Max, goes down on the halfway line. In itself, this succeeds, but Max puts his body and elbows in the way. There is a free kick for Leipzig and Henrichs can continue after a short break.

16th minute: Kolo Muani receives the ball five metres from the RB penalty area and passes Orban with a lot of speed. Halfway to the right of the goal, the angle is a bit acute, but the Frenchman still tries to hit the short corner with a kick, but only hits the outside net.

14th minute: Kampl warms up at Leipzig. It doesn't seem to be going any further for Werner, he is already off the field. But now he has picked himself up again and limps onto the field. The injury from yesterday's final training session is probably worse than expected.

11th minute: Even if the big excitement is still missing apart from Werner's chance, the cup final has had an enormously high intensity up to this point. A lot of things take place in the duel between the two teams in midfield.

8th minute: Now Eintracht also have their first real penalty area scene. A free kick from Max reaches the run-in Tuta, who gets to the ball, but is decisively prevented from finishing by Orban.

Tuta is prevented from finishing by Orban at Frankfurt's first chance. © IMAGO/HMB Media

Werner misses a great chance unchallenged

5th minute: Suddenly, things happen very quickly. Eintracht has moved up too far and so Szoboszlai can be sent on his way after winning the RB ball. From the halfway line, he drives the ball forward and sets the scene for the free-standing Werner on the left side of the penalty area. Without distress, its conclusion turns out to be more of a return than a serious shot. Trapp records without any problems.

3rd minute: After three minutes, a ball enters the penalty area for the first time. But Henrichs' cross following a free kick in midfield sails into the goal without any contact. Trapp repels.

1st minute: The lawn ball players toast. The game is running.

Update, 19:59 p.m.: The national anthem is over, the all-round program on the field has been dismantled and the choice of seats has been decided. It's about to start, but before that, the teams and fans pause together to commemorate the killed 15-year-old youth player from Berlin.

Update, 19:55 p.m.: The teams enter the field and well over 70 percent of the Olympic Stadium is bathed in black and white. Timo Werner will be there for the run-in, who will obviously be able to play despite slight problems.

Update, 19:48 p.m.: Marco Rose says on the Sky microphone that Timo Werner is not completely fit and twisted his ankle yesterday in the final training session. So there may still be a change in Leipzig's starting eleven. This would only be clarified in the dressing room after the warm-up, according to Rose.

Update, 19:32 p.m.: Slowly but surely, it becomes enormously clear in the stadium that the Frankfurt fans occupy a good two-thirds of the stadium. On the other hand, there are still some places available.

Update, 19:15 p.m.: There are still 45 minutes to go until the start of the game and it is already getting very heated here in the stadium. After the Leipzig professionals came to the field to warm up, a pyro rocket flew out of the SBU block onto the pitch.

Rode collects cup final minutes for the first time at the third attempt

Update, 18:55 p.m.: Now the line-up of Eintracht has also been received. As with Leipzig, there are no big surprises in Oliver Glasner's team. Sebastian Rode, who will make his first appearance in his third cup final after 2016 (with FC Bayern) and 2017 (Borussia Dortmund), should be particularly pleased.

Sebastian Rode could win the DFB-Pokal for the third time, but is collecting minutes for the first time in Berlin. © IMAGO/Jürgen Kessler

Update at 18:47 p.m.: And there it is, the line-up of the formal home team from Leipzig. As expected, the newly crowned Bundesliga top scorer Christopher Nkunku is in the starting line-up for the lawn ball athletes. DFB attacker Timo Werner will strike with him.

Update from June 3, 18:45 p.m.: About 15 minutes left until it is known with which line-ups the two teams will try to win the trophy today. During the duel in the stands, the Frankfurt fans have already left their first scent mark. While the curve of the Leipzig-based company is only slowly filling up, there is already a real fire under the roof of the SBU annex.

First reported on 3 June: Berlin - One week after the dramatic last Bundesliga match, the final of the DFB-Pokal will take place in Berlin. Eintracht Frankfurt will face last year's winners RB Leipzig and could secure a place in the Europa League next season with a victory. But also on a personal level, the game has a special meaning for some SBU players, as they would like to say goodbye to Frankfurt with a title. Not only on but also off the pitch, there are a large number of important events in Berlin around the Pokalfnale, which we have summarized for you here in the live blog.

In the DFB-Pokal final, there will be a big fight between Eintracht Frankfurt and RB Leipzig. © IMAGO/Michael Taeger

Cup final decides on the distribution of international places

Of course, at kick-off at 20:00 CET in Berlin's Olympic Stadium, Eintracht Frankfurt and RB Leipzig will win the DFB-Pokal above all. But especially in the camp of the SBU, some of those responsible are likely to have the coming season in the back of their minds, because only a victory is synonymous with a starting place in the Europa League. If Leipzig wins, only the qualifying place for the Conference League remains – in quotation marks. Regardless of the competition, the Frankfurt fans, who have been showing a massive presence including president Peter Fischer for hours before the cup final in Berlin, are likely to create the best atmosphere everywhere.

Bayer Leverkusen, who will be hoping for a Leipzig win and are then likely to play in the Europa League, are also likely to take a close look. If the SBU wins, Leverkusen will compete in the Conference League. Although all three in the league are assured of an international starting place – Leipzig are safe in the Champions League as third in the Bundesliga – the Europa League has a much higher standing than the Conference League and simply brings in more money. Both factors that are not insignificant when it comes to signing new players or retaining old ones.

Eintracht eagle Attila is already making his way to new heights at the fan meeting in Berlin. © IMAGO/Daniel Lakomski

DFB-Pokal final today in the live ticker: Last hurrah of Eintracht against the "construct" RB Leipzig?

The future personnel situation is particularly important at Eintracht, as it is the last competitive game in office for both coach Oliver Glasner and president Peter Fischer. In mid-May, it was announced that Glasner, whose contract is actually valid until 2024, will leave the SBU after the season. While his successor seems to have already been decided, the 48-year-old will do everything he can to say goodbye with a title. President Fischer will resign from office of his own free will, but he wants to get it right again. Before the final, the outgoing president stirred up sentiment against the "marketing construct" RB.

But in all likelihood, Eintracht will also have to make many changes in the squad itself. In addition to Daichi Kamada, who is said to be on the verge of a move to AC Milan, rumours persist about the departure of Bundesliga top scorer Randal Kolo Muani. It is quite possible that an old acquaintance and cup hero from 2018 could replace him. (sch)

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