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You fell for the wrong generation: How can you leverage Israel's success in the World Cup? - Voila! sport


Highlights: Israel beat Brazil 2:3 after extra-time to reach the semifinals of the World Cup. Israel's exciting team can be said to have the heart print of a coach. Ofir Haim dreams for all of us that we wake up from, and he doesn't. Diego Maradona dedicated the victory to the victims of the attack on the attack of the victims, Chaim: "A huge heart. Now really everything is possible" "Turgeman like a Brazilian actor: The most there is in Brazil is broken!"

The wonderful team that makes history is no coincidence, so how will we heal our football thanks to it? Ron Amikam with a proposal to streamline the Premier League following the sensation in Argentina

The youth team players celebrate qualifying for the semi-finals of the World Cup (Photo: Israel Football Association)

Watch the game summary. Courtesy here11

Few achievements of Israeli sports usually come from sports whose rules we learn retroactively. In football there were years when we celebrated Stelmach's goal against Yashin. In the game itself we lost, but it was less important. You sit in front of the keyboard and ask yourself: What are we going to write now? How do we explain what's happening here? We deal with football, but it's football, and soul, emotion, and Israeli spirit. And some of the things we don't know how to explain because we don't know them. We cover Israeli football, what about us and them?

So let's just say it as informative as possible: the Israeli national under-20 team in the semifinals of the World Cup after an extra-time victory over Brazil, the South American champions, 2:3. A turnaround inside extra-time and a winning goal that is a glorious soldering between Oscar Gloch's goal against England in last year's Euro final and Eli Ohana against Australia in the Oceanic final too many years ago.

Now read this sentence on and on and on because this crazy team gives us more and more and more, that we just don't want it to end, yes we will be blown out of proportion or blown out of proportion. who cares?

We compliment this and that, and there are those who take credit, because in the end we are Israelis. But we have to say what we all think: There is a person here who merged all the good things we think about this team. And. Ofir Haim dreams for all of us that we wake up from, and he doesn't. How can you fall behind twice against Brazil, including a goal in the first 20 seconds of extra-time, miss two penalties in 3 minutes, and still win? Ask Ofir Haim. Jaime.

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Dreaming for all of us dreams that we wake up from. Ofir Haim (Photo by Getty Images, ANDRES LARROVERE/AFP)

So OK, we breathed.

Let's try to explain things.

There are people who hate Israeli football, most of them are disappointed in Israeli football. They have a fixed phrase that has already become a cliché. He appears in every qualifier, usually at a stage where there is hope that we will qualify for a serious tournament. "It's better that we don't go up," they say, "we'll be ashamed."

In all the world tournaments we've participated in – exactly four – we've reached the quarterfinals twice in two Olympics, we've drawn two games in the group stage of the World Cup, one against the European champions, and we've reached the semi-finals of the World Cup for the little ones, the World Cup. I wish all the small teams that dream of being Israel now, to shame themselves like this.

We know that the Israeli footballer is talented. Huge exposure to football, also a great love for football, relatively cheap equipment because it is a popular game, and a style that combines talent and wisdom. Physically and tactically we are behind most of the big teams. How do you cover up physicality and tacticality? With the soul. It sounds as unprofessional as it gets, but it's reality. When our teams put their lives on the field, things happen. By the way, unfortunately they happen on all fronts.

Trained teams are said to have a coach's fingerprint. Israel's exciting team can be said to have the heart print of a coach.

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Once in a lifetime: Israel beat Brazil 2-3 after extra-time to reach the semifinals of the World Cup
Turgeman dedicated the victory to the memory of the victims of the attack, Chaim: "A huge heart"
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of the World Cup Diego "Turgeman" Maradona: The network did not believe the spectacular performance
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The dream is broken! Turgeman - like a Brazilian actor"

The most neighborhood there is. Brazilians yesterday(Photo by Getty Images, ANDRES LARROVERE/AFP)

Before yesterday's game, I watched some Brazilian highlights. What shall we say, Jogo Bonito. Light, fast, strong, deadly. I was missing one thing in their game: organization.

In two or three years, when some of the Brazilian national team players will play in Europe and here they will be loaned to Hapoel Hadera, we will already see the difference. At the age of 19, the Brazilian speaks only talent. In Europe, they organize his tactical stance, patient ball movement, movement without the ball, correct decision-making. In extra-time, the Brazilian game looked the most neighborhood there is: deep elevations into the depth of the area - as our coaches shout: into the mess - without any experience working from the flanks, looking for a lethal double pass, taking advantage of the technical advantage. Submit and run to the net. They were just tired. Israel played the exact opposite: stood up defensively, moved correctly, found situations and also had to give away the fourth: twice from a penalty, twice from a penalty.

Look at the last four World Cup winners: Ukraine, England, Serbia and France. They are all from Europe. The issue of European academies is a fact that has existed for more than 12 years that distinguishes between the last win of a South American team at the World Cup and the current World Cup, in which only Uruguay of South America remains in the cup picture, and that too could end for them tonight. The qualitative gap at young ages between South America and Europe is only growing. When South Americans leave for Europe, that gap closes again. To their talent are added all the elements that make Europeans preferable at young ages.

Israel beat Brazil because Israel is the runner-up of the European Championship, the second-best team on the continent where football is treated as a profession rather than a religion. That doesn't make its football superior to Brazil, but hey, say, do you think Brazil was better than Israel yesterday? Not at all.

They played the exact opposite of Brazil. The national team players celebrate (Photo: Reuters)

Now the million-dollar question that the top experts have been asking about since Omar Senior lifted the team to the final eight: What do we do with them now? How to make lemonade from lemon. After all, this team is not a coincidence, it is not a one-off - itself - it is a coincidence and a one-time occurrence for football itself, which looks like a health fund full of diseases. How do you heal football thanks to this team?

Unfortunately, there are no magic solutions. Ofir Haim will not coach the young team in three weeks at the European Championship, Guy Luzon will coach, most of the players will be different, the shell will be different, the style will be different. Without underestimating for a moment - Guy Lauzon knows how to coach young people - there is no need to develop expectations against the young Germany, England and Czech Republic, but if something in the special spirit of the youth team infects the players of the young team, some of whom are graduates of this team, we may see a quantum leap in the more advanced ages as well.

The mobilization must be national. Sports Minister Miki Zohar is going to distribute an additional NIS 3 million to every team in the Premier League and another NIS 1 million to a team in the National League. I would invest this money in youth – paint it – increase the salaries of coaches (even set a minimum wage for coaches), turn academies into professionals. In the next stage, he is trying to reach an agreement with the IDF authorities – not just with the Ministry of the Interior in order to naturalize foreigners – in order to allow the players of this team to go abroad as soon as possible, to academies, reserve teams, second and third level teams, without violating their civil rights. This is an umbrella of 50 candidates for security service. As long as young people are abroad and don't beg for playing minutes in Israeli football, Israeli football will benefit.

Now say of course: but why give up Maccabi Tel Aviv or Hapoel Tel Aviv in order to be a player in Blackpool's reserves? Because in Israel you're not just crying out for playing minutes, you're crying out for attitude. The youngest player in Israel is a training player. In tactical drills, he sometimes sits on the sidelines, doesn't get the emphasis, serves the coach instead of the coach serving him, and of course doesn't see enough playing minutes. Everyone talks about non-professional youth departments, but these departments eventually brought players to the semi-finals of the World Cup. The withdrawal begins with the transition from youth to adults, and the problem lies in this detail: attitude-not-attitude toward adults.

And this is where the trend to allow a seventh foreign registration in the Premier League comes in. You'd be surprised, I have no problem with that. Seven foreigners will usually be in the big teams, which need them to compete in Europe. There will also be 15, that's not the point. If the league administration receives from Israeli sports – which has a lot of money in the state budget – a share dedicated to young people, it will be able to give incentives to any team that includes a player under the age of 23 in 80 percent of the games (not a minute at a time, but 80 percent of the cumulative minutes played) and a double bonus if it shares an under-21 player in 80 percent of the games. The young teams will take advantage of it, it's good money, it's also pure money. In any case, the titles go to the big clubs, at least there will be a balance, and everyone will enjoy.

So what did we suggest? Money for youth departments, incentives for the participation of young players and exemption from conscription for players who go abroad for careers. This will further improve the teams, ease the rebound from the transition from youth to seniors, and perhaps maintain these achievements. There is an excellent generation here. A combination of Israeli spirit and Start-Up Nation, and we're completely in a different place.

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