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FC Bayern win debutante ball in Münster – concern for Gnabry


Highlights: FC Bayern win debutante ball in Münster – concern for Gnabry. FC Bayern belatedly started the hunt for the title in the DFB Cup. The Munich team defeated Preußen Münsters 4-0. Debutant goalkeeper Frans Krätzig as well as Raphael Guerreiro and Taichi Fukui played their first competitive game for FC Bayern. The game was played in the first round of the D FB-Pokal. The match finished 0:4 (0:3) with Mathy Tel scoring the fourth goal.

Status: 26/09/2023, 23:18 p.m.

By: Stefan Schmid


FC Bayern belatedly started the hunt for the title in the DFB Cup. The Munich team defeated Preußen Münster 4-0. The ticker to read.

  • Preußen Münster – FC Bayern Munich: 0:4 (0:3)
  • Double debut at FC Bayern: Guerreiro and Fukui came into the game
  • Goal debut in Münster: Krätzig with his first goal for FC Bayern
  • The ticker to read.

+++ End +++ FC Bayern Munich wins 4-0 against Preußen Münster in the first round of the DFB-Pokal. Debutant goalkeeper Frans Krätzig as well as Raphael Guerreiro and Taichi Fukui, who played their first competitive game for FC Bayern, can be particularly pleased. Serge Gnabry's injury is a cause for concern. According to initial reports, it is said to be a forearm fracture. +++

90th minute+3: Nothing more happens. The game is over.

Preußen Münster – FC Bayern München 0:4 (0:3)

Preußen Münster:Schenk – Ter Horst, Koulis, Kok, Hahn (Scherder 46), Lorenz (Wegkamp 76) – Kankam Kyerewaa (Bouchama 87), Mrowca (Preißinger 58), Bazzoli, Böckle – Batmaz (Grodowski 46)
FC Bayern Munich:Peretz – Laimer (Sarr 63), Mazraoui, Goretzka, Davies (Guerreiro 63) – Kimmich (Fukui 63) – Coman, Gnabry (Krätzig 11), Musiala, Tel – Choupo-Moting (Sané 82)
Goals:0:1 Choupo-Moting (9'), 0:2 Laimer (40'), 0:3 Krätzig (45'+5), 0:4 Tel (86')

90th minute+1: Injury time is now running. A total of three minutes is indicated.

89th minute: Coman tries to do it again from distance, but only hits the top of the crossbar. Schenk skilfully looked at the playground equipment at the aluminium.

Sarr with the assist – Tel still scores his goal

86th minute: TOOOR for FC Bayern!! Tel is served by Sarr on a deep run. Bayern Sturmhoffnung remains ice-cold from an acute angle and finishes into the far corner.


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Bouno Sarr set up Mathy Tel to make it 4-0. © IMAGO/nordphoto GmbH / Christian Schulze

85th minute: Peretz can distinguish himself once again. A long cross from Kankam Kyerewaa is fisted away by the goalkeeper.

82nd minute: Thomas Tuchel makes his last substitution. For Choupo-Moting, Leroy Sané comes into play.

81st minute: And then it's Grodowski who almost takes advantage of a positional error by Bayern. The striker runs a low ball to the exposed right side of Bayern's defence and is able to look for the finish. Peretz is on the spot and holds the poorly placed finish.

80th minute: Preußen Münster don't really go on the offensive even after Wegkamp has been brought in. But Bayern is also struggling to score another goal here.

Preußen Münster bring second striker into the game

76th minute: Did Prussia coach Hildmann smell the morning air with this action? At least he brings in a second striker with Wegkamp. Lorenz leaves the square.

75th minute: Another corner for Prussia and that was very close. The pass from the right is extended to the long post, where Koulis flies in and misses by a hair's breadth. That could well have been the connection.

72nd minute: That would have been it. Sarr, in his second appearance in the last 567 days, almost contributed the assist to make it 4-0. In the middle, however, Choupo-Moting slips away and cannot finish.

70th minute: Kingsley Coman is trying to revive the now dreary game. However, his long-range shot is blocked to the corner. This does not bring anything afterwards.

68th minute: Preußen Münster is allowed to take a corner and actually finishes. But Kouli's header is set too high. No danger for Bayern, but a little more atmosphere in the stadium again.

67th minute: The newcomers to the game are likely to be eager to promote themselves. Something that can only be good for the game at the moment.

Double debut at FC Bayern: Guerreiro and Fukui in the game

63rd minute: Three substitutions at FC Bayern, two debutants come on the field. Fukui and new signing Guerreiro are playing their first competitive game in Bayern dress, and Sarr is also coming. Kimmich, Davies and Laimer leave the pitch.

58th minute: The game has flattened out a bit and now Münster changes again. For Mrowca, Preißinger comes into the game.

54th minute: Schenk comes out with a deep pass to Coman and is already too late, as he was at half-time. This time, however, without bringing down the opponent. Coman still gets to the ball, tunnels Schenk, but can't finish from an acute angle. After all, it is Tel who aims vis-à-vis just past the goal.

Kingsley Coman stands out for his many deep runs. © IMAGO/nordphoto GmbH / Christian Schulze

52nd minute: After Prussia cannot finally clear a corner, it is Tel who tries it from the second row. No problem for Schenk, who picks up the touchdown.

49th minute: Coman dribbles past two or three opponents into the penalty area and tries to pass it in from the baseline. Deflected, the ball lands in Schenk's arms.

46th minute: The ball is running again in the Preußenstadion. Preußen Münster makes two changes. Grodowski and Scherder for Batmaz and Hahn. Bavaria unchanged.

+++ PAUSE +++ FC Bayern makes it 3-0 with the last action of the first half and thus increases the score to a score that also lives up to the chances. Preußen Münster, on the other hand, hardly takes place offensively and when they do, Peretz and Co. are concentrated on the matter. Bitter for the Munich team is the injury to Serge Gnabry, who had to leave the pitch in the 11th minute. +++

Krätzig with his first goal for FC Bayern

45th minute+5: TOOOR for FC Bayern!! A Bayern corner leads to success. Kimmich is ready and initially plays flat to Musiala, who returns the ball at the sixteenth corner. Kimmich, now closer to goal, serves Krätzig at the near post, from where he scores his first competitive goal for FC Bayern Munich.

Frans Krätzig celebrates his first competitive goal for FC Bayern. © IMAGO/kolbert-press/Marc Niemeyer

45th minute+3: Goretzka calmly drives the ball in front of him and is then cleared by Kankam Kyerewawa. One thing is clear: there is yellow. The first map of the game.

45th minute+1: Lorenz is ready for a free kick and tries it with pure force. Powerful, but not very accurate, the shot bounces off a foot before the device can even get close to the penalty area.

45th minute: Free kick for Preußen Münster in a good position 30 yards in front of goal. Meanwhile, five minutes of injury time are displayed.

42nd minute: Koulis clears Davies and is lucky that at least some ball was still with the tackle. Jöllenbeck gives a free kick and no card.

Laimer raises for FC Bayern with emotion

40th minute: TOOOOR for FC Bayern!! A repeated deep chip ball from Goretzka finds the incoming Laimer, who heads sensitively into the far corner. Nothing to do for Schenk and first header goal for Laimer in the Bayern jersey.

Konrad Laimer celebrates his goal to make it 2-0. © IMAGO/Eibner-Pressefoto/Bahho Kara

39th minute: Schenk with the dream save against his parent club! Tel brings in a cross from the left, Goretzka runs in superbly and puts the powerful header on goal. Like Neuer in 2014, Schenk raises his arm and fends off to the corner.

37th minute: Back to the sport: Laimer goes over on the right to the baseline and finds Musiala. However, his shot lands in the arms of Schenk.

33rd minute: The tennis balls are removed from the field, it continues in the Preußenstadion.

31st minute: The game is interrupted! A large number of tennis balls fly from the stands, accompanied by chants of "Scheiß DFB". Probably a protest due to the fact that the Supercup takes place on the regular first DFB Cup weekend. Mind you, it's about the DFL Supercup, not the DFB Supercup, but it's a gift.

30th minute: Goretzka is challenged in his role as a central defender. The Prussians want to do it fast and look for Batmaz with a wide ball, who takes off. Goretzka, however, makes his leg long and clarifies.

26th minute: The Bayern defence has very little to do in this phase. And so it is not surprising that Goretzka is no longer in central defence. Exemplary, but without penetrating power, he distributes the balls 30 meters in front of the opponent's goal.

22nd minute: Tel misses Bayern's second goal at the far post. The Frenchman cannot control Choupo-Moting's cross properly and so he chases the ball over the housing.

18th minute: Jamal Musiala skilfully picks down a candle and immediately shifts into forward gear in distress. In front of Schenk, he tries it on the long corner. Bayern loanee Schenk holds the ball from his former teammate.

17th minute: Via detours and slightly deflected, the ball lands with Batmaz, who does not hesitate for long. Peretz is at the post and has the shot in the follow-up.

16th minute: It's hard to believe, but in the last few minutes Bayern have problems resolutely clearing the ball. Munster keeps the ball in the opponent's half.

11th minute: After taking an early lead, Tuchel has to make his first substitution. Gnabry has probably gotten more and will be replaced by Frans Krätzig.

Early Bayern lead by Choupo-Moting

9th minute: TOOOOR for FC Bayern! Tel starts on the left and gets the long ball. Then the young Frenchman lets Ter Horst get out and then brings the flank inside. In front of goal, Münster does not clear properly and so the ball falls at the feet of Choupo-Moting, who slides in without any problems.

The assist provider and goal scorer celebrate the early lead together. © IMAGO/Revierfoto

7th minute: Peretz challenged for the first time as Bayern keeper. Lorenz breaks through on the left and brings the cross. The goalkeeper plays along and fists the ball out of harm's way. Gnabry, meanwhile, is back in the game.

4th minute: Goretzka lifts a ball into the sixteen, Gnabry runs through, but Schenk also comes out of his goal. The Munich man goes to the ground and in fact he was cleared by Schenk. Luckily for the Bayern loanee, there is no VAR here. Gnabry has fallen on his hand and needs treatment.

Schenk in the Prussia goal clears Serge Gnabry. There is no whistle, but Gnabry has to go out injured. © IMAGO/Maik Hölter/TEAM2sportphoto

2nd minute: Bayern have a longer period of possession, but then Laimer sloppily accepts a pass and gives Preußen Münster a throw-in.

1st minute: The fireworks have stopped, the ball is running. With a good three-minute delay, referee Matthias Jöllenbeck blows the whistle.

Update, 20:44 p.m.: While fireworks are literally set off in the home block, the teams run in. It starts at any moment. As a reminder, today there is neither goal-line technology nor VAR.

Update, 20:38 p.m.: The countdown is on and the atmosphere in the Preußenstadion is boiling. Despite the unusual Bayern line-up, a victory for the Münster team would be a small football miracle, but it should not fail because of the fans in the stadium.

Update, 20:27 p.m.: Thomas Tuchel commented on the newly formed defensive line before the game. It should be a back four, with Goretzka and Mazraoui in central defence. As a result, Konrad Laimer will probably move to the right-back position.

Leon Goretzka occupies the unfamiliar position in central defence today. © Marc Niemeyer/kolbert-press/IMAGO/kolbert-press

Update, 20:22 p.m.: In 20 minutes it starts in the completely sold-out Preußenstadion in Münster. The hosts' fans will do everything they can to ensure that their team can achieve the seemingly impossible.

Update, 20:03 p.m.: Now the line-up of Preußen Münster is also available. In goal is Bayern loanee Johannes Schenk. The number one Schulze Niehues is not in the squad, he is expecting offspring together with his partner. Otherwise, a defensive approach from Sascha Hildmann's team is to be expected.

Update, 19:51 p.m.: In addition to Upamecano (adductor problems), Thomas Müller is also completely absent from the Bayern squad. The attacker also has problems with the adductors. There is probably a strain. How exactly FC Bayern's defensive line is composed is more than unclear due to the current situation. It is also possible that Kimmich will slip into central defence or that a three-man chain will be used. Then Gnabry and Coman would probably be the rail players in the defensive behavior of a five-man chain.

Bayern without trained central defenders: Upamecano is also missing due to injury

Update, 19:40 p.m.: FC Bayern's line-up is here and it has it all! In addition to the already known absences de Ligt and Minjae Kim, Dayot Upamecano is also missing. Bayern are not going into the cup match against Preußen Münster with a single trained central defender.

Dayot Upamecano will also miss FC Bayern's DFB-Pokal match against Preußen Münster. © IMAGO/ActionPictures

Update, 19:21 p.m.: In less than half an hour, the mystery of today's Bayern line-up will have been solved. Many possibilities are conceivable in the orphaned central defender position. Both the use of a player out of position and the conversion to a three-man or five-man chain.

First reported on September 26, 17:19 p.m.: Münster – With a one-and-a-half-month delay, FC Bayern are also taking up the hunt for the DFB Cup title. Instead of playing the first round of the cup from 11 to 14 August, like almost all other clubs, the Munich team dueled with RB Leipzig for the DFL Supercup on 12 August – with limited success. But now it also applies to the record cup winner, who will have to deal with third-division club Preußen Münster. You can follow the game in our live ticker.

First round of the cup in the live ticker: FC Bayern claim to the title after a three-year absence from the final

The objective ahead of FC Bayern's first DFB-Pokal match of the season is clear: anything other than the title is not enough. The last time the 20-time cup winner managed to do so was in the 2019/20 season, since then the Munich team has not even reached the final. Too little for the self-image on Säbener Straße.

FCB coach Thomas Tuchel takes a similar view. In the pre-match press conference (live on TV and stream), he stressed: "We want to go to Berlin, we want to get to the final." First-round opponents Preußen Münster should "not be underestimated. We are the favorite. We are preparing seriously and well for it." This also included a certain professionalism during the visit to the Oktoberfest, which was celebrated in a good mood, but was probably kept sufficiently measured, not measured.

They celebrated together against Bochum, but Minjae Kim and Matthijs de Ligt have to miss the cup due to injury. © Straubmeier/nordphoto GmbH /IMAGO

FC Bayern vs Preußen Münster in the live ticker: Tuchel plagued by short-term personnel concerns

Anything but a clear victory and the associated ticket for the second round of the DFB-Pokal is likely to be a big disappointment for FC Bayern. The team's full offensive band should ensure resounding success, but they will have to make do with sole entertainer Dayot Upamecano in central defence.

Both Matthijs de Ligt, whose absence has been known since the weekend, and Minjae Kim, who is absent at short notice, will not even travel to Münster. In addition, the last remaining central defender in the Munich squad alongside Upamecano, junior player Tarek Buchmann, has been suffering from a torn muscle bundle since the beginning of September. The tactical orientation and line-up with which Tuchel will absorb the absences in the centre of defence will become clear at least an hour before kick-off. (sch)

Source: merkur

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