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Only the debacle prevents: Werder Bremen completely off the role for a long time in bankruptcy in Darmstadt


Highlights: SV Werder Bremen lost 2:4 (0:2) against newly promoted SV Darmstadt 98. The last time Werder experienced three away defeats at the start of a Bundesliga season was 26 years ago. Olivier Deman and Milos Veljkovic scored Werder's goals in the second half. The defeat leaves Werder with six points from six games and in the relegation zone. The Lilies have won just one of their first six games in the Bundesliga this season.

Status: 02.10.2023, 09:18 a.m.

By: Björn Knips, Daniel Cottäus, Marius Winkelmann


Another defeat against a newly promoted team: SV Werder Bremen also deservedly lost 98-2 (4-0) against Darmstadt 2. © IMAGO

After a very weak performance for a long time, Werder Bremen deservedly loses 2:4 (0:2) against SV Darmstadt 98. The match report of the DeichStube.

Darmstadt – The roller coaster ride continues – and this tour in Hesse really hurt: Because SV Werder Bremen showed a frighteningly poor performance for a long time in the deserved 2:4 (0:2) defeat at the previously winless promoted Darmstadt 98, a debacle threatened.

After the substitution of Naby Keita, coach Ole Werner's team at least showed morale in the last 20 minutes and came close again through goals from Olivier Deman (70') and Milos Veljkovic (79'). But the burden of Darmstadt goals from Matthias Bader (5th), Tim Skarke (25th), Marvin Mehlem (50th) and ex-Bremen player Tobias Kempe (62nd penalty) was simply too big. With six points from six games, Werder Bremen still has some distance to the relegation zone, but these completely different performances point to a very exhausting season. And the last time Werder experienced three away defeats at the start of a Bundesliga season was 26 years ago.

Werder Bremen completely indisposed from the start against brash SV Darmstadt 98

"That was a far cry from what we wanted to play. The intermediate and final results are well deserved. We couldn't cope with the emotion and intensity of our opponents and didn't find a moment to work our way into the game," said Werner after the game. After last week's 2-1 win against 1. FC Köln, the coach had to improvise in the back three due to the injury-related absences of Niklas Stark and Marco Friedl. In the middle of the regular central defenders Amos Pieper and Milos Veljkovic, six-man Christian Groß gave the defensive boss and also took over Friedl's captain's armband. An offensive problem, on the other hand, had been solved. Marvin Ducksch reported fit in time after his back problems in the final training session and attacked alongside Rafael Borré. In SV Werder Bremen's midfield, everything remained the same with Senne Lynen, Romano Schmid and Jens Stage – as well as on the wings with Mitchell Weiser and Olivier Deman. Felix Agu, who had been injured for so long, was on the bench for the first time in eleven months – as was Naby Keita, who had made his Werder debut against Cologne a week earlier.

SV Darmstadt 98 got off to a brisk start – as the Lilies like to do in their sold-out stadium at the Böllenfalltor with 17,810 spectators. Nevertheless, the guests were surprised by this, did not keep up at all. After a misunderstanding between Weiser and Borré, the hosts won the ball - and then it went far too fast for all Bremen. Especially for Veljkovic, who didn't attack flanker Marvin Mehlem hard enough. Matthias Bader finished completely free by direct acceptance to make it 1-0 (5th). As was the case two weeks ago with the other promoted Heidenheim, Werder Bremen was behind early. Almost nothing went forward. Ducksch had one or two good ideas, but his balls were almost always too inaccurate. Meanwhile, there was nothing to be seen of his colleagues or nothing good: Veljkovic stood far too low on a pass from Fabian Nürnberger, picking up the offside and paving the way for Tim Skarke to make it 2-0 (25th). "If we defend like we did today, we'll lose every game," complained Veljkovic, of all people, after the game.

Werder Bremen concedes another well-deserved defeat in Darmstadt at the promoted team - and presents itself very weakly

The 0-2 defeat was an even bigger goal for Bremen, who were unable to do anything. Chances? Wrong! Werder Bremen didn't get any pace on the pitch at all. Almost all the players were completely beside themselves. This was especially true for Lynen, who was substituted at half-time, as was Borré. The duo was replaced by Nick Woltemade and Justin Njinmah. Werner finally wanted to see more offense. The coach was heard. After a free kick from Ducksch, there was the first Werder chance, but through a Darmstadter. Klaus Gjasula headed the ball to his own post (48th). Those who believed in the turnaround were quickly disappointed. After a nasty mispass by Pieper in his own penalty area, Stage refrained from trying to save, so that Mehlem was able to increase the lead to 3-0 (50th). It was the highlight of a creepy Bremen performance and smelled a lot like a preliminary decision.

At least the two jokers had something against it. Woltemade served Njinmah, who failed to beat 98 keeper Marcel Schuhen (56th). However, it was only a brief green and white sign of life. A little later, the completely indisposed Groß got a Honsak shot in the penalty area, which, however, had no place high up next to his head. Referee Martin Petersen had missed it, but the video assistant intervened. Tobias Kempe (98nd) sank the penalty kick for Darmstadt 62, which also continued a curse: Once again, an ex-Bremen player scored against Werder Bremen, as David Philipp (Viktoria Köln), Maximilian Philipp (SC Freiburg), Jan-Niklas Beste and Eren Dinkci (both 1. FC Heidenheim) and Davie Selke (1. FC Köln) have done so this season.

Werder Bremen wake up far too late after a deserved defeat against SV Darmstadt 98

The visiting fans were not to be envied, but were still able to rejoice a bit: Keita, who had been injured for a long time, came onto the field much earlier this time than against Cologne (69th). And lo and behold, just a minute later, the doorbell rang in the Darmstadt box – albeit without the help of Keita. Weiser's cross was headed in by Deman to score his first Werder goal. Should there still be something going on? Yes! Because Keita played a clever pass to Ducksch, which Groß let through just as cleverly. Ducksch served Veljkovic – and suddenly it was only 2:4 from the point of view of SV Werder Bremen (79th). Bad memories were awakened in Darmstadt. Two weeks ago, Torsten Lieberknecht's team drew 3-0 with Borussia Mönchengladbach after taking a 3-3 lead.

It was now almost a one-goal game. And who knows what would have happened if substitute Dawid Kownacki hadn't headed right on keeper's shoes from close range in the 87th minute. So it remained with the deserved defeat, which cries out for a tough analysis. Because already in Heidenheim, Werder Bremen had given away the points so carelessly. "I think we have to apologise to the fans and be much, much better next week," Veljkovic said. Bremen should not trust that things will go better at home despite the two victories against Mainz and Cologne. Because the next opponent Hoffenheim is certainly of a different calibre next Saturday. (kni)


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Werder Bremen vs SV Darmstadt 98 - continue with the live ticker:

Werder Bremen deservedly lose at SV Darmstadt 98: The live ticker to read!


17.30 p.m.: With that, we say goodbye to the live ticker for today. Werder continue next week on Saturday at 18:30 CET with a home game against TSG Hoffenheim at the Weserstadion. Despite the Werder defeat, all readers have a nice rest of Sunday!

17:25 p.m.: Despite the final offensive, the bottom line is a deserved defeat for Werder. The second promoted team also suffered a 4-2 away defeat. After a scary first half, Werder had a great chance at the beginning of the second half with a post hit, but put the third goal in the box on the other side. Darmstadt was the more active and clever team throughout the season, the Bremen team never really got into their rhythm. In addition, there were several lapses in defence, such as the fourth goal conceded, in which Groß commits a clear handball in the penalty area. The two late goals from Deman and Veljkovic gave them a glimpse of hope, but Bremen didn't deserve a point with their performance here and now!

90+6 min.: And then it's over! Werder lose 2-4 in Darmstadt!

90+3 min: Deman with a late yellow card and it's a foul in the category: Pure frustration. The Belgian rightly sees the warning from referee Petersen. Werder no longer comes to offensive actions.

90+1 min: Werder tries everything, but Darmstadt is now clever in the duels. The Bremen are currently no longer really dangerous in the penalty area.

90 min: There are five minutes of injury time!

89 min: The regular last two minutes of the game are running. Is there anything else going on here for Werder?

87 min.: And is almost rewarded! A long ball finds Kownacki directly, but the Polish striker fails with his header on shoes from a promising position! The big chance for the 3:4.86 min.: Another late double substitution at Werder: Rapp and Kownacki are in the game for big and stage.

Werner goes all-in!

85 min: Pieper wins the defensive duel, drives the ball forward, and then sends a diagonal ball out of bounds on Ducksch. Ducksch scolds his defender loudly.

84 min.: But Werder is on the trigger! Keita is immediately present on the pitch and takes over the game.

83 min.: Almost the decision for Darmstadt! But the lines don't play a counterattack well at first, so Honsak shoots from an acute angle just off the left post.

Werder Bremen vs. Darmstadt 98 in the DeichStube live ticker: Werder back on the trigger! Will the miracle succeed?

79 min.: Is there still something going on for Werder here? Keita with a great pass to the starting Ducksch, who runs from the left side into the penalty area and serves Veljkovic in front of the goal. The Serbian centre-back had moved up due to a previous corner and stayed in the penalty area. Werder's number 13 only has to push the ball over the line from close range. The score is only 4:2 for Darmstadt.

79 min.: Tooor for Werder! What's going on here? Veljkovic with the goal to make it 2-4 from Werder's point of view!

76 min: Darmstadt are once again on the offensive. After a corner kick, Klarer extends the ball to the far post, where Honsak comes rushing in. However, the striker is a bit surprised, so that his finish goes well over the goal.

74 min.: Is there still a miracle here? Werder is at least further on the trigger and tries to take advantage of the momentum of the goal.

71 min: A ray of hope for Werder! Weiser with a pinpoint cross from the right side to the second post. There, Deman runs in and heads the ball into the net right next to the left post.

71 min: However, the goal is still being reviewed, as there may have been an offside position in the run-up to the goal. But it's the hit that counts!

70 Min.:Tor für Werder! Deman mit dem Treffer zum 1:4-Anschluss!

69 Min.: Keita kommt für Schmid auf den Platz.

68 Min.: Woltemade kommt in einem Zweikampf mit Klarer zu spät und begeht somit das Foul. Draußen macht sich unterdessen Naby Keita bereit.

65 Min.: Das Ergebnis spricht Bände. Das ist ein total gruseliger Auftritt von Werder. Es bahnt sich ein echtes Debakel für Grün-Weiß an.

62 Min.: Die Entscheidung auf Strafstoß zu zeigen war übrigens gerechtfertigt. Groß bekommt den Ball nach einem Abschluss von Honsak aus kurzer Distanz an den Arm. Die Distanz ist zwar kurz, aber der Arm von Werders Nummer 36 ist viel zu weit oben, sodass die Entscheidung in Ordnung geht.

62 Min.: Kempe tritt an und trifft mit viel Dusel unten links ins Eck. Pavlenka ist in der Ecke und auch am Ball, aber kann die Kugel nicht mehr entschärfen. Es steht 4:0 für Darmstadt 98! Und es trifft erneut ein Ex-Bremer gegen Werder - bereits der fünfte Spieler in dieser Saison, dem das gelingt.

62 Min.: Und es gibt den Elfmeter für Darmstadt!

61 Min.: Es wird gerade ein möglicher Strafstoß gegen Werder vom VAR überprüft!

58 Min.: Werder drückt und Njinmah bringt ordentlich Belebung. Der junge Stürmer schickt Ducksch in den Strafraum, der versucht Schuhen zu umkurven, aber legt sich die Kugel zu weit vor, sodass er nicht mehr zum Abschluss kommt. Der anschließenden Pass von Weiser in den Strafraum landet bei Woltemade, doch sein Abschluss wird im letzten Moment von einem Darmstädter geblockt. Beste Phase von Werder.

56 Min.: Kaum gesagt, schon gibt es den Abschluss durch Njinmah. Der Stürmer wird tief geschickt, wackelt seinen Gegenspieler aus und kommt mit dem linken Fuß zum Abschluss. Doch Schuhen ist rechtzeitig unten und kann den Schuss parieren. Trotzdem ein Lebenszeichen von Werder.

54 Min.: Aus dem Bremer-Gästeblock hallt es „Werder, Werder, Werder“- Rufe. Doch aktuell wirkt es hier nicht so, als würden die Grün-Weißen nochmal in das Spiel zurückfinden.

50 Min.: Ein Gegentor, dass den heutigen Bremer-Auftritt zusammenfasst. Gerade als Werder besser aus der Pause kommt, spielt Pieper einen abenteuerlichen Pass am eigenen Strafraum auf Stage, der die Kugel durchlässt, sodass Bader den Ball in die Füße bekommt. Dieser spielt sofort den Steckpass auf Mehlem, der alleine auf Pavlenka zuläuft und kaltschnäuzig links unten verwandelt. Werder haut sich die Tore selbst ins Tor.

50 Min.: Auf der Gegenseite gibt es das 3:0 für Darmstadt!

48 Min.: Und fast der Anschlusstreffer! Nach einem Ducksch-Freistoß prallt der Ball an den Oberkörper von Gjasula und von dort an den Pfosten. Ein Zufallsprodukt und dennoch die größte Chance im bisherigen Spiel für Werder.

47 Min.: Ole Werner setzt also ein offensives Zeichen mit seinen beiden Wechseln. Wir sind gespannt, ob sein Team dieses Signal auf den Platz übertragen kann.

Werder gegen Darmstadt 98 im DeichStube-Liveticker: Die zweite Halbzeit läuft und Werder wechselt offensiv!

46 Min.: Die Mannschaften sind zurück auf dem Feld. Bei Werder gibt es zwei Wechsel: Woltemade und Njinmah kommen in die Partie, dafür bleiben Borre und Lynen in der Kabine . Die zweite Halbzeit läuft!

16.19 Uhr: Eine erste Hälfte zum Vergessen für Werder. Wie in Heidenheim bringt ein frühes Gegentor die Bremer in Rückstand und in der Folge auch komplett aus dem Konzept. In der eigenen Offensive finden die Mannen von Trainer Ole Werner keinerlei Lösung, sodass der Rückstand komplett in Ordnung geht und ernsthafte Abschlüsse von Werder in den ersten 45 Minuten Mangelware sind. Dazu sind beide Gegentore nicht gut und mit viel zu viel Abstand im Zweikampf verteidigt. Da muss eine eindeutige Leistungssteigerung im zweiten Spielabschnitt her, um in Darmstadt noch Punkte mitzunehmen.

45+1 Min.: Und dann ist Pause! Werder geht mit einem 0:2-Rückstand in die Halbzeit.

45 Min.: Es gibt eine Minute Nachspielzeit in der ersten Hälfte!

45 Min.: Weiser versucht es mit dem Außenristpass in den Lauf von Deman, doch auch dieser Ball gerät zu lang, sodass die Situation verpufft.

44 Min.: Veljkovic unterbindet mit einem guten Stellungsspiel einen Darmstädter-Konter. Kurz danach verliert Werder dennoch wieder den Ball. Das Bremer-Passspiel lässt hier ordentlich zu Wünschen übrig.

42 Min.: Wir würden gerne kurz vor der Pause etwas Positives über dieses Spiel schreiben, aber Werder findet hier die ersten 40 Minuten wirklich so gut wie nicht statt. Darmstadt 98 arbeitet hart gegen den Ball und hat sich selbst mit zwei guten Angriffen belohnt.

40 Min.: Das Spiel wird ruppiger! Mehlem erwischt Deman im Luftduell deutlich mit dem Ellbogen. Viele Freistöße für Werder in dieser Phase. Mehlem sieht folgerichtig den Gelben Karton.

38 Min.: Doch Ducksch scheitert bei seiner Flanke an der Ein-Mann-Mauer. Leider bezeichnend diese Aktion!

38 Min.: Borre holt einen Freistoß auf Höhe der Torauslinie am linken Strafraumrand heraus. Ducksch steht bereit...

35 Min.: Bei einem folgenden Freistoß steht Weiser am zweiten Pfosten im Abseits. Unglückliche Aktionen von Werders Nummer acht.

34 Min.: Einen Ducksch-Freistoß von der rechten Seitenlinie können die Darmstädter zunächst klären, jedoch vor die Füße von Weiser. Dem Bremer Rechtsaußen misslingt allerdings die Ballannahme, sodass es nicht gefährlich wird.

33 Min.: Skarke mit dem Steckball auf Pfeiffer, doch das Zuspiel gerät etwas zu weit, sodass Pavlenka die Kugel aufnehmen kann. Bei Werder geht seit dem zweiten Gegentor nichts in der Offensive.

31 Min.: Lynen sieht die Gelbe Karte! Der Belgier mit einem gruseligen Fehlpass im Aufbauspiel und dann mit einem taktischen Foul, um Schlimmeres zu verhindern. Symptomatisch diese Szene für den bisherigen Bremer-Auftritt.

28 Min.: Groß lässt sich viel zu einfach im Zweikampf gegen Pfeiffer abkochen. Dessen Hereingabe klärt gerade noch so Lynen mit der Fußspitze. Werder wirkt ordentlich geschockt nach dem zweiten Gegentreffer.

Werder Bremen gegen Darmstadt 98 im DeichStube-Liveticker: Werder desolat! Darmstadt erhöht die Führung

25 Min.: Das ist einfach nicht gut genug verteidigt von Werder, in dieser Situation besonders von Veljkovic. Erst hebt der Serbe das Abseits bei einem langen Ball auf Skarke auf, dann kommt er nicht mehr wirklich in den Zweikampf, sodass Skarke von der Strafraumlinie in das lange Eck schlenzen kann. Pavlenka trifft keine Schuld.

25 Min.: Unfassbar! 2:0 für Darmstadt!

22 Min.: Groß kommt an der rechten Außenbahn deutlich zu spät und holt seinen Gegenspieler von den Beinen. Den anschließenden Freistoß köpft ein Darmstädter deutlich über das Tor. Die neuformierte Innenverteidigung von Werder wirkt dennoch nicht sattelfest.

21 Min.: Stage mit einer wichtigen Rettungsaktion! Eine Flanke von der linken Seite landet fast erneut am zweiten Pfosten beim aufgerückten Bader, doch Stage spritzt im letzten Moment dazwischen und bereinigt die Aktion.

17 Min.: Doppelchance für Werder! Erst scheitert Ducksch mit einem Freistoß zentral an Schuhen, danach trifft Borre das Außennetz. Der Kolumbianer stand bei seiner Aktion zuvor allerdings im Abseits. Dennoch: Werder wird besser!

15 Min.: Gute Idee von Ducksch. Mit einem Kontakt leitet der Stürmer den Ball in die Schnittstelle zu Schmid weiter, doch der Pass gerät ein wenig zu weit, weshalb Schuhen im Kasten der Lilien sich die Kugel schnappen kann.

13 Min.: Werder versucht nun mit vermehrtem Ballbesitz Ruhe in das eigene Spiel zu bekommen, doch dafür sind die Pässe noch zu ungenau. Häufig grätscht ein Darmstädter in die Bremer-Kombinationen dazwischen. Somit entsteht nicht wirklich ein Spielfluss.

Werder Bremen gegen Darmstadt 98 im DeichStube-Liveticker: Werder geschockt nach frühem Rückstand

10 Min.: Das erste Lebenszeichen in der Offensive der Grün-Weißen. Ducksch und Schmid bekommen allerdings die Kugel nicht wirklich am Strafraum unter Kontrolle. Am Ende schließt Borre ab, doch sein Schuss kullert in die Arme von Torwart Schuhen.

8 Min.: Das hat sich Werder ganz anders vorgestellt. Darmstadt bringt von Beginn an die gewohnte Aggresivität auf den Rasen. Damit tut sich die Elf von Ole Werner bis jetzt sehr schwer.

5 Min.: Das geht viel zu einfach aus Werder-Sicht! Wie in Heidenheim der frühe Rückstand für die Bremer. Über links wird Mehlem geschickt und von Veljkovic nur begleitet. Die Flanke des Darmstadt-Spielers landet am zweiten Pfosten beim völlig ungedeckten Matthias Bader, der die Kugel aus acht Metern einschiebt. Olivier Deman hatte den Torschützen in seinem Rücken vergessen.

5 Min.: Die Führung für Darmstadt 98! Bader trifft für die Lilien.

3 Min.: Deman kommt an der Außenlinie deutlich zu spät gegen Bader. Schiedsrichter Martin Pedersen lässt den Gelben Karton aber noch in der Brusttasche.

2 Min.: Die erste Chance der Partie geht an die Hausherren! Fabian Nürnberger nimmt die Kugel an der Strafraumkante direkt aus der Luft. Das Leder landet auf dem Tornetz. Gefährlicher Abschluss.

1. Min.: Pieper wird gleich in ein Laufduell gegen Skarke geschickt, der Bremer behält die Oberhand und klärt den Ball.

Werder Bremen im Liveticker gegen Darmstadt 98: Die Partie läuft

1st min: The game is on!

3:29 p.m.: Christian Groß and Fabian Holland are in the choice of sides.

3:27 p.m.: The players enter the pitch. So it starts here at any moment!

15.22 p.m.: By the way, there is still a change in the starting line-up at Darmstadt 98 due to injury. Emir Karic caught it during the warm-up, but Fabian Nürnberger starts.

3:21 p.m.: By the way, today's game will be played in the Merck Stadium at the Böllenfalltor. The arena has a total capacity of 17,810 spectators. The game is sold out. According to Werder, about 2,500 Bremen residents can be expected in the stadium. As always, a great support in the stands.

3:15 p.m.: The distribution of ball possession should be interesting today. With only 45 percent possession in each of the five games so far, both Werder and Darmstadt are among the three worst teams in the Bundesliga. Let's see which of the two teams takes the reins of action today.

15.10 CET: Since Werder's record so far in Darmstadt has not brought so many positive clues for today, we want to take a quick look at much happier figures for all Werder fans. While Darmstadt, together with VfL Bochum, had the worst defence in the league before this matchday, Werder are the third-best team after Bayern and Leverkusen when it comes to creating big chances. If Ole Werner's team can build on that today, then Werder should come up with some opportunities.

15.05 CET: Before the game, Ole Werner comments on Marvin Ducksch's condition in a DAZN interview: "It looks quite good with his back during the warm-up, so he can play from the start." Commenting on the decision in favour of Christian Groß in central defence, the head coach explained that Rapp and Jung are offering themselves for several positions in a substitution and will therefore sit on the bench at the start of the game.

2:58 p.m.: In general, it's time for a Werder away win again. The last one was almost half a year ago. At the visit to Berlin in April, the Werder fans were able to celebrate three points away from home. And as is well known, the Werder supporters made that game in Berlin a true home game at the time.

14.54 p.m.: However, the view for Werder on the previous record in direct duels against Darmstadt 98 does not really look rosy. In ten duels between the two teams so far, there has not been an away win. While Werder clearly had the upper hand at the Weserstadion, the Green-Whites have only picked up two meager points in five games so far. In the last visit almost exactly two years ago, there was a 3-0 defeat for Werder in the 2nd Bundesliga. The last point win in Darmstadt was achieved by the Bremen team exactly seven years ago to the day. In the 2-2 draw, a certain Serge Gnabry was still among Bremen's goal scorers.

2:50 p.m.: The people of Bremen would like to prevent a similar experience today as they did two weeks ago. There, too, Werder traveled on a Sunday to eand had to accept a painful defeat after a poor performance. Another parallel is that Darmstadt (similar to Heidenheim two weeks ago) is still waiting for its first win of the season. The Lilies started with just one point from five games this season and have not really arrived in the Bundesliga top flight yet. From Bremen's point of view, it is to be hoped that Werder will not play the build-up opponent here again today.

2:47 p.m.: The victory against 1st FC Cologne last weekend was celebrated extensively in the Bremen camp. Especially the performance in the second half gave courage that the new signings can help Werder to a better level. With six points from five games, the start of the season is solid. Ole Werner's team is currently in twelfth place in the standings, but can even move up to eighth place in the standings if they win today.

2:43 p.m.: Incidentally, today's meeting will be led by the referee Martin Petersen. He will be assisted on the sidelines by Alexander Sather and Robert Wessel. Johann Pfeiffer is on duty as VAR in Cologne's basement.

2:39 p.m.: In the season so far, one of the biggest questions for Werder fans is likely to be about ex-Bremen players in the opponent's squad. And Darmstadt 98 also has a player with a past on the Osterdeich. Veteran midfielder Tobias Kempe, who made his way from Werder's youth department to the second team between 2006 and 2010, is now in the starting line-up for the hosts.

14:37: As usual, the first eleven of today's opponents follows: Darmstadt 98. Coach Torsten Lieberknecht trusts the following line-up at the beginning: Schuhen – Klarer, Karic, Maglica, Bader, Holland – Gjasula, Kempe, Mehlem, Skarke – Pfeiffer

14:33: Ole Werner compensates for Niklas Stark's absence with Christian Groß. The veteran thus slips into the middle of the three-man chain and Veljkovic moves to the left side. Groß is now the captain of the team. Marvin Ducksch managed to get fit in time despite problems in the final training session and starts again in attack alongside Rafael Borré. And Naby Keita, who fell ill during the week, has at least made it to the bench.

Werder Bremen vs Darmstadt 98 in the DeichStube live ticker: Marvin Ducksch is in the starting line-up!

14:28 p.m.: There's the Werder lineup! Ole Werner sends the following players into the race: Pavlenka – Pieper, Groß, Veljkovic – Weiser, Lynen, Deman – Stage, Schmid – Borré, Ducksch. Zetterer (ET), Jung, Kownacki, Bittencourt, Njinmah, Keita, Rapp, Woltemade and Agu are on the bench. Captain Marco Friedl has not yet made it back into the squad after his abdominal muscle injury. This is the first time Felix Agu has been in the Green-Whites squad in eleven months.

14.15 p.m.: Hello from the room! In just over an hour, SV Werder Bremen will visit Darmstadt 98 on matchday six. While the Lilies are still waiting for their first win of the season, Bremen want to take the positive momentum from the Cologne game with them today. However, coach Ole Werner will have to rebuild his starting eleven, as defensive boss Niklas Stark has remained injured in Bremen. We will soon find out how the ailing Marvin Ducksch, Marco Friedl and Naby Keita are doing with the line-up.

SV Werder Bremen in the live ticker against SV Darmstadt 98: Kick-off at the Böllenfalltor is at 15.30 CET, the live ticker starts at 14.30 CET with the starting eleven line-ups of both teams. All goals, news and information from the Bundesliga match will be available live here in the live ticker of the DeichStube.

Werder Bremen vs SV Darmstadt 98 - the preliminary report:

Test at the "Bölle": Werder Bremen wants to improve in Darmstadt - and thus take advantage of a great opportunity

SV Werder Bremen play away against SV Darmstadt 15 on Sunday (30.98 CET, DeichStube live ticker) and want to take advantage of a great opportunity. The preliminary report of the DeichStube.

Games at the Böllenfalltor are unpleasant. SV Werder Bremen knows this from their own painful experience. After all, in the six away games at SV Darmstadt 98 so far (4x Bundesliga, 1x second division, 1x DFB-Pokal), there have been three defeats, two draws and consequently: only one victory. When the Bremer now on Sunday from 15.30 clock (in the DeichStube live ticker) for the seventh time at the "Lilies", the balance should be improved, of course. Which, however, is likely to be unpleasant even in the event of success, albeit in a different way. Perhaps the word "painful" is more accurate at this point.

Werder Bremen vs SV Darmstadt 98 in the live ticker: Coach Ole Werner wants more reliability in his own performance

Because: On the first five matchdays, the still winless promoted SV Darmstadt 98 has already received 15 yellow cards, plus once seen red. To date, no other club has been more rustic. Werder Bremen will therefore meet resistance, an opponent who finally wants to arrive in the Bundesliga after four defeats and a draw, which in the end also felt like a defeat because a 3-0 lead against Gladbach turned into a 3-3.

"For us, the main thing will be to reach a good level in terms of intensity and freshness in our heads," said Werder Bremen head coach Ole Werner, who is also still in the process of finding his own team. As a reminder, in recent weeks, Bremen's performances have happily jumped from one end of the performance scale to the other. While the most recent performance against 1st FC Cologne (2-1) was appealing, the previous one in Heidenheim (2-4) was catastrophic at times. The one before that, in the 4-0 win over FSV Mainz 05, was almost intoxicating. Bremen's big task (and certainly also their goal for the game at the Böllenfalltor) is now to get a kind of reliability in their own performance and, regardless of the result, never to sink below a certain level in terms of football. In order to keep negative fluctuations as low as possible.

Werder Bremen vs SV Darmstadt 98 - Bundesliga match in live ticker: Ole Werner with great respect for "lilies"

"You always have to play at the absolute limit in the Bundesliga," emphasises Ole Werner – adding: "That applies to all teams and even more so to a team that is still developing." The 35-year-old spared himself the explicit addition "just like us" at this point, but it was also more than clear that he assigns Werder Bremen exactly to this group.

"We are still in the process of finding each other in certain things. As the group we are now, we haven't experienced all the moments that can come up in a game together," said Werner. And from this point of view, the Böllenfalltor will also be new territory for Bremen in autumn 2023, because they have not yet met such a physical, intensive team in the current composition. Which is not to say that SV Darmstadt 98 can't play football. On the contrary, Ole Werner has great respect for the "Lilies": "They will try to bring their strengths, i.e. the pace up front, the variable build-up and the set-pieces, into play against us. In any case, I don't expect Darmstadt to just hide and hide at the back, but that they want to put us under pressure. We have to find answers to that."

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SV Werder Bremen vs SV Darmstadt 98 in the live ticker: Ole Werner sees "a lot of fire" in training

If that succeeds, the Green-Whites would take advantage of a great opportunity. After all, the Darmstadt game is something like a mood thermostat for the Bremen autumn, which is already cautiously peeking over the Osterdeich these days. With an away win, Werder Bremen would have nine points after six matchdays, which should generally be considered a decent to good start to the season. They can then go into their upcoming duels with top clubs Hoffenheim (7 October) and Dortmund (20 October) with confidence. After a bankruptcy in Darmstadt, however, these games would probably unsettle the environment again in view of the quality of the opponents.

A scenario that Werder Bremen wants to prevent on Sunday. So it's a good thing that head coach Ole Werner observed the following in his team during the week: "The team is making a good impression, there was a lot of fire in training. That's exactly what we want. Everyone tries to fight for their place, even a little bit over it here and there." Certainly can't hurt at the Böllenfalltor. (dco)

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