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DFB team overruns Denmark and now has Olympic participation in their own hands


Highlights: DFB team overruns Denmark and now has Olympic participation in their own hands. Germany overrun Denmark: DFB team has Olympic Participation in their Own hands.. Status: 04.12.2023, 04:52 a.m. (GMT) Germany beat Denmark 3-0 and are now top of Nations League Group C. If the team wins again in Wales on Tuesday, they will finish their Nations League group in first place and will thus be in the Olympic qualifying tournament at the beginning of next year. Germany misses out on the preliminary round of the European Championship.

Status: 04.12.2023, 04:52 a.m.

By: Christoph Wutz

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The women's national team once again has good cards in the fight for the 2024 Olympics. She deservedly won against the Danes. The ticker for the game to read.

  • UEFA Women's Nations League: Germany 3-0Denmark (2-0)
  • Germany overrun Denmark: DFB team has Olympic participation in their own hands
  • Denmark in luck: Germany misses out on the preliminary round
  • The ticker to read.

+++ Conclusion: After the well-deserved home win against the Danes, Horst Hrubesch's team now have it in their own hands to qualify for the Olympic semi-finals in February. The win saw Germany leapfrog Denmark and now occupy first place in Group C of the Nations League. The game was initially open, but the DFB team showed an inimitable will to win and was on the spot after 14 minutes in the person of Alexandra Popp. In an uncertain phase, Marina Hegering scored the important second goal. Subsequently, the guests failed several times to returnee Merle Frohms in the German goal.

In the second half, the game only went down to the Danish goal, but Germany failed to bring about the decision for a long time. Klara Bühl then scored the redemptive goal in injury time to make it 3-0. If the team wins again in Wales on Tuesday, they will finish their Nations League group in first place and will thus be in the Olympic qualifying tournament at the beginning of next year.

Germany – Denmark 3:0 (2:0)

Line-up Germany:Frohms - Gwinn (87' Krumbiegel), Hendrich, Hegering, Linder - Huth (70' Anyomi), Däbritz (46' Senß), Nüsken, Bühl - Lohmann, Popp
Denmark line-up:Christensen - Thögersen, Ballisager, Obaze (71' Möller), Veje (62' Gevitz), Svava (10' Thomsen) - Kühl, Troelsgaard - Gejl (62' Nadim), Hasbo (71' Holmgaard) - Vangsgaard
Goals:1-0 Popp (14'), 2-0 Hegering (26'), 3-0 Bühl (90'+3')

Germany overruns Denmark and has Olympic participation in its own hands

90th minute +6: THE GAME IS OVER! Germany deservedly beat Denmark 3-0 and are now top of Nations League Group C.

90th minute +3: TOOOORRR FOR GERMANY! Bühl puts the lid on it and scores to make it 3-0! After winning the ball strongly, Nüsken has too much space in front of the penalty area and sets up Bühl irresistibly on the left. At first, Popp makes an effort to get to the ball as well, but leaves it to the winger. She shoots ice-cold into the far corner to make it 3-0. The decision!

The German national team, led by captain Alexandra Popp (left), celebrated a convincing 3-0 victory against Denmark. © eu-images / Imago


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90th minute: Five minutes of stoppage time are indicated.

87th minute: Germany make a substitution: Paulina Krumbiegel replaces Giulia Gwinn on the right side of defence.

Denmark in luck: Germany misses out on the preliminary round

86th minute: Huge chance for Lohmann! After a Danish misplaced pass, Popp set up the Bayern player on the right side of the penalty area. But it takes far too long, so that her shot from a very good position can still be blocked. There was a lot more to it!

84th minute: Vangsgaard with a cross, but Frohms is able to pick up the low pass unchallenged without any problems. Nothing burns!

81st minute: Germany shape the game and don't let the Danes get a chance at all. The guests lack offensive actions. The DFB team runs almost everything. An example of tonight's event is Elisa Senß, who plays as if she has been part of the national team for several years.

76th minute: It's almost 3-0! After a strong pass from Anyomi, Nüsken crosses half-high to the far post on the half-right. Popp doesn't get to it, but irritates Christensen, who only looks after the ball. It gets longer and longer and bounces off the inside post! Then the goalkeeper can pick it up, lucky for Denmark!

71st minute: Denmark also make a substitution, even twice: Holmgaard comes on for Hasbo, Möller for Obaze.

70th minute: Nicole Anyomi comes on for Svenja Huth, who is celebrated by the crowd for a strong performance.

67th minute: After a first chance to shoot a few moments earlier, Senß finishes again. After winning the ball from Hegering and a short dribble, she pulls off a touchdown on the half-right. Christensen, however, picks up the ball without any problems.

The German national team led by Sarai Linder in a duel with Denmark. © Eibner / Imago

63rd minute: That was close! On a counter-attack, Vangsgaard sets up Thögersen on the right side. It shoots from an acute angle of around 20 metres. Frohms holds the ball, but drops it. Nadim, who has just come on as a substitute, is lurking there, but the German goalkeeper reaches for it and then has the leather safely.

62nd minute: A double substitution should bring momentum into the Danish game. Veje and Gejl leave the pitch, but Nadim and Gevitz come into play.

61st minute: Another strong pressing action from the DFB team. Popp runs energetically at Christensen and forces the goalkeeper to make a mistake. Throw-in for Denmark.

57th minute: Bühl and Huth hit one hook after the other and make their opponents dizzy. Germany are currently closer to the third goal than Denmark to the follow-up goal.

53rd minute: The German team is now in a phase of pressure again. She established herself in the opponent's half, but did not yet create any compelling scoring chances.

51st minute: Good chance for Germany! After winning the ball, Lohmann turns up the heat centrally and then plucks up the courage from around 25 metres. But her high finish goes a few meters by.

47th minute: Strongly defended by Linder! After a ball into the interface, Thögersen tries to run over the German defence on the right. But Linder turns inside in time and resolutely slides the ball away.

46th minute: The DFB team make a change at the restart. Elisa Senß comes into the game for Sara Däbritz and thus makes her international debut.

46th minute: The game continues! The German team acts from left to right in the second half.

Deserved lead at half-time: Germany fights against Denmark for the Olympics

+++ Interim conclusion at half-time: Germany deservedly leads 2-0 and has currently taken the lead in Group C of the Nations League. Popp and Hegering both scored with headers, but Frohms held on to the lead. Especially in terms of attitude, the Hrubesch team has a real winning mentality.

45th minute +4: Däbritz tries again from the right edge of the penalty area, but shoots straight into Christensen's arms. After that, the referee blows the whistle for the half-time break.

45th minute: After Velje is out for treatment due to injury, there are three minutes of stoppage time.

43rd minute: The German team doesn't lose a ball here and works tirelessly. Denmark has hardly any room for ideas at the moment, Germany is always on the spot and attacking.

40th minute: The crowd at Rostock's Ostseestadion cheers on the German team again and again and wants to whip them to the third goal. The atmosphere is fantastic and the game has a lot to offer as well.

37th minute: Linder again with a great cross into the back area, where Lohmann is waiting. Free-standing, she heads at Christensen's goal, but the ball falls down a little too late and only lands on the roof of the goal. But this scene shows that Germany are first and foremost very good in the game and are currently doing everything they can to win. Great achievement until then!

The German team celebrates the second goal by Marina Hegering (3rd from right). © Beautiful Sports / Imago

33rd minute: Frohms is on the spot! Vangsgaard is through after a long ball and finishes from the left, but the Wolfsburg player stretches out and blocks the shot strongly.

32nd minute: Good chance through Bühl! She initiates the attack herself and receives the ball back on the left side of the penalty area. However, she doesn't hit the dropkick properly under pressure, as the ball misses quite clearly to the left of the goal.

29th minute: Frohms! After a corner kick, she parried Troelsgaard's low follow-up shot from around eleven yards with her foot and thus preserved the two-goal lead.

Hegering raises against Denmark: DFB team in Olympic qualification in the meantime

26th minute: TOOOOOORRR FOR GERMANY! That's 2-0! After a corner kick, Hegering rises up like a picture book and heads powerfully into the far corner. As with the 1-0, Christensen has no chance and can only look after the ball. The 2-0 win for the German team, which currently puts them at the top of the table. As of now, the team would have it in their own hands to book the ticket for the Olympic qualifying tournament.

24th minute: Germany are stumbling a bit now, but are fighting hard. Sarai Linder, in particular, is very busy and works tirelessly.

20th minute: Frohms uncertain! After a cross, she reaches over, but doesn't shovel the ball all the way out, but extends it to the well-positioned Vangsgaard. However, the striker is a bit surprised and can't control the ball, so it bounces into the goal.

17th minute: Good chance for Denmark to equalise! After a corner kick, Troelsgaard is completely free in a central position. From a standing start, however, she heads the ball next to the goal. That was close!

Popp scores for early lead: Germany vs. Denmark now live

14th minute: TOOOOOOOR FOR GERMANY! Alexandra Popp takes the lead! After winning the ball strongly, the DFB team quickly switched gears. Däbritz sees Bühl on the left. Linder runs behind, receives the ball from Bühl and crosses to the penalty spot. The Wolfsburg player lurks there and heads ice-cold into the far corner. The early 1:0!

10th minute: Svava can't go on after all. She has to leave the field early, Janni Thomsen is new to the team for her.

9th minute: Germany dominate the game, Bühl in particular is trying to create creative moments. After a blocked cross, Nüsken tries his luck from around 20 yards, but Christensen catches the ball safely.

7th minute: Svava lies down for a moment, grabs his thigh. But after a break from treatment, she continues.

6th minute: First goal of the game. On a counter-attack, Vangsgaard runs alone against two German defenders. From about 25 meters, she just tries it, but her shot completely deteriorates and tumbles towards the sidelines.

3rd minute: After Huth loses the ball, the visitors almost have their first chance. The Danes quickly switch gears. Vangsgaard slips through to Svava just outside the penalty area, but the pass goes a little too far.

2nd minute: The German team presses earlier and starts with pressure.

1st minute: The ball is rolling, let's go!

Update, 20:29 p.m.: In a few moments, the game will begin. The Danes will toast.

Update, 20:26 p.m.: Now the national anthems are already playing. Despite the cold, the atmosphere is magnificent, numerous fans of both teams have come to support them in Rostock.

Update, 20:23 p.m.: Interim national coach Horst Hrubesch made his comments immediately before the game. "We have enough quality to turn the game around," said the national coach shortly before kick-off. However, the 1980 European champion did not cite the low temperatures as a hindrance.

Update, 20:14 p.m.: The game will start in about 15 minutes. Then it will become clear whether the German team will be able to take revenge for the first leg defeat against the Danish team. With a win by at least two goals, Germany could move to the top of the table – and would thus have it in their own hands to secure their place in the Olympic qualifying tournament in February ahead of the final Nations League matchday on Tuesday.

Update, 19:57 p.m.: The Danish starting eleven is also known by now. Striker Amalie Vangsgaard, in particular, is not likely to be remembered too well by the German team. She scored twice in Denmark's 2-0 win in the first leg in September.

The visitors' squad also lacks star player Pernille Harder from FC Bayern. She is currently suffering from a medial ligament injury.

In the live ticker: Two returnees to help Germany team win against Denmark

Update from December 1, 19:35 p.m.: In the meantime, the line-up of the German national team has been determined. As expected, Merle Frohms returns between the posts after recovering from a concussion.

Goalkeeper Alexandra Popp is also part of national coach Horst Hrubesch's first eleven again. The Wolfsburg striker was absent from the last international matches in October with muscular problems. Hrubesch makes four more changes from the recent 2-0 win in Iceland. Sydney Lohmann, Sara Däbritz, Sjoeke Nüsken and Marina Hegering also move into the starting line-up.

Merle Frohms (left) and Alexandra Popp (right) are back in the starting line-up for the German national team after recovering from injuries against Denmark. © Team 2 / Imago

Live in the ticker: Germany is doomed to win against Denmark

First reported on 1 December, 18.13 p.m.: Rostock – For the German women's national team, it's all or nothing on Friday evening. The DFB team will face Denmark at the Ostseestadion in Rostock from 20:30 CET (all information about the TV broadcast).

The team of interim national coach Horst Hrubesch wants to keep its last chance to participate in next year's Olympic Games. In order to be in Paris, the national team must win their Nations League match against the Danish team.

Germany vs Denmark live: Hrubesch team fights for last chance at the Olympics

After four matchdays in Group C of the Women's Nations League, Germany are in second place with nine points behind Denmark (twelve points). They are followed by Iceland (three points) and the Welsh, who have no points. Only Germany and Denmark still have a chance of finishing in first place before the fifth matchday, which is a decisive step on the way to next year's Olympics in Paris.

Only the top-placed nation in the group will be eligible to participate in the four-team final tournament of the Nations League at the end of February. The four best teams will play for the two European Olympic starting places.

The German women's national team led by Klara Bühl is doomed to win against Denmark. © HMB-Media / Imago

In the event of a two-goal victory, Germany would overtake Denmark

Horst Hrubesch's team recently regained self-confidence after the bitter elimination at the World Cup in the summer. After a 5-1 thrashing of Wales at the end of October, the DFB women recently fought their way to a 2-0 victory against Iceland. As a result, the ticket for the 2024 Olympics can still be booked. To do so, however, they need a home win – with at least a two-goal difference.

Then Germany would draw level on points with the Danes. And after Germany's 0-2 defeat in the first leg in September, the head-to-head comparison would also be level and the DFB women would have the edge due to the better goal difference.

In the live ticker: DFB team under pressure to win against Denmark

In the final group game on Tuesday (19:30 CEST) in Wales, the German team, who can rely on goalkeeper Merle Frohms, who is returning from a concussion against Denmark, would then have qualification for the four-team tournament in February in their own hands.

In the event of a defeat or a draw, on the other hand, the Hrubesch team would no longer have a chance to qualify for the Olympics. A one-goal win would reduce the chances to a minimum. Follow the match of the German national team against Denmark here from 20.30 CET in the live ticker. (wuc/dpa)

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