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Germany are world champions: U17s also win the final on penalties


Highlights: Germany's U17 national team became world champions in dramatic fashion, winning the final against France. The penalty shoot-out was hard to beat in terms of suspense, but Germany repeated the feat from the semi-finals. After the dominant first half, the German team survived over half an hour with a man down and thus saved the draw over normal time. Special Incidents: Yellow-Red: Osawe (GER, 69')orative6. Shooter Germany: Kabaaaaaaar shoots Germany to the World Cup title.

Status: 04.12.2023, 04:52 a.m.

By: Stefan Schmid

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The German U17 national team also wins the World Cup final against France on penalties. The ticker to read.

  • U17 World Cup Final: Germany vs France 4:3 pens - 2:2 (1:0)
  • Drama in the final: U17s crowned world champions against France
  • Bouabré countered Darvich's goal: Two-goal lead was short-lived
  • The ticker to read

+++ Germany is world champion! After the dominant first half, the German team survived over half an hour with a man down and thus saved the draw over normal time. The penalty shoot-out was hard to beat in terms of suspense, but Germany repeated the feat from the semi-finals. +++

The U17 national team became world champions in dramatic fashion, winning the final against France. © Ahmad Ibrahim/AP/dpa

Germany - France 4:3 pens 2:2 (1:0)

Line-up Germany:Heide - Hennig (88' Herwerth), Odogu, Jeltsch, da Silva Moreira - Osawe, Harchaoui - Brunner, Darvich (74' Kabar), Yalcinkaya (67' Ramsak) - Moerstedt
Line-up France:Argney - Sadi (45' Sangui), Meupiyou, Kayi Sanda, Titi - Amougou - Bouabré (90'+4 Diallo), Sylla, Bouneb, Gomis - Lambourde (90' Tincre)
Goals:1-0 Brunner (FE, 29'), 2-0 Darvich (51'), 2-1 Bouabré (53'), 2-2 Amougou (85')
Special Incidents:Yellow-Red: Osawe (GER, 69')

6. Shooter Germany: Kabaaaaaaar shoots Germany to the World Cup title. Ice cold in the middle. Germany is World Champion!! 4-3 on penalties.

6. Sagittarius France: Gomis steps up and Heide has him again!! 3:3

5. Sagittarius Germany: Brunner is able to make everything clear, but Argney saves. It goes on. 3:3


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5. Sagittarius France: Tincress scores. 3:3

4. Sagittarius Germany: Harchaoui does it very precisely. At the bottom right, he doesn't give the goalkeeper a chance. 3:2

4. Sagittarius France: Heide holds!! Meupiyou aims for the bottom left, Heide dives and holds the thing! 2:2

3. Sagittarius Germany: Moerstedt equalizes! 2:2

3. Marksman France: Sangui hits the crossbar. 1:2

2. Shooter Germany: Ramsk hits the left corner. 1:2

2. Sagittarius France: Bouneb loads Heide. 0:2

1. Shooter Germany: da Silva Moreira shoots... and Argney holds. 0:1

1. Shooter France: Kayi Sanda steps up and scores. Just below Heider. 0:1

Penalty shootout: The teams line up, the decisions about the shooters have been made. The goalkeepers get a short briefing. France will begin.

Penalty shootout: Regular time, including a total of over 20 minutes of stoppage time, is over. The decision again brings the penalty shootout. Heide, do it again!

Germany survives regular time and saves itself in penalty shootout

90th minute+11: The game is still ongoing. France get a free kick, but Heide has the ball safe in the end. After that, it's over. There are penalty shootouts.

90th minute+9: Injury time is almost over. France has lost the thread a little, good for Germany. Kabar is shown a yellow card for a foul, the free kick has no consequences.

90th minute+6: Brunner provides some relief. After winning the ball, he is fouled. Take a deep breath now. Harchaoui is shown a yellow card for time play.

90th minute+5: Half of stoppage time is almost over. Germany still have five minutes to go, then it's time for a penalty shootout.

90th minute+1: There are 10(!) minutes of stoppage time.

90th minute: Suddenly, Germany have a 3-2 lead. But after Brunner fails, Moerstedt puts the follow-up shot over the goal.

89th minute: Normal time is coming to an end. There will be no extra time, but immediately a penalty shootout.

88th minute: Germany make another substitution. Maximilian Hennig is replaced by Maximilian Herwerth.

85th minute: GOAL for France! And that's when it happened. Gomis has too much space on the right, goes through to the baseline and finds Amougou in the back area, who only has to slide in.

84th minute: A France corner ends up in the back area with Sylla, who just misses the far post. Things are getting tighter and tighter for Germany.

82nd minute: That could have been it. Brunner and Moerstedt combine in the French penalty area, but Moerstedt hesitates too long at the wrong moment against the equally hesitant Argney, who is then able to pick up the ball.

80th minute: Germany are fighting, but more and more is coming along on the gums. It's going to be a very long last ten minutes.

77th minute: In the final minutes, one corner after the other sails into the German penalty area. The bulwark still holds, but relief is rare.

74th minute: Wück rebuilds his team and becomes more defensive. Captain Darvich is replaced by Kabar.

71st minute: France are also becoming much more physical now. Bouabré is shown a yellow card after a hard foul.

Osawe sees yellow-red

69th minute: Germany down to ten. Osawe is sent off with a yellow card and that's perfectly fine. After seeing yellow in the first round, he now clumsily clears Bouneb from behind. That's a no-brainer. Germany are now outnumbered for 20 minutes.

67th minute: Germany make their first substitution. Bilal Yalcinkaya is replaced by Robert Ramsak.

66th minute: The ball is running again for a few seconds, then Bouabré is cleared. Germany is trying to bring itself back into the game through physicality. Bouabré is able to continue, but the free-kick for France brings nothing.

63rd minute: While Gomis has to be treated, the rest of the players use the break for a drink break. In Surakarta, despite the advanced time of day, the temperature is still almost 30 degrees Celsius.

60th minute: The goal gives France a boost. A free-kick from the half-field is not clear for the German backline and so Amougou has the chance to try it from the edge of the penalty area. Over the gate.

55th minute: Heide saves from a French corner. Titi rises for the header and puts it on the left corner. Heide prevents the equaliser with a strong reflex.

Bouabré counters Darvich goal

53rd minute: GOAL for France!! Bouabré is deployed on the left, beats two Germans and finishes unstoppably low into the far corner.

51st minute: TOOOOOR for Germany!!! And again, things are just going too fast for France. Moerstedt is deployed on the right and plays flat in the middle. First Brunner misses, but Darvich is at the post at the far post, who slides in Argney from an acute angle and via the detour to make it 2-0.

48th minute: Germany can also get dirty. Titi lets Brunner get out and would be up and away on the sidelines. Brunner holds on to the jersey and gets a yellow card for it.

46th minute: The game continues. France have made one change, with Sangui coming into the game for Sadi.

+++ Half-time conclusion: Germany goes into the break with a deserved lead. The DFB juniors are superior to the French in all respects, seem more alert and more powerful. Nevertheless, individual French players are always dangerous. So an alert and concentrated performance is still needed if you don't want to concede the draw out of nowhere. +++

45. Minute+10: Eskas beendet die erste Halbzeit. Mit einer deutschen Pausenführung geht es in die Kabine.

45. Minute+9: Gomis und Hennig beackern sich auf der linken Abwehrseite Deutschlands. Gomis bekommt das Foul für sich gepfiffen. Aus dem Ballbesitz kann Frankreich jedoch erneut nichts machen. Hennig hat im Zweikampf einen Schlag abbekommen und wirkt nicht ganz sicher auf den Beinen.

45. Minute+7: Nach einer Ecke Frankreichs geht es nochmal schnell nach vorne. Schlussendlich ist Yalcinkaya alleine gegen drei Gegner und kann dann den Ball nicht auf einen Mitspieler ablegen.

45. Minute+4: Der starke Odogu luchst seinen Gegenspieler den Ball ab und eröffnet das Umschaltspiel. Brunner ist es dann, der sich bis in den Sechzehner vorkämpft und Argney prüft. Der Schuss ist etwas zu unplatziert und so leichte Beute für den französischen Keeper.

Kein zweiter Strafstoß für Deutschland

45th minute+3: The decision is made! It remains offside, France in possession.

45th minute+1: Again the game is interrupted, again there could be a penalty kick for Germany at the end. Moerstedt was fouled by Argney, but the referee ruled it offside. This is now being reviewed.

45th minute: That's right, there's eight minutes of stoppage time.

44th minute: A French player has been treated for two minutes, but now it's time to move on. It can be assumed that there will be a longer stoppage time.

41st minute: If they can't make it out of the collective, then the French try individual performances. So Bouneb, who pulls a corner straight at goal. The ball gets longer and longer, but Heide is on the post.

40th minute: Five minutes before the break, the picture remains unchanged. Germany much closer to the second goal than France to the draw.

37th minute: Moerstedt tests Argney. Once again, the French fall victim to German pressing. Then it goes quickly vertically to Moerstedt, who doesn't hesitate for long. The shot into the top right corner is saved by Argney. Trend: One for the showcase.

34th minute: It's clear that France are looking for an answer quickly. But the DFB team is defensively concentrated.

The German U17 national team can celebrate the World Cup title. © IMAGO/Agung Kuncahya B.

Brunner converts penalty after VAR check

29th minute: TOOOOR for Germany!! Brunner steps up and converts low on the left. Argney is on his way to the other corner.

28th minute: Germany are awarded a penalty kick!

26th minute: The review of the situation drags on. Yalcinkaya was clearly fouled, but he was offside when Darvich finished. The question arises as to whether a decisive touch of the ball by another player was between the shot and the foul.

24th minute: The four DFB attackers really step on the gas. Via Yalcinkaya and Moerstedt, the ball lands with Darvich, whose central shot is parried by Argney. At the end of the situation, Yalcinkaya goes down in the penalty area after being clearly hit by Sadi. The situation is checked.

21st minute: Heide has to intervene for the first time, and how! An attempted change of sides is intercepted by Bouabré, who shifts into turbo and cannot be stopped. At the edge of the box, he cuts inside and aims for the far corner. Heide is on the spot and defends to the side.

19th minute: Goal-area scenes are scarce in the final minutes, but the pace of the game continues to be enormously high. In the overall view so far, the German team looks much more dangerous. This is also due to the fact that French counter-attacks are consistently prevented.

15th minute: And immediately it's back to the front. Moerstedt takes Darvich with him, who instead of taking Hennig with him on the left, pulls away from the second row. A good bit about the box of Argney.

13th minute: Now it's the first corner for France. Bouneb's cross does not create any danger. Germany's attempted counter-attack is stopped, and the game continues with a throw-in in their own half.

9th minute: France's defence is shaky again. A DFB corner kick causes problems for Argney, who blocks the ball into the middle of the crowd in front of his goal. In the end, it is Moerstedt who tries his luck, but is blocked. The following corner yields nothing except for another corner. Then France can finally clarify.

7th minute: It's back and forth. But while Germany is usually able to fend off French attacks in front of the danger zone, France is not yet completely solid at the back.

Paris Brunner made it 1-0 for Germany. © IMAGO/Marcio Machado/M.i.S.

Brunner scores for Germany, but Moerstedt is offside

4th minute: Moerstedt is served, who lays off to Brunner with his head in the middle. Free-standing, it shoots in at the top left, but the flag goes up. Moerstedt had previously been offside.

2nd minute: France clear the corner, but only at the feet of Harchaoui. His shot from 20 yards out whizzes over the goal.

1st minute: Germany go forward for the first time. Take the left to the front. Hennig's attempted cross is blocked, Corner, Germany.

1st minute: The ball is running. Norwegian referee Espen Eskas releases the ball.

Update, 12:55 p.m.: Both teams are ready on the field. At the moment, the German national anthem is being played, which all DFB players sing along. So that's not the point today.

Update, 12:45 p.m.: The countdown is on. It will be interesting to see how the German forward line copes with the French defence. The two central defenders Meupiyou and Kayi Sanda in particular are considered a showpiece that has already caused headaches for many strikers.

Update, 12:25 p.m.: Slowly, the tension rises before the big game. In the run-up to the game, a number of senior Germany players had words of encouragement for the team, including Germany captain İlkay Gündoğan. Motivating words that could possibly tip the scales in the end.

Update, 11:55 a.m.: The line-up of the DFB team is here. Coach Wück is fielding the same starting eleven that started against Argentina in the semi-finals. This also makes it clear that Konstantin Heide will also be back in goal. Max Schmitt, who was between the posts every game until the semi-finals, sits on the bench.

Konstantin Heide, penalty killer against Argentina, is also between the posts in the final. © IMAGO/Marcio Machado/M.i.S.

Update, 11:48 a.m.: In a few minutes, it will be announced with which squad the DFB U17 team will contest the World Cup final against France.

First reported on 2 December, 11.16 a.m.: Surakarta – The road for the U17 national team to the World Cup final in Indonesia was a rocky one, but undoubtedly one that showed the character of the team. The DFB team did not let setbacks, such as Argentina's last-minute equaliser in the semi-finals, deter them and deservedly reached the final. Even for opponents France, who are looking for revenge, the tournament so far has by no means been a foregone conclusion. You can follow the match between the two opponents here in the live ticker.

DFB-U17 can complete double of World Cup and European Championship title

The match against France will take place under two auspices, which will add a special spice to the whole thing. On the one hand, the two junior teams only met in a final at the beginning of June this year. In the European Championship final, the DFB juniors defeated the neighbouring country 5-4 on penalties.

This means that France should not only be looking for revenge, but also the German kickers should be motivated to the tips of their hair. The opportunity to win the double of European Championship and World Cup title within a few months will probably never arise again for them.

Much-invoked "German virtues" for U17 team

A key to the success of the DFB's young players is also the return to the "German virtues", according to coach Christian Wück. "I know what German football is internationally renowned for, and that's where we wanted to get back to," said Wück one day before the World Cup final.

The coach expects a final "at a high level with a close result". In order to create the historic, his team must "take this last step". This time, there should also be support from the TV sets, fans can follow the game here. (sch/dpa)

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