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Werder Bremen do it with brains: Stark and Ducksch ensure liberation against Augsburg


Highlights: Werder Bremen do it with brains: Stark and Ducksch ensure liberation against Augsburg. Niklas Stark started in the centre of the back three this time, making him the first competitive match for Werder since matchday five. Captain Marco Friedl was surprisingly absent, according to the club, the Austrian complained of muscular problems in the adductor area at short notice. Phillip Tietz, striker of FC Augsburg, curiously refrained from punishment and actually lobbed past the empty goal.

Status: 10.12.2023, 10:09 a.m.

By: Fabian Pieper, Malte Bürger

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Werder Bremen beat FC Augsburg thanks to goals from Niklas Stark and Marvin Ducksch and celebrated a breakthrough in the relegation battle. © IMAGO/Cathrin Møller /M.i.S.

Important home victory: SV Werder Bremen lands a liberating blow in the Bundesliga and defeats FC Augsburg 2-0 (1-0). The match report of the DeichStube.

Bremen – The pressure in the table was enormous, once again SV Werder Bremen had their backs to the wall. But as in the home games against FSV Mainz 05, 1. FC Köln and 1. FC Union Berlin, they managed to break free again on Saturday afternoon - against fear opponents FC Augsburg, of all people, whom Bremen had lost five times in the last five league games. In the end, Werder won mainly because they played with brains in the truest sense of the word.

Compared to the previous week, coach Ole Werner made two changes to his starting line-up against FC Augsburg. Olivier Deman returned to his usual left side, which meant that Felix Agu had to go to the bench again. Niklas Stark started in the centre of the back three this time, making him the first competitive match forWerder Bremen since matchday five. Instead, captain Marco Friedl was surprisingly absent, according to the club, the Austrian complained of muscular problems in the adductor area at short notice and had to get used to the role of spectator.

Werder Bremen keeper Michael Zetterer shoots a huge buck - but FC Augsburg can't take advantage of the mistake

However, it was not really spectacular what both teams showed at first. Werder Bremen offered a decent opening phase and tried to build up in an orderly manner - but the hosts lacked the very last determination. Jens Stage's long-range shot was the most dangerous move, but FCA keeper Finn Dahmen was on hand to save (10'). FC Augsburg, for their part, only became conspicuous through an attempt from distance by Niklas Dorsch, but in the end the ball clearly missed the goal, which was again guarded by Michael Zetterer (23').

Shortly afterwards, the SV Werder Bremen keeper shot a giant buck when he stepped past the ball completely unchallenged in the build-up. In the end, the blunder had no consequences, because Phillip Tietz, striker of FC Augsburg, curiously refrained from punishment and actually lobbed past the empty goal (28'). The longer the first half lasted, the more difficult it was for Bremen to create decent scenes out of the game against tactically good guests.

"I would have been annoyed too": Confusion of substitutions at FC Augsburg paves the way for SV Werder Bremen's home victory!

Niklas Stark gives SV Werder Bremen the lead against FC Augsburg with a header after a corner by Marvin Ducksch

It wasn't until the 38th minute that things started to happen again in front of the opponent's goal – logically after a stationary ball. Following a low corner, Mitchell Weiser tried his luck from the edge of the box, but his deflected shot was deflected by Dahmen for another corner. And this time, the set-piece actually led to success: Marvin Ducksch's cross was extended into the net by Stark with a header – and with that, Bremen's redemptive 1-0 lead against FC Augsburg was perfect. Prior to that, Werder Bremen had scored just one goal from a total of 101 corners this calendar year, but in this game they did so at the fourth attempt. After a game that had been mixed up to that point, the atmosphere in the Wohninvest Weser Stadium became really magnificent when the team went to the dressing room shortly afterwards.

Immediately after the break, the next Bremen corner caused danger. This time, Jens Stage finished centrally in front of goal, but the ball went just wide of the post from twelve yards out (53'). Less than four minutes later, Romano Schmid made it 2-0, but after some nice work by Ducksch, the Austrian chased the ball wide of the FC Augsburg goal from a good position. Schmid's teammate Leonardo Bittencourt was ruled out seconds later due to thigh problems, and Senne Lynen moved into midfield for him at SV Werder Bremen.

Marvin Ducksch makes it 2-0 with a header in SV Werder Bremen's home game against FC Augsburg

The home team kept at it – and added the next exclamation mark with rarity value. Weiser had a lot of space on the right side and crossed buttery soft to the head of Ducksch, who finished strongly to make it 2-0 (65th), although he usually prefers to demonstrate his skills with his foot. There had been nothing to be seen of Augsburg for a long time, and only now did they reappear at the SV Werder Bremen penalty area. However, a Dorsch shot grazed the target (70'). Then FC Augsburg tried a low cross, where Deman saved from Arne Engels in dire need and prevented worse (73').

Werder Bremen now shifted a little more to counter-attacking, which is why Justin Njinmah, who is strong in sprinting, was also used with a quarter of an hour to go. The next promising scene, however, belonged to Rafael Borré, who, after good work by Ducksch, only shot at a defender's leg of FC Augsburg (84'). Dion Beljo almost finished at the other end, but the ball only hit the crossbar (86'). At the other end, Stage tried again on the volley after a Borré cross, but aimed over (90'). In injury time, Lynen stormed towards goal alone, but was too clumsy and missed the chance (90'+2').

After that, it was done. SV Werder Bremen had not only inflicted the first defeat on FC Augsburg under new coach Jess Thorup, but had also picked up eminently important points in the fight to stay in the league. And thus also reconciled their own fans, who had been left completely aghast after the defeat against Stuttgart the previous week.

SV Werder Bremen: Zetterer – Veljkovic, Stark, Jung, Weiser, Stage, Deman (87' Agu), Bittencourt (58' Lynen), Schmid (75' Njinmah), Ducksch (87' Woltemade), Borré


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Werder Bremen defeats FC Augsburg: Read the match in the live ticker

Werder Bremen live ticker against FC Augsburg: All goals, news and info from the Bundesliga match against FCA - all live in the live ticker of the DeichStube. The final score is 2:0 in favour of Werder Bremen.



>>>17.25 CET: With that, the ticker man says goodbye for today. We'll see each other again next week when Werder next battle for points at Borussia Mönchengladbach on Friday evening at 20:30 CEST. Until then, our colleagues will provide you with all the important information about today's game. Take care!

5.24pm: There's the redemptive fourth win of the season for Werder – and a deserved one at that! Ole Werner's side had more control in the first half, with two chances to take the lead through Deman (9') and Weiser (38'), but Augsburg only became dangerous after a slapstick interlude by SVW goalkeeper Zetterer (28'). Niklas Stark's 1-0 after a corner was logical. After the break, Werder pressed even more clearly and should have made it 2-0 in the person of Schmid (57th), but eight minutes later it was Marvin Ducksch who had already set up the first goal. It stayed that way until the end, so that Werder keeps three very important points against relegation on the Weser.

5:23 p.m.: End! Werder wins 2-0!

90+4: Now Werder is getting careless with their scoring chances! Counterattack via Njinmah, who turns and sees the stage starting into the gap. The pass comes well, but Stage stumbles the ball on the reception.

90+2: Lynen with a mega chance to make it 3-0! Suddenly, the Belgian is free through, crosses the defence, but puts the ball a little too far in front of him in the box, so that Dahmen has the upper hand in a one-on-one.

90+1: Five minutes of extra time.

90th min: Stage has another chance to make it 3-0. Borré dances on the left side of the penalty area and then plays a flying ball to the penalty spot, where Stage volleys the ball towards goal – but only roughly towards goal. The ball goes over it.

89th min: Woltemade makes it better. On his own baseline, he routinely runs off a ball with a body trick and gets applause from the stands.

88th min: Woltemade misses the right time to pass the ball to Njinmah lurking at the backline. He is therefore whistled back after his harmless finish.

87th min: Ole Werner makes another double substitution. Ducksch leaves the pitch, looking a bit angry. Deman comes with him. Woltemade and Agu are now part of the team.

86th min: Augsburg again! Beljo hits the ball against the crossbar from 18 yards out on the left!

86th min: Augsburg make a substitution. Jensen and Mbabu are out, Mbuku and Gumny enter the pitch.

84th min: Petersen tries a leg shot against Weiser, but it fails – and it boomerangs! Weiser sends Ducksch, who cleverly passes the ball to Borré on the left. However, he then gets a bit bogged down, misses the time for the pass to Njinmah and gets stuck with his desperation shot at the FCA defence, which is now in position.

83rd min: Mbabu fouls Ducksch, which brings a bit of calm. Augsburg look perplexed, Werder gamet this now quite confidently down.

80th min: Njinmah predictably lays the ball past Dorsch, who must be aware of the youngster's speed and clears it off on the touchline. This resulted in a yellow card for the Augsburg player.

78th min: Mbabu crosses to Demirovic at the far post, but the header goes out of bounds and remains harmless.

76th min: Werder retreat a little more, Augsburg have much more possession.

75th min: Bremen make their first substitution as Njinmah is allowed to show his counter-attacking qualities, but Schmid leaves the pitch.

73rd min: Deman saves in dire need! A sharp cross is extended by Engels, but Deman is right and knocks the ball out in front of the goal line.

72nd min: Augsburg make another substitution. Okugawa is now in, Vargas is off work.

70th min: Augsburg coach Jess Thorup is shown the yellow card. He probably scolded a little too loudly.

70th min: Almost the follow-up goal! Jensen cuts inside on the baseline, but his cross is cleared in front of the box. There is Dorsch, who drips the ball and pulls it off – just past to the right!

69th min: Werder remain on the offensive, the Green-Whites let it be clear that they want to go for the third goal.

66th min: Augsburg make a double substitution in response: Rexhbecal and Tietz leave the field, Engels and Beljo enter it.

Werder Bremen im Liveticker gegen den FC Augsburg: TOOOOR für Werder, Marvin Ducksch erhöht!

65. Min: TOOOOOOR für Werder! Da ist es passiert, Ducksch trifft zum völlig verdienten 2:0! Und es kann so einfach sein: Flanke von Weiser von rechts, Kopfball des eingelaufenen Nationalstürmers aus sieben Metern – und der Ball schlägt rechts unten ein! Das dürfte für Erleichterung sorgen!

63. Min: Augsburg spielt einen Fehlpass auf Deman, der Borré im Sturm einzusetzen versucht, aber der Stürmer steht in der verbotenen Zone, die Fahne des Linienrichters geht nach oben – Abseits!

63. Min: Mittlerweile ist die Überlegenheit von Werder dann doch ziemlich deutlich. Augsburg kommt kaum aus der eigenen Hälfte raus.

61. Min: Zetterer muss nach längerer Zeit mal wieder eingreifen, aber die Rechtsflanke von Mbabu ist leichte Beute für den Fänger.

60. Min: Ducksch setzt Borré in Szene, der den Ball zwar vor Uduokhai erreicht, aber so weit vom Tor abgedränkt wird, dass er abbrechen muss.

58. Min: Für Bittencourt geht es nicht mehr weiter. Er klatsch sich mit Lynen ab, der für ihn den Platz betritt.

Werder Bremen im Liveticker gegen den FC Augsburg: Werder drückt massiv, Romano Schmid verpasst das zweite Tor

57. Min: Das MUSS das 2:0 sein! Ducksch bekommt im Halbfeld einen Ball, legt ihn mit dem Kopf im Vollspringt an seinem Gegenspieler vorbei und hebt ihn dann auf die linke Seite zum völlig blanken Schmid. Der nimmt den Ball im Lauf runter und läuft auf Dahmen zu, hämmert die Kugel dann aber weit übers Tor. Da war deutlich, deutlich mehr drin!

56. Min: Bittencourt beißt erst mal auf die Zähne und macht weiter. Der Ball rollt wieder.

55. Min: Augsburg darf durchatmen. Bittencourt sitzt im Augsburger Strafraum und reibt sich den rechten Oberschenkel. Die medizinische Abteilung ist bei ihm, es riecht nach Auswechslung.

53. Min: Die Ecke landet bei Stage, der aus 13 Metern aus der Drehung einfach mal aufs Tor hämmert, den rechten Pfosten aber hauchzart verfehlt. Werder arbeitet hier intensiv am 2:0!

51. Min: Die nächste gute Werder-Aktion! Zuerst hämmer Weiser den Ball ins Gesicht von Dorsch, der vor dem Strafraum zu Boden sinkt. Die Bremer spielen aber weiter, Ducksch lässt eine Rechtsflanke direkt an den Fünfer klatschen, wo Dahmen vor Borré zur Ecke klärt.

49. Min: Erste gute Szene von Werder in der zweiten Hälfte! Borré hat rechts Platz und nutzt ihn mit einem hübschen Außenristpass auf Ducksch. Der lässt 18 Meter vorm Tor den Ball mit dem Kopf in den Sechzehner tropfen und damit genau in den Lauf von Weiser, aber Dahmen rauscht aus seinem Tor und fängt den Ball gerade noch so ab.

46. Min: Mbabu geht gegen Deman an der Grundlinie ins Eins-gegen-eins, tunnelt ihn, rutscht aber weg.

46. Min: Die zweite Halbzeit läuft!

16.30 Uhr: Die Teams kehren zurück aufs Feld, gleich geht es weiter.

16.20 Uhr: Die knappe Führung geht nach 45 Minuten Fußball durchaus in Ordnung. Werder hatte über weite Strecken der ereignisarmen Partie die Kontrolle, hätte durch Deman (9.) und Weiser (38.) schon eher in Führung gehen können als erst in der 39. Minute nach dem Treffer von Niklas Stark. Wirklich gewackelt hat das Bremer Zu-Null nur ein einziges Mal, als Torhüter Zetterer beinahe ein Slapstick-Gegentor verursacht hätte (28.), aber Augsburgs Tietz setzte den Ball knapp am Tor vorbei.

16.16 Uhr: Und nach einer ereignislosen Minute Nachspielzeit geht es für beide Teams in die Halbzeitpause!

45. Min: Bittencourt holt sich vor der Pause noch einen eindringliche Ermahnung von Schiri Stegemann ab, nachdem er im Mittelfeld rustikal in einen Zweikampf gegangen war.

44. Min: Noch einmal Gefahr fürs Augsburger Tor! Ducksch flankt von rechts scharf an den Fünfer, wo Keeper Dahmen den Ball eigentlich sicher hat, von Uduokhai aber umgelaufen wird und die Kugel fallen lässt. Borré setzt nach, foult dann aber.

43. Min: Diese durchaus couragierte Vorstellung ihrer Mannschaft sorgt dafür, dass sich das Weserstadion geschlossen von seinen Plätzen erhebt.

Werder Bremen im Liveticker gegen den FC Augsburg: TOOOR – Niklas Stark bringt Werder in Führung!

41. Min: Die Führung ist zum jetzigen Zeitpunkt durchaus verdient, Werder ist die aktivere Mannschaft, hat sich bis hierher auch die eine oder andere gefährliche Szene mehr selber erarbeitet.

39. Min: TOOOOOOR für Werder, Stark trifft zum 1:0! Die dritte Ecke in dieser Szene bringt Werder in Führung! Ducksch zieht den Ball von der linken Seite scharf auf den Fünfer, wo im Pulk Stark an den Ball kommt und ihn ins lange Eck verlängert!

38. Min: Gefährlich! Die erste Ecke ist es zwar noch nicht, doch es gibt einen Eckstoß für Werder. Den spielt Ducksch flach den Rückraum zu Weiser, der abzieht, aber abgefälscht knapp das Tor verfehlt!

37. Min: Ducksch schubst im Laufduell um einen eigentlich zu lang geratenen Ball seinen Gegenspieler Gouweleeuw in den Ball und holt mit dieser frechen Aktion eine Ecke heraus.

35. Min: Tietz lässt am Sechzehner einen Ball clever auf Demirovic klatschen, der zwischen Werders Abwehr hindurch den Ball auf Jensen steckt. Der spielt scharf von der Grundlinie nach innen, wird aber von Stegemann zurückgepfiffen – Abseits.

33. Min: Bittencourt hat links ein wenig Platz, hebt erst den Kopf und dann den Ball scharf hinter die Abwehrkette der Augsburger, wo Ducksch und Borré lauern. Dank Uduokhai kommt die Kugel aber bei keinem von beiden an.

Werder Bremen im Liveticker gegen den FC Augsburg: Riesenbock von Michael Zetterer bleibt ohne Folgen

32. Min: Auffällig ist, dass Augsburgs offensive Viererreihe Werders Abwehrmänner aggressiv und konsequent anläuft und stört. So hat sich auch die Großchance für Tietz letztlich ergeben, auch wenn Zetterer da letztlich einen Fehler produziert, den er nie und nimmer machen darf.

30. Min: Den nächsten Augsburgber Versuch von der Strafraumkante pflückt Zetterer dafür locker aus der Luft. Wird ihm guttun.

28. Min:Zetterer legt Augsburg fast das 1:0 vor! Er will einen Ball aus dem Strafraum prügeln, tickt ihn aber in der Ausholbewegung mit dem Standbein an und haut mit dem Schussbein voll an der Kugel vorbei! Tietz schaltet schnell, ist eher am Ball und lupft ihn über Zetterer aufs leere Tor – vorbei! Durchatmen!

27. Min: Augsburgs Demirovic kommt gegen Veljkovic zu spät, zieht zwar zurück, rauscht aber ordentlich rein in den Abwehrmann von Werder. Stegemann zückt die Gelbe Karte.

26. Min: Es ist eine Partie ohne die ganz großen Höhepunkte, vom Deman-Schuss mal abgesehen. Augsburg hat nun mehr Ballbesitz als noch in den ersten Minuten des Spiels, aber wirklich etwas damit anfangen können die Gäste nicht.

23. Min: Einwürfe scheinen ein Mittel für Augsburg zu sein: Mbabu schleudert die Kugel von rechts an den Sechzehner, wo Dorsch den Aufsetzer volley aufs Tor nagelt, das Ziel aber um gut anderthalb Meter rechts verfehlt.

Werder Bremen im Liveticker gegen den FC Augsburg: Werder mit guter Anfangsphase, doch der FCA wird stärker

20. Min: Erst scheiter Schmid von rechts mit einem Flankenversuch in den Strafraum und läuft sich dann an der Seitenlinie derart fest gegen zwei Augsburger, dass er sich nur mit einem Foulspiel zu helfen weiß.

20. Min: Jensen drischt den Ball Ducksch genau auf den Kopf. Keine Gefahr.

19. Min: Rechtsflanke von Augsburgs Mbabu in den Strafraum, die wird geklärt, aber es gibt Freistoß aus dem rechten Halbfeld für den FCA.

17. Min: Jung rettet gegen Jensen nach einem eklatanten Fehlpass von Borré auf Werders rechter Abwehrseite. Der Stürmer hatte einen Einwurf von der linken Seite einfach quer vors eigene Tor gespielt.

15. Min: In derselben Minute kommt Bittencourt an der Strafraumkante zum Abschluss und jagt das Ding in den Bremer Nachmittagshimmel.

15. Min: Schmid flankt von rechts, findet aber keinen Abnehmer.

Werder Bremen im Liveticker gegen den FC Augsburg: Werder startet offensiv, Jens Stage scheitert knapp

11. Min: Auch wenn Werder hier gerade zwei Fehlpässe in die Spitze spielt: In der Anfangsphase wissen die Grün-Weißen durchaus zu überzeugen. Augsburg steht tief und überlässt den Gastgebern das Spiel.

9. Min: Dicke Chance für Werder! Nach einem ungefährlichen Freistoß bekommt Augsburg den Ball nicht aus der gefährlichen Zone, weil Werder nachsetzt. Stage hat am Sechzehner freie Schussbahn und zwingt mit seinem Abschluss Dahmen zur Parade, der den Ball links unten aus dem Eck fischt!

7. Min: Schmid spielt einen Schnittstellenball auf Weiser, der aber von seinem Gegenspieler abgelaufen wird.

6. Min: Jetzt hat Werder sich mal bis ins gegnerische Drittel vorgespielt, wieder ist es Veljkovic mit einer Flanke aus dem Halbfeld auf den langen Pfosten, die segelt aber ohne Spielerkontakt ins Toraus.

4. Min: Ein weiter Einwurf von der rechten Augsburger Angriffsseite segelt gefährlich durch den Fünfmeterraum, bleibt aber ohne Konsequenzen für Werder.

2. Min: Nach einer Halbfeldflanke von Veljkovic kommt Deman am Fünfer in Bedrängnis zum Kopfball, bekommt aber keinen Druck hinter den Ball.

1. Min: Werder hat seine Fans im Rücken und spielt in den grünen Heimtrikots, der FCA ganz in Schwarz.

Werder Bremen im Liveticker gegen den FC Augsburg: Die Partie im Weserstadion läuft!

1st min: Stegemann releases the game at this moment!

15:28 p.m.: Sascha Stegemann has the two captains up for selection.

15:27 p.m.: ... and here you come!

15:26 p.m.: The teams are ready in the players' tunnel and will step onto the hallowed turf of the Weser Stadium at any moment!

15.19: Werder coach Ole Werner assesses his team's sporting situation on the Sky microphone. He says that he himself is not satisfied with the number of points. It is "absolutely clear that it is about staying in the league for us". Finally, he emphasizes that he knows how to classify it as a promoted team in his second year in the Bundesliga and uses an old phrase: "We know where we come from."

15:16 p.m.: The overall history is fairly balanced. Out of 26 games, Werder won eleven, Augsburg twelve, three games did not find a winner.

15.11: However, the recent history of head-to-head meetings between the two teams is a cause for concern. FCA have won all of their last three games. The last Werder victory was almost three years ago. In January 2021, Bremen secured a 2-0 home win with his first Bundesliga goal thanks to two late goals from Gebre Selassie and Felix Agu, who was signed from Osnabrück.

15.02: However, there is one thing FC Augsburg have not yet managed to do that Werder have already managed twice this season: a game without conceding a goal.

14.57: The situation at Werder is different: Ole Werner's team have picked up just two points from their last four games and have recently been shown the limits by Leverkusen (0-3) and Stuttgart (0-2). Werder have picked up just three points from their last eight games – in a 2-0 home win against Union Berlin.

14:54 p.m.: But the guests are in a good mood at the moment: After a more than mixed start, coach Jess Thorup's team has recently recovered. Today's visitors from Bavaria have won the last six games, including three victories against Heidenheim (5-2), Wolfsburg (3-2) and most recently against Eintracht Frankfurt (2-1).

14:50 p.m.: We take a look at the standings. Six points and four places in the table separate SV Werder from the better-placed Augsburg. If you can do the math, you will know by now at the latest that Bremen can move to within three points of today's opponent if it works out with a home win.

14:42 p.m.: We complete the names of the players in this encounter: The man at the whistle is Sascha Stegemann, the two men on the sidelines are Christof Günsch and Frederick Assmuth. The fourth official is Patrick Ittrich. The VAR and his assistant are Tobias Stieler and Felix-Benjamin Schwermer.

Werder Bremen live ticker against FC Augsburg: The line-ups are here – Marco Friedl not in the squad

14:31 p.m.: Werder announces that Marco Friedl is missing due to muscular problems in the adductor area. The captain of the Green and Whites has already missed two games this season due to injury - against Cologne (2-1) and Darmstadt (2-4) Friedl was absent due to an abdominal muscle injury.

14:28: FC Augsburg start the game at the Wohninvest Weserstadion with the following starting eleven: Dahmen – Pedersen, Uduokhai, Gouweleeuw, Mbabu – Rexhbecaj, Dorsch – Jensen, Demirovic, Vargas – Tietz. Koubek (ET), Gumny, Pfeiffer, Bejo, Okugawa, Breithaupt, Bauer, Engels and Mbuku are on the bench.

14.25: And there is already the starting eleven of SV Werder Bremen - coach Ole Werner sends the following eleven into the race: Zetterer - Veljkovic, Stark, Jung - Weiser, Stage, Deman - Schmid, Bittencourt - Ducksch, Borré. On the bench are Pavlenka (ET), Röcker, Agu, Groß, Keita, Lynen, Kownacki, Njinmah and Woltemade.

14.20 p.m.: Hello from the DeichStube! SV Werder Bremen face FC Augsburg today on Matchday 14 of the Bundesliga – after just one win from their last eight games, the Green and Whites are under enormous pressure. Bremen are now only two points clear of the relegation zone and three points clear of the first relegation zone. Which starting XI will coach Ole Werner choose for this important game? The lineups will be published shortly.

SV Werder Bremen in the live ticker against FC Augsburg: Kick-off at the Weserstadion is at 15:30 CEST, the live ticker starts here at around 14:30 CET with the starting eleven line-ups of both teams. All goals, news and information from the Bundesliga match against FCA can be found live here in the live ticker of the DeichStube.

Werder Bremen vs FC Augsburg in the live ticker - the preview:

"We are all aware of the situation": Werder Bremen want and need to show a reaction against FC Augsburg

SV Werder Bremen will host FC Augsburg at the Wohninvest Weserstadion on Saturday (15:30 CEST in the DeichStube live ticker). After only one win from the last eight games, Bremen have to show a reaction - the preliminary report of the DeichStube

The situation seems familiar. After all, SV Werder Bremen has experienced something similar several times this season. A total of three times it threatened to become a little more uncomfortable in the table - and always the course correction should and had to come in the following home game. Against Mainz, Cologne and Union Berlin, the plan worked, and Werder gave themselves the breathing space they needed with victories. Air that has now become thinner again. The relegation place is only two points away. Now FC Augsburg comes to the Wohninvest Weserstadion (Saturday, 15:30 CET in the DeichStube live ticker), against whom they urgently need to deliver again.

"We're not happy with the points we have. We had unfortunate games, but also games in which we just didn't play well," said Ole Werner on Thursday, probably thinking in particular of SV Werder Bremen's poor performance at VfB Stuttgart last matchday, which made many fans doubt the quality of the team. Nevertheless, Werner is optimistic about the future: "It's certainly a completely different game to last week, because it's a team that is looking for a way forward from the outset with straightforward and many long balls and doesn't come along with passing relays," he said ahead of the home game against FC Augsburg. "You're automatically involved in tackles, which they're looking for."

How to watch the Bundesliga match between SV Werder Bremen and FC Augsburg live on TV and live stream!

Werder Bremen vs FC Augsburg live ticker: Augsburg unbeaten in six games

After an unsuccessful start to the league, Augsburg have now worked their way up. This upswing is closely associated with the name Jess Thorup. Since the Dane was installed as coach, the Fuggerstädter have not lost and have picked up three wins and three draws. As a reward, FC Augsburg are ninth in the tableau. "It's a club that knows pretty well how it wants to play football and gets the right players for it," praised Ole Werner, who in return directly refuted the assumption that this circumstance does not exist at the Osterdeich. "We also have the right players. Nevertheless, there are always things that can be improved and developed." According to Ole Werner, Augsburg have another advantage: "On the one hand, they are always underestimated by everyone around them, but on the other hand, they have been in the Bundesliga for so long that – although they are still perceived as outsiders – you have to say: They have substance in the club and an opportunity to that other clubs no longer have." And the head coach of SV Werder Bremen added full of respect: "They use it very cleverly."

Werder Bremen vs FC Augsburg live ticker: Clemens Fritz has full confidence in the team

At Werder Bremen, on the other hand, there is a problem. Where in the first half of the pre-season there were still phases of enthusiasm, the team is now missing a lot. Werder's head of professional football Clemens Fritz, who celebrated his 43rd birthday on Thursday, admitted that this deficit is also homemade. "None of us are satisfied. We would all have liked it to be different," he stressed. "But our hands were tied to a certain extent in the summer because we had to sell first and then buy. As a result, many transfers only took place on the last two days." A difficult birth, the aftermath of which can still be felt today. "It's a situation that's never easy. We knew that last year as well, which is why it was so important for us to keep the team together in order to be well-rehearsed early on. We didn't manage to do that this year, you have to say that very clearly," admitted Fritz, who also added: "When I see the quality we still have within the team, then I have complete confidence in them."

It is precisely this proof that the Bremen team must now prove. There is not much time left until the short winter break, after the home game against FC Augsburg the games against Borussia Mönchengladbach and RB Leipzig await SV Werder Bremen. Something countable is needed quickly – but that's not as easy, as the course of the season so far has proven. "These are important games until the end of the year, but on the other hand you can also see a certain balance of power in the league, which is quite clearly reflected in the table," explained Ole Werner. "A lot of teams find it extremely difficult to pick up points. You also know how important every single point is."

Werder Bremen vs FC Augsburg live ticker: Bremen have lost four of their last five matches against FCA

There haven't been too many of them against FC Augsburg in the recent past. Werder Bremen have lost four of their last five duels, and the South Germans have become something of a feared opponent for the Green and Whites. At times it was quite heated on the lawn. Perhaps it is precisely this emotionality that is now helping Werner's team to show the desired reaction against Augsburg to what they have missed recently. "It's the way they play: with a high level of passion and intensity. It's always uncomfortable to play against them. At home and away," underlined Clemens Fritz, adding: "There is always a certain tenacity, and it's important for us to adopt this style of play. We have to be on the pitch from the very first minute, support each other together, help and protect each other."

So that it doesn't get really uncomfortable again in the table. After all, staying in the league is at stake. That's what it's all about. "We are all aware of the situation, but we also have the ambition to pull ourselves out of it piece by piece," said Clemens Fritz. Against FC Augsburg, the players of SV Werder Bremen should show that they have indeed internalized this idea. (mbü)

Source: merkur

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