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Aden Kartsev in a special interview: "I went through a trauma. Like the last of the criminals" - voila! sport


Highlights: Aden Kartsev has returned to Israel with Maccabi Tel Aviv on loan from Antalyaspor. The Russian midfielder was arrested in Turkey after posting a message on Instagram about the Israeli abductees in Gaza. "I went through some kind of trauma, maybe not physical, but it's trauma," he tells Sport1. "This is my home, I grew up Here, I was brought up here, I received the values ​​of Maccabiah Tel Aviv," he adds.

The post that complicated him ("It was stronger than me, I felt a knife in my heart"), the terrifying interrogation ("They asked if I was a member of the Mossad") and the terrible moments of anxiety ("I was afraid to go to prison"). Eden Kartsev reveals

Summary: Maccabi Netanya - Maccabi Tel Aviv 5:1/Sport1

Shagib Yehezkel made headlines last month when he performed a tribute for the abductees in Gaza after scoring a goal in Antalyaspor and was reportedly arrested and kicked out of the team, but he wasn't the only one who made headlines that day.

Aden Kartsev, then a Shakhshire player, a few hours before Yehezkel's goal, expressed sympathy with the Israeli abductees in a post on Instagram to remind them that they had been in captivity for a hundred days.

The next morning, following Yehezkel's celebration on the lawn, Kartsev also found himself under arrest - even though his post was in the air for many hours without it bothering the fans or the club staff.

As you know, unlike Hezekiel who has now filed a claim with FIFA in an attempt to receive compensation and leave Antalyaspor immediately, Kartsev was quickly loaned from Shakhshir to Maccabi Tel Aviv, who can purchase him at the end of the season according to the option in the contract. Today (Thursday) he appeared for a special interview and spoke for the first time about those difficult days that passed On him until his move back to Israel was completed, to the team where he started his career as a senior.

He would not repeat it again, and you can understand him.

Kartsev/Danny Maron

If I told you this summer that in the middle of the season you will not only return to Israel, but to Maccabi Tel Aviv, how would you look at me?

"I wouldn't know what to tell you, I wasn't ready for that, of course my desire is to return to Europe, I wanted to stay there, there were some situations where it's bigger than us, it's political things that I can't control and I'm happy to return to Maccabi. This is my home, I grew up Here, I was brought up here, I received the values ​​of Maccabi Tel Aviv and I know what Maccabi Tel Aviv is. That's why after all this move that happened and all the incidents that happened, as soon as Maccabi left I didn't think twice and said that first I would like to return here because it's a place I know And can acclimate as quickly as possible and forget everything I went through there. It's not the most desirable way I wanted to leave there, but it's all for the better." 

When did you realize you had no choice but to leave Istanbul?

"It took 4-5 days until I left, everything was fast. After Yehezkel replied, I woke up in the morning not knowing what was happening to me and through the media I found out that I was going to be arrested that day. The club started operating, they told me to come to the club, the police picked me up from there, they questioned me For five hours, I was instructed not to come to the club anymore, but only during the hours when no one was there. I preferred not to leave the house. I received further instructions from above not to leave the house, etc. that it is better for me not to leave the house and to deal as quickly as possible with how I get out of there at the highest risk level As low as possible. I wasn't prepared for this situation, I didn't think we'd get to this situation. I was very hurt, it was a difficult time and it's still just sitting there. I went through some kind of trauma, maybe not physical, but it's trauma. A foreign country, a country that's not the best with us in every possible way , and I'm not going back on what I did because Israel is my home and my country. If I were to go back, I wouldn't make the same move. We came to an agreement that this is the best way to get up and go."

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Realized that there was no choice but to leave, at least for now/Kobe Eliyahu

What was the scariest moment?

"I was worried about being arrested. Even if you are traveling with a lawyer and an interpreter for the club, you don't know what is going to happen in the investigation, who will ask you and what they will ask you, you feel like the last of the criminals.

You eventually come to play football and find yourself in the police for something that no one caught."

What was the scenario you were afraid of?

"That I say something and they understand something else, or they record something else and it leads to arrests and who knows what could happen there, courts, I was afraid to enter a prison there.

It was a day after he responded, I thought that maybe they would give me an even greater punishment and it would strengthen them to give me a greater punishment, I was in great fear of that and I didn't think logically, I didn't do anything that deserves an investigation." 

Can you go back to Turkey?

"I can go in there, but I'm here until the end of the season at Maccabi and we'll see what happens."

What did they try to find out through the investigation?

"They tried to figure out if someone sent me, maybe they paid me to do a story, they asked if I was a member of the Mossad or a spy, that's how they tried to present me in the investigation, they They thought that I tried to harm Turkey itself, the country.

As soon as they realized that it was addressed to my people, to my country, and they realized that it was bigger than them and not related to them at all, it ended after a few hours, but it was not easy in those days." 

The celebration of Ezekiel that stirred up Turkey, and also Karatsev/Official website, Antalyaspor

Can you figure out Ramsey Spurry staying there?

"We talked after the incident. Ramsey was sure that the club would tell him to leave too. It surprised both sides, both us and Ramsey. Everyone chooses his own way, what is best for him. If Ramsey stays there then I believe he is not suffering there. He said That the guys and the club treat him properly." 

So they make the distinction that you are all Israelis, but he is Jewish and you are Arab?

"Yam Medar is also still in Turkey and he told me he didn't feel anything, I also didn't feel anything until that day from the players or the club, they asked, they were interested, they asked about my parents, if I needed help."

How did you feel when the plane took off?

"Relief and also disappointment. In the end my goal was to succeed in Europe, I saw myself reaching this place and this was also the club's goal, which within a year or two I will sell to a bigger club than them. I left this team after fulfilling some dream, and by the time I got there, it was a failure and because A small mistake, we have to go back. I'm happy to return to Maccabi Tel Aviv, yes, this is my home in the end and with God's help we will win the championship." 

He returned home "and with God's help we will bring the championship".

Karatsev/Ariel Shalom

Did you get to talk to the club?

"I told them and they know how disappointed I am, they know that this is something that should not have happened. They also think that the punishment is too great and I no longer deal with it." 

And you didn't receive instructions from the state?

"All this time the Israeli consulate in Turkey talked to me and told me all the time not to upload anything to social media in order to avoid it, and I really avoided it, and it was just the 100 days and I lost friends at the party and I lost friends in the fighting and I felt that something was like a knife in my heart and it was stronger than me and I had to give some kind of Support for the country and the home. I don't regret it, I didn't hurt anyone, I didn't do anything that shouldn't be done, but whoever decided it was probably from above." 

You must be talking to Shagiv Yehezkel.

What is going on with him?

"I was interested in what's up with him, how he is at home and if everything is okay, I didn't go into depth with him about what his features are going to be. The time is not easy for him, that's for sure."

On Maccabi Haifa: "Maccabi Tel Aviv is the best place for me"/Danny Maron

Let's talk about Maccabi Tel Aviv and how you left it then.

Wasn't there a sour feeling leaving in a trade with Kanikowski at the time?

"There was a sour feeling, that's why I turned when Barak was there and asked to leave, because I felt that I wasn't appreciated enough, maybe I was wrong and maybe the club was wrong, but that's how I felt. I decided that I wanted to go and in a conversation without difficulties and without fights in the best way, we agreed that I would go and I arrived at Maccabi Netanya that I had a special place, a house where I grew up, a city where I live and my friends are there. I knew in my heart and in my heart and I said it all the time to my family that if I return to Israel I know that Maccabi Tel Aviv is the first place in the end, because that's where I experienced most of the great things Mine." 

In retrospect, when Joris van Overeem is the favorite for the 6th position, wasn't it a mistake to go back?

"It wasn't a mistake.

I believe in my way, hard work, Juris is having a great season so far and there is no reason to put him on the bench because of me.

I'm waiting for my chance and I'll try to take it with both hands." 

The club has a very high option of 2.2 million euros to acquire you. It may not be realized, but if it happens and they buy you in the summer and you don't continue the European journey, how will you feel?

"I will be in a European club for all Talk, I will do everything to go to Europe as soon as possible, I will realize myself at Maccabi, I am much more ready for this club, there is a lot to take in, titles, personal achievements and whatever else I think about this season first.

I realized that you shouldn't think ahead because it stops you on your way.

The goal is the season's championship and as many titles as possible." 

In the past year there have been quite a few reports about you and Maccabi Haifa, about one move or another, about differences of opinion within Maccabi Haifa whether they need you or not. Last January, was there even an option to move to Maccabi Haifa?

" I don't know what happened with Maccabi Haifa, I told his uncle to do what was best for us.

We decided that Maccabi Tel Aviv was the best place for me. I didn't ask about Haifa, I didn't talk, and really if there was anything there then I don't know about it. It was all in the media. I personally don't like reading the media because many times they leak incorrect things, so I didn't bother with it. From the beginning I knew that for me the best option was Maccabi Tel Aviv."

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