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Lightning strike: Beitar Jerusalem fans should be worried about Abramov's path - Walla! Sport


Highlights: Bnei Yehuda fans should be worried about Barak Abramov's path, says Walla! Sport. Sports establishment and the media rushed to support Barak Abrams' move from Hatikva to Beit Vegan. It would not have been better to think twice about the future of Beitar Jerusalem, writes Walla!'s Nir Chen. The same man who stepped on BneiYehuda the second he had the opportunity to take over Beitar, he almost wiped out the team, writes Chen.

The sports establishment and the media rushed to support Barak Abramov's move from the Hatikva neighborhood to Beit Vegan. It was true that they trampled the Bnei Yehuda in the process, but it would not have been better to think twice about the future of

Barak Itzhaki is introduced as the new coach of Beitar Jerusalem with Barak Abramov, Almog Cohen/photo: Shlomi Gabai. Video editing: Nir Chen

It's a little hard to know what really makes Bnei Yehuda fans happier in recent months: Is it the run at the top of the National League, when the team is one of three contenders for the pair of tickets that win promotion to the Super League at the end of the season - or what happens to the man who may have single-handedly brought Bnei Yehuda to the league where A breakaway attack by one team is stopped because an opposing player is only injured when the opposing team loses the ball.

This man, of course, is Barak Abramov.

The same man who stepped on Bnei Yehuda the second he had the opportunity to take over Beitar Jerusalem - and only God knows how it came to him - and with the help of unprecedented media and institutional backing, he almost wiped out the team that in the last decade won the most titles from Po'el Tel Aviv and Beitar Jerusalem combined Only a miracle - in the form of a group of Bnei Yehuda fans (Eliran Oved, Moshe Damayo and Meir Cohen) who got involved and took the remnants of the golden ones from Abramov - prevented a total collapse.

Everything went well and beautifully, Beitar, whose ranks united the forces of Abramov and his (then) good friend Yosef Aboxis, as expected, won the cup (and its fans, as expected, corrupted the status and whined about "persecution" afterwards) and with a not bad squad at all, it should have entered a reasonable season, in which it would at least make a top playoff and maybe take the cup again (the team was allowed to participate in the factory - the punishment for The riot in the final was minus 4 points).

Unprecedented media and institutional backing.

Barak Abramov/Shlomi Gabai

Everything sputtered in a nice way on the way to the goal (perhaps, and they flew away from the cup in round 8), until Liusi once again rose to the top.

And so, just like he did in Bnei Yehuda, and then in Hapoel B.S., and then again in Bnei Yehuda (for those who are interested: there was almost a section like this in Sakhnin, but in the end he stayed) - Aboksis announced his departure. When? In his favorite month, January. Why? "The audience is cursing". I hope Yossi is not angry at someone who puts on an expression of disbelief. We, of course, believe him. We'll just note that the first time he left Bnei Yehuda, she lost interest in the league and the coaching position at BSH was vacant.

It can also be noted that when he left Bnei Yehuda, she lost interest in the league and the coaching position at Abramov's Bnei Yehuda was vacant; and if we really have to, we can mention that the second time he left Bnei Yehuda, she lost interest in the (national) league and the coaching position at Beitar was vacant;

And just for the sake of public order, it is appropriate to write that when Aboxis left Beitar in January of this year, the coaching position at Hapoel Tel Aviv was vacant.

If you have decided that there is a connection between the things, that is your business.

And what would Abramov look like without Aboxis?

So like this: in Bnei Yehuda 16/17 he held seven cycles with Eric Benado (and kicked him out);

Then he preferred to spend four seasons with Yaakov Assig on the lines (the legendary Elon Schwager was registered as a coach);

Then two games with Yitzhak Shum;

Then 16 games with Nisan Ezekiel as coach until he resigned;

In the two remaining cycles and in the final of the State Cup, Kafir Adri coached the team.

Then came two and a half years of Aboxis, and in January 2020 he left and Abramov brought in Elisha Levy, who coached 16 games in the remaining season and three more games in the 20/21 season before leaving due to what was defined as "professional differences".

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What does Abramov look like without him?

Yossi Abuxis/Kobi Eliyahu

Levy was replaced by Nir Berkovich, who survived four games until he was thrown;

Then Abramov preferred to spend 11 seasons without a coach, during which the team disintegrated and became a candidate for relegation;

At this point, Aboksis ran away from the BSH and came to try to save Bnei Yehuda, failed and went down to Leumit with her, and in the 22nd cycle, when he realized that he had failed professionally and had no chance of getting promoted - he cut to Beitar;

Abramov appointed Niso Avitan for the remaining 15 cycles, closed with Elisha Levy for the next season - and left Bnei Yehuda himself.

At Beitar he united with Aboksis, and after he left he let Gal Cohen manage one game before bringing in Barak Itzhaki (who last time he was forced to coach, at Maccabi Tel Aviv, broadcast that he had a desire for it as much as he wanted to wash the uniforms of the entire Golani division after the war) .

In short, if we learn from past experience, it seems that the football establishment and the sports media here - who supported Abramov's conduct in Bnei Yehuda - somewhat abandoned Beitar Jerusalem when they supported with all their might its transfer to the hands of the man and the sushi. Here now begins the test with Barak Itzhaki. If I am a Beit fan "R, I'm very worried.

Because when it's good with Abramov - very good.

But when bad with him?

Well, I'm sure you know a Bnei Yehuda fan that you can ask.

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