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Ski jumping: Home bankruptcy - DSV duo flies behind in Oberstdorf


Highlights: Ski jumping: Home bankruptcy - DSV duo flies behind in Oberstdorf.. As of: February 23, 2024, 6:30 p.m By: Thomas Bösl CommentsPressSplit Ski jumping: Pius Paschke and Andreas Wellinger were unable to compete for the day's victory. The 2023/24 World Cup in ski jumping continued on Friday. The German team clearly missed out on a podium place. The Slovenian duo Timi Zajc and Domen Prevc secured victory.

As of: February 23, 2024, 6:30 p.m

By: Thomas Bösl




Ski jumping: Pius Paschke and Andreas Wellinger were unable to compete for the day's victory.

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Daniel Karmann

The 2023/24 World Cup in ski jumping continued on Friday.

The super team flying took place in Oberstdorf, Bavaria.

The German team clearly missed out on a podium place.

Oberstdorf - The ski jumping World Cup circus has arrived back in Germany, more precisely in Oberstdorf, after its little trip around the world.

Super team flying

was on the program there on Friday at the Heini-Klopfer flying hill


The German team was unable to keep up with the world leaders when the Slovenians won.

Andreas Wellinger


Pius Paschke

were unable to intervene in the fight for the podium places

at the start of the ski flying weekend in

Oberstdorf .

The 28-year-old Wellinger and Paschke, who is five years older, took sixth place

in the super team competition on Friday


Ski jumping on Friday: Germany very weak - Slovenia dominates the competition

The Slovenian duo Timi Zajc


Domen Prevc

secured victory on the Heini-Klopfer ski flying hill


Second place went to

Johann André Forfang


Kristoffer Eriksen Sundal

from Norway ahead of the two Austrians

Stefan Kraft


Michael Hayböck

, who achieved the longest flight of the competition with a jump of 235 meters.

The German team, on the other hand, was miles away from the world's best today.

Although Wellinger initially flew to a good

230.5 meters

, he only managed

206.5 meters

in his second attempt .

Clearly not enough to keep up with the competition.

Paschke also had a weaker flight at

206.5 meters

, but his second jump was at least solid at

223.5 meters


Ski jumping in Oberstdorf: Changed format - Karl Geiger still left out

Karl Geiger

, 2020 ski flying world champion, is currently in a

slump in form

and was not named to the two-man team.

The Oberstdorfer followed the events in his homeland as a spectator and, alongside ski jumping legend

Jens Weißflog,

cheered along with his teammates.

Normally in the Super Team

each athlete jumps three times


However, strong and changing winds in the Allgäu had disrupted the competition plan.

Contrary to plan,

no training

could take place on Thursday.

The two training jumps were postponed to Friday and the competition was postponed

two instead of three flights per athlete shortened.

When it comes to ski flying, the regulations only

allow four flights per athlete on the same day


Ski jumping on Friday: The final result of the super team flying

1. Slovenia

884.5 points

2. Norway


3. Austria


6. Germany


The entire result

The Ski Jumping World Cup continues on Saturday.

Then the first individual jump from the ski flying hill takes place in Oberstdorf.

The first round starts at 4:00 p.m.


de is included in the live ticker for ski jumping.

Ski jumping in Oberstdorf: Super team flying in the live ticker


: The first day of competition here in Oberstdorf ends with a disappointing result for the German jumpers.

The German duo, consisting of Pius Paschke and Andreas Wellinger, could not keep up with the world leaders today.

The Slovenians secure a deserved victory.

2nd round

: Will Domen Prevc hold his nerve and bring home the victory here?


It wobbles a bit in the air, but then flies to 229 meters.

This means that Slovenia wins here in Oberstdorf ahead of the Norwegians and the Austrian team.

2nd round

: Two jumpers are still up.

The first of these is Johann Andre Forfang.

The Norwegian flies to 228.5 meters, securing at least second place for his team.

2nd round

: Can Aleksander Zniszczol secure the podium for Poland here?

No, he can't.

He only reaches 212 meters.

This means that the Poles are falling behind Austria and Japan.

2nd round

: And Stefan Kraft also does a really good job here.

In very difficult conditions he also reached 218.5 meters, putting the Austrians back in the lead.

2nd round

: Germany now has to hope for mistakes from the competition.

Ryoyu Kobayashi is not doing the DSV this favor.

The Japanese manages 218.5 meters.

This means his team remains ahead of Germany.

2nd round

: Now it's Andreas Wellinger's turn.

He needs an absolute top jump to attack the podium here.

His 206.5 meters might not be enough, even if the conditions are no longer as good as in the first round.

2nd round

: Now Giovanni Bresadola comes for the Italian team.

He cannot maintain his team's seventh place finish.

With 191 meters, Italy falls behind the USA.

2nd round

: Erik Belshaw reaches a similar distance.

It is 198 meters for the American.

They stay ahead of the Finns and Switzerland.

2nd round

: Now Kytosaho can go.

He jumps to 195 meters.

This means that Finland is once again overtaking Switzerland.

2nd round

: It's now Team Finland's turn with Niko Kytosaho.

However, he has to get off the beam again.

The wind has changed, there is a tailwind.

That's why we're now going up two hatches again.

2nd round

: Yevhen Marusiak only reaches 177 meters, but Ukraine remains ahead of the French.

Switzerland follows Ukraine.

Remo Imhof reaches 193 meters and puts his team back in the lead.

2nd round

: This brings us to the last group of jumpers.

Luke 19 jumps, one less than Timi Zajc's jump.

This round will be opened by Valentin Foubert from the French team.

It reaches 199 meters.

However, the French are already well behind the other teams.

2nd round

: At the request of his coach, Timi Zajc now goes down another hatch and that was the right decision.

It's 233.5 meters for Zajc, with one more gate that would have been dangerous.

Slovenia remains ahead here and is still expanding its lead.

2nd round

: Two athletes from the first group are still at the top.

Kristoffer Eriksen Sundal is the first to go off the beam and flies to 223 meters.

This means the Norwegians lose a lot of points.

But they stay ahead.

2nd round

: Now it's Piotr Zyla's turn and he also stays ahead of the German team.

Zyla lands after 227.5 meters and puts Poland in the lead.

2nd round

: The jury reacts immediately and goes one more gate down.

It's Ren Nikaido's turn and he also shows a great jump here.

223 meters are.

Japan falls behind Austria but remains ahead of Germany.

2nd round

: Michael Hayböck now has to get off the beam again.

The wind is too strong at the moment.

On the second attempt he is allowed to go and shows a really strong jump of 235 meters.

This means that the Austrians are overtaking Germany again.

2nd round

: Now it's Pius Paschke's turn.

Can he show a better jump here than in the first round?

Yes, it can, and even with a run-up shortened by two hatches.

It's 223.5 meters for the man from WSV Kiefersfelden.

Germany takes the lead.

2nd round

: It's now Eetu Nousiainen's turn, but he can't push the Italians away either.

It's 201 meters, which is only enough for third place.

2nd round

: Next it's Alex Insam's turn for the Italian team and he shows a really good jump of 221 meters.

Italy takes the lead.

They will also defend this against the USA.

Tate Frantz has 215.5 meters.

The USA comes in second place.

2nd round

: The Frenchman is now followed by Gregor Deschwanden for Switzerland, who jumps to 201.5 meters and thus takes the lead for the time being.

Vitaliy Kalinichenko can't jump there.

It is only 185.5 meters.

Ukraine is falling behind Switzerland.

2nd round

: We continue with the second round.

This will be opened again by Jules Chervet from France, who jumps to 165.5 meters.

Before the 2nd round

: This ends the first round.

The final round continues at 5:17 p.m.

1st round

: Now the athletes here really show some great ski flying.

Stefan Kraft flies to 233 meters.

This means they are fifth after the first round.

So Slovenia wins the first round.

1st round

: And Andreas Wellinger also comes down really well here and brings Germany close again.

It's 230.5 meters for him, but he also stumbles when he runs out.

It's fifth place, but they're getting closer again.

1st round

: The jury reacts and goes down two hatches. Domen Prevc, who is now sitting up here, had two really strong jumps in training.

And even with less of a run-up, he reached 222.5 meters, putting the Slovenians back in the lead.

1st round

: Now it's Johann Andre Forfang's turn.

And it flies really far down here.

It's a really strong 234.5 meters for the Norwegian.

This is definitely the lead for Norway.

1st round

: Aleksander Zniszczol had really good training jumps, and he also managed 214.5 meters in the competition.

Poland takes the lead.

And Ryoyu Kobayashi also gets into flying really well here.

It is 220.5 meters for the Four Hills Tournament winner.

Japan is currently second.

1st round

: Giovanni Bresadola, on the other hand, does not come close to the 200 meter mark.

It's only 193 meters and currently third place for Italy.

Remo Imhof from Switzerland causes a brief outcry in the stadium when he stumbles on the run-out but stays standing.

His jump of 186 meters puts Switzerland in fifth place.

1st round

: Erik Belshaw also starts with the wrong start number.

He shows a very strong jump of 213.5 meters and puts his team in the lead.

However, he has to give this right back to the Finns, because Niko Kytosaho jumps to 211 meters and, thanks to the lead from the first group, passes the US boys again.

1st round

: First in the second group is Valentin Foubert from France.

He jumps to 204 meters.

He is followed by Yevhen Marusiak for Ukraine.

With his 203.5 meters he brings his team past the French again.

1st round

: Even Michael Hayböck can't hold a candle to the Slovenians.

It is 210.5 meters for Hayböck.

This is fifth place.

So the first group is already through here.

1st round

: Now it is the turn of the first German jumper, Pius Paschke.

But he can't keep up with Zajc.

It is 206.5 meters for Paschke.

This means the German team is only sixth

1st round

: Now it goes really far down here.

Timi Zajc flies 223 meters for the Slovenian team and puts Slovenia in the lead.

1st round

: Piotr Zyla is now starting for Poland.

He reaches 212 meters and puts his team in the lead.

1st round

: Confusing scenes in Oberstdorf.

Tate Frantz wasn't disqualified after all, but he jumped with Eetu Nousiainen's number.

Starting number three was probably not assigned.

The display on the TV picture was also wrong.

1st round

: He will now be followed by the teams from Ukraine and the USA.

Vitaliy Kalinichenko jumps for Ukraine.

He reaches 193.5 meters and takes the lead.

Tate Frantz, on the other hand, won't jump.

He was removed from the competition before his attempt.

1st round

: This is where it starts here in Oberstdorf.

Jules Chevret sets the first distance with 149.5 meters.

Before jumping

: It starts in Oberstdorf in a few minutes.

The first jumper will be Jules Chervet from France.

Before jumping

: A total of twelve teams are competing here today.

Before jumping

: The Norwegian team in this super team competition consists of Kristoffer Eriksen Sundal and Johann Andre Forfang.

Before jumping

: The Austrian duo will consist of Michael Hayböck and Stefan Kraft.

Before jumping

: Timi Zajc and Domen Prevc compete for the ski flying world champions from Slovenia.

Before jumping

: Now the German team is also known.

Andreas Wellinger and Pius Paschke are starting for DSV today.

Before jumping

: At least we now have two names for the Polish duo.

Aleksander Zniszczol and Piotr Zyla will compete for them.

Before jumping

: Andreas Wellinger, however, was unable to complete the second training jump at all.

He only reached 178.5 meters and came 32nd. The best German was Pius Paschke in fourth place.

Before jumping

: It has not yet been announced which two jumpers the DSV will send into the race.

In the first training round, however, Andreas Wellinger (2nd) and Pius Paschke (10th) were the best German jumpers.

Before jumping

: Today we will see two jumpers per nation.

Instead of the usual three rounds in the super team competition, there are only two rounds today due to the wind problems yesterday.

Before jumping

: Hello and welcome to the live ticker for ski jumping today in Oberstdorf.

We'll see super team flying here in a moment.

Ski jumping on Friday: The preliminary report on super team flying

As we all know, the wind does what it wants.

This is also the case this week in the Allgäu.

The World Cup jumpers were actually supposed to make their first attempts at flying on the

Heini-Klopfer flying hill in Oberstdorf

on Thursday, but the weather put a damper on the organizers' plans.

Ski jumping in Oberstdorf: Weather causes cancellations and format changes

Both the first training session and the qualification for the individual jumping on Saturday had to be

canceled due to the strong wind


The training, which will consist of two jumps, is now scheduled for Friday from 1 p.m.

The super team flying, which

also takes place on Friday ,

will therefore

be shortened to two rounds

, as the athletes are only allowed to make four jumps per day due to the high level of stress involved in ski flying.

Two athletes per nation

compete in the super team competition


After the cancellation of qualification on Thursday, who these two jumpers will be on the German team will only be decided at short notice on Friday.

However, it is very likely that

Andreas Wellinger

will be selected.

National coach Stefan Horngacher will decide who will compete at his side after training early on Friday afternoon.

Ski jumping on Friday: three-way fight expected - Norway as the secret favorite

The German team's biggest competitors are the teams from





They also stayed ahead of the DSV selection at the Ski Flying World Championships in Bad Mitterndorf almost a month ago.

Slovenia won gold, Austria took silver.

However, the World Cup jumping was held in the old format with

four jumpers per nation


But the

Norwegian team

is always good for a podium finish in team competitions.

The last time this format was held in Lake Placid, but on a large hill, the Norwegians secured

third place behind



Germany .

So everything is set up for an exciting competition.

Click here for the start list.

The competitions in Oberstdorf are part of the World Cup for the 2023/24 season.

The results of the competitions in the World Cup calendar are included in the overall ranking and the national ranking.



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