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Ski jumping: DSV Adler once again miss the podium at the Slovenian festival


Highlights: Ski jumping: DSV Adler once again miss the podium at the Slovenian festival.. As of: February 24, 2024, 6:32 p.m By: Thomas Bösl CommentsPressSplit Ski jumping: Andreas Wellinger came sixth in Oberstdorf. The 2023/24 World Cup in ski jumping continued on Saturday. The first individual ski flying took place in Oberstorf, Bavaria. The German team was again unable to compete for the podium.

As of: February 24, 2024, 6:32 p.m

By: Thomas Bösl




Ski jumping: Andreas Wellinger came sixth in Oberstdorf.

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Swen gatekeeper

The 2023/24 World Cup in ski jumping continued on Saturday.

The first individual ski flying took place in Oberstdorf, Bavaria.

The German team was again unable to compete for the podium.

Oberstdorf - The ski jumping World Cup has returned to German soil after stops in the USA and Japan.

The first individual competition was on the program on Saturday

at the

flying hill in Oberstdorf .

Only one DSV jumper was able to keep up with the world's best.

Andreas Wellinger

was also unable to intervene in the fight for the podium places on the second day of the ski flying competition in Oberstdorf.

The 28-year-old ultimately took

sixth place

at the

Slovenian festival

in Oberallgäu .

Ski jumping in Oberstdorf: Wellinger remains too strong in front of Kobayashi - Slovenia

Victory on the Heini-Klopfer flying hill was secured by the Slovenian

Timi Zajc

, who had already won on Friday in the team competition together with Domen Prevc, ahead of his compatriot

Peter Prevc

and the Austrian

Stefan Kraft

, who thus further extended his lead in the overall World Cup .

Wellinger, however, had nothing to do with the decision to win the day.

After the first round he was in eighth place thanks to his jump of

219.5 meters

, and in the final he was able to

improve to sixth place with

223 meters .

At least he was able to catch up with

Ryoyu Kobayashi

in the overall standings.

The Japanese finished one place behind Wellinger.

Ski jumping on Saturday: German team weak - Geiger has reached rock bottom

The rest of the German team couldn't convince on Saturday either.

Apart from Andreas Wellinger, no DSV athlete made it into the top ten.

Behind the Traunsteiner, the best German was

Philipp Raimund

in 14th place. He was followed by

Pius Paschke


Stephan Leyhe

(23rd) and

Felix Hoffmann


Luca Roth

was eliminated in the first round.

Karl Geiger

is still not out of the crisis


The 31-year-old even missed qualifying for the competition on his home hill.

Martin Hamann

, who was part of the World Cup team at the beginning of the season, and

Finn Braun


did not make it into the top forty jumpers.

Ski jumping in Oberstdorf: The final result after ski flying on Saturday

1. Timi Zajc (Slovenia)

449.3 points

2. Peter Prevc (Slovenia)


3. Stefan Kraft (Austria)


6. Andreas Wellinger (Germany)


14. Philipp Raimund (Germany)


21. Pius Paschke (Germany)


23. Stephan Leyhe (Germany)


27. Felix Hoffmann (Germany)


35. Luca Roth (Germany)

Eliminated after the first round

The entire result

The Ski Jumping World Cup continues on Sunday.

Then the second individual competition will take place on the Heini-Klopfer flying hill in Oberstdorf.

The first round starts at 4:00 p.m. is included in the live ticker for ski jumping.

Ski jumping on Saturday: The live ticker for ski flying


: This means that this first ski flying in Oberstdorf ends again without a German on the podium.

Only Andreas Wellinger could even begin to keep up with the world's best.

He ends up sixth.

2nd round

: Now only Peter Prevc is at the top.

He has one more hatch than Zajc and he can't come close to his compatriot.

It is 232 meters, but since Zajc had less of a run-up, he will win the jumping here.

Prevc is second.

2nd round

: At the request of the coach, the run-up in front of Timi Zajc is shortened again and that pays off for the Slovenian.

He flies to 230 meters and will definitely take the lead.

2nd round

: Stefan Kraft is simply a phenomenon.

He shows another really good jump of 225.5 meters and takes the lead.

2nd round

: And Domen Prevc can't push Hayböck off the top either.

He is currently second with 219 meters.

2nd round

: Johann Andre Forfang, on the other hand, doesn't really get going and lands after 214.5 meters.

He falls back to fourth place.

2nd round

: Michael Hayböck does better, taking the clear lead here with his 229.5 meters.

2nd round

: Marius Lindvik cannot keep up and will fall behind Andreas Wellinger with his 213.5 meters.

It's fourth place.

2nd round

: Now it's up to Andreas Wellinger.

Can he still make up places here?

It will definitely be very tight.

It is 223 meters.

But he is in the lead at the moment.

2nd round

: However, he has to give this straight back to Ryoyu Kobayashi, who jumps to 224 meters.

2nd round

: We have reached the top ten.

Daniel Huber starts off.

However, there is a hatch down in front of the Austrian.

However, Huber doesn't mind.

He takes the lead with his 221.5 meters.

2nd round

: Now we have finally overcome the short weak phase of this competition.

Aleksander Zniszczol also shows a solid jump of 219.5 meters.

He is eighth.

2nd round

: And the next really good jump follows, this time by Manuel Fettner.

He flies to 228 meters and takes the lead.

2nd round

: And almost immediately afterwards it's Philipp Raimund's turn.

The 23-year-old makes a really strong jump of 220 meters.

But it's not nearly enough for Stoch.

Raimund is second.

2nd round

: Stephan Leyhe is now the third German.

But he doesn't really fly well in the final round either.

It's 205 meters and he ranks eighth.

2nd round

: Jan Hörl couldn't really improve in the second round either.

His 215.5 meters put him in second place.

2nd round

: It's Pius Paschke's turn.

He comes close to the width of the Italians.

It is 213 meters.

He is currently third.

Giovanni Bresadola, on the other hand, was removed from the rankings after his second round and is definitely in 30th place.

2nd round

: So far only the Italians have been able to break the 200 meter mark here.

Alex Insam flies to 214 meters and takes the lead from his compatriot Giovanni Bresadola.

2nd round

: The jumpers are having a bit of a hard time right now.

The really big distances don't come about.

Artti Aigro also only reaches 188 meters and is therefore in third place.

2nd round

: Bresadola is followed by the first German, Felix Hoffmann.

However, he can't get close to the Italian.

In the end it is 190.5 meters.

This puts him behind Bresadola.

2nd round

: This opens the second round here in Oberstdorf.

Giovanni Bresadola from Italy sets the first distance with 207.5 meters.

Before the 2nd round

: Five Germans are still there in the second round.

Felix Hoffmann starts with starting number two.

He is followed by Pius Paschke (9), Stephan Leyhe (14), Philipp Raimund (16) and Andreas Wellinger (23).

Before the 2nd round

: The final continues here in Oberstdorf at 5:09 p.m.

Ski jumping today in the live ticker: The interim results after the first round

1. Peter Prevc (Slovenia)

214.6 points

2. Timi Zajc (Slovenia)


3. Stefan Kraft (Austria)


8. Andreas Wellinger (Germany)


15. Philipp Raimund (Germany)


17. Stephan Leyhe (Germany)


22. Pius Paschke (Germany)


29. Felix Hoffmann (Germany)


35. Luca Roth (Germany)

-56.0 / eliminated


: Peter Prevc wins the first round.

The best German is once again Andreas Wellinger with eighth place.

1st round

: Only Stefan Kraft is now at the top and the Austrian flies further than his two top competitors in the overall World Cup.

However, he can't get close to Peter Prevc and Timi Zajc.

It's 222 meters and he ranks third.

1st round

: Ryoyu Kobayashi jumps even three meters shorter than Andreas Wellinger.

The Four Hills Tournament winner managed 216.5 meters.

He is eighth.

1st round

: It's getting loud in the stadium.

It's Andreas Wellinger's turn.

He shows a solid, but not perfect, jump.

It is 219.5 meters for Wellinger.

It's seventh place.

1st round

: Jan Hörl, on the other hand, comes 3.5 meters further and is in 17th place.

1st round

: It's Pius Paschke's turn.

However, it doesn't come close to the top widths.

It's 208 meters for him.

He is 18.

1st round

: Michael Hayböck really delivered in the team jumping yesterday.

Today he also manages a good 219 meters and ranks fifth.

1st round

: Can Lovro Kos give Slovenia a quadruple lead here?

No, he can't.

With his 213 meters he is eighth.

1st round

: We have now reached the last ten jumpers of this first round.

Daniel Tschofenig is the first of this last group.

He jumps to 210 meters and is eleventh.

1st round

: Peter Prevc's farewell tour continues in Oberstdorf and he shows that he can ski fly really well.

With 230.5 meters he takes the lead.

1st round

: Johann Andre Forfang also gets into flying well here.

The Norwegian jumps to 217.5 meters.

He ranks third.

1st round

: Raimund is followed directly by Stephan Leyhe.

He also exceeds the 200 mark by five meters and is currently eighth.

1st round

: Now it's Philipp Raimund's turn.

And he also shows here that he can ski fly.

The 23-year-old manages 213.5 meters.

He ranks sixth.

1st round

: Domen Prevc now wants to emulate his compatriot.

He also comes a long way down here.

It is 227.5 meters for Prevc.

It's not enough for the lead, it's second place.

1st round

: Timi Zajc and Domen Prevc secured victory in the team flying on Friday.

And today he also showed a really strong jump of 230 meters with a good tailwind.

This puts him clearly in the lead.

1st round

: Now comes Dawid Kubacki.

However, it doesn't fly at all.

It's only 177 meters for him.

He will therefore not take part in the second round.

The last Pole is Aleksander Zniszczol.

With 210 meters he is the best Polish jumper and is in second place.

1st round

: Four poles come here in direct succession.

Kamil Stoch starts with a jump of 204 meters.

He is second for now.

Stoch is followed by Piotr Zyla, who jumps half a meter shorter than his compatriot and is therefore sixth.

1st round

: While Giovanni Bresadola jumps to 193 meters we have the first disqualification here.

Sindre Ulven Jörgensen was removed from the competition after his jump due to a suit that did not comply with the rules.

1st round

: Daniel Huber jumped to third place in the qualification and he also showed a good jump in the competition.

It is 210.5 meters for the Austrian.

He takes the lead.

1st round

: Felix Hoffmann is now the second German's turn.

Before his jump, however, the jury reacts to the increasingly strong tailwind and goes up two gates.

Hoffmann can use this right away.

He flies to 194 meters and ranks third.

1st round

: The tailwind is now picking up a bit.

Robin Pedersen from Norway also feels this, but he still jumps to 191 meters and is fourth.

1st round

: Eric Belshaw is the fifth jumper in this competition and is the first jumper to jump over 210 meters.

It's 212 meters for him, which puts him in the lead.

1st round

: Eetu Nousiainen from Finland has already proven several times that he can handle ski flying jumps well.

Like Luca Roth, he jumps to 189.5 meters and ranks third.

1st round

: And with that the competition has begun here on the Heini-Klopfer flying hill.

Luca Roth opened the first round with a very light tailwind with 189.5 meters.

Before jumping

: Ski flying will start here in Oberstdorf in just a few minutes.

Before jumping

: We will see the first German starter right at the beginning of the competition.

Luca Roth opens ski flying with start number one.

He is followed by Felix Hoffmann (11), Philipp Raimund (26), Stephan Leyhe (27), Pius Paschke (36) and Andreas Wellinger (38).

Before jumping

: We have now listed the favorites for the day's victory.

The Slovenians Timi Zajc and Domen Prevc in particular have managed very well on the Heini-Klopfer ski jump so far.

But Stefan Kraft was also able to show good flights on Friday.

Before jumping

: As far as the placements in the qualification are concerned, only Andreas Wellinger was able to convince.

He came fourth and was the only German among the top 20 jumpers.

Stefan Kraft secured victory ahead of Timi Zajc and Daniel Huber.

Before jumping

: The qualification for the competition has just ended.

From a German perspective, Andreas Wellinger, Philipp Raimund, Pius Paschke, Felix Hoffmann, Luca Roth and Stephan Leyhe will take part in just under 25 minutes.

Finn Braun, Karl Geiger and Martin Hamann missed qualification.

Before jumping

: Hello and welcome to the live ticker for ski jumping today in Oberstdorf.

We're about to see the first individual competition from the ski flying hill.

Ski jumping in the live ticker today: The preliminary report on ski flying in Oberstdorf

The DSV athletes certainly had different ideas about returning to a home hill.


the first training and qualification were canceled

due to strong winds, the first day of competition for the German jumpers on Friday was anything but according to plan.

Ski jumping in the live ticker today: Clap in team jumping - Wellinger lacks consistency

In the super team flying, the German duo, consisting of Andreas Wellinger and Pius Paschke, jumped well past a podium place.

In the end it was sixth place

, behind the otherwise weak


and the


, who only came as a team of two , with only Ryoyu Kobayashi consistently delivering top jumps.

The gap between






was depressing.

There is a lot to make up for in the first individual competition on Saturday.

Andreas Wellinger

in particular

is actually more trusted.

The silver medalist at the Ski Flying World Championships in Bad Mitterndorf a month ago also had two good jumps on Friday, one in training at

223 meters

and one in the first round of the team jumping at

230.5 meters


But he still lacks consistency on the Heini-Klopfer ski jump.

Ski jumping in the live ticker today: Only Paschke impresses in training

The rest of the German team hasn't really been able to convince either.


Pius Paschke

made it into the top ten alongside Wellinger in the test runs.

The other German group around Karl Geiger

from Oberstdorf

continues to lag behind their form.

In addition to Andreas Wellinger, the two Slovenian team winners

Domen Prevc


Timi Zajc

are the favorites in the race.


Stefan Kraft

, who continues to lead the overall ranking, and

Michael Hayböck

, who showed the longest jump of the competition on Friday with 235 meters, as well as the Norwegian

Johann Andre Forfang

will certainly have a say in the day's victory.

At the qualification, which will take place on Saturday at 2:30 p.m., you can definitely look forward to many German starters.

This weekend, the DSV is sending its

national group

into the race for the second and last time this year.

Finn Braun


Luca Roth


Felix Hoffmann


Martin Hamann

will be competing here


How many of them we will see among the last 40 jumpers in the competition remains to be seen.

Click here for the start list.

The competitions in Oberstdorf are part of the World Cup for the 2023/24 season.

The results of the competitions in the World Cup calendar are included in the overall ranking and the national ranking.



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