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DFB women lose 1:2 against France: Olympic playoff against the Netherlands


Highlights: DFB women lose 1:2 against France: Olympic playoff against the Netherlands.. As of: February 25, 2024, 7:07 p.m By: Luca Hartmann CommentsPressSplit Germany loses 2-1 to France in the Nations League semi-finals. The DFB footballers are giving away their first chance at the Olympic ticket. The last chance for the Olympicticket is on Wednesday. Then Germany has to win away against the Dutch. The game in the ticker for reading. France – Germany 2:1 (2:0)

As of: February 25, 2024, 7:07 p.m

By: Luca Hartmann




Germany loses 2-1 to France in the Nations League semi-finals.

The DFB footballers are giving away their first chance at the Olympic ticket.

The game in the ticker for reading.

  • France – Germany 2:1 (2:0)

  • France against Germany:

    Penalty in – French increase

  • The game's ticker to read


Germany loses the Nations League semi-finals and misses its first chance to qualify for the Olympic Games.

Overall, the defeat against France was okay.

After a double strike from the French team shortly before half-time, the DFB team went into half-time with a two-goal deficit.

Germany was better in the game in the second half.

However, Gwinn's goal from the penalty spot and the subsequent final offensive came too late to turn the game around.

The last chance for the Olympic ticket is on Wednesday.

Then Germany has to win away against the Netherlands.

France – Germany 2:1 (2:0)

Lineup France:

Peyraud Magnin – De Almeida, Lakrar, Mbock, Karchaoui – Geyoro, Henry, Bacha (77th Cascarino) – Diani (90th+2 Baltimore), Le Sommer (77th Toletti), Katoto

Lineup Germany:

Frohms - Gwinn, Hendrich, Hegering (46th Däbritz), Linder - Huth (46th Brand), Oberdorf, Nüsken, Bühl - Schüller (46th Lohmann), Popp


1:0 Diani (41.), 2:0 Karchaoui (penalty 45.+3), 2:1 Gwinn (penalty 82.)

Final whistle!

The game is over.

France beats Germany 2-1.

90th + 5 minutes:

Nüsken misses the last chance for Germany.

90th + 3 minutes:

That was another great chance for Germany!

The ball falls to Jule Brand's feet around 20 meters from the goal.

The ball whizzes past the top right corner of the French goal.

90th + 3 minutes:

The French now take a lot of time off the clock with a substitution.

De Almeida is then shown a yellow card for time play.

90th minute:

There are five minutes of injury time!

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89th minute:

France is now doing it cleverly and cleverly keeping the ball in their own ranks.

The DFB women urgently need the ball, but can't quite get it.

86th minute:

Popp shoots a free kick from 20 meters into the bottom right corner, but Peyraud Magnin is able to parry the ball.

Germany is close to balance.

84th minute

: Katoto falls in the German penalty area, but Oberdorf's contact was minimal.

Not enough for a penalty.

France against Germany: Gwinn shortens from the point

82nd minute: GOOOOOOOOOOR for Germany!

Giulia Gwinn safely converts the penalty with a powerful shot into the top corner.

80th minute: There is a penalty for Germany!

After a corner, Henry gets the ball on his arm.

After viewing the video images, the referee decides on a penalty kick.

79th minute:

Now there is a dangerous free kick for Germany right on the edge of the penalty area.

Oberdorf was fouled.

But before that there seems to have been a possible handball in the French penalty area.

The referee looks at the scene outside on the monitor.

77th minute

: Däbritz takes courage from around 20 meters and tries a long-range shot.

The shot goes just past the goal to the right.

75th minute:

The German team has 15 minutes left to turn the game around.

Maybe Popp's slatted hit will now provide new momentum.

Alexandra Popp struggles after a missed opportunity.

© IMAGO/Jonathan Moscrop

72nd minute:

Popp hits the crossbar!

Bühl puts the ball nicely through to Popp in the penalty area, who finishes from a half-left position almost from a standing start and fires the ball onto the crossbar.

Bad luck for the German team.

70th minute

: Bacha shoots from the half-left position.

The ball flutters a lot and is difficult for Frohms to parry, but the goalkeeper clears the ball with her fists.

68th minute:

Oberdorf gets hit in the head at the subsequent corner.

She crashed into Katoto and is bleeding.

Your wound on your nose now needs to be treated on the sideline.

Germany is currently outnumbered.

66th minute:

There was definitely more potential for the German team.

After a nice combination in the middle, Brand is able to run freely towards the last two French defenders.

Lohmann and Popp start deep, but Brand decides to shoot from around 20 meters, but it is blocked for a corner.

64th minute:

In these minutes you have the feeling that Germany can't and France doesn't have to do more for the game.

The French women manage their lead safely, while the DFB women hardly have any really dangerous chances on the offensive.

61st minute:

The German team still has around 30 minutes to turn things around.

The French are now increasingly lurking on the counterattack.

A third goal would probably mean the decision.

But the German defense is currently secure.

58th minute

: Germany gets stuck in half of the French team.

But Popp, Brand & Co. haven't been really dangerous in front of the goal yet.

In many places the German offensive game is too static.

56th minute:

Klara Bühl takes a good corner from the right side and finds Lohmann's head in the box, but the header goes over.

53rd minute:

First good attack from Germany in the second half.

A cross from the right half of the field finds the head of Brand, who tries to pass the ball to Popp.

The captain then gets to the ball just in front of Peyraud Magnin, but puts it just next to the goal.

52nd minute:

The next attack rolls towards the German goal, but again Diani's cross finds no taker.

50th minute:

The French win three corners in a row, all of which fly dangerously into the penalty area, but are not dangerous for the German goal.

Nevertheless, France is wide awake here after the break.

48th minute:

With her incredible speed, Diani gets back into a good position on the right side and crosses into the middle.

However, Oberdorf is able to block Katoto's shot.

46th minute:

Horst Hrubesch made three substitutions during the break.

Lohmann comes for Schüller, Brand for Huth and Däbritz for Hegering.

The 2nd half begins!

Half-time conclusion

: The last few minutes before the half-time whistle were very bitter for the DFB women.

First Diani took the lead with a Sunday shot, shortly afterwards Karchaoui converted a correct penalty to make it 2-0.

Until then, the French were the more active team, but Germany got into the game better and better as the game went on.

It will be very difficult to make up for this two-goal deficit in the second 45 minutes.

Half time!

France against Germany in the live ticker: Penalty possible – French increase




GOOOOOOOOR for France!

Karchaoui converts the penalty into the bottom left corner.

Frohms is very close, but cannot parry the ball.

France's double strike shortly before half-time is perfect.

45th + 3 minutes:

Penalty for France!

Very bitter for the German team now before half time.

Le Sommer sends Geyoro into the penalty area.

Oberdorf comes rushing in, hits Geyoro clearly and brings her down.

The penalty is okay.

Additionally there is yellow for Oberdorf.

45th minute:

There are three minutes of added time.

Germany now has to be careful not to concede another goal before half-time.

45th minute:

Next good chance for France.

Goalscorer Diani is sent to the right and crosses into the middle.

Bacha takes the ball on a volley and puts the ball just past the goal to the right.

France against Germany in the live ticker: Diani puts “Les Bleus” in the lead

41st minute: GOOOOOOOOR for France


Now it's happened.

Diani takes the lead.

The free kick comes sailing long into the German box.

Schüller heads the ball straight into the foot of Diani, who drops-kicks it from half-right from almost 15 meters and slams the ball into the bottom right corner.

Frohms stretches in vain.

From a German perspective, the gap had unfortunately increased somewhat.

40th minute:

After the game had actually shifted towards the French penalty area in the last few minutes, it is now the French themselves who are back in control.

Svenja Huth can only stop Karchaoui with a foul and receives the first yellow card of the game.

37th minute:

Once again, Le Sommer is able to assert himself on the right side and cross into the middle.

Frohms is able to maneuver the sharp cross out of the penalty area.

36th minute:

Hegering can continue after her treatment.

34th minute:

That didn't look good for Marina Hegering.

After a corner, she accidentally got the arm of France goalkeeper Peyraud Magnin in the face and had to be treated.

Hopefully things continue for the central defender.

31st minute:

The intense initial phase noticeably cost the French team their strength.

Germany can now keep the ball in their own ranks for longer, also because France no longer runs as high.

Popp now puts Linder in the spotlight on the left side, but Diani is able to clear the ball.

Instead of a goal kick there should have been a corner for Germany.

The referee saw that wrong.

28th minute:

Germany now holds the ball in their own ranks for longer and tries to slowly work their way forward.

Again the ball comes to Klara Bühl on the left, who shoots from an acute angle.

Your ball goes just over.

24th minute:

Again it's the very active Le Sommer who crosses from the right side into the middle.

Three French women miss the ball in the middle.

There was definitely more in it for France.

Germany, on the other hand, urgently needs to strengthen the left side of the defense.

22nd minute:

Sarai Linder keeps having problems on the left side of defense with the fast French women.

This time Le Sommer comes free to the cross, but Hegering is able to clear the flat ball.

Germany is fighting against France for the ticket to the Olympics.


19th minute:

Things are now going back and forth.

Bühl beats De Almeida on the left and crosses into the middle, where Peyraud Magnin clears the ball into the goal.

The subsequent corner comes dangerously into the middle, but does not pose a real goal threat.

18th minute:

De Almeida sprints across half the pitch and can cross from the right into the penalty area.

Her ball finds the head of Le Sommer, but she cannot properly press the header onto the goal.

No problem for Frohms.

16th minute:

Short wobble by the French keeper!

Linder crosses unchallenged from the left into the box and Peyraud Magnin lets the ball bounce out of the goal without any need.

At the following corner, Popp gets a good header, but the shot goes quite clearly to the right.

14th minute:

The French women run up against the DFB women and repeatedly force early ball losses.

Germany seems a bit impressed by the very alert French women and the loud French audience.

11th minute:

For the first time it becomes really dangerous in the German penalty area.

Karchaoui asserts himself strongly against Gwinn on the left and crosses into the middle.

Frohms is able to punch the ball away, but Le Sommer gets to the ball and passes it to Diani.

However, their shot can be blocked.

10th minute

: France dominates the game in the first ten minutes and has more possession.

Although Germany tries to control the game, they often lose the ball too quickly.

7th minute

: Diani gets through relatively easily on the right side and crosses dangerously from the baseline into the penalty area, but Le Sommer misses the ball. Some luck for Germany.

Shortly afterwards, Le Sommer crosses from the right into the middle, but Frohms is there.

5th minute:

Le Sommer uses a strong trick to leave Hegering standing on the right side and passes into the middle.

Bacha finishes from almost 20 meters with his weak right foot, but the ball doesn't hit properly.

Frohms can pick up the ball.

3rd minute:

Lively start to the game.

Germany loses the ball in the build-up game, but Hendrich is able to quickly win it back.

However, the DFB women's counterattack brings nothing.

1st minute

: Giulia Gwinn comes directly to the cross from the right side, but the French keeper Peyraud Magnin is able to intercept the ball.


The ball is rolling in Lyon.

Update, 8:59 p.m.:

Alexandra Popp gives an emotional speech in the German circle shortly before kick-off.

Afterwards there will be a minute's silence for the late Andi Brehme.

Update, 8:58 p.m.:

The referee for the game is Esther Staubli from Switzerland.

Update, 8:55 p.m.:

After a spectacular laser show, the teams now come onto the lawn.

The national anthems follow.

Update, 8:53 p.m.:

The DFB team's hopes today also rest on captain Alexandra Popp, who is a real France expert.

Popp scored twice in both the 2022 European Championship semi-final and the following friendly match in October.

Germany's 2-1 win in the European Championship semi-final was also the last competitive game between the two teams.

Update, 8:50 p.m

.: “If you have a chance to get to the Olympics, you want to take advantage of it,” explains Horst Hrubesch shortly before the game begins.

Regarding the direction, he explains: “We want to make and determine the game ourselves.

Just playing along here won’t achieve anything.”

Update, 8:45 p.m.:

It starts in Lyon in 15 minutes!

The voltage increases.

Can the DFB team use the first match point today and get their ticket to the Olympic Games?

Update, 8:27 p.m.:

“You have to put everything in,” explains ARD expert and former national goalkeeper Almuth Schulth before the game.

Making it to the final of the Nations League is only secondary.

“The big goal is clearly qualifying for the Olympics,” explains Schulth.

Update, 8:12 p.m.:

France's line-up is now also known.

Coach Hervé Renard relies on a classic 4-3-3 system.

The DFB players have to be particularly careful about top striker Eugénie Le Sommer.

The 34-year-old from Olympique Lyon has won the Champions League eight times in her career.

The outside players Katoto and Diani will try to serve Le Sommer in the middle with a lot of speed on the flanks.

The DFB team should prevent this as much as possible.

However, Renard will have to do without defense chief and captain Renard, who is missing with a thigh injury.

Update, 7:53 p.m.:

The German team's lineup is here!

As already announced, interim coach Horst Hrubesch is relying on the dual leadership of Alexandra Popp and Lea Schüller in the attack.

Klara Bühl and Svenja Huth should ensure the pace in the outside positions.

Lena Oberdorf and Sjoeke Nüsken appear at the headquarters.

In defense, Hrubesch relies on the proven duo Kathrin Hendrich/Marina Hegering.

Giulia Gwinn and Sarai Linder come into the full-back positions.

Merle Frohms guards the goal.

First report from February 23rd, 5:17 p.m.:

Lyon - It is the first of two possible Olympic showdowns for the DFB women: With a win against France, Germany not only wants to move into the final of the Nations League, but also the ticket for the next one Olympic Games in the French capital Paris.

“We definitely want to fulfill this dream of the Olympics,” explained interim national coach Horst Hrubesch combatively.

France against Germany in the live ticker: DFB women fight for an Olympic ticket

“Three or four months ago, no one would have thought that we would be sitting here now,” emphasized Hrubesch before the game in Lyon.

And yet the Olympic goal is now within reach.

“After the disappointing World Cup, it would be a very important signal towards women’s football if we were to overcome this hurdle and qualify for Paris,” said DFB President Bernd Neuendorf.

Although the DFB players definitely want to use the first match point for Paris, there is still hope even in the event of a semi-final defeat.

Because France has already qualified as hosts, they would still have a second chance if they lost in the game for third place on Wednesday.

There it would be away against the loser of the second semi-final, i.e. the Netherlands (in Heerenveen) or world champion Spain (in Seville).

Women's Nations League: Germany meets France in the semi-finals.

© IMAGO/Ines Hähnel

Germany goes into the game with self-confidence

According to France expert Sara Däbritz, Les Bleues see the Germans as fearsome opponents; they have lost to the DFB team several times in major tournaments.

“We go into the game with exactly that self-confidence,” assured the midfielder from Olympique Lyon, but warned about France: “They are a strong team.

They have individual class and high speed.”


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