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Ski jumping: Chaos team celebrates surprise victory - German eagles convince


Highlights: Ski jumping: Chaos team celebrates surprise victory - German eagles convince.. As of: March 2, 2024, 7:59 p.m By: Thomas Bösl CommentsPressSplit Ski jumping: Johann Andre Forfang and Kristoffer Eriksen Sundal win with the Norwegian team in Lahti. The 2023/24 World Cup in ski jumping continued on Saturday. There was a surprising winner, the German team jumped onto the podium. It was no longer possible to move forward; the Norwegians and Austrians were simply too strong for that.

As of: March 2, 2024, 7:59 p.m

By: Thomas Bösl




Ski jumping: Johann Andre Forfang (right) and Kristoffer Eriksen Sundal win with the Norwegian team in Lahti.

© Karl-Josef Hildenbrand

The 2023/24 World Cup in ski jumping continued on Saturday.

The team jumping on the large hill took place in Lahti, Finland.

There was a surprising winner, the German team jumped onto the podium.

Lahti - The men's ski jumping World Cup is back in Scandinavia.

Team jumping was on the program in


, Finland

on Saturday


The DSV team secured a place on the podium, and after much turbulence, Norway was able to celebrate again.

The German ski jumpers are getting back into better shape after their recent rather weak results.

After Andreas Wellinger's individual podium on Friday, national coach Stefan Horngacher's team secured

third place in the

team jumping

in Lahti


Ski jumping on Saturday: Germany solid - Norway and Austria too strong

Pius Paschke, Stephan Leyhe, Philipp Raimund and Andreas Wellinger

all showed solid jumps, but they couldn't get past the victorious Norwegians, who wrote a very special history.


Austria, that with

Daniel Tschofenig, Stephan Embacher, Jan Hörl and Stefan Kraft finished ahead of the German quartet.

On the other hand, the highly rated Slovenians, who only came in seventh, presented themselves weakly.

Paschke started for the German team and showed with

127 and 124 meters

that he has overcome his dip in form, at least for the time being.

Stephan Leyhe


Philipp Raimund,

on the other hand, didn't get along so well.

Leyhe jumped twice to

122 meters

, Raimund only jumped

121.5 and 120.5 meters


Ski jumping in Lahti: Crazy situation in Norway - team shows reaction

Andreas Wellinger


didn't get a good jump

on his first attempt with

122 meters .

However, the 28-year-old improved to

127 meters

in the second round and thus secured the podium place ahead of the Poles, who finished fourth.

The success of the Norwegian team, however, came as a complete surprise.

Johann Andre Forfang, Halvor Egner Granerud, Kristoffer Eriksen Sundal


Marius Lindvik

ensured Norway's first win of the current season in Lahti.

There has been chaos in Norwegian ski jumping

for many weeks


The team, which has been so successful in the past, spoke out in an open letter against the current head coach

Alexander Stöckl


Since the action initiated by team spokesman Forfang,

Stöckl is no longer in the World Cup


The performance of the Norwegian jumpers is

clearly pointing upwards


The Austrian Stöckl is accused by the athletes

of “poor personnel management”


Stöckl denies the allegations and the team is against him.


separation seems inevitable

, the result from Lahti speaks for it.

Ski jumping on Saturday: The final result of the team jumping

1. Norway

935.2 points

2. Austria


3. Germany


The entire result

The Ski Jumping World Cup continues on Sunday.

Then the second individual competition on the large hill takes place in Lahti, Finland.

The first round starts at 4:00 p.m. is included in the live ticker for ski jumping.

Ski jumping in Lahti: The team competition in the live ticker



Germany therefore secures third place.

It was no longer possible to move forward today; the Norwegians and Austrians were simply too strong for that.

2nd round

: Marius Lindvik now just has to finish it and he does it quite solidly.

He jumps 122 meters and thus ensures his team victory in the team jumping in Lahti.

2nd round

: Now Stefan Kraft can put pressure on Marius Lindvik again.

But his 122.5 meters won't be enough.

Austria will probably come second.

2nd round

: Now Andreas Wellinger is challenged.

He can get the DSV team onto the podium here and he can do it quite easily.

It's 127 meters, so Germany can look forward to a podium finish.

2nd round

: If Andreas Wellinger doesn't make another mistake, Poland will take fourth place here.

Aleksander Zniszczol jumps to 130 meters and puts the Poles in the lead at the moment.

2nd round

: Things are not going well for Lovro Kos today.

His second jump also fails completely at 109 meters.

This puts them behind the Finns.

Japan, on the other hand, will stay ahead of the Finns because Ryoyu Kobayashi jumps to 125 meters.

2nd round

: We have already reached the last eight jumpers.

Tate Frantz from the USA starts in the last group.

His 114 meters do not change the eighth place that the USA will finish here.

The USA is followed by Finland with Niko Kytosaho.

It reaches 125.5 meters.

2nd round

: Kristoffer Eriksen Sundal has to counter here now and he's doing it really well.

133.5 meters!

This means that Austria can't catch up with anything here.

Norway is racing towards victory here.

2nd round

: Can the Austrians still endanger the Norwegians?

Jan Hörl has always jumped very far and now he is flying really far down.

134 meters bring his team close to Norway again.

2nd round

: It's Philipp Raimund's turn.

He shows another very solid jump of 120.5 meters and thus maintains the distance to Poland.

2nd round

: Kamil Stoch can still top this distance.

The Pole reaches 124 meters and brings his team forward again.

2nd round

: It's getting loud again in the stadium, with Antti Aalto, a local hero, sitting on the beam.

After a long wait he reaches 114.5 meters.

Finland falls behind Slovenia.

Junshiro Kobayashi and his Japanese team also stay past Finland.

He jumps to 119 meters.

2nd round

: The third group is now opened by Casey Larson.

It only reaches 103 meters, so the USA will probably come in eighth place.

He is followed by Peter Prevc.

He gets significantly further here, namely to 127 meters.

2nd round

: The second group is completed by Halvor Egner Granerud.

With 121 meters, the Norwegian extends his lead over Austria again.

2nd round

: It is now Stephan Embacher's turn for Austria.

The young talent doesn't have good conditions, but still flies at 120.5 meters.

Austria stays ahead of the DSV Eagles.

2nd round

: Stephan Lehye has had a few problems here so far, but he still manages a solid 122 meters.

This means that Germany is further extending its lead over Poland and remains on course for the podium.

2nd round

: Macjei Kot will take this lead away from the Japanese again, as the Poles pass again with 119 meters.

2nd round

: Now it's the turn of the old master from Japan, Noriaki Kasai, and he can keep up well with the Finns.

The 51-year-old manages 117 meters.

Japan is ahead.

2nd round

: The Finns, on the other hand, presented themselves very well to their home audience.

Eetu Nousiainen reaches 117.5 meters in difficult conditions.

Finland takes the lead again.

2nd round

: It's the second group of jumpers' turn.

Zak Mogel will open this.

The Slovenians are already far behind here, Mogel's 115.5 meters won't change that.

The USA can no longer attack forward either.

Andrew Urlaub jumps to 110.5 meters.

2nd round

: The Norwegians want to take this lead again and they will do it.

Johann Andre Forfang jumps to 125 meters.

2nd round

: Now Daniel Tschofenig sits on the beam.

However, he has to leave this again.

On the second attempt he takes off and flies to a strong 126 meters.

Austria is ahead again.

2nd round

: Now comes Pius Paschke.

He had a good first jump and he also did really well in the second round.

It is 124 meters.

It's not an attack forward, but Germany is definitely taking the lead again at the moment.

2nd round

: Piotr Zyla sits ready.

He jumps to 121 meters and puts the Poles back in the lead.

2nd round

: Now it's Ren Nikaido's turn and the Japanese also makes a really good jump to 127 meters.

He puts his team in the lead.

Kasperi Valto, on the other hand, wobbles a lot, but manages to reach 119.5 meters.

Finland remains behind Japan.

2nd round

: He is now followed by Erik Belshaw from the USA.

He also copes well and flies to 124 meters.

The USA is falling behind the Slovenians.

2nd round

: We continue here in Lahti.

The Slovenian team opens the final with Domen Prevc's jump of 126 meters.

Before the 2nd round

: The final continues here in Lahti at 5:23 p.m.


: This concludes the first round.

Norway is already clearly ahead here, followed by Austria and Germany.

There is already a big gap behind the leading trio, so the DSV Eagles are on course for a podium finish.

1st round

: Yesterday Stefan Kraft was eliminated after the first round.

He's getting along better today.

He also reaches 122 meters.

Norway wins the first round.

Austria is second.

1st round

: Now Wellinger is allowed to go down and really feels the crosswind.

He still manages 122 meters and puts Germany in second place for the time being.

1st round

: Can Andreas Wellinger keep the German team in the race for the podium here?

First the German has to get off the beam again.

The wind doesn't cooperate.

1st round

: Now comes the last jump for the Norwegians.

Marius Lindvik sits on the beam and he also flies far down.

It is 130.5 meters for Lindvik.

Norway is fully involved in the fight for the day's victory.

Lovro Kos won yesterday, but today he is pushed to the ground after 109.5 meters.

Slovenia even falls back to sixth place.

1st round

: It is now Aleksander Zniszczol's turn for the Poles and he proves once again that he is currently the best Polish jumper.

He jumps to 127.5 meters and puts Poland in the lead.

Ryoyu Kobayashi cannot attack this either.

The Four Hills Tournament winner manages 120 meters.

The Japanese are currently third.

1st round

: The Finns will also make it to the final on their home hill, because Niko Kytosaho jumps to 125 meters, putting his team ahead of the USA and the Kazakhs.

Switzerland, on the other hand, will not be represented in the second round.

Gregor Deschwanden's 117.5 meters is not enough.

1st round

: We now come to the last group of the first round.

This will be opened by Danil Vassilyev from Kazakhstan.

The Kazakhs will not be in the final.

Vassilyev reaches 112.5 meters.

The USA is still fighting for the final.

Tate Frantz does his best to make it work.

It's 119 meters for him.

That should actually be enough.

1st round

: Jan Hörl seems to find this jump here.

Yesterday he flew really far and today he's flying 131 meters.

Austria even takes the lead.

1st round

: What is Philipp Raimund doing?

Here he comes away very flat from the take-off table, but then saves himself to 121.5 meters.

Germany is second.

1st round

: The Norwegians are already very far ahead here.

Kristoffer Eriksen Sundal is also doing well.

He manages 121.5 meters.

Norway remains ahead.

Peter Prevc can't keep up.

It was 118 meters for the Slovenian, but the conditions were significantly worse.

Slovenia remains fifth.

1st round

: It is now Kamil Stoch's turn for the Poles and he brings his team back to the top with 123.5 meters.

After Stoch comes Junshiro Kobayashi for the Japanese.

He doesn't have good conditions and only reaches 105 meters.

Very bitter for Japan, they fall back to third place.

1st round

: Antti Aalto comes on for the Finns, who brings his team past the USA again with 117.5 meters.

The final will be very close for Switzerland, as Yanick Wasser only manages 110 meters.

1st round

: We continue directly with the third group and Svyaroslav Nazarenko from Kazakhstan with his 85 meters.

He is followed by Casey Larson from the USA.

118 meters bring the Americans a little closer to the second round.

1st round

: The last of the second group is now the turn of the Austrian talent Stephan Embacher.

It does its job really well and flies to 126.5 meters.

Austria is second.

1st round

: Stephan Leyhe is now the second German.

He had big problems in the trial round.

Things are going a little better in competition.

It's 122 meters, which is enough for second place.

1st round

: However, they lose this straight back to the Norwegians, the Halvor Egner Granerud flies to 129 meters.

Norway follows Slovenia, Zak Mogel is their second jumper.

With his 116.5 meters he puts Slovenia in fifth place.

1st round

: Maciej Kot shows a very shaky jump for the Poles.

It comes to 11.5 meters.

This puts them behind Finland.

Afterwards, cheers erupt in the stadium as Noriaki Kasai sits on top of the beam and puts Japan in the lead with his 120 meters.

1st round

: Eetu Nousiainen creates 1.5 meters more for the Finnish team than Urlaub and puts the Finns back in the lead.

After Felix Trutz's jump of 114 meters, Switzerland is only third behind the Finns and the USA.

1st round

: We continue with the second group.

Sergey Tkachenko will play for Kazakhstan.

He jumps to 97 meters.

He is now followed by Andrew Urlaub from the USA.

He also only reaches 113 meters.

This makes it difficult for the USA in the second round.

1st round

: Daniel Tschofenig is the last jumper in the first group.

He can't keep up with Paschke and Forfang.

With 120 meters, Austria ranks fifth.

1st round

: Now we see Pius Paschke, the first German, who shows a good jump of 127 meters.

Germany ranks second.

1st round

: Domen Prevc is next in line.

It doesn't really fly.

It's only 114.5 meters for him.

Slovenia is only sixth.

1st round

: It is now Ren Nikaido's turn for the Japanese.

It reaches 123.5 meters, putting Japan in second place.

The winner of the test round, Johann Andre Forfang, comes to Nikaido for the Norwegian team.

And in competition too, things go really far down for him.

It's 135.5 meters for him.

He can no longer do a telemark there.

Norway still takes the lead.

1st round

: Things are going much worse for Switzerland.

Killian Peier only jumps to 111.5 meters.

They rank third.

Piotr Zyla does better, showing the first really long jump with his 126.5 meters.

1st round

: The main thing for the USA and Finland will be to get into the second round.

Erik Belshaw shows a good jump of 118 meters for the US boys.

This puts them in the lead.

However, they will have to cede that straight back to the Finns, who, in the person of Kasperi Valto, will overtake the USA with 119.5 meters.

1st round

: This opens the first round of this team competition.

Ilya Mizernykh from Kazakhstan sets the first distance with 112 meters.

Before jumping

: The team competition will start here in Lahti in a few minutes.

It will be opened by Ilya Mizernykh for the Kazakh team.

Before jumping

: The German jumpers, on the other hand, were unable to gain any self-confidence.

The best DSV jumper was Pius Paschke with ninth place.

He was followed by Andreas Wellinger (12th), Philipp Raimung (16th) and Stephan Leyhe (31st).

Before jumping

: The test run has just ended.

The Norwegians were particularly convincing.

Johann Andre Forfang won ahead of Ryoyu Kobayashi and his teammate Marius Lindvik.

Kristoffer Eriksen Sundal came fourth.

Only Halvor Egner Granerud fell slightly behind with 14th place.

Before jumping

: Johann Andre Forfang, Halvor Egner Granerud, Kristoffer Eriksen Sundal and Marius Lindvik are competing for Norway.

Before jumping

: On the Slovenian team we see Domen Prevc, Zak Mogel, Peter Prevc and Lovro Kos.

Before jumping

: The Austrian association sends


Daniel Tschofenig, Stephan Embacher, Jan Hörl and Stefan Kraft in the competition.

Before jumping

: Pius Paschke, Stephan Leyhe, Philipp Raimund and Andreas Wellinger compete for the DSV.

Before jumping

: Today we will see four jumpers per nation.

After the first round, two teams are eliminated; the best eight teams fight for victory in the second round.

Before jumping

: Hello and welcome to the live ticker for ski jumping today in Lahti.

The team jumping on the large hill is about to begin.

Ski jumping on Saturday: The preliminary report on the team event

The return from

ski flying

to the

large hill

has probably benefited the German team a lot.

After performing very poorly at the home World Cup in Oberstdorf, the DSV Eagles showed up on the Salpausselkä ski jump in


just in time for the team event

greatly improved.

Ski jumping in Lahti: Wellinger back in shape before team jumping

Andreas Wellinger

in particular

got back on track after his short period of weakness and secured

second place in the individual on Friday behind

Lovro Kos from Slovenia.

The Japanese

Ryoyu Kobayashi came third.

This meant that Wellinger was able to make up a few points in the overall World Cup on

Stefan Kraft

, who was unlucky with the wind and was eliminated in the first round.


Pius Paschke


Stephan Leyhe

also showed at the Lahti Ski Games that they have not forgotten ski jumping after the strong start to the season and the subsequent period of weakness.


places 11 and 12,

they improved significantly compared to the World Cup in Oberstdorf.

Philipp Raimund


made a good jump in the first round on Friday, but his second attempt failed.

He still lacks the consistency to regularly jump to the front.

Ski jumping on Saturday: This is how the German team competes

Now the classic team competition will take place on Saturday.

Four jumpers

from each country will take part.

Each athlete will complete one jump in the first round.

The best eight nations

qualify for the final

, with all four jumpers then completing the second round.

A total of

ten teams

are competing.

The German team, consisting of

Pius Paschke, Stephan Leyhe, Philipp Raimund


Andreas Wellinger

, is one of the favorites.

But above all it will be the team from Austria, which will consist of

Daniel Tschofenig


Stephan Embacher


Jan Hörl


Stefan Kraft

, as well as the Slovenians, who

will compete with

Domen Prevc, Zak Mogel, Peter Prevc

and Friday's winner ,

Lovro Kos

make it very difficult for the DSV jumpers.

Click here for the start list.

The competitions in Lahti are part of the World Cup for the 2023/24 season.

The results of the competitions in the World Cup calendar are included in the overall ranking and the national ranking.



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