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"De Correspondent": Slow News from the Netherlands, now for the world


Today, one of the most exciting media projects dares to take the next step. The creators of "De Correspondent" collected $ 2.6 million over a year ago via crowdfunding campaign. Your online magazine from the Netherlands should ...

Today, one of the most exciting media projects dares to take the next step. The creators of "De Correspondent" collected $ 2.6 million over a year ago via crowdfunding campaign. Your online magazine from the Netherlands should receive an English-language presentation - with stories from all over the world. Donors gave their money especially for the message "Unbreaking the news". Monday afternoon, the international offshoot called "The Correspondent" has gone live.

"De Correspondent" has no advertising, freely accessible articles and is member-financed. The magazine started six years ago and now has 60,000 members, which in this case are paid backers. "You pay for a product, that's it," says journalism professor Jay Rosen, one of the prominent advocates of the project. "But you only really agree with one thing if you believe in it."

"De Correspondent" writes about its orientation, they want to move away from sensational news to more understanding of the big picture. Media are not too liberal, but oriented too much on topicality. The editorial staff did not want to talk about the daily routine, but more about the everyday happenings - about the climate, not the weather. In addition, you want a more diverse journalism.

These are noble goals. But in the early years, "De Correspondent" could not keep all the promises, as Laura Hazard Owen states for the Nieman Lab. 98 percent of the articles come from whites, only 31 percent from women's texts. Much of community involvement and reports have seen them in the form elsewhere, writes Owen. She is skeptical about the English language offer.

Before the start was largely unclear what "The Correspondent" released. Now the first contributions have appeared: First, an author describes very near his anxiety and depression. The Nigerian writer OluTimehin Adegbeye, meanwhile, deals with "Othering": she will describe for the page how groups of people as strangers are degraded and what can be done socially against racism. That is remarkable. One all-out unveiling to start one misses however.

De Correspondent

Work in Progress: "The Correspondent"

In the run-up, the focus of "The Correspondent" was primarily on an elaborate campaign. The creators were able to win Wikipedia's founder Jimmy Wales or DeRay Mckesson of "BlackLivesMatter" as ambassadors and even made it to the American "The Daily Show" with Trevor Noah. That was a lot of publicity - and led to more talk about payment models in journalism again.

"De Correspondent" itself has found many imitators as a flagship model from the Netherlands - such as the Swiss "Republic" or the "Krautreporter". However, the latter have barely been able to break away from a niche in Germany.

It will be exciting to see "The Correspondent" beating the huge international media market, especially as the site is only starting with a US correspondent. That will hardly be enough to seriously compete with established sites like the Washington Post.

However, especially in the American media landscape "The Correspondent" could still fall on fertile ground. Slightly more "slow journalism" could counterbalance the often fast-moving news business there.

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Strange digital world: key experience

Finding a place to stay in Hamburg is not that easy. It gets even more complicated when the house key for the entrance below does not really want it. Since you can now wait for the roommates or hope that someone happens to come in or out. What seems funny.

After a few embarrassing calls, it's even nicer to find out that a gambler lives on the second floor. He is nice, a lot at home and regularly opens the front door for me. This shows: games open doors.

App of the Week: "Football Drama "
tested by Tobias Kirchner

Open Lab Games

While the new "Fifa 20" currently binds many players to the consoles, "Football Drama" is a rather unusual football game for the smartphone. Because here the story is in the foreground. The player experiences the fate of a whistle-smoking manager who has not been successful for a long time. Now it's time to put together a team with the right decisions and a good knack for talent.

There are elements that are reminiscent of a simple football manager, but in "football drama" you will always encounter other obstacles. Packed in a grown-up and gloomy style that will appeal to players who can not do much with football.

For iOS and Android, from Open Lab Games, 5.49 euros

Foreign Link: Three tips from other media

  • "French Supermarkets Sans Employees" (English, three minutes of reading)
    In France, two supermarkets open at the weekend without employees and avoid labor laws. The French unions complain that customers are so accustomed to shopping at any time - which would result in poor working hours for all workers.
  • "Silke and Holger buy a newspaper" (three reading minutes)
    The new owners of the "Berliner Zeitung" do not read the now-own newspaper and are currently attracting attention, especially through phrases: preparing contents differently, telling them in a serial way, moderating rather than polarizing. The former "Titanic" editor-in-chief Tim Wolff takes the new newspaper owners skilfully on the grain.
  • "How Taiwan Became the Laboratory of Digital Democracy" (four minutes of reading)
    E-petitions, transparent budgets, bots against fake news - the sunflower protests have triggered digital democracy in Taiwan since 2014. Now Chinese pressure on the little neighbor is growing, writes "Swissinfo".

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