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S-Pedelec Stromer ST3: What is roaring in your ears? Ah, the wind!


With the up to 45 km / h pedal-assisted S-pedelecs like the Stromer ST3, you're on the move at an exhilarating speed - and you're transported into an intermediate world of traffic.

The first impression : What's that roaring in your ears? Ah, that's the wind!

That says the manufacturer: Once he had a Porsche suspended at the traffic light with the ST3, says Helge Losch of the company Stromer, the Swiss specialists for S-Pedelecs. At the next traffic light, the sports car driver then pressed properly on the tube, only then he had a chance. "The power delivery is already awesome - with the ST3 you're in four seconds to 45 km / h."

The manufacturer understands the ST3 despite the sporty acceleration not as an explicit racing device, but as a brisk replacement. The slogan is: "This is how you drive to work today." The ingredients: a powerful engine over normal e-bikes and a battery with more capacity. For example, typical commuter distances of 20 to 30 kilometers in the saddle would be tackled competitively fast.

The nominal continuous power - limited by law to 250 watts for pedelecs - may not exceed 500 watts for the speed pedelecs since 2017. The maximum pedaling assistance does not exceed 400 percent, so the motor does not contribute more than four times the leg strength. Since a well-trained cyclist may permanently apply 150 to 200 watts, 800 watts should be enough. The ST3 has a rated power of 820 watts and thus more than many S-pedelecs on the market, which are still satisfied with 500 watts.

"A hub motor is ideal for commuting," says Losch. The ST3 has a rear engine from the Taiwanese manufacturer TDCS, the engine control was programmed at Stromer. Because the power is transmitted directly to the rear wheel, he works more efficiently than mid-engine. While these often generate around 70 Newton meters (Nm) of maximum torque, the ST3 is enough for sporty performance 44 Nm, as this does not force its strength first on the chain or belt, but directly on the axle.

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S-Pedelec Stromer ST3: Ssssssaus!

The range is specified Stromer ST3 with a maximum of 150 kilometers. If the driver selects the highest assistance level 3 using the buttons on the handlebar, it melts at 50. Once the battery has run flat with 814 watt hours, it can be fully charged in under five hours.

We noticed: Simsalabim, we are already rushing at 45 km / h through the countryside. Passersby look and think well: how fast is he, please? Next, a bus driver can be confused. He underestimates our speed, turns to the intersection, takes us the right of way. Later on the highway, we kindle the fury of a motorist, who wildly gesticulates us on the parallel bicycle path. But as insured motor vehicle must also the ST3 on the road, the bike path we must not use.

When we do that - the road has become dangerously narrow - we do not rise in the popularity scale either. Road cyclists do not even start to greet. In short: With the ST3 we cycle in a homeless intermediate world without adequate infrastructure. And you also have to have the driver's license.

By contrast, there is hardly anything to complain about at Stromer itself. The approximately 30-pound S-Pedelec can only be balanced in the bicycle cellar with great effort, but the pure mass puts the ST3 full and smoothly on the road.

The hub motor works barely audible and well tuned. The additional boost never feels artificially. It's as if the legs could simply deliver more watts. Getting used to is only the torque sensor. This regulates the engine torque depending on how strong you pedal. If you are on the road with high cadence - cadence - it may happen that the unit provides additional power reserves only when you turn up and in the episode more pressure on the pedals, but slower. For drivers who drive a higher cadence, this can feel strange.

Sobering is also the typical felt wall, in which one drives with the ST3 at speeds above 45 km / h. Then the pedal assist stops abruptly and without a machine thrust the S-Pedelec is particularly hard, because speeds beyond 45 km / h require immense muscle power - which is also due to the increased aerodynamic drag.

You have to know: Many functions on the ST3 are digitally controlled. "A rolling computer," says Losch. As with any e-bike, not only the sensors, the battery management or the engine control process continuously data. The ST3 also sends data. A GPS module and a SIM card are permanently installed. This allows the bike to be located in the event of theft, and any fault codes via mobile phone are registered "over the air" in the Stromer web portal. "It's like Tesla, the dealer can log on to the bike and install software updates," explains Losch. Follow-up costs do not arise, because the mobile connection is a bicycle life long free.

From a distance, the owner can use the fleet bike via a manufacturer app himself. The program informs about the state of charge, you can customize the average level of support. However, a navigation function is missing. This requires a third-party app ago.

In addition, energy can be recovered with the ST3 engine. The recuperation promises a powerful deceleration effect without the disc brakes being needed immediately. The intensity can be adjusted via the touchscreen on the top tube, but also disable the recuperation. Then the wheel rolls free.

However, not everyone has a free ride because, as is the case with all S-pedelecs, whoever wants to drive the ST3 must be at least 16 years old. Unlike a pedelec, which is legally equated to the bicycle, the faster are the rules for mopeds applied - a driving license of the class AM is therefore mandatory. Even those who own the car driver's license, may Stromern.

We will remember that: the pace. In our usual cadence on the way, we were on the exits over land with about 10 km / h higher average speed on the road than on a bike without a motor. But in the city the advantage runs all the more, the more you have to stop at traffic lights.

Data sheet S-Pedelec Stromer ST3

Manufacturer: Stromer
Motor: Syno Drive II, rated continuous power 820 watts
Battery: 814 Wh, lithium-ion
Weight: 29.2 kilos (without pedals)
Supported speed : up to 45 km / h

Circuit: Shimano XT / SLX Microshift with 11 gears
Brakes: hydraulic disc brakes from TRP, in front of four pistons, in the back two
Tires: 27.5 inches, Stromer Cycl-e by Pirelli, 57-584
Price: from 6990 Euro

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