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Game console: Sony reveals when the Playstation 5 comes


Millions of gaming fans worldwide are waiting for news on Sony's next generation of consoles. Since Tuesday is now a rough start date for the Playstation 5 known - and a little more.

When it came to his next game system, Sony so far spoke nebulous of a "Next-Gen-console". Now it is at least with this secrecy over, because on Tuesday, the Japanese group has published a new blog post. Playstation top official Jim Ryan announces both the - unsurprisingly - name of the console and its approximate release date.

"Playstation 5 launches Holiday 2020," is the title of Ryan's contribution. Playstation 4 is now followed by the Playstation 5. Meanwhile, "holiday" refers to the pre-Christmas time that is lucrative for tech manufacturers.

Surprisingly, the announcement does not come: For example, already landed the Playstation 4 in mid-November 2013 in stores, and also the Playstation 3 launched in 2006, at least in the US and in Japan also in mid-November. Also Microsoft's next large console with the project name "Scarlett" is to come to the Christmas business 2020 on the market.

Small changes to the controller

In his blog post Jim Ryan otherwise reveals little concrete. For example, the console's technical key data unveiled in April by Wired, including the use of an SSD hard drive and the option to play Playstation 4 games on the successor system, are not up to the Sony manager.

After all, Ryan betrays Ryan to the controllers of the console. Thus, the previously used "Rumble" vibration technology is to be replaced by a more diverse system. There is talk of "haptic feedback", as we already know from the field of smartphones, for example, or of the JoyCon controllers of the Nintendo Switch. Users should be able to feel much more about their hands through the adaptation, which game scene they are currently experiencing - for example, on what ground their character or racing car is on the road.

So players should feel more of what they're playing - even with different resistors of the L2 and R2 triggers on the new controller. The game developers can adjust how hard the player must press, such as in virtual shooting with a bow and arrow.

Some new information on "Wired"

While all this sounds more like evolution than revolution, "Wired" once again adds new information: So Sony's system developer Mark Cerny on request of Tech magazine made it clear that the Playstation 5 supports the so-called ray tracing hardware, not only as a software solution. Raytracing stands for the use of graphics effects, which lead to more realistic reflections and shadow throws in game worlds.

Otherwise, Wired reveals, among other things:

  • Playstation 5 games for retail are shipped on 100 GB optical media.
  • The console is also a 4K Blu-ray player.
  • Games should be installable in different variants, such that only the multiplayer part of a game is played.
  • Already on the user interface of the console itself, the player should be shown which missions to tackle next or in which multiplayer matches he could enter. So far, you usually had to call for a game only active.
  • According to Wired, the new controller will be connected and charged via USB-C.

What the Playstation 5 will cost, however, remains open.

Source: spiegel

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