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One of the Big Brother's Spanish version villagers was raped in front of the cameras when she lay unconscious in her bed - and found out about the rape she went through only after the show's production chose to project it ...

Facing the big Spanish brother was forced to watch herself raped

One of the Big Brother's Spanish version animals was raped in front of the cameras when she lay unconscious in her bed - and found out about the rape she went through only after the show's production chose to project the scene in the Big Brother room, begging them to stop

Facing the big Spanish brother was forced to watch herself raped

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In the video - the moment the contestant watches herself raped

The Spanish "big brother" caused a stir in the country after the local media revealed that two years ago, the show's producers, in a brutal move, chose to show one contestant a section where one of the tenants had been raped without her knowledge. Carlotta Prado, a season finale of the show that aired in 2017, was invited to the Big Brother room the morning after a house party, where she was informed by the Big Brother that she had been sexually assaulted by one of the tenants, Jose Maria Lopez, with whom she had begun a relationship while staying at home.

Prado, unaware she had been raped for being unconscious, watched her video being raped as she was lying drunk in her bed. As she watches the video and the cameras record her reactions she sounds crying and calls out to the brother: "Please, brother, stop now, please."

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Carlotta Prado watches herself raped

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According to the online newspaper "El Confidencial," the record of the attack shows Prado and Lopez, who had a relationship during their stay at home, drunk with the free alcohol that the program produced for contestants who celebrated at the party that evening. She seems to reject his attempts to touch her and tells him: "No. I can't" He leads her from the living room to the bedroom and then she collapses unconscious in her bed. Despite this, he went to bed, penetrated her and raped her for several minutes as she slept.

Carlotta Prado and Jose Maria Lopez a few days before the attack (screenshot)

Carlotta Prado and her partner who will try her on the Big Brother program (Photo: screenshot)

The next day the two had breakfast together and Lopez told her he "took care of her" after she drank too much. Then, in the middle of the day, everything changed - Lopez Beetroot from home because of what the program produced called "unbearable behavior." At the same time, Prado, who did not yet know what was going on, was called to the Big Brother room (in the Spanish version called "Super" where she was forced to watch the sexual assault she had undergone.

Carlotta Prado and Jose Maria Lopez a few days before the attack (screenshot)

Carlotta Prado and her partner who raped her in the "Big Brother" program in Spain (Photo: screenshot)

Locked in the fireplace, this is the conversation she had with the writer after watching tears in what had happened the night before:

Prado asked "Will people see that?" And the brother's voice assured her that the pictures would not be broadcast or shared. She asked "where he is now" and replied that "he was banished from home forever." The stunned contestant asked if she couldn't talk to him about what happened and the voice answered "No, Carlotta. We want you to know that the production is not prepared to tolerate such behavior." Prado said, "Neither can I. How is it possible? What feels unfair to me is that I can't talk to him because he didn't say anything to me. Well, you know he didn't say anything to me. You know it's great." The brother's voice said to her at this point: "We want you to know that you have all our support - psychologically and family-wise." Carlotta said she didn't want to talk to a psychologist, but she did want to talk to her friends at home, adding: "I need you to promise me it won't be broadcast - because I'm going to talk about what happened of course." At this point, she was forbidden to go out and see her friends and the voice of the brother said to her: "Carlota, for your benefit and for Jose Maria - the subject must not have left this room." Carlota begged to leave the fireplace room but the door was not opened for her and a program producer came in to take her out of the house to a nearby hotel.

According to reports in the plan, police immediately called Lopez out of the house and also asked Prado to leave the house and temporarily leave. Prado decided not to file a complaint and returned to the Big Brother house five days later to continue the competition. About a year later, she decided to file a complaint with the police about the rape she had undergone.

The record was handed over to police and a judge recently ruled that there was cause to prosecute Lopez for sexual abuse. Under Spanish law, sexual abuse is not considered rape unless it is accompanied by violence or intimidation. A parliamentary member of Madrid on behalf of the left-wing Podemos party Beatriz Gymno has also called in to question the program's producers. "Producers should be questioned for failing to save the victim, which is a criminal offense in itself," she said.

In a BBC report, they wondered why in a camera house where all contestants are under constant surveillance no one saw what was happening in real time and acted to stop the sexual assault that occurred in front of their eyes. A source at Spanish production company Zephalin who is behind the program in Spain admitted that mistakes had been made, but added that although suspicions about Lopez's behavior were also questionable as to what was happening, because the two were spouses. According to them, after a few minutes, a code word was said on the speakers of the house that caused him to stop his actions. The staff that worked that night reported to the program producers what was going on and they decided the next morning to expel him from the program immediately.

Big Brother's global production company, Andmol Group, expressed regret over how Mrs. Prado found out about the case and said in a statement: "In retrospect, we regret that Carlota was informed of the case in the Big Brother room." They added that the contestant was given psychological treatment after the assault.

Jose Maria Lopez himself denies the charges against him and a lawyer on his behalf said there was no evidence his client had committed an offense. "He spent the night watching Carlota after realizing she was drunk," he said.

Prado herself posted a video on her Instagram account last week thanking her for receiving support on social networks, where he began the tagline #CarlotaNoEstasSola (Carlota, you're not alone): "For the first time, I don't feel like I'm alone. Whoever went through something similar to what I went through. "

Watch her thank you for the support she received

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