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Our long-term test report for the new Vespa GTS300

Report 2 in our long-term test for the new Vespa GTS300.

The tool: Vospa GTS300 Price: NIS 32,900 on the watch: 1,270 km Fuel consumption: 24.4 km / l Special events: Finished running Cost of maintenance this month: NIS 515

The Vespa GTS300 has been renewed, among other things, in a new and more powerful engine and comes to us for a long-term test. In the first report, we told you about the beginning of the Vespa's life with us and the process of running. In the good hour the first 1,000 km passed and it is time to enter the first vespa treatment with us.

Waspa GTS300 - First Report

Handling was done at the importer's main garage, Ofer-Avnir, and took less than an hour. The treatment in question is standard and widely accepted in all two-wheelers and includes engine oil and chalk replacement, oil filter, general inspection and general testing. The wasp came back to us after less than one hour, washed and ready to go. The total cost of treatment was NIS 515. The next treatment will only reach 10,000 km. The range of treatments is significantly greater than that of the familiar scooters from the East.

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Once properly treated, it is possible to untie the bridle over the vespa and take full advantage of it. Remember, during the running phase, it is recommended to run the engine gradually, without full and constant load, and not even go over 80 mph. Suddenly, the vespa becomes a completely different animal. With a throttle thrust to a halt, it unloads all the burden.

The powerful new engine, in the relatively small lightweight body of the Vespa, translates easily to excellent performance. Tel Aviv traffic lights are found, the Vespa repeatedly leaves behind surprised scooters. Stronger and larger tools, too, are surprised by the agitated leap of the frantic Vespa. On smooth roads, strong acceleration will even turn the rear wheel under power. Not something that is usually included in the repertoire of scooters. The pull control system does its job faithfully here and prevents slippage and lost control. This phenomenon is also repeated in the bias on slick squares, for example. Anyone who enjoys such activities can, of course, cut off the same control and produce small, controlled slides.

The strong accelerations continue to be felt on the inter-urban road. The Vespa accelerates vigorously, introduces impressive intermediate accelerations and stops at 130 km / h on the clock. The chalk here clearly favors strong performance up to this speed, at maximum speed. With the joy that this performance brings with them and the gas knob that goes on and on until the end, fuel consumption has increased compared to the drowsy runtime. From nearly 30 km / l at runtime, fuel consumption dropped to 24.4 km / l in aggressive use.

The impressive ability demonstrated by the paddle unit receives equally impressive support from the rest of the assemblies here. Beyond the hard unified chassis, typical of Vespa since its inception, there are also quality rack components and fine brakes here. These all create great road behavior, agile on the one hand, and stable and serve security on the other. The brakes, after a short run, show a lot of power and emotion. A system for preventing the wheels from locking in the brakes, does not rush in and allows the braking potential to be maximized and intervenes whenever needed and effectively. The angle of the coupling is surprising every time, and there is no cork that this vespa cannot. Along with directional stability at a slow speed, it also divides the most dense traffic easily and quickly.

All of these make the Vespa the fastest tool in town. And all this, wrapped in a design that is not tired of looking at it for a moment. The environment is also flattering, cool looking, throwing a compliment. The vespa makes people smile, and adds color to the gray volume. The rider will be more interested in the quality that is felt here in every part and every switch. The vespa is well made, the materials are quality, there are no noises, rattles, or parts that feel loose. Part of it is thanks to its metal chassis as mentioned, part of its attention and care. All of which leaves us with a great impression for now and makes us wait for the next ride.

Source: israelhayom

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