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The revelations that stunned them in the Eyal Golan affair, the fire that kidnapped years from feminists, the jolting encounter with the young woman who claimed to be raped in Cyprus, the fear that the foster child would be taken from them, and the angry reactions ...

They have a protest in mind

Photo by Reuben Castro

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The revelations that stunned them in the Eyal Golan affair, the fire that kidnapped years from feminists, the shaky encounter with the young woman who claimed to have been raped in Cyprus, the fear that the foster child would be taken from them, and the angry reactions to the Rafi Cohen investigation: journalists Orly and Guy launch a new double show and talk about everything. Special interview

Sagi Ben Nun


"I have no protest in mind" - this was the headline of an interview held by journalist Yaakov Bar-On in January 1982 in a newspaper with a young musician named Guy Maroz. Meroz was a 20-year-old soldier at the time, and put on a new show following his only album released two years earlier with The Silent Wave Band, which could be called "Guy Marz in Its Best Hit," because it produced just one but heartfelt hit - "Little Story." Who would later become a media man known for his social struggles and uncompromising opinion, then said: "I'm not against anything. Like other guys, I have no protest in mind." This was said in the context that most of his songs were love songs. Since then, as is well known, a check has already entered his mind, and he has moved from a small musical story to major journalistic stories. Next week, for the first time in decades, Mauz is releasing a hit version of Hito's "Little Story" that you can hear here in the premiere.

The story behind "Little Story" begins when Maruz was 16 and a little. "I didn't write many words to the songs until then," recalls Rose, "but that song was something and when I got home I went to the piano, which I have in the living room to this day, and composed the words I wrote in a math class. When I played for parents and friends, everyone thought there was something special about it and my dad was a producer He brought home all kinds of singers to hear the song. There were two who wanted to record it but I didn't like them and wanted to do it alone. Later, I gathered some friends who played with me in school, added two professional musicians, my parents took another mortgage and recorded a little story. Who quickly reached the top of the IDF wave of refinement parade and the Gimel network. There is not one mistake I did not make after this quick success in the first two years after the song's success, but today, forty years after, I think a big mistake will be to not make it for another generation. Especially the line, "People in the stream without knowing why."

More of Maruz's return to his roots is revealed in a new musical-entertainment show he is currently putting on with his wife Orly Vilnai, accompanied by three musicians and videos. The show deals with their spousal world and behind the scenes of the media world. For example, they talk about the "delusional meeting," as they say, with Sarah Netanyahu asking her to join the Holocaust survivors' campaign, "and she has not yet returned to us with an answer," or about Rafi Ginat who told them about Channel 10 CEO: "Know To you, on the day when I will be offered the morning show, I will know that my career is over. "

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Orly and Guy interviewed the young woman from the sex affair in Cyprus: "She is in post-trauma"

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Among the stories they also perform songs, and yes, Vilnai sings. "There is a huge difference between appearing in front of hundreds of thousands of people on television and seeing people in the eyes," says Vilnai. "Guy is a musician and I am a frustrated graduate of the Scout Band. We are a very musical house, the piano in the middle of the living room, and Guy put in my family vocals every holiday and dinner. We have a lecture that we ran with for many years, and we thought to add another layer of music. In this show, beyond the songs Together and apart, there are also a lot of funny and exciting sections, backstage stories and our relationships, something that gets the audience into our living room, a bit like we did on the morning show. " Watch a section of the show in the video in this article.

Very musical house. Orly Vilnai and Guy Maroz (Photo: Reuven Castro)

Orly Vilnai and Guy Maroz (Photo: Reuven Castro)

In some of the shows you invite the audience to ask you questions. What question from the audience surprised you?

Vilnai: "The question 'Why did you choose the guy when there are so many other good people in the media?'"

Meroz: "And I'm the one who answered. I said I didn't hurt what she asked, because I was already told such serious things in my life. Then I brought a story about important people who hurt me and I went through it safely. Then throughout the show I talked to this woman who asked."

Guy, in your youth you said "I have no protest in mind", the situation has changed a bit since then.

"Incredible that I said it. I also said I would never leave home in another article."

Vilnai: "So called, you haven't changed!"

Maroz: "Today, I have a headache in particular. We are starting a fight podcast now. I have a son who lives in New York who told me ten years ago that podcasts are the next thing and I didn't understand what he was talking about. It really will be the next thing."

Vilnai: "I think I stay in the media only because it's a platform you can help people. It sounds idiotic and criminal but it's the truth. We've been operating a special line for 11 years through which we help people. What does it help? Use knowledge, the power of deterrence, to motivate things And take care of them, when people come across the walls of the establishment for years. "

Does a psychologist diagnose you or do you have a self-psychological diagnosis that explains what is the root of your urge to fire, fight and protest?

Meroz: "Unfairness is getting me out of seventh grade already. And for Orly, I think it's some kind of compassion."

Vilnai: "The truth is that it's a curse and a blessing together. From a very young age, I see people's grief. I see where their problems are. When I was a child, I bought shoes as much as the seller looked poor. I bought ugly shoes just because I think the seller needed the money."

It is tempting to say cynically - perhaps that is why it continues to be served on the shopping channel, out of compassion for sellers who encourage the consuming consumer culture and want to help them.

(Laughs) "Guy and I met like this, helping a homeless person lying in Rabin Square. I went over there one day with my dog, and Guy said to me, 'You work on Channel 1, right? Help me arrange this homeless apartment.' .

Meroz: "We brought the whole world over there, Uncle Topaz, Yair Lapid and all the big TV men of the time. She was a person like me, you got in debt, and you tell yourself - if it happened to her it could happen to you too."

Vilnai: "Then we realized that together we have a much greater power to help people. And that's how we started the program" will be fine "in the IDF waves that we offered to my father.

"Today I mainly have a protest in mind." Orly Vilnai and Guy Maroz (Photo: Reuven Castro)

Orly Vilnai and Guy Maroz (Photo: Reuven Castro)

Vilnai and Cruz have previously tried to bring a child together, and as a result, Vilnai underwent IVF therapy, as documented in the movie "Couple or Child" which aired on Channel 10. After the treatments failed, a white foster family became a refugee from Eritrea living in Israel. The child is now seven years old. About six months ago, a libel suit was filed against a woman named Shulamit Tsafari who blamed the couple on Facebook for "kidnapping" their child. The woman also wrote that they were "evil and delinquent," "chopped up on court decisions" and "hello? Israeli police? I want to report the kidnapping. Orly and Guy kidnapped a child and held him in custody. Will you take care?" The Tel Aviv Magistrate's Court ruled NIS 150,000 in favor of Vilnai and Rose. In addition, it was ruled that the Tokbqist will pay over NIS 13,000 per couple for attorneys' fees and legal fees. Vilnai and Marose filed a series of other libel lawsuits against post and talkback writers in this regard, and a month ago won another lawsuit. "The libel suit was about a response from someone who wrote that I was barren, all kinds of crap about us," Vilnai says. Meroz: "In the lawsuit, we reached a compromise with him that we will receive 10 thousand shekels and we donate it to animal welfare organizations, and he has issued an apology."

Vilnai: "The network is full of falsehoods and slander. As long as it hurts us, we will absorb it. But once there lies something about the child we are raising and can hurt in the future - he is in first grade and started reading now - it must stop. Foster care, and from the first day I announced it on broadcast, there are factors that tell us lies. "

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Meroz: "We wrote that we kidnapped the child, who bribed the welfare, who bribed the nonprofit through which we received him, a million things that everyone lies."

Premiere: Guy Maroz in a remake of his hit "Little Story," which is now released, forty years after the original song was released. Listen


Vilnai: "Then someone with anti-social welfare rights started spreading it, and started getting reactions from people who took it for real. We wrote that we kidnapped the child from the hospital immediately after birth. He came to us at two years. One day I went with the child to a cafe, suddenly went A woman asked me when he said to me, "Is this the kid you stole from his mother?" He was horrified, did not understand what this talk was and what happened. I told her, "Go away, what do you do? How do you talk?" It took a long time with him, we talked about it for a long time, to understand why she told him such a thing. "

Maroz: "Listen, I heard a conversation on the radio very popular. A listener comes on the broadcast and says, Listen, I want to talk about how Orly and Guy kidnapped a child. The presenter answers: Are you sure it's true? The listener replies: What do you mean? Sure! That thing, it became as if it were a fact! We also sued there. In short, in this matter, we became serial prosecutors. We are to the bitter end, and anyone who writes such things will pay. The amount of lies that we have been reminded, as opposed to thousands of differences, what happened to us with Rafi Cohen, There, too, the amount of lies he wanted on the network after the broadcast was so crazy. "

Vilnai: "But once it comes down to hurting the child, we will become the world."

What do you think of all these projections and lies of people towards you?

Vilnai: "In recent years, I feel like you're not going to have some kind of evil wall. It's very difficult to knock it down. I don't know if it starts from the establishment upstairs, a terrible mess of politics, or is it something that has become a poison of venom. "And I am appalled at how people can be so bad for each other. Once upon a time, there were unnamed Tokbqists, today with the name."

Maroz: "But I want to tell you that since our lawsuits, they stopped writing that 'we kidnapped a child.' Because people saw that they won two lawsuits so they were very careful."

As someone who has chosen to be a foster family, how much do you have to worry about the child being taken away from you?

Maroz: "Yes, it's not quite easy. It can happen. There is a discussion in three weeks. It's not a straightforward route. I had no idea why I was coming in. Of course I met the most adorable thing in the world and I love it in an unimaginable way, and there is no Even a second of remorse. But I didn't know why I was coming in, and we absorbed so much evil and fire about this thing that it was unbelievably simple. "

Orly Vilnai and Guy Maroz interview 19-year-old British woman in Cyprus who claims to have been raped by a group of Israelis (Photo: Avi Zilberberg)

Orly Vilnai and Guy Maroz interview 19-year-old British woman in Cyprus who claims to have been raped by a group of Israelis (Photo: Avi Zilberberg, PR)

Why were you married again just over two years ago, this time at a religious ceremony?

Maroz: "There was a stage where we went into adoption. And the first limitation is that we were not married to the rabbinate. The one who married us 11 years ago was Shulamit Aloni. So we did a religious wedding here in our yard, which we never thought we would do, because we were both after Chapter One "Know what it is to divorce a rabbinate. We didn't think about getting into this nonsense again. We don't think this institution's way should get married in Israel. But we did it anyway. And then the whole adoption process was stopped because of all kinds of legal matters."

After the harsh reviews of criticism that followed their article on Chef Rafi Cohen, Vilnai and Maroz deserve praise for journalistic achievements of this era. Most notable is their first interview with the 19-year-old British woman, who complained in July that she had undergone group rape by Israelis and returned. On Monday, the Cyprus court convicted the young woman of a misdemeanor offense, stating that her religion was her complaint and sentencing expected to be granted on Tuesday. Vilnai and Rose accompanied the young woman in recent weeks, interviewed her at a number of meetings in Cyprus and interviewed her again after the sentencing. The interview was conducted as a co-production between Network 13 and a British production company, and will be broadcast in their upcoming research project, Orly and Guy, on Network 13, in parallel with the UK broadcast. She will be interviewed face-to-face. The film, which is directed by Avi Zilberberg, will be a follow-up to Vilnai and Marooz's film about the Ayia Napa affair, which aired on the channel in August.

Vilnai and Cruz say that after meeting the girl, they became convinced that it was a rape case. "She was raped, unequivocally," says Vilnai. "After we filmed the first film and edited it, we thought there was a 'modern rape' - a kind of rape of a girl who is unknowingly filming her, and actually forcing her to run a photo for the rest of her life, and she is helpless. Now, after filming the second film, We met with her and interviewed her, both of us convinced she was physically raped. "

"You have to understand that the court case in Cyprus now is not whether or not there was a rape," says Maroz. "The ruling in Cyprus is about their claim that their confession is false. That is, they did not check the rape story at all. They checked the confession it gave. She backed her from her testimony unlawfully, claiming she did not speak the truth in this confession because she was threatened. The court ruled that the confession was admissible. There was no trial to check if there was rape or not, nor was there a trial that examined what suddenly took her picture. It hasn't happened yet. A police complaint has been filed here about the shooting, which was closed for some reason, God knows why. "

Eyal Golan interviews Orly Vilnai and Guy Maroz (screenshot)

Eyal Golan Orly and Guy (Photo: Screenshot)

Despite the disturbing publications and doubts raised by the episode, the boys returned to the country from Cyprus as heroes and many rumors raged about the young woman.

Vilnai: "It's part of Pike's culture, the many rumors about her. We met a lovely 19-year-old girl whose post-trauma screams out of almost all her behavior. She nods herself, occasionally 'gets stuck' and enters a world that needs to wake her up." She very accurately described what happened, a description faithful to both the initial confession she gave and to all the other things we read about the testimony of the boys who changed their testimony three times, describing a mad rape, it was such a situation that she couldn't even see who was raping her. She intends to move on to the Hague Tribunal, even if she is not sent to prison now, she will appeal to acquit herself All over the world, by the way, the girl has been sitting in Cyprus for six months and not letting her go, while the boys are released, and she's volunteering there at a human rights organization.

"We interviewed her and her mother, and we accompanied them in the days before the previous hearing. A very warm relationship was established with the two of them. The first time we were there, the mother was very anti, did not agree at all and I felt a little oppressive about her. "Just remember how nice we were in all this evil that was around and the difficult situation. We sat down and talked a lot. We also determined that at some point she would come to Israel, after everything was over, we would host them. She wants to know the country, with everything they've been through."

Meroz: "Apropos of injustice, listen to how crazy it is. Say - and I don't believe it - but say it was not raped in classical rape. Obviously, by everyone's consent I think, there were at least five people in the room, someone taking pictures and someone distributing, about It's not an argument, so how can we even talk about them as a victim? It's obviously going to be a crime here. She's been sitting in detention for six months, and they obviously had more than one person in the room taking pictures, distributing it, they came out. ".

It took a lot of courage for her to be interviewed with an open face, without blur.

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Vilnai: "Yes. Both she and her mother are out in the open. She wants to tell her story. I was very attached to her that her mother told me that on a regular morning in a town in the north of England, she went to work, on the way to another day of work as we all pipe, and suddenly her daughter called And she said, "Mom, I went through a group rape." And suddenly the sky fell, and that is, life will never be what it was. It's the kind of thing that gives you proportion to your life. How suddenly tracks change. She got into a whirlwind of six months Life, without work. Today she longs for boring work, and still this whole system closes her in. We sat there in the courtroom, and the judge Every time she makes a move, yell at her and bullying. It is clearly a victim. "

From the show "Orly and Guy and the Band"

Maroz: "The judicial system in Cyprus is such that makes you deeply miss the Israeli judicial system, which is so much on everyone."

You mentioned that she ate the skin with her fingers during the interview. What more memorable image did you engrave from the interview?

Meroz: "The one she is trying to send in court to her mother is in good spirits, even though she obviously isn't."

Vilnai: "We asked her why. Both of them said the same thing. The girl said: 'I need to keep my mother feeling that I'm fine,' and the mother said, 'I keep Pason so the girl feels fine.' The mom was next to us, and when we started talking about the rape she asked her mom if she was ready to leave the room, and it wasn't until her mom left the room that she told everything that was going on there, that is, she was really defending her. overt".

"This is one of my few times in interviews where the interviewer talked, and when it came back to us - I had no words. She had some kind of cold confession. She doesn't cry at all. She talks about it in a way that leaves you speechless. It really never happened to me, And I've interviewed a lot of victims throughout life, but something much bigger happened there than that. I'm trying to think of what it is. Some people say that Israel intervened, that Israel does weapons training there. I don't know how unequivocal this thing is. And the inquiry there in Cyprus has mobilized to denounce it and perhaps show it to others for the sake of seeing it: Don't you dare complain and destroy the tourism system here. "

Orly Vilnai and Guy Maroz marry in September 2017 in a religious ceremony, after in December 2008 they married in an alternative ceremony (screenshot)

Orly Vilnai, Guy Maroz (Photo: Screenshot)

Another accomplished journalistic work is the investigation conducted by Vilnai and Maroz in July on the case of Eyal Golan's minors, in which additional evidence of the affair was presented, in which, among other things, Golan asked fans to "pamper" his friends. The fans talked about having sex with Golan, his father and other associates, when in return they received clothing, alcohol, and a credit card. The investigation claimed suspicion of disrupting an investigation by those involved. Golan argued in response that the Attorney General's decision to close the case should be preferred over the allegations raised in the investigation.

Subsequently, on Wednesday (Wednesday), News 13 revealed what his investigation into Eyal Golan's police look like in the sex case in which he was suspected. According to their release, police showed the singer where the camera was documenting what was happening in the room and hid it part of the time, and during the 12-hour interrogation suspect Golan Sher, joked with his interrogators and hugged them. Vilnai and Maroz claim that the investigators appeared to have worked to exclude Golan from the affair.

While other major media outlets often seem to be recruited into the bleaching machine by Eyal Golan's moral stains, it's not self-evident that you are raising his dark affair again with new revelations. Do you sue that despite all the moral suspicions and stains published on Golan and his interrogation, he is the most played singer of the last decade and is a great success?

Marz: "We don't really understand what's going on here. I really liked Michael Jackson, I was even in his show in the country, but I stopped hearing him when I realized what happened to him. Of course, the things that seemingly did Michael Jackson do "I can't understand how here in Israel it continues to be a success story. We have a feeling that if what happened to Eyal Golan would happen in the United States, it wouldn't work that way. We don't really understand how it might be that after what we published, after the investigation in Israel "How is everything still normal with Eyal Golan?"

Vilnai: "Like everything is normal with Netanyahu. From the public point of view, the police closed the case. We are now trying to prove why the police closed the case. People say he is not guilty yet, let him be prime minister. It is such a kind of legal hybrid creature."

Maroz: "We went to a movie about Eyal Golan not knowing exactly what we were going to find out, because we, too, initially believed like everyone else to the 'falsehood' story."

Vilnai: "We refuse to take things as they are. We said, let's go back to the Eyal Golan affair. Six years have passed, we will see what exactly was there. We came cleanest to check what happened there. The investigation is a lesson in how to get a clean person out. There are some very awkward things going on. At one point the principal investigator shows Eyal Golan where the hidden camera is, which the interrogator is not supposed to know where she is. He hides the camera with his back, leans on it and whispers to him things that are very hard to understand what he is. He allegedly briefs him. Then he moves away from the camera and And the other investigator asks him: Do you want me to go pee? I mean, it's clear that there is something between them at this moment, and there are many other such passages that he starts talking about very critical things for interrogation, suddenly stops them and stops them. A VIP investigation with a very clear purpose to clear it. "

Maroz: "You know, when police abuse an inmate, there is a demand that the public know that someone is being tortured in an unlawful investigation. Here's the opposite - a VIP investigation, and we think the public must see it."

Last year, after the promos for your movie about the Eyal Golan affair, the singer attacked you and said "If there is something immoral in me, you are much more immoral. You have broken up families of the two of you to be together." And following your publication this week in an edition, he said: "The constant pursuit of Eyal Golan in this regard has already become a real witch hunt." Your response to his response?

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"Our response is that we choose not to respond to it."

Soak up many reviews from feminists. Orly Vilnai and Guy Maroz interview Sharon Perry on their morning show (screenshot)

Orly Vilnai reprimands Sharon Perry on morning show 19.9.2016 (Photo: PR)

Before the investigations by Vilnai and Cruz on the Eyal Golan case and the young British case that claimed rape in Cyprus, the two - and especially Vilnai - were criticized for their attitude to sexual harassment complaints in a number of cases. Among other things, Reviv Drucker criticized Vilnai for allegedly attacking M., the first complainant against Sylvan Shalom; Drucker also claimed that the question marks posed by the two to Moshe Katsav's conviction were not placed with a minimum of professionalism; Vilnai, as published in Walla! Culture, was banned from hosting an event on the International Fight Against Violence Day in Raanana in November 2015, claiming that one of the participants in the event said: "When it comes to sexual assaults, Vilnai is not critical of society"; There was also a boycott by members of the One-to-One Association, which raises awareness of sexual abuse, who refused to be interviewed in its program on the grounds that "Vilnai takes a very active and aggressive line against women in general and against sex victims in particular"; In September 2016, the Greenblatt Foundation wrote in an article "The Hottest Place in Hell" an article titled "Orly Vilnai, the Victim's Accusation Knife," following an interview with Sharon Perry. "Vilnai was also the one who tried to humiliate the girls who led the protests in the broadcast, demanding that they stand in the studio and show viewers at home how they were dressed," Greenblatt wrote. This is a partial list. I mention all this to Vilnai, and she says, "True, I was a feminist horror at some point."

These allegations and criticisms made you change something about your attitude and perhaps be more sensitive to the topic of sexual harassment and attacks?

Vilnai: "I am very happy that you give me the right to respond to this. I think the collection of these things you said shows how deep my integrity is in this regard. I hate herd thinking. There was a time when there was a real feminist cult. In the giant, and I was among them, not every sexual harassment or case is rape, nor any controversial statement is really a serious injury. I really appreciate the one-on-one activity, but I think it lowers those who are really hurt. Tremendous, and when we put all of us in the same basket - problematic, touching, bitter relationship exploitation, if we're all 'one in one' then we hurt The really-really need representation, assistance and fighting for it. So I think that is the case on its merits. "

"I thought in a Katsav case that things were very problematic here, to see the transition from the very lenient plea deal that led to Shai Nitzan to the rape conviction and 7 years in prison, something here doesn't work out. I always say that we are not weak by being women, we are not victims by themselves. There are women who know how to use this, some women who know how to say no, some women who can slap, and there are some who really freeze and can't, so I don't think we're all in the same basket, and I'm very happy to have different positions on different events. Hello I had a specific position on the timing of the publication of that girl who said herself that she agreed and wanted, and then she said - But now I don't want him to be president. We have to make other voices, too. Feminism is not just about women. Guy is much more feminist than I am. "

Mraz: "I'm much more radical in my feminism."

Orly Vilnai, Guy Rose and the band that accompanies them on the show "Orly and Guy and the band" (Photo: Reuven Castro)

Orly Vilnai, Guy Rose and the band that accompanies them on the show "Orly and Guy and the band" (Photo: Reuven Castro)

Vilnai: "I think real feminism is a place for a variety of women's voices, and a lot of feminists don't do it. When I don't make a voice talking about them, then I'm assigned because of disgust. And for me it's not feminism. There have also been occasions when girls came and told me about harassment "I took them to a polygraph, they came out lying and I got off this topic."

The common claim is that the percentage of false complaints about sexual offenses or sexual harassment is only a few percent.

Vilnai: "It's a claim. It needs to be examined."

Meroz: "We recently had a very big story about someone on TV, we checked and decided there was no story."

Vilnai: "Vali came up with a story about another famous singer, I took her to a polygraph, who said she was lying, and then it was published in another newspaper, somebody did buy that story. I don't go blind on this, I have a different position on different cases. It's not "I became more sensitive. Listen, I also went through things in my life, they all passed, but they didn't leave a scratch on me, because I know how to deal with it differently."

Meroz: "But work abuse is a scratch."

Vilnai: "That's right. Sometimes a boss who kills you is a lot harder than a boss who strokes your hair. I generally talk about bullying and harming people, not just women."

Former Chief of Staff Gabi Ashkenazi was documented to tell you during Shimon Peres' 90th birthday celebrations, "Buena, you're a good drink." Ashkenazi said afterwards: "Things were said as part of a conversation between the two couples in a friendly atmosphere. I'm sorry if there was one. "Did it hurt you?

Vilnai: "He called me a glass, it flattered me."

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Rose: "Gabi Ashkenazi did not sexually harass. He came over to my wife and whispered to her that she was 'a drink.' When she told me this, I was angry that the chief of staff was talking like this. On the other hand, I was glad that I and the chief of staff think my wife looks very good. "

"I was flattered by Ashkenazi backs." Orly Vilnai and Guy Maroz (Photo: Reuven Castro)

Orly Vilnai and Guy Maroz (Photo: Reuven Castro)

Contrary to the journalist's achievement in an interview with the British young woman and the excellent journalistic work you do on Eyal Golan, many have published reviews of your article on Chef Rafi Cohen, from both media and chefs. Is there anything you regret about doing this article?

Vilnai: "I go through a mental process where I stopped cheating myself and so I don't regret anything, nor do I regret the investigation of Rafi Cohen. If we didn't think it was right and proper we wouldn't do it, and so I don't regret it. "I did not understand where it came from. There are investigations that you are broadcasting and you know they will be controversial - Eyal Golan, Ayia Napa, Coop at the time. I didn't understand where it came from. But I got that too."

Marz: "I didn't understand the power of the Israeli chefs community. I didn't take that into account. You look at television, the commercials, the gossip sections, and you realize that chefs today are what used to be footballers. They are now the most important celebrities in Israel. Helped Rafi Cohen. He shocked all his surroundings, realizing they weren't doing enough to help him, this movie brought him NIS 300,000. I suppose if anything would help this man and save him in the awful situation he's in - this is this movie. "

This month will mark a year of merging with Network Ten, and so far, it has not emerged as a big success story, to say the least - the ratings are not taking off, a big bow is leading and the prevailing view is that the DNA has not really cracked yet.

Vilnai: "That's right. Look, Channel Ten was a really amazing house that spoke in a different language from commercial channels and had a pluralism of opinions and complete freedom. The renewed network is a channel that is more aimed at reality and competition, which has less talked to Channel Ten at a time. "I don't really understand how to crack it, and I'm glad I'm not the one who needs to do it. So we don't have much to do with it. But the longing for Channel 10 is also there."

Although you are signed to quite a few beautiful journalistic accomplishments, in the barge quite a few sting you and respond disrespectfully to your preoccupation with investigations.

Maroz: "It has to do with the fact that we did a morning show for nine years, in which you deal with Hard News as well as some new kitchen appliance."

Vilnai: "I worked alongside the amazing Ilana Dayan, and she also went through some difficult periods. Drucker also went through some difficult periods. The wind is blowing in all directions. When we did the Holocaust survivor morale series in the first movie they praised and praised, and after that we succeeded and we were no longer The underdog then said, 'This is demagoguery.' I think when you come to terms with what you do, and you know that you are telling the truth and that you were the most professional, we don't have to worry about it. "

Drucker wrote about you in Haaretz, against the backdrop of a complaint against Sylvan Shalom: "Their press is not really the thing I would teach in press schools."

Mraz: "We don't respond to that."

If anyone ever said that a shopping channel and clown presenter from the "Nice Guy" comic show would be a biting journalist and investigator, it could be very entertaining.

Vilnai: "You should have known us when we were kids, so you know! I worked for a year on the shopping channel. I sold dolphins from Crystal and didn't know what to say about them, we couldn't stay quiet for more than ten seconds between sale and sale. After being fired, I remember sitting in the living room and saying sadly, "God, I won't work anymore. I was fired from the shopping channel!"

And a spoiling question for your wedding day: When do you get tired of each other?

Vilnai: "We tried to think about how we would celebrate this day, what we would do if we left, and we both just said we just wanted to stay home. Today we go as far as going to bed at nine thirty. There is something about this thing that we never get tired of, and we re-admire every time. Hardly ever knowing another couple that could be so long together. "

Maroz: "In our show, we say that unlike ordinary couples that many and complete, when we were many, we got into the car, went to the show and did not talk all the way live! It happened to us at least three times. It's a piece of story!"

Vilnai and Rose will perform at the Tzavta Theater, Tel Aviv, on January 7, in a tortured session on January 16, in the Shavei Zion Cow Pub on January 16, at the Club Look in Haifa on February 27, and again in team at a festive premiere on March 27. To purchase tickets click here

Eyal Golan's attorney, Shassi Gas, commented: "The obsessive preoccupation with Eyal Golan's investigations is out of place. Eyal Golan was interrogated like any other interrogator, with no special treatment. It is important to note that the court that brought him a motion for the interrogation, examined all the sections of the interrogation brought before him and did not find that Eyal had special treatment. The court banned the interrogation of the interrogations and ruled that 'examination of the contents of the sections indicates that: these are not matters of concern or do not concern the investigation, but a common conduct during interrogations'. Eyal cooperated, delivered his trustworthy and genuine version and the criminal case against him was closed by all law enforcement, police and prosecutors who determined that no offense had been committed. Eyal has never hurt a man or a woman and he respects and respects every person and the attempt to hurt his name and status is very out of place. All Eyal wants to do now is to add to his music and make people's hearts happy as he has always done. "

The Israeli police said on Monday to Network 13, in response to Vilnai and Maroz's publication in their release: "Contrary to the allegation, the investigation was conducted thoroughly and professionally by the police and upon its conclusion, the investigation file was submitted for review and the prosecutor's decision."

Source: walla

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