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Tarantino is nearing its climax: the full outlook for announcing the Oscar nominations - Walla! culture


On Monday, the Oscar nominations will be announced, and it seems that Tarantino will have to learn many more Hebrew words in preparation for his thank-you speeches. Will "1917" or "Joker" still succeed in the tail ...

Tarantino is nearing its climax: the full outlook for announcing the Oscar nominations

On Monday, the Oscar nominations will be announced, and it seems that Tarantino will have to learn many more Hebrew words in preparation for his thank-you speeches. Will "1917" or "Joker" still succeed in tailing it, and will, with the exception of Zvika Pick's groom, another Israeli connection in the ceremony?

Tarantino is nearing its climax: the full outlook for announcing the Oscar nominations

Courtesy of A.D. Matlon and Film Forum

The best movie

Forgive us the blasphemers, the black-eyed and the hitters: it was a wonderful, rich and busy film year. Therefore, the battle for a place in the best competitive and cruel movie category, and even products like "Ford vs. Ferrari," whose face looks like classic Oscar lures, swinging with half a foot outside.

This is the only category in which the number of applicants is flexible, and can range from five to ten. We will assume that in such a busy year, nine will go inside. So who will they be?

The place of five is hermetically guaranteed: "1917", "There were times in Hollywood", "The Irish", "Joker" and "Parasites". If one is pushed out, it will be an unlikely sensation. A "marriage story" is also likely to find its place, leaving three vacancies.

"Jogo Rabbit" won the Audience Favorite Award at the Toronto Festival, usually a strong indicator of the Oscars, then disappeared a bit from the radar but struggled with a prestigious nomination for the director's guild; "Little Women" was also on a small fire for a period of time, but when it came to Christmas screens, it received massive and lively communication; And "well-written murder" also enjoys great esteem and the fact that it has diverse and high-quality acting displays - and, remember, actors and actresses are the most significant force among the voters in the academy, which is why it tends to pervade such films.

It is said, then, that the three films above will complete the ninth, which means that "Ford vs. Ferrari" will be left out, as will "Bomb," "Farewell," "Pope," and other products that at one time were considered clear favorites to be nominated.

Our bet: "There were times in Hollywood", "1917", "The Irish", "Parasites", "Joker", "Marriage story", "Well written murder", "Juju Rabbit", "Little women "

And if you come across a wild bet: "The Irish" or "Marriage Story" will be left out, also due to the dislike of Netflix.

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Quentin Tarantino (Photo: Image Bank)

Quentin Tarantino (Photo: GettyImages)

The best director

Four directors have been nominated for both the Golden Globe, the Director's Guild and the British Academy Award, so they have every chance to integrate here as well. These are Sam Mendes ("1917"), Martin Scorsese ("The Irish"), Quentin Tarantino ("There were times in Hollywood"), who will be Zvika Pick's first groom in this category, and Bong John-ho ("Parasites") who The first Korean is nominated for it.

Assuming the four are really closed, one place remains, and of all the competitors, three seem particularly strong: Todd Phillips ("Joker"); Taika Wattiti ("Juju Rabbit") whose nominee for the director's guild is auspicious; And Greta Gervig ("Little Women"), whose presence will prevent the category from being, as usual, about the purity of men - but don't build on that.

Our stakes: Sam Mendes ("1917"), Martin Scorsese ("The Irish"), Quentin Tarantino ("There were times in Hollywood"), Bong John-ho ("Parasites") and Todd Phillips ("Joker").

Wild Betting: It turns out that no Scorsese Academy member gets nominated.

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From "1917" (Photo: PR)

1917 (Photo: United King, PR)

The best player

And another proof of the ongoing male hegemony in Hollywood: This is the most competitive category in the ceremony, one that could also have ten slots. Compressing only five players, out of all the potential, will be as difficult as putting seven elephants into a beetle.

Still, there are three that appear to be sure bets, as each of them was honored earlier this year in nominations for the three previous Academy Awards - the Golden Globe, the Actors Guild and the British Oscar. It means Adam Driver ("Marriage Story"), Leonardo DiCaprio ("There Was a Time in Hollywood") and Joaquin Phoenix ("Joker").

A world war is waging on both vacancies. British Tron Egerton will try to use the support of his people, who are also a significant block in the American Academy, to be nominated for his role as Alton John in "Rocketman", Antonio Banders will try to be the second European candidate in the category due to his appearance in "Pain and Glory"; Eddie Murphy will try to leverage his comeback and want the category to be all white and win the nomination for "Call Me Dolmite," as well as Christian Bale ("Ford vs. Ferrari"), Robert De Niro ("The Irish"), Adam Shoemaker ("Uncut Gems") ) And Jonathan Price ("Pope") in the picture, with the latter looking particularly strong to me because it embodies the most sympathetic and inspirational figure of all, Pope Francis.

Our stakes: Leonardo DiCaprio ("There were times in Hollywood"), Joaquin Phoenix ("Joker"), Adam Driver ("Marriage story"), Tron Egerton ("Rocketman"), Jonathan Price ("Pope" ).

And if you got a wild bet: The rather anonymous George Mackay gets nominated for "1917".

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Joaquin Phoenix in Joker (Photo: PR)

Joker (Photo: Tulip Media, PR)

The best actress

Here, too, there are three actresses who are nominated for Golden Globe nominations, the Actors Guild and the British Academy Award, and through them a pioneering quintet: Renee Zellweger ("Judy"), Scarlett Johansson ("Marriage Story") and Charlize Theron ("Bomb" ").

On the other two slots, four prominent players are competing: Sircha Ronan, who enjoys the momentum of "Little Women" starring; Aquapina, who enjoys the montum of winning the Golden Globe for "The Separation." Being an Asian-born American actress, she is also able to prevent the scandal that would arise if this category were whitewashed, which is true of two other potential candidates - Cynthia Arivo ("Harriet") and Lupita Nyongo ("we").

Final bets: Renee Zellweger ("Judy"), Scarlett Johansson ("Marriage Story"), Charlize Theron ("Bomb"), Sircha Ronan ("Little Women"), Aquapina ("The Separation").

And if you have a wild bet: Jesse Buckley ("Rose's Song"), who surprised with a British Oscar nomination, will be surprised here too.

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Charlize Theron in "Bomb" (Photo: PR)

The film "Bomb" (Photo: Film Forum, PR)

Best supporting actor

One of the easy categories to predict in the current Oscars. First of all, it has a sure winner - Brad Pitt ("There Were Times in Hollywood"), and it's also easy to bet on three of the candidates who will lose to him, all at least one generation above him - Joe Peschi and El Pacino of "The Irish" and Tom Hanks on " A beautiful day in the neighborhood. " The quintet is supposed to be completed by pop star Anthony Hopkins, but so is Jamie Foxx ("Just Mercy") in the photo, as is Korean Kang Ho-sung ("Parasites").

Final bets: Brad Pitt ("There were times in Hollywood"), Joe Peschi ("The Irish"), Al Pacino ("The Irish"), Tom Hanks ("A beautiful day in the neighborhood"), Kang Ho-sung ("The parasites") ").

And if you have a wild bet: Peshi or Pacino outside, Willem Defoe ("The Lighthouse") surprises and goes inside.

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Brad Pitt in "There Have Been Times in Hollywood" (Photo: PR)

There were times in Hollywood (Photo: Film Forum, PR)

Best supporting actress

Here too, there is a sure winner - Laura Dern on "Marriage Story." There's also one more sure candidate - Jennifer Lopez for "Frauds Without Account," in what will be the first Oscar nominee. Margo Ruby competes with them and herself as well, when she can be nominated for "There Were Times in Hollywood" and "Bomb", a movie that might give birth to another Australian nominee - Nicole Kidman. Not complicated enough? Scarlett Johansson, who will be nominated in the lead actress category on "Marriage Story," may also be nominated here, this time on "Juju Rabbit," and the potential list also includes Kathy Bates ("Richard Jewel"). , Annette Benning ("The Report"), Florence Pew ("Little Women"), and Zoshen ("The Separation").

Our stakes: Laura Dern ("Marriage Story"), Jennifer Lopez ("Frauds Without Account"), Margo Ruby ("There Have Been Times in Hollywood"), Florence Pio ("Little Women"), It's Sheen ("The Separation") .

And if you have a wild bet: one of the actresses in "The Presets" is surprising and getting nominated as well, so that along with that Schoen will be in the category two Asian actresses.

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Laura Dern with Scarlett Johansson in "Marriage Story" (Photo: PR)

Marriage story (Photo: Netflix, PR)

The original script and the processed script

Contrary to what is customary, this time the script category is less competitive, and the candidate quintet seems quite clear - "The Irish", "Juju Rabbit", "Little Women", "Joker" and "Pope".

In the original script category, "There Have Been Times in Hollywood," "Marriage Story," and "Parasites" will be nominated for sure, leaving two vacancies.

It will be interesting to see if "1917" catches one. It would be an obvious candidate, probably considering that so far the film's appreciation was for its technical and visual achievements. If he does, it's a sign that his sympathy for him is great and so are his chances of winning an Oscar in the best film category.

Among his competitors are two screenwriting-director films: Lulu Wang's "Farewell" and Olivia Wild's "Plowing the Night," and "Ford vs. Ferrari," "Pain and Fame," and "Uncut Gems" in the picture. We'll be betting on the following quintet: "There Are Times in Hollywood," "Parasites," "Marriage Story," "Separation," and "Plowing the Night."

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From "Jogo Rabbit" (Photo: PR)

Jogo Rabbit (Photo: Film Forum, PR)

The non-respectable name beneath it is customary to bring together the categories of photography, original music, sound, production design and the like. These will also determine who will be the leading films in the number of nominations.

Well: "Joker", "1917", "There were times in Hollywood" and "The Irish". There will probably be candidates for photography, when "Joker" and "There were times in Hollywood" will probably also be candidates for hair and makeup, "1917" and "The Irish" will probably also be nominated for effects and "Joker" and " 1917 "There will also be nominations in the original music category and the two sound categories.

Here are the number of nominations for the four most prominent films:

"There were times in Hollywood" - between the ages of 12 and 13
"Joker" - between ten and twelve
"1917" - The most flexible range, from seven to twelve
"The Irish" - nine

It should also be noted that these categories are supposed to be a landmark for Ford vs. Ferrari, which will probably be culled from the previous categories mentioned, but should receive nominations for photography, editing and original music and nominations in both sound categories, and yet be one of the most prominent names in the ceremony, With at least five nominations.

We also note that the effects category may award single or nearly single nominations to some of this year's big blockbusters, including "The Lion King," "Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker," and Marvel hits. The original song category, as usual, will not be high-quality, but it will have big names: Elton John will compete with songs from "Rockman" and "The Lion King" (and win "Rockman"), Beyonce may also be nominated for "King The Lions, "and Tom York also pictured, on the song from" Orphan City. "

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From "Rocketman" (Photo: PR)

Rocketman (Photo: Film Forum, PR)

The foreign language movie, the animation movie and the doco movie

The foreign language film category has changed its name to the "International Film" category, and the question is just who will lose to the Korean "parasites". "Pain and Glory" ("Spain") and "Misery of Life" (France) emerge as the most prominent favorites to do so, and it is rumored that the quintet will complete "Atlantic", in what will be the first Senegalese nomination, and the Polish "Corpus Christi" in what will be nominated The state's 12th (with one win, on "Ida").

In the animation category, who would be nominated on the mortgages side "Breaking Ice 2" and "Toy Story 4"? Will Mister Link, who surprised with winning the Golden Globe, be nominated as well? Will "The Lost Hand" and "Klaus," two Netflix films in European production, also be nominated?

The documentary category leads us to the prominent Israeli context of the ceremony (other than Trentino). "Leah Tsemel, Attorney" has been shortlisted for the shortlist of 15 films out of which five finalists will be selected, but this year's competition is so dense that it's hard to watch. The favorites here are "The Only Child Nation," "For Sama," "Apollo 11," "Big Little Farm," and "American Factory," in what could be the first Barack producing film and Michelle Obama to be nominated for an Oscar.

Another local context: The short list of short film nominees also includes "Stay Close," produced by Israeli-born Nevo Shinar. Will, a year after Guy Nativ won the Oscar for "Skin," be present again at the ceremony through the door of the short films? On Monday at noon we will find out the answer.

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From "Parasites" (Photo: PR)

Parasites (Photo: Nachshon Vered Cape Film, PR)

From "Mr. Link" (Photo: PR)

From the movie Mr Link (Photo: United King, PR)

From "There were times in Hollywood" (Photo: PR)

There were times in Hollywood (Photo: Film Forum, PR)

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