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Volkswagen T Cross is finally what Volkswagen is missing for Israel to return to the game. He does it in the right segment, with the look, the price and the dimensions, but how he travels and whether he ...

People's car

Photo: Kenan Cohen, Kenan Cohen

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Volkswagen T Cross is finally what Volkswagen is missing for Israel to return to the game. He does it in the right segment, with its appearance, price and dimensions, but how does it travel and is it worth NIS 130,000?

Kenan Cohen


In recent years, Volkswagen's private division in Israel has suffered from a certain drought, although its range of models extends from Polo to Touareg, but despite the good models themselves, or even very good ones like GTI Golf - their high pricing relative to competitors has not really allowed them to record any extraordinary success in the market. Local. The car you see here, the T Cross, may be the one to break this situation.

Because T Cross not only sits on one of the fastest growing categories, it does so when equipped with some of the most important tools that must be in every box of competitors in this category.

Square and tough look, but with a stylish wink

Road test: Volkswagen T Cross (Photo: Keenan Cohen, Keenan Cohen)

An angry puppy

Already at the first meeting with the T Cross it is quite clear where they have invested a lot of work here, it is certainly designed with lots of presence. Its cube lines are an antithesis to the circular wave of circular crosses that move around here. On the seam between toughness and cuteness, like a puppy trying to look threatening, and no more cute than trying to be threatening. I will not try to convince whether he is beautiful or not, but he is definitely one who has invested in it. The front and rear lighting units, the proportions between the length, height, wheel size and window area as well as small finishes that make it very different, of course, its unique color adds points in this section.

Small and meticulous details

Road test: Volkswagen T Cross (Photo: Keenan Cohen, Keenan Cohen)

We said that most of the investment was in the exterior design, and when you come in, you really understand it. It's not that he's not pretty, but you won't go out of your way either. With the exception of the same finish line of different shade that crosses the cell laterally, there is no flashing or other wind here. This is a standard Volkswagen, Kerry - familiar switch, simple and excellent human engineering - but not exciting. Whatever the case, the savings here are crying out, probably against the backdrop of the icon who has accustomed us to the almost premium quality of his cars. The plastics are tough, solid and unpleasant to touch, the fabrics are relatively simple, no passenger handles, no sunlight illumination. In short, well below the "standard" we were used to. Another point concerns the location of the air conditioner vents that go down to the middle level of the console, although we did drive during the winter, but from past experience with a similar arrangement in Skoda Kamik, for example, such placement of openings is found to be less effective in cooling the cabin during the hot summer days.

One last point of apparent saving is the use of mechanical and non-electric handbrake, why supposedly? Because here's the advantage. Despite the price paid in less storage space, I personally always prefer a car with a reliable mechanical handbrake as an emergency backup than an electric switch.

The cabin is very simple in its materials, human engineering is good

Road test: Volkswagen T Cross (Photo: Keenan Cohen, Keenan Cohen)

To be sure, the seats themselves that are comfortable and supportable for a great deal of miles of continuous driving can also be noted as a nice base-level (Comfortline) accessory that includes wireless wireless charging, 8-inch screen, Apple and Android connectivity, split climate control, rear camera, Electric folding for side mirrors The safety systems list includes adaptive cruise control, automatic braking, distance retention warning, path deflection (at an exaggerated sensitivity level). The high level of Comfortline Plus adds to vehicle identification in "dead area" and in the general area of ​​entry and exit without Key, full digital dashboard, various seats, dark rear windows, Black mirrors and 17-inch rims.

The older version replaces the dashboard with digital

Road test: Volkswagen T Cross (Photo: Keenan Cohen, Keenan Cohen)

One of the most noticeable things here from the very beginning is the very high driving position in relation to the category. Even with its low seat, seating here is one and a half higher than competitors such as Kia Stonic for example or Sister Aruna of Seaat, so the view out is at the level of tools like Mitsubishi Outlander, Hyundai Tucson and the like. This is an advantage for those who like to sit high or who need a back and forth without bending back.

With 255 cm at the base of the wheels, it is not expected to produce a crazy gap in the rear, but the back seat certainly accommodates two adults without much compromise. If it is a child, you can play with moving the entire seat on a rail, and reduce the leg clearance in return for increased trunk space. There, even with the 380 liters in the base mode, it provides typical volume for what would offer a good average mini compact or compact.

The row of seats moves on a rail, there are USB ports

Road test: Volkswagen T Cross (Photo: Keenan Cohen, Keenan Cohen)

Efforts to impress

The propulsion unit here is the Volkswagen's 1.0-liter three-cylinder turbocharger, more commonly used in the T Cross platform, the MQB A0. There are 115 horses here at 5,000 rpm and 20.4 kg at 2,000 rpm. The actual result is a vehicle that definitely carries its 1,275 kg from place to place at a satisfactory pace. But if your driving involves mountain roads regularly, it is not exactly an ideal partner. The liter engine adopts then reveals a slightly rough and noisy character and indirectness on a two-sided road should already be considered seriously, because spontaneity is not. Its dual-clutch robotic gearbox does an excellent job of extracting the best from the engine.

380 liters in the trunk, with the option to zoom in on the row of seats

Road test: Volkswagen T Cross (Photo: Keenan Cohen, Keenan Cohen)

The T Cross, about 411 cm long and 176 cm wide, maneuvers very nicely in its natural habitat - the city. The high view of the environment will also help him to gain credit for the customers in this section. Whatever it is, it is highly recommended to turn off the automatic motor bleeding system in town, the awakening of this engine is drowning in more frightened traffic lights than a novice falling asleep at a guard position. Urban comfort is good Despite the relatively rigid basic calibration of the suspensions, it improves when traveling on urban roads and in any case over 60-70 km / h. The 16-inch rims also contribute to the good comfort.

By the way of the rims and tires, the test car has a Chinese GiTi tire quartet that, despite very low expectations, has surprisingly well grips, and good braking capabilities over "green" tires with low rolling resistance. The noise isolation of both the road tire and the carriage itself is very impressive as well, on a quality road, a leisurely conversation at 140-150 km / h and further north.

Road test: Volkswagen T Cross (Photo: Keenan Cohen, Keenan Cohen)

Another advantage that the relatively hard calibration provider provides on the winding road. The T Cross is not at all confused with turns and direction changes. As long as you don't do something terribly dumb, he turns, grips and moves in a manner that is well above the average requirements of his group's vehicles and even with a pretty conceivable steering wheel. It is important not that leadership pleasure is a threshold requirement in this group, but the ability to handle weight transfer because of steering correction or frightened braking even at the peak of reference are of safety significance.

At the end of its test days, the T Cross fuel consumption was 12.2 km / liter, a result of having to stretch the small engine legs when the requirements increased. Moderate use improved the result in two kilometers.

Road test: Volkswagen T Cross (Photo: Keenan Cohen, Keenan Cohen)


With the T Cross, Volkswagen presented its interpretation of a low-cost version of an urban crossover. It marks a big V in the more important sections for car buyers in this group - exterior appearance, driving position, armature and also a handful of advanced safety systems that come as standard. His good road behavior is a bonus. It owes its duty to a pretty weak engine if it is a mountainous route and a simple passenger compartment relative to what is expected from these manufacturer cars, but overall, these are two sections that don't really matter when it comes to segment customers who rely more on impression than capabilities.

Road test: Volkswagen T Cross (Photo: Keenan Cohen, Keenan Cohen)

The price of the T-Cross starts at NIS 130,000 for the Comfortline finisher you noticed and increases to NIS 140,000 for the higher finish level. In the base version it is located in the top segment of its group, where are Citroen C3 Aircross, Opel Crossland, Kia Stonique, Seat Aruna and soon Skoda Kamik, its spacious and useful, and if I estimate it will start in the price range of NIS 125 to 130 thousand Cross is a very difficult life.

Its advantages are mainly the exterior design, the row of seats, the safety systems as well, the Volkswagen logo on the front also has weight. It is precisely the high level of finish, which already places it too close to the segment above which already offers a significant leap in usability and engines and mainly adds insignificant less attractive cosmetics.

Bottom line, for the first time in a long time, Volkswagen has a good product in Israel that is competitively priced and can definitely bring it back to being a major player, even if in this segment mainly.

Road test: Volkswagen T Cross (Photo: Keenan Cohen, Keenan Cohen)

On the technical side: Volkswagen T Cross "Comfortline"

Engine, propulsion: gasoline, turbo, 3 cylinder, front
Volume: 999 cc
Power / rpm (kW): 5,000 / 115
Torque / rpm (kg): 2,000 / 20.4
Gearbox: automatic, dual clutch, 7 gears

Length (cm): 411
Width (cm): 176
Height (cm): 156
Wheelbase (cm): 255
Trunk (liters): 380 (455 moving rear seats forward)

0-100: 10.2 seconds acceleration
Maximum speed: 193 mph

Citroen C3 Aircraft, Seat Aruna, Skoda Camic

NIS 130 (NIS 140,000 for Comfortline Plus)

Source: walla

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