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Exercise does good for the body. But it is possible that thanks to a scientific breakthrough, our body will be able to get all the benefits of fitness training in the near future - without sweating

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Researchers in Michigan who have studied the effect of a natural protein called Sestrin in flies and mice have found it can prevent muscle depletion due to aging, inactivity and other causes. Researchers hope this discovery could eventually be used to benefit people who have experienced muscle depletion for a variety of reasons, but stressed that it would take some time to reduce the size of the molecules they used to perform the small-scale tests. However, it is a step in the right direction for people who are unable to exercise which keeps their muscle volume and prevents depletion, such as paralysis.

"In the past, researchers have noticed that sestrin accumulates in muscle following training," says Professor Myunjin Kim, a research assistant in the Department of Molecular and Integrative Physiology at the University of Michigan. Kim, on the team of researchers at Professor John Hi Lee's lab, asked to investigate the apparent link between protein and physical activity. The first step in the study was to encourage a group of flies to exercise. With the help of Dr. Robert Whistles and Alison Sokokowski of the University of Vienna in the City of Detroit, they developed a type of fly treadmill. With the help of the team, they trained the flies for three weeks and compared the running and aviation ability of regular flies to flies created without the ability to produce sestrin.

According to Professor Lee, "flies can usually run for four to six hours. In normal flies, the ability has improved, but in the case of sestrin-free flies the running ability has not improved." The benefits of cestrin include more than just improved endurance. "Sestrin can coordinate these biological activities by activating or turning off different metabolic pathways," says Professor Lee. "This type of combined effect exerts an effect similar to that of exercise."

Prof. Lee also assisted in a study by Dr. Pura Monz-Knobz of the University of Pompeo in Spain to demonstrate that muscle-specific sestrin can also help prevent muscle depletion, such as in long-term hand-gabus cases. "This independent study again highlights that sestrin Only enough to produce many benefits of physical exercise and exercise, "says Professor Lee.

Will sestrin supplements be on the farm shelves any time soon? "Not really," says Professor Lee. "Sestrins are not small molecules, but we are working to find small-molecule modulators of sestrin."

In addition, Kim adds, scientists do not yet know how exercise produces sestrine in the body. "It's very critical for future research and can lead to muscle building and preserving existing in people who can't exercise," he said.

Source: israelhayom

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