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Learn Google Secrets: Amit Segal doesn't want you to know he apologized to BLAD - Walla! TECH


In a compromise agreement between Amit Segal and the Balad Party, it was stated that the journalist would publish an apology for calling them a "terrorist support organization". But the apology was published as a photo, and the network speculated that it was ...

Learn the secrets of Google: Amit Segal doesn't want you to know he apologized to BLD

A compromise agreement between Amit Segal and the BLD party stipulates that the journalist will apologize for calling them a "terrorist support organization."

Learn the secrets of Google: Amit Segal doesn't want you to know he apologized to BLD

The days of Benjamin

During the election campaign for the 21st Knesset, journalist Amit Segal referred to the Balad Party as "a terrorist organization with party funding" in the newspaper column "Yedioth Ahronoth. He later echoed his remarks in the Meet the Press program. The party did not remain indebted and demanded compensation from the journalist for NIS 280,000. Today, it has been announced that as part of an agreement between the parties, Segal will post on Twitter the following wording: "About a year ago, I said that BLD was a terrorist organization. The party was affected by the statement and even filed a lawsuit. Well, BLD is not a terrorist organization or a legal and legal terrorist advocate, and so the Supreme Court has ruled. " He also pledged to read it during the afternoon news program 12.

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But now the network is upset that Amit Segal chose to post the apology on Twitter as a photo. And why? City surfers have mentioned that Google's search engine only crawls text, and not images. It thus categorizes the text between the search results, depending on the relevance of the search word and its popularity. Since Amit Segal posted the apology as a picture, so Google can't categorize his apology in the engine. Many web users who noticed this, were furious with faculty, and transcribed the apology and even posted countless formulas, all in order for Google to categorize the apology.

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"In defamation cases, the court cannot force one party to apologize to the other party and therefore, to the extent that the parties have agreed on an apology, it must be determined whether a particular word or way is set out in which the apology will be written. A screen can certainly be viewed as an apology for anything and everything as long as it does not contradict the parties' intentions, so it may be argued that a screenshot of a screenshot is not a personal, private apology, but as if some forward posting of a third party post Such a claim can be good for the injured party in his request to the court to cancel the agreement between the parties. "That's not what the poet meant," said attorney Eli Habush, an expert in libel and libel.

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