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Death of Elisa: her dog Curtis has bitten twice since the tragedy


The behavior of one of the dogs accompanying the young pregnant woman, found dead on November 16 in Aine, questions. According to our in

They are 67 suspects on all fours: the 62 hunting hounds of the Passion rally, and five others belonging to the couple formed by Christophe Ellul and Elisa Pilarski. Among them are the, or the authors, of the deadly attack against the young woman on November 16 in the forest of Retz (Aine), killed by "dog bites", according to the autopsy, while she was pregnant six months old from a little Enzo.

DNA tests are expected to reach their verdict in the next few weeks. But in the meantime, the behavior of one of the dogs is questioning. Curtis is the one Elisa was walking that day. Initially, it was Christophe's dog. But according to what the latter had entrusted to us in mid-November, Curtis and Elisa had developed a fusional relationship. "It had almost become more of a dog than mine," explained Christophe.

"It was extremely violent"

Since this tragic Saturday, Curtis has been the focus of attention. According to our information, two incidents came to shed new light on the investigation. The very evening of the events, while Christophe and Curtis are at the gendarmerie, his dog turned against him, biting him on the leg.

In the process, he was placed by "judicial requisition" in the status of "conservatory seizure", and locked up in the pound in Beauvais (Oise). There, at the end of November, this time he attacked a volunteer from this “generalist refuge”, as the place is described.

"It was extremely violent," said a witness to the scene. Because at no time did the dog show signs that he was going to attack. For example, he did not growl. More than a "pinch," the dog then keeps its powerful jaws closed on this woman's arm. "It was necessary that all those present at that time go out of their way for him to let go. And very quickly, he became again as if nothing had happened. "

"He's locked up 24 hours a day"

Two events which, for Christophe Ellul, are not significant. "We never doubted him," maintains the latter by the voice of a friend who speaks for himself. Initially defended in criminal proceedings by Me Caty Richard, who is still the lawyer for the family of Elisa, Christophe Ellul has chosen to seize another criminal lawyer to defend his interests, as well as two other lawyers more specifically in charge of the file “ Curtis. "In the state of the file, nothing indicates that this dog is responsible for the death of Elisa," pleads one of them, Me Eric Alligné.

If he recognizes the existence of these two incidents, the person concerned explains them. “The first evening, as you can imagine, the dog was extremely stressed. As for the bite suffered by the volunteer, "nothing indicates that she was necessarily able to deal with such an animal," continues the same, who is surprised at the treatment given to Curtis, saying that all 67 suspect dogs should have been seized.

Henceforth, Christophe Ellul fights for his dog to leave his current pound for "a more suitable structure". “It is a dog used to doing agility, to exercise, explains his friend. There, he has not been out for two months. He is locked up 24 hours a day. "

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To find out more, a forensic examination was carried out. As in such a case, it will be carried out by one or more veterinarians, after three behavioral examinations. "Any previous assessment, outside this legal framework, will be null and void," warns Me Alligné.

The chief of gendarmes of Aisne left his functions

Often described as a dog of American Staff breed, and even if he has the characteristic features, Curtis is in fact, always according to our information, resulting from a cross between greyhound whippet and patterdal terrier. It comes from a litter imported from Holland, and would still be in the name of the breeder who sold it to Christophe. "It is a legal import," says Me Alligné. As for the question of registration, this is something classic. If there was an infraction, it would only be regulatory. "

In order to finance legal costs, a kitty was also opened on the Leetchi site by an animal rights defender based in Ariège. The amount collected, of just over 6000 euros, was released by this person. To the chagrin of Christophe and his relatives, who accused him of having robbed them. "It is someone who took advantage of our misfortune to abuse our trust", deplores the entourage of Christophe, who ensures that the Leetchi site has blocked funds while waiting for this dispute to be settled.

The investigation into the death of Elisa is currently being carried out by the judicial police of Creil (Oise). Earlier this week, we learned that the chief of police of the Aisne was leaving office for "private reasons". While the gendarmes were initially seized of the investigations, it appeared that this lieutenant-colonel had participated as an observer in the hunting with hounds which took place in forest of Retz at the time when Elisa was killed.

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