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"Commercial channels ignore one-fifth of citizens of the country" The disturbing data on Arab representation in the media - Walla! culture


The gap between the representation of Arab interviewees on public and commercial channels is widening. Reno Tzur (IDF Waves) and Noibach Foundation (here B) lead the table, and Niv Raskin closes ...

"Commercial Channels Ignore One-Fifth State Citizens" Disturbing Data on Arab Representation in the Media

The gap between the representation of Arab interviewees on public and commercial channels is widening. Reno Tzur (IDF Waves) and the Neubach Foundation (here B) lead the table, and Niv Ruskin closes it with only 0.8 percent. So what is the good news anyway?

"Commercial Channels Ignore One-Fifth State Citizens" Disturbing Data on Arab Representation in the Media


Every year, a chance organization publishes the Representation Index, which it edits with Yifat Media Studies and the Seventh Eye. The measure examines how many Arab interviewees appeared during the past year on prominent radio and television programs. Over the years, "London and Kirschenbaum" have led in this index, but it dropped last year with Channel 10 and network mergers.

Reno's program has taken its place in the top of the IDF waves with a high percentage of representation of 9.2 percent. Second place is the "Agenda" radio program, which guides the Neubach Foundation here with 8.7 percent. Last morning stands "News Morning" in the submission of Niv Ruskin Request 12 with 0.8 Arab respondents only.

According to the survey, in 2019 there were 4,371 speakers from the Arab company out of 156,469 respondents in the main media stages of the media, below the percentage of representation of 2.6 percent. This is similar to the data in previous years (2.9 percent in 2018 and 2017). However, the percentage of women from Arabic society continued to rise consistently for the fourth year.

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Following the fall of the London "Kirschenbaum" program in Channel 10, it took first place in the 2019 media representation index in Reno Tzur's program in IDF waves (Photo: Reuven Castro)

Uri Avnery's closet is stationed at the Sokolov House of the Press Association in Tel Aviv, August 22, 2018 (Photo: Reuven Castro)

Both commercial channels, Keshet 12 and Keshet 13, saw a significant decline in the extent of Arab representation in their plans. In the past year, the trend in IDF waves has reversed, and after three years in which the representation rate has dropped until it reached only 1.6 percent in 2018, in the past year it jumped to 2.1 percent. Here 11 increased the percentage of representation in it, but here there is a decline Percentage of representation.

In 2017, the most prominent issues in hosting Arab media were in the security context. In 2018, the political context began to grow, and last year this trend continued, against the backdrop of election campaigns.

Last place in the media representation of the Arabs in the media: "The Morning News" in the submission of Niv Ruskin's request 12 (screenshot)

"Morning News" Submitted by Niv Ruskin in Request 12 (Photo: Screenshot)

The main topic of concern for Arab media in the media is the election campaign (28 percent), of which 14 percent is the appearance of experts, such as Afif Abu Mukh, Spa Farahat and Joseph MacLeeda. The second most prevalent is murder, violence and crime (12 percent), the third is national politics (7 percent), and then in descending order - protest against the wave of violence (6 percent), social and community affairs (5 percent), and culture and the arts (with 5 percent) ).

Idan Ring from a chance association said following the findings: "The 2019 summary data of the Representation Index demonstrates how appropriate representation for Arab citizens is a matter of decision and prioritization of editors and submitters in leading programs rather than reality. Those who understand that appropriate representation for Arab citizens is an integral part of the mission. His professional ability to produce beautiful representation data and gives his audience and viewers a balanced, more complex and interesting reality image The growing gap between Arab representation on public channels as opposed to the sharp exclusion in the commercials of soft TV shows should plague us all. Harim is not supposed to make television newsmen ignore one-fifth of the nation's citizens and betray their mission to talk about and to the entire public. That is not what professional television should look like. "

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